Questions Asked on
May 24, 2018

  1. Physics

    The vector sum of two vectors of magnitude 10 units and 15 units can never be A) 28 units B) 22 units C) 18 units D) 8 units

    asked by Priya
  2. Physics

    Water of mass 120g at 50°c is added to 200g of water at 1 0°c and the mixture is well stirred . calculate the temperature of the mixture .(neglect heat losses to the surrounding)

    asked by Armstrong
  3. Math

    Susan gave 1/3 of a pizza to her brother. She gave 1/2 of what was left to her mother. Susan ate the rest herself. What fraction of the pizza did susan eat?

    asked by Elijah
  4. Algebra

    what is the equation of the hyperbola given that the perimeter of the central rectangle is 44 units and its vertices are (7, 0) and (-7, 0)

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Algebra

    The ratio of the length to the width of a golden rectangle is (1 + √(5):2:.The dimensions of a garden form a golden rectangle. The width of the garden is 12 feet. Find the length L of the garden. Round your answer to the nearest foot.

    asked by Tom
  6. Math

    You invest $500 at an annual interest rate of 6.75% compounded continuously. How long will it take y our money to double?

    asked by George
  7. Physics

    A ray of light is incident at an angle of 30° on a glass prism of refractive index 1.5 . calculate the angle through which the ray is minimally deviated in the prism.(the medium surrounding the prism is air)

    asked by Armstrong
  8. Chemistry (PLZ HELP)

    1. Outline a procedure to prepare an ammonia/ammonium buffer solution. I'm confused how to start it off. This is an outline of how the steps should be: Step One - Calculate the concentration of hydronium ions in the solution that requires buffering. You

    asked by Emily
  9. Chem

    What is the pKb of Formate ion? 0.64M ........... 8.77 pH Help!! I'm not sure how to calculate this... I know to use the Kb formula but I'm not sure where to plug the numbers in.

    asked by Andrea
  10. English

    1. We are discussing the matter later. 2. We will discuss the matter later. 3. We are gling to discuss the matter later. 4. We discuss the matter later. ============================== Are they all the same in meaning? Any differences?

    asked by rfvv
  11. math

    1. (-10x^3 + 30x -20) divided by (-5x+5)? a)2x^2-2x+4**** b)-2x^2-2x-4 c)-2x^2+2x+4 d)2x^2+2x-4 2.The width, w, of a rectangular playground is x + 3. The area of the garden is x^3 - 7x + 6. What is an expression for the length of the playground? a.) x^2 -

    asked by loli
  12. math

    A theater has 22 seats in the first row, 25 seats in the second row, 28 seats in the third row, and so on. How many seats are in the Fifteenth row?

    asked by lee
  13. Physics

    Moving a magnet back and forth inside a coil of wire induces a current. How does the speed of the motion affect the magnitude of the current? Can someone please help me with this?? It would be much appreciate!! (=

    asked by Sam
  14. Algebra

    Volume and surface area are often compared by manufacturers in order to maximize how much of something can go inside of a package (volume) while keeping how much material is required to create the package (surface area) low. Pick a product that might be

    asked by ALAYA
  15. Math

    A hollow metal pipe has an external radius of 5cm and an internal radius of of 4.5cm. If the pipe is 1m long, find the volume of the metal used to make the pipe. I am really confused how to begin to solve this, can someone help please?

    asked by Joms
  16. Educational technology

    1. Which of the following is an example of tangible property? A a method for creating ice cream that your friend. B*** an idea for an invention that your dad mentioned briefly but did not write down C song lyrics printed into a song book D a quicker system

    asked by Jezziedut
  17. Math(answer check)

    1. Find the modulus and argument of the following complex numbers, and write them in trigonometric form: a. 5 – 8i Answer = Sqrt{89} ( cos (-1.01219701) + i sin ( -1.01219701)) b. –1 – i answer = Sqrt2 (cos (5pi/4) + i sin (5pi/4)) c. –5 + 12i

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Math

    Karaoke is x years old and two years older than his wife. In ten years’ time he will be 3 times as old as his daughter. What will be their total age then?

    asked by Kud
  19. Science

    Sunlight, wind, and running water are essentially “free.” Yet renewable energy sources are a very small part of our energy consumption. Why is this? Explain.

    asked by I need helppppp
  20. math-- check my answers!

    You are in "Car Parts USA" buying some headlight bulbs. The original price is $19.99, but you have a coupon for $6.00 off. What is your subtotal for the bulbs? $13.99 *** $24.99 $17.85 You are at a convenience store picking up some iced tea. You see that

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Science

    So I need help with a lab, I'm not looking for answers, I want to know if my answers make sense, so this is the pre lab introduction: In a series circuit, electrons travel along a single pathway. The movement of the electrons through the circuit produces

    asked by ItsGottaGetEasier
  22. Ela

    Which statement is an opinion? Marco Polo noticed everything from the clothes the people wore to the food they ate. Once in China, the Polos arrived at the palace of the powerful emperor Kublai Khan. It is likely that Marco Polo thought he had seen the

    asked by Loomin
  23. Math

    4. Find the indicated roots of these complex numbers. a. 3√1 = 1? b. sqrt{- 3 - 4i} c. 4sqrt{81cis60°} d. 5sqrt{32cis (pi/6)}

    asked by Anonymous
  24. English

    1. Let's wrap up this lesson. 2. Let's finish this lesson. 3. Let's summarize this lesson. =========================== What does #1 mean? Does #1 mean #2 or #3?

    asked by rfvv
  25. Science

    What is a primary energy source? Explain how it differs from a secondary source.

    asked by I need helppppp
  26. Algebra

    Suppose you are having a birthday party at the local bowling alley. You are trying to figure out how many people you can afford to invite. b. How much money are you willing to spend? c. Set up an equation that shows the inverse relationship between the

    asked by Needs Help!
  27. Chemistry

    Explain why a model of the atom is crucial to understanding chemistry and in explaining the behavior of matter.

    asked by Dean
  28. Chemistry

    If an element has 12 protons and 17 neutrons, how many electrons does it have? I think the answers twelve but I'm not sure?

    asked by Dean
  29. Chemistry

    What is the electron configuration of the element with 27 protons? Is it 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d7 4s2 or is that wrong?

    asked by Dean
  30. Algebra 1

    Solve each compound inequality. -1-10a

    asked by Austin
  31. History/Social Studies

    Hi, can I please have a link? I don't like cheating on essay questions. Thanks!! What are the causes of problems the Mayas and other Native American groups face in Guatemala? How are people trying to solve these problems?

    asked by Vixen-Connexus
  32. Math

    The cash price of a T.V. set was sh 22000. Maria bought the T.V. set on hire purchase terms. She was allowed to pay a deposit equal to 40% of the cash price and eight equal monthly installments of sh 2800. How much more money did she pay than the cash

    asked by Kud
  33. math

    Justin writes the letters Illinois on cards and then places the cards in a hat what is the probability of picking an n

    asked by ------
  34. math/ sociology

    Describe an example of a graph where adding a single edge can increase the size of the largest strongly connected component by at least 1,000 nodes. Clearly, you don't need to draw the full graph rather, you should describe it in words.

    asked by Jessica Loveit
  35. Chemistry

    An aqueous sodium salt (NaCnH2n+1O3) solution has an osmotic pressure of 2.041 atm when 1.068 g of the salt are dissolved in 200. g of water at 25 degrees C. Assuming molality and molarity in such a dilute solution are the same and that the sodium salt is

    asked by Ceamus Angelina
  36. Chemistry

    28. Explain, in terms of equilibrium shifts, how this buffer mixture resists changes in pH when small quantities of both a strong acid and a strong base are added. The buffer mixture was made up of: monosodium phosphate(NaH2PO4) and disodium phosphate

    asked by Emily
  37. English-The Great Gatsby

    What is Fitzgeralds message to the reader about women and feminine power?

    asked by Ashley
  38. chemistry--please help!

    How many minutes does it take to produce 10.0L of oxygen gas (at standard conditions) by electrolyzing neutral water with a current of 1.3 A? What is the corresponding volume of hydrogen gas produced? thanks so much

    asked by Wade
  39. Math

    What is the rectangular form(a + bi) of: 1. 5 cis(255°) 2. sqrt3 cis (11pi/6)

    asked by Anonymous
  40. math PLEASE HELP

    Sales tax is a tax calculated on ______________. the subtotal your income the total To find the total amount you are going to pay, you would _______________. multiply by the sum of one and the sales tax rate multiply by the sales tax rate 2.

    asked by Anonymous
  41. calc

    Suppose the integral from 2 to 10 of g of x, dx equals 10 and the integral from 8 to 10 of g of x, dx equals negative 6, find the value of the integral from 2 to 8 of one-half times g of x, dx .

    asked by bri
  42. Chemistry

    HCHO2 = 1.77 * 10^-4 If the concentration of formic acid (HCHO2) is 1.24 M, what is the concentration of H30+ in the solution?

    asked by Ainsley
  43. Geometry

    A grid shows the positions of a subway stop and your house the subway stop is located at (-3,6) and your house is located at (-7,2) what is the distance to the nearest unit between your house and the subway stop Answers 6 11 9 13

    asked by Maddie
  44. Geometry HELPP

    in the rhombus, m

    asked by Hannah
  45. English Research Paper *Edit*

    What does everyone think of these questions: What are the positive effects music has on the mind? Can those positive effects change a mindset on something / the way you think? Can music calm the mind? After a bad day, or even deescalate a situation. How

    asked by D
  46. Language Arts

    Hello, I need help with my LA Sample Work I have to write a Conclusion but I don't know how to can someone please help me? Thank You, Unknown

    asked by Unknown
  47. ELA

    john believed he was right, he was very _____ about it A: Pompous B: hardheaded C:smug D: assure

    asked by unikitty
  48. algebra

    An airplane has an airspeed of 300 mph, and it is traveling to the southwest. After two hours it is 282.9 miles from its starting point, at a compass heading of 228.6° from the starting point. what is the speed and direction of the wind?.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Alegbra

    What are the polar forms of these rectangular equations? a. y = 5 b. (x – 1)^2 + y^2 = 1 c. 5x + 4y = 2

    asked by Anonymous
  50. algebra

    1. What are the next three terms in the sequence? –6, 5, 16, 27, … (1 point)

    asked by Anonymous
  51. chem

    1. What does it mean when it says to: pour less than 10 mL of 6 M HCl into the beaker? What's the conversion for this?

    asked by R.
  52. English

    1. I run 50 meters in 9 seconds. 2. I run for 50 meters in 9 seconds. [Are both okay? Which one is commonly used?] 3. I sleep 7 hours a day. 4. I sleep for 7 hours a day. 5. I sleep 7 hours every day. 6. I sleep for 7 hours every day. [Are they okay? Which

    asked by rfvv
  53. Sociology

    Briefly define “social role” and provide an example from your own life that illustrates how social roles change in different contexts.

    asked by Jackie
  54. S.S// check answer

    Which of the following elected officials introduce laws in Congress that may become national laws? U.S. representative or senator Governor of Arkansas State representative or senator Mayor **

    asked by Ella
  55. Math

    How are these solved? 1. cosx+1=0; x ∈ R 2. 4sin^2 x - 1 = 0; x ∈ R 3. 2cos^2 x + 3cosx + 1 =0;0 ≤ x < 2π

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Trigonometry

    Given that sin(2/(√229))and that 0∘0∘ < θθ < 90∘90∘, with the aid of a diagram and without the use of a calculator determine: a) cosθcos⁡θ = b) tanθtan⁡θ = c) tanθ÷cscθtan⁡θ÷csc⁡θ = d) sinθ÷cosθsin⁡θ÷cos⁡θ = e) tanθ

    asked by Boitshepo
  57. Algebra (Final)

    I know my answer, but I stumbled on it accidentally. I want to know exactly HOW to get my answer. The question states: In a geometric sequence, a1=12 and r=(sqrt)2. What is the approximate sum of the first 20 terms of the sequence?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Math

    The price of a pair of jeans decreases from $45 to $40. What is the approximate percentage of decrease?

    asked by Elijah
  59. Math

    externalfile:drive-2408f996220908404fd73a28cf7f7ec25690d912/root/Unsorted Items/Screenshot 2018-05-24 at 4.31.49 PM.png Which one is it?

    asked by Elijah
  60. Angular acceleration

    A racing car accelerates from 50 km per hour to 200 km per hour in 3.0 seconds along a straight track, and the acceleration is constant during this period. If the axles are 40 cm above the road, what is the magnitude of the angular acceleration of the

    asked by Anon
  61. Math

    what are the indicated powers of these complex numbers: a. (2 – 3i )^2 b. (3 + 4i )^3 c. [2 cis(300°)]^5 d. ( cos (4pi/3) + i sin (4pi/3)) ^4

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Chemistry

    I am given the following information: Lactic acid................0.025M...................pH 2.74 How do I calculate the pKa? I don't know how to do it without the concentration. Help please!

    asked by Andrea
  63. math

    A swimmer is swimming across a river that is exactly one mile wide, and the river current is 1.5 mph directly south. If the swimmer can swim through still water at 2.5 mph, and he swims east, perpendicular to the north-south bank, how far downstream will

    asked by Anonymous
  64. math

    why1\7 is greater than 1\10

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Physics

    A ray of light is incident at an angle of 30° on a glass prime of refractive index 1.5 . calculate the angle through which the ray is minimally deviated in the prime.

    asked by Armstrong
  66. social studies

    what city is closest to 34 north and 81 west.

    asked by Anonymous
  67. math:)

    Vector u is represented by the directed line segment RS and vector v is represented by the directed line segment OP. If R=(8,-2), S=(11,-6), O=(-3,-9), and P=(0,-13), are u and v equal? Explain how you reached your answer.

    asked by girly girl
  68. Chemistry

    What parts of Dalton’s atomic theory no longer agree with the current picture of the current picture of the atom? Provide an answer using at least 3 to 4 complete content related sentences in your own words.

    asked by Ally
  69. Chemistry

    Perform this operation and report the answer to the correct number of significant figures: What is the mass of a cube of aluminum that is 4.0 cm on each edge? The density of aluminum is 2.7 g/cm3. Show all calculations leading to an answer.

    asked by Kylie
  70. Chemistry

    Why are the atomic masses of elements usually decimal numbers?

    asked by Kylie
  71. math-- one question

    Suppose we know that we need $36,000 of realized income each year to cover all of our expenses. What is the minimum amount we should make per hour if we know we can work at a job at least 38 hours per week.

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math

    A vendor borrowed $7,500 from their cooperative at 8% a year. If he paid at the end of 1 1/2 years, how much in all did he pay? I am not sure if the answer is $8,400

    asked by Joms
  73. Math

    An airplane has an airspeed of 300 mph, and it is traveling to the southwest. After two hours it is 282.9 miles from its starting point, at a compass heading of 228.6° from the starting point. what is the speed and direction of the wind?.

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Chemistry

    What is the electron configuration of the element with 27 protons?

    asked by Dean
  75. Language

    How would I cite "A surprising point of view" in MLA formatting? I have 0 idea who the author is... please help.

    asked by Trella
  76. Math

    A hanging spring is compressed 3 inches from its rest position and released at t = 0 seconds. It returns to the same position after 0.8 seconds. Find: a) the amplitude of the motion b) the period of the motion c) the frequency of the motion

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Help

    Can someone please help me with my previously posted science lab?

    asked by ItsGottaGetEasier
  78. Math

    your class is electing a vice president. how many ways a president and and a vice president be seleteced 25

    asked by Im to lazy to come up with name