Questions Asked on
May 25, 2018

  1. math

    Suppose you are driving to visit a friend in another state. you are driving 60 miles per hour. you must drive 480 miles total . if you have already driven 120 miles , how long will it take you to reach your destination? a. 2 hrs b. 4 hrs c. 6 hrs c. 12 hrs

    asked by big man
  2. chemistry

    What is the percentage of water in the hydrate CoCl2 • 6H2O? Show work I'm confused whether it's 52.17% or 45%

    asked by help pls!!!!!!!!
  3. math:^]

    Part A Given that P=(5,4), Q=(7,3), R=(8,6), and S=(4,1), find the component form of the vector PQ+3RS. a. **** b. c. d. Part B Use the information from Part A to find the magnitude of the vector PQ+3RS. a. 356 b. sqrt(26) c. 2*sqrt(10) d. 2*sqrt(89) I

    asked by mynameisundefined
  4. algebra

    Andrea is making a sandbox.She has made a wooden frame in her backyard that is 6 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 2 feet deep. She can purchase sand for $30 per cubic meter. How much will it cost for her to purchase sand? Hint: 1 foot equals 0.3048 meters.

    asked by Jeff
  5. LA

    One way in which playwrights develop characters is through dialogue. Define dialogue. Then choose Alice or Humpty Dumpty from Alice in Wonderland. Analyze how the character is developed through dialogue. Describe the character and explain at least two

    asked by io
  6. chemistry

    describe two reasons why an alpha particle is less penetrating than a beta or gamma particle

    asked by Regina
  7. Language Arts

    n Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado," the literary device of foreshadowing is used to create mystery when Montressor tells Fortunato a. "You are a man to be missed." b. "A draught of this Medoc will defend us from the damps." c. "You were not to

    asked by A
  8. Language Arts *Last One I Promise*

    1. If you were writing a brief profile of Rosa Parks explaining why you admire her, which of the following sentences would make the best thesis statement? In 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus. Rosa Parks's refusal to give up her seat

    asked by A
  9. LA

    . Which of the following quotes from "The Morning of June 28, 1948" Best describes the aversion that the public felt toward Shirley Jackson's short story "The Lottery?" A) “As a matter of fact, when I read it over later I decided that except for one two

    asked by A
  10. Language Arts

    Identify the incorrectly punctuated sentence The child wore a pink cotton shirt. We had a tiring, hot day outdoors. She cooked a delicious healthy meal.**** (I think it's missing a comma) The game was a suspenseful, exciting experience.

    asked by A
  11. Math ASAP HELP

    The following points are plotted on a coordinate plane:(-1,2),(-1,7), and (4,2). If the points are connected by straight lines, which shape will they form? A. an acute triangle***** B. a right triangle C. an obtuse triangle D. a quadrilateral Am i right??

    asked by Jonah
  12. math;)

    1. The current flowing through an electric circuit is the derivative of the charge as a function of time. If the charge q is given by the equation q(t)=3t^2+2t-5, what is the current at t=0? a. -5 b. 0 c. 2 d. 8 2. The equation for the position of an

    asked by girly girl
  13. Math

    Hey guys! Just asking for some quick help. In ABC , A is a right angle, and B = 45 degrees. What is the length of BC? If the answer is not an integer leave it in simplest radical form. The diagram has 11ft listed as height of the tall side Answers: 11ft 11

    asked by Bridget
  14. math:^]

    A lawn mower is pushed a distance of 100 ft. along a horizontal path by a constant force of 60 lbs. The handle of the lawn mower is held at a downward angle of 45 degrees toward the horizontal. Explain what each value listed in this situation represents in

    asked by mynameisundefined
  15. science

    Examine the scenario. A child starts at a position of 2 m east of his house. He moves 1 m south, 5 m west, and then 1 m north. What is his displacement for this trip? 5 m west 1 m north 3 m west 7 m A?

    asked by Bri
  16. Science

    A strong electric field is? a.directed toward a charge*** b.directed away from a charge. c.caused by a large quantity of charge. d.caused by a small quantity of charge.

    asked by ItsGottaGetEasier
  17. math;)

    For v=-5i-2j, find unit vector u in the direction of v, and write your answer as a linear combination of the standard unit vectors i and j. a. u=-5/7i-2/7j b. u=-5/29i-2/29j c. u=-5(sqrt(29))/29i-2(sqrt(29))/29j d. u=-5(sqrt(7))/7i-2(sqrt(7))/7j

    asked by girly girl
  18. Science

    Which of the following statements is a consequence of the equation E = mc2? A) Energy is released when matter is destroyed. B) The law of conservation of energy must be modified to state that mass and energy are conserved in any process. C) Mass and energy

    asked by ItsGottaGetEasier
  19. science

    two people are pushing a couch in the same direction one person pushes with a force of 2n the other person pushes with a force of 4n

    asked by kolsen
  20. Geometry

    A conveyor belt carries supplies from the first floor to the second floor which is 30ft higher. The belt makes a 60 degree angle with the ground. How far do the supplies travel from one end of the conveyor belt to the other to the nearest foot? If the belt

    asked by Loren
  21. chem TITRATION

    1. If a student fails to remove a large air bubble in the buret before beginning the titration, what will be the effect on the volume of titrant required to reach the titration endpoint? A. The student will record a volume that is SMALLER than it should be

    asked by A
  22. Math

    A conveyor belt carries supplies from the first floor to the second floor which is 30ft higher. The belt makes a 60 degree angle with the ground. How far do the supplies travel from one end of the conveyor belt to the other to the nearest foot? If the belt

    asked by Jessica
  23. Vectors

    A boat heads 15 degrees west of north with a water speed of 3 m/s. Determine its velocity relative to the ground when there is a 2 m/s current from 40 degrees east of north.

    asked by Luke
  24. Language Arts

    *First off sorry there are so many, I just wanted to check because it's always better safe than sorry* Identify the correctly punctuated sentence in each group. A.) Do you know where Bailey shoes are? B.) Do you know where Bailey's shoes are?* C.) Do you

    asked by A
  25. Math

    I only need the speed and direction of the wind. An airplane has an airspeed of 300 mph, and it is traveling to the southwest. After two hours it is 282.9 miles from its starting point, at a compass heading of 228.6° from the starting point.

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Math

    The surface areas of two similar solids are 416yd ^2 and 1,354yd ^2. The volume of the larger solid is 2,976 yd^3. What is the volume of the smaller solid? 2,976 yd ^3 2,619 yd ^3 914 yd ^3 507 yd ^2

    asked by Christy
  27. Math

    Paul and Sammy take part in a race. The probability tha Paul wins the race is 9/35. The probability that Sammy wins the race is 26%. Who is more likely to win the race? Give a reason for your answer.

    asked by Maria
  28. Sue

    60- foot tall building casts a shadow that’s 21.5 feet long a nearby tree casts a shadow that’s 19 feet long. Which measure is closest to the height of the tree?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. physics

    In the high jump, Frank's kinetic energy is transformed into gravitational potential energy without the aid of a pole. With what minimum speed must Fran leave the ground in order to lift her center of mass 1.89m and cross the bar with a speed of 1.16m/s?

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Language Arts

    In "Happiness Is a Charming Charlie Brown at Orlando Rep," the writer says that decisions in casting abundantly affected the success of the production. What would you need to abundantly feed your party guests? A. just enough food B. too little food C. very

    asked by Kalifa
  31. Health

    Is it normal not to have nocturnal emissions?

    asked by Ethan
  32. Math

    I scored a 3456 on my math Scantron, and I tried to look it up and read through the pdf that Scantron provides to explain scores, but it was no help. Can anyone tell me if this is a good, average, or bad score? Thanks!

    asked by Snail
  33. Algebra 1

    simplify into one fraction. (-5x/x+3)-(7/x+3)

    asked by Derp
  34. Math

    A survey of 63 customers was taken at a bookstore regarding the types of books purchased. The survey found that 39 customers purchased mysteries​, 29 purchased science fiction​, 23 purchased romance novels​, 16 purchased mysteries and science

    asked by Tiffanie
  35. Vectors

    A plane is steering east at a speed of 240km/h. What is the ground speed of the plane if the wind is from the northwest at 65km/h. What is the plane's actual direction?

    asked by Kim
  36. chemistry

    what happens in the artificial transmutation of an element?. Give an example. Please help asap and thanks!

    asked by Regina
  37. Math

    Given the regular decagon what is the measure of each numbered angle? There is a one in the first triangle, a three in the second, and a two in the sixth triangle in the decagon. Here are the answer choices m1=72, m2=18, m3=36 m1=18, m2=36, m3=72 m1=36,

    asked by Carly
  38. Geometry

    The length of the hypotenuse of a 30 degrees, -60 degrees, and -90 degrees triangle is 4. What is the perimeter? 4+12 sqrt 3 6+2 sqrt 3 2+6 sqrt 3 12+ 4 sqrt 3

    asked by Loren
  39. chemistry

    a rigid container of O2 has a pressure of 340 kPa at a temperature of 713 k what is the pressure at 273 k? show work i dont know but i think formula for it is T1/P1=T2/P2 and that's all I know

    asked by help pls!!!!!!!!
  40. physics

    a faulty thermometer registers 102.5 degree at 100 degree Celsius .if the thermometer has no zero error what will it register at 500 degree Celsius.

    asked by harmony
  41. English

    I have a few questions about grammar 1, Does a sentence that starts of with "if" an independent sentence or a dependant? 2, Does a sentence that starts of with "in order to" an independent sentence or a dependant? 2, is there a comma before “instead

    asked by Jessica
  42. math

    draw all isopentagons for which the longest side length is 5cm

    asked by kiera
  43. Math

    All i need is an equation of the hyperbola. given that the center is at (2, -3), the vertices are at (2, 3) and (2, - 9), and the foci are at (2, -3 ± 2√10).

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Math

    A light pole that is 3 meters (m) tall casts a shadow 2 meters long. at the same time. a person near the light pole casts a shadow 1.2 meters long

    asked by Elijah
  45. Math

    What are the values of w and x in the triangle below? Round answer to tenth. The triangle is scalene and the smaller one in the larger one has 38 degrees in its bottom right corner. The big triangle is 19 degrees in its bottom right corner. The height is

    asked by Matty
  46. Chemistry

    1. Outline a procedure to prepare an ammonia/ammonium buffer solution. I'm confused how to start it off.

    asked by Emily
  47. Calc

    The position of an object moving along a line is given by the function s left parenthesis t right parenthesis equals negative 4.9 t squared plus 31 t plus 15. Find the average velocity of the object over the following intervals. ​(a) left bracket 0 comma

    asked by Paige
  48. math;)

    What is the instantaneous rate of change of the function f(x)=6x^2-x at the point (-1,7)? a. -13 b. -5 c. 7 d. 11

    asked by girly girl
  49. Vectors

    A plane is steering east at a speed of 240km/h. What is the ground speed of the plane if the wind is from the northwest at 65km/h. What is the plane's actual direction?

    asked by Kim
  50. Math

    What is the distance between the points (11,18) and (11,-6) in the coordinate plane?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Math

    Determine the holes, vertical asymptotes and horizontal asymptotes of the rational function. y=3x^2+10x-8/x^2+7x+12 Can you also show your work. I need to do corrections. I have a 68 I just need to get to a 70. This would mean so much to me if anybody

    asked by Help Me Please
  52. math;)

    1. What is the equation of the line tangent to the function f(x)=-x^2+5 at the point (1,4)? a. y=-x+5 b. y=-x+9 c. y=-2x+6 d. y=-2x+9 2. Given f(x)=4x^2+2x-9, what is f'(a)? a. f'(a)=6a+2 b. f'(a)=6a-9 c. f'(a)=8a+2 d. f'(a)=4a+2-9

    asked by girly girl
  53. Algebra

    A hanging spring is compressed 3 inches from its rest position and released at t = 0 seconds. It returns to the same position after 0.8 seconds. I need help Finding: a) the amplitude of the motion b) the period of the motion c) the frequency of the motion

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Math

    Three cubes of volume 343 cubic cm are joined end to end.find surface area and volume of the resulting cuboid.

    asked by Roshan
  55. Science

    I'm stuck on this: The buoyant force acting on a submerged object is equal to: A. The objects mass B. The objects volume C. The mass of the fluid displaced by the object D. The weight of the fluid displaced by the object... If I had to guess I would go

    asked by ItsGottaGetEasier
  56. science

    if the time interval between lighting and thunder is 2 seconds.What is the point of lighting if the speed of sound in air is 346m/s?

    asked by shatakshi
  57. Shell Method

    Can't wrap my head around the concept of finding the shell radius and shell height, when revolving around a line such as y=2. Any help?

    asked by Anonymous2
  58. math

    Share £3.40 among Angela, Ben and Claire. For every 10p Angela gets, Ben gets 5p, and Claire gets 2p.

    asked by ivan
  59. English

    1. Are they playing soccer this weekend? 2. Will they play soccer this weekend? 3. Are they going to play soccer this weekend? [Is #1 grammatical? Are the three all the same in meaning?] 4. I am meeting the girl this evening. 5. I will meet the girl this

    asked by rfvv
  60. math

    By what percentage is 1/40 greater than 1/50? #Please guys help me please this question.#

    asked by kelvin
  61. Math

    I don't know how to solve this equation. cos(30) = x / 6 How would I solve this to find the missing side of a 30-60-90 triangle?

    asked by John
  62. Algebra

    I only need the speed and direction of the wind. An airplane has an airspeed of 300 mph, and it is traveling to the southwest. After two hours it is 282.9 miles from its starting point, at a compass heading of 228.6° from the starting point.

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Algebra

    With the polynomial: f(x) = 5x^3 + 8x^2 -4x + 3 a. The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra states that this polynomial has ______ roots. b. Find f(-x).

    asked by Anonymous
  64. math probability

    A cake is divided into 3 portions one for you, one for your friend and one for your neighbor. If you get twice as much as your friend, and your friend gets twice as much as your neighbor. What proportion of the cake do you get? Please Explain to me how to

    asked by Steve
  65. art

    what can make by repeating over and over again

    asked by Anonymous
  66. math

    anonymous did you ever get all the correct answers?

    asked by dj
  67. English

    In this club, students can understand American culture and Englsh culture. Which club name is suitable for this club? 1. the English and American culture comprehension club 2. the English and American culture club 3. the English culture and American

    asked by rfvv
  68. math

    Ronny bought 80 pears for $60. He threw away 12 rotten ones and sold the rest at 4 for $5. How much money did he make?

    asked by sherise
  69. science

    What is a relative change between two quantities known as? rate of change sum quotient percentage A? Read the scenario. A lizard is at an initial position of 2 m and walks to a position of 10 m in 4 s. What is the lizard’s average velocity? 2 m/s 2.5 m/s

    asked by Bri
  70. English

    Is this line from A Contemplation Upon Flowers by Henry King: "How often have I seen you at a bier and there look fresh and spruce" A. Situational Irony B. Dramatic Irony C. Verbal Irony I believe the answer is A. Am I correct?

    asked by T
  71. sociology

    In your own words, explain “impression management” and how this impacts our interactions with others.

    asked by Kimberly
  72. Math

    What is the equation for the line of symmetry for this: xy = 16

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Science

    Why does the moon lack an atmosphere? How does a black hole form?

    asked by ItsGottaGetEasier
  74. Vectors

    For the W = , determine |W| (magnitude) and the angle between W and the x-axis of the following: 1. V – U 2. U + 3V 3. 2V – 3U

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Electron acceleration

    An electron has an acceleration of magnitude 2.0 × 10^13 m s−2 in a uniform electric field. What is the magnitude of the electric field? Can I use f=ma?

    asked by Anon
  76. English

    This club makes videos related to environment. Which club name is suitable for this club? 1. the environment image production club 2. the environmental movie club This club is related to reading books, watching movies, and discussing books and movies. What

    asked by rfvv
  77. chemistry

    What will be mass of ferrous sulphide formed when 20 gram of cloth sulphur reacts iron please tell only mass

    asked by Jatin
  78. Math

    I need help with this: For the vector W = , determine |W| (magnitude) and the angle between W and the x-axis.

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Orbital period

    A planet orbiting a certain star is observed to have an orbital period of 65 days with an orbit whose semi-major axis is 3.8 × 107 km. A second planet orbiting the same star has an orbital period of 450 d. What is the semi-major axis of its orbit?

    asked by Anon
  80. Math

    how many roots does this polynomial have: f(x) = 5x^3 + 8x^2 -4x + 3 and Of the possible rational roots, which ones are roots: ±1, ±(1/5), ±3, ± (3/5)

    asked by Anonymous
  81. English

    are there any stories by Edgar Allan Poe that can be compared to The Premature Burial. (excluding The Tell Tale Heart)

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Math

    Help thanks...what are some examples, no, all examples of isopentagons that you know of/can think of? I'm making some tessellations and I only know one type. Thanks in advance.

    asked by Kiki
  83. english

    Would any be able to give me at least 2 examples of song lyrics, TV shows etc that has ironic comments in them please?

    asked by T
  84. Math

    X+ 13/x=8/3

    asked by Matthew
  85. Health services

    The largest single payer of health care is?

    asked by Bonnie
  86. English

    1. You must keep your dog on a leash. 2. Your dog is on a leash. ------------------------------- Is 'on a leash' an adverbial phrase or an adjective phrase in #1 and #2? Is 'on a leash' an object complement in #1?

    asked by rfvv
  87. art

    what is something that stands for something else.

    asked by Anonymous
  88. fine art

    I need help on these questions. I can't find them in my textbook at all. Sorry if it's too many questions. 1.Which of the following artists used his creations to try to teach lessons of morality to viewers? A. Mazzola B. Tintoretto C. Raphael D. Bosh I

    asked by huncho jack
  89. Science

    Can I use a=qE/m to work this out? Since f=ma and f=qE

    asked by Anon
  90. Photographer

    Describe the post secondary training or education required for that field.... what does that mean? What are some examples?

    asked by D
  91. Math

    y = 4 cos (3/4) θ a. amplitude = 4 b. number of cycles = ? c. period = (8pi/3)

    asked by Anonymous