Questions Asked on
May 18, 2018

  1. history

    How did Kennan’s Long Telegram shape the United States interaction with Communism throughout the world? A. The united states conquered communism by economically oppressing third-world nations. B. The united states created the european union to maintain

    asked by Michael
  2. History

    What events led to the decline of the Chinese Nationalists? A. Soviet forces invaded china's heartland and teamed up with the socially progressive chinese nationalists to liberate the chinese peasants and rehabilitate the communists. B. The hostile chinese

    asked by Michael
  3. Physics

    A 25.0-kg child on a 2.00-m-long swing is released from rest when the ropes of the swing make an angle of 30.0° with the vertical. (a) Neglecting friction, find the child’s speed at the lowest position. (b) If the actual speed of the child at the lowest

    asked by _-KIRA-_
  4. Science Answer Check

    1. Which of the following statements is true about artificial selection? A. Breeders can control which animals mate. B. Breeders can control what mutations will appear in the offspring. C. Both A and B are true. D. Neither A nor B is true. 2. Which of the

    asked by Anonymous
  5. reading

    Claim: Lead in drinking water will harm humans Which of the following pieces of data will be best evidence to support this claim?After using water that contains high levels of lead, people started experiencing joint pain. b. After using water that contains

    asked by ubah
  6. reading

    Write all of the letters that are vowels in the order that they appear in the alphabet including Y. Switch the order of the second and third vowels in the list. Change the fourth and fifth vowels to Y. What does the list of the letters look like now?

    asked by ubah
  7. Pre-Calculus Help?

    A 5-lb force acting in the direction of (5, -3) moves and object just left over 12 ft. from point (0, 6) to (7, -4). Find the work done to move the object to the nearest foot-pound. a. 11 ft. * lbs b. 34 ft. * lbs c. 56 ft. * lbs d. 61 ft. * lbs

    asked by ADOG
  8. Pre Calculus

    Identify the parametric equations that represent the same path as the following parametric equations. x(t)=2cos2t y(t)=sin3t a. x(t)=2cos2t y(t)=sin6t b. x(t)=4cos4t y(t)=sin6t c. x(t)=2cos4t y(t)=sin6t d. x(t)=4cos2t y(t)=2sin3t

    asked by line
  9. math

    1. What are the minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile, and maximum of the data set? 18, 20, 11, 10, 8, 6, 12, 4 A: Minimum: 4; First Quartile: 7; Median: 10.5; Third Quartile: 17.5; Maximum: 20 B: Minimum: 4; First Quartile: 5.5; Median: 12.75;

    asked by anon
  10. Algebra

    Give an equation that models a linear pattern and then give an equation that models a nonlinear pattern.

    asked by C
  11. Pre-Calculus

    1.) Which of the following polar equations is equivalent to the parametric equations below? x=t^2 y=2t A.) r=4cot(theta)csc(theta) B.) r=4tan(theta)sec(theta) C.) r=tan(theta)sec(theta)/4 D.) r=16cot(theta)csc(theta) 2.) Which polar equation is equivalent

    asked by line
  12. English

    What is the thesis statement in the following passage? The scarlet letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne uses different settings to help shape the novel and also the characters. The clever use of Hawthorne's settings truly makes the scarlet letter a masterpiece of

    asked by Enna
  13. Math

    What is the simplified form of The quantity x to the fourth power minus 81 divided by the quantity x plus 3 ? A. x cubed minus 3 times x squared plus 9 times x minus 27 B. the quantity x squared plus 9 times the quantity x squared minus 9 C. x cubed plus 3

    asked by lexie
  14. math

    Find the standard form of the equation of the circle with the given characteristics. Endpoints of a diameter: (1, −7) and (7, −5)

    asked by sarah
  15. Math

    How many toothpicks are needed for nth design? Explain how do you figure out.

    asked by Jin
  16. Sociology

    Provide examples of any societal dangers that might occur when the results of poor research are publicized.

    asked by John
  17. History

    1. Why did the U.S. government include a prohibition on slavery in the treaties with Native Americans in Washington Territory? A. to avoid the controversy of allowing slavery B. discourage settlers from Southern states from moving to Washington Territory

    asked by Cs
  18. Algebra

    Simplify 4sqrt6/ sqrt30 by rationalizing the denominator. Need help can someone show me steps on how to do this

    asked by Lane
  19. Pre-Calculus Help?

    What conic section is drawn by the parametric equations x=csc t and y cot? A. Parabola B. Circle C. Ellipse D. Hyperbola

    asked by ADOG
  20. Pre-Calculus Help?

    A class is to eliminate t from the parametric equations x = t^2 + 3 and y = 4t. Beth says that she can write t = sqrt (x-3) to eliminate the parameter. Why is this wrong? A) She should have added 3 to x, not subtracted B) She should always solve for t as a

    asked by ADOG
  21. English

    Monica is writing a paper on how the criminal justice system should be changed. She feels that prisoners should have treatment and counseling while they are in prison. She found this article below. If Monica used this article as a source, which of the

    asked by Enna
  22. MATH

    It cost $5 for one snow cone. Which function rule correctly relates the number of snow cones purchased which stands for s, to the total cost which is c.

    asked by MY MOM
  23. Math

    If you were to sketch a circle graph for the data shown in the table bellow, about what fraction of the circle would represent a baseball? Type Number Baseball 33 Soccer 62 Football 5 Answers 1/4 1/3 1/2 (I CHOOSE THIS) 2/3 if some one can help me thanks

    asked by Deliora
  24. Chemistry

    How much heat is required to warm 122g of water by 23.0°C? Specific heat is 4.184 J/g° C. Please show work:(((

    asked by Wendy
  25. Maths

    Solve for following applying spherical trigonometry... 1.Papua New Guinea (37° 45'N, 122°27'W)(since course was 260°) distance travelled =2250nm. A) use law of cosine to calculate a and thus altitude:or B) use law of sine to calculate N and thus

    asked by Collins
  26. Chemistry

    At what temperature would 41.9 g of oxygen in a 40.0-liter tank produce a pressure of 15.2 psi?

    asked by Alan12
  27. Physics

    A train starting from rest attains a velocity of 72 km/h in 5min.Assuming that the acceleration is uniform ,find (1) the acceleration and (2) the distance travelled by the train for attaining this velocity.

    asked by Dipanki
  28. Science

    Calculate the weight of 6.022*10^23 molecules of caco3.

    asked by Ajay marandi
  29. Pre-Calculus Help?

    Rewrite the following parametric equations by solving for y x(t) = e^-t y(t) = 3e^2t a) y=1/3x^2,x>0 b)3/x^2, x>0 c) y= 3e^t, x>0 d) y=4e^t, x>0

    asked by ADOG
  30. Pre-Calculus Help?

    the vertical and horizontal positions of a zip line cable are represented by the following parametric equations. Rewrite the parametric equations by elimination the the parameter. x(t)= 3t + 4 y(t) = 5-t a) y = -1/3x+19/3 b) y= 19 - 3x c) y= 2x + 9 d) y=

    asked by ADOG
  31. Pre-Calculus Help?

    A biologist determines that the path of a bee from its hive to its foraging site can be described by the parametric equations x- 4t-1 and y-22+3t-4. Which of the following equations is the curve described by these parametric equations? y=20x-9 y=20x+16

    asked by ADOG
  32. Pre-Calculus Help?

    Jimmy wants to rewrite the set of parametric equations x = 1/2 T + 3 and y = 2T - 1 in rectangular form by eliminating T. Which of the following equations would help him to eliminate T. A) t = 2(x-3) B) t = 2(x+3) C) t = y-1 / 2 D) t = 2(y+1)

    asked by ADOG
  33. Math

    How many toothpicks are needed for nth design? Explain how do you figure out.

    asked by Jin
  34. Physics

    A cricket jumps vertically upwards, and remains in the air for 1.6 s. At what speed did it leave the ground?

    asked by Anon
  35. 12th math

    A biologist determines that the path of a bee from its hive to its foraging site can be described by the parametric equations x= 4t-1 and y=2t^2+3t-4. Which of the following equations is the curve described by these parametric equations? y=20x-9 y=20x+16

    asked by line
  36. English

    Can someone please confirm the following? 1. The yellow house down the street from me is for sale. (Down is underlined) a. preposition b. conjunction c. adjective d. adverb I think #1 is A, or C. 2. A pregnant person knows how difficult it is to get in and

    asked by Heather
  37. Social Studies

    What reasons best explain why many Haitians have migrated A. Haiti lacks sufficient natural resources. B. The country has been ruled by military dictators**** C. The geographical location of Haiti makes it unsafe for people to live there D. The country has

    asked by Help Please.
  38. Business mathematics

    Find the value of k if 3,k,48 are in G. P.

    asked by Shoaib
  39. math

    You and your family attend your brother’s championship baseball game. Between innings you decide to go to the snack stand. You go to the snack stand with $15 and find that sodas are $2.50 and that popcorn is $3.75. Write an inequality that models the

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Chemistry

    How much faster does nitrogen monoxide (NO) effuse in comparison to dinitrogen tetraoxide (N2O4)

    asked by Annie
  41. Social Studies

    What was the impact the civil war had on South Carolina?

    asked by PLZZ HELP
  42. Bio

    I need a conclusion of quail reproductive system. I have got everything else done in my essay. PLease help!!

    asked by Co
  43. Social Studies

    Dave is an executive at a large company. He is concerned that other businesses in his industry have been moving some of their operations to foreign countries in order to cut down on labor costs. The CEO has asked Dave to make a recommendation on what the

    asked by Ecclessis Figg
  44. algebra 1

    Cameron is on page 21 of his book. He reads 112 pages per minute and wants to read to at least page 84 tonight. The inequality 21+112t≥84 models this situation, where t is time in minutes

    asked by maribel
  45. Social Studies

    Explain how baby boomer causes the economic growth during the late 1940s and early 1950s. I think the economic growth was caused by the GI bill but I'm not sure.

    asked by i have a question
  46. History

    Which accurately analyzes the development of Nazi camps for Jews? Initially, Jews were interned in concentration and labor camps before being sent to death camps Jews were initially forced into concentration camps before being transferred to city ghettos

    asked by Rose
  47. Chemistry

    What are radioisotopes? and Are they harmful to humans?

    asked by Anonymous
  48. physics

    What is charge

    asked by አበበ
  49. Social studies

    What is the difference between a direct and a representative democracy(or indirect)

    asked by Ali
  50. English

    1.Tiny Tim was destitute. His clothing was in tatters. Which sentence combines the two sentences using a past participle? Tiny Tim's tattered clothing showed he was destitute. THIS ONE Tiny Tim was destitute, and his clothing was in tatters. Tiny Tim's

    asked by Kim so
  51. History

    Were typewriters used to write letters!? I can find the answer anywhere! Please help I need this for a paper! Thanks

    asked by Girla
  52. Science

    Electric charges that are different A. attract each other. B. repel each other. C. exist in pairs. D. do not interact. i think it is a

    asked by Anonymous