Questions Asked on
May 15, 2018

  1. Algebra

    Why is a duplicate key like a small cake?

    asked by Zoey
  2. ELA

    Hello! I just wanted to double check my answer to see if I am thinking correctly. Read this passage: The principle of the mercury boiler is the utilization of mercury between the fire and the under-boiler surface exposed to the flame — the mercury, when

    asked by Melody
  3. History

    Which option suggests the wide-ranging influence of the refugee Nazi scientists on US technology? A-these scientist proved themselves trustworthy by designing the atomic bomb, leading to the Saturn V rocket. B-These scientists developed the first working

    asked by Belle
  4. Math

    1. what are the next three terms in the sequence –3, 6, 15, 24,... a. 35, 46, 57 b. 34, 44, 54 c. 33, 44, 56 d. 33, 42, 51**** 2. Geoff planted dahlias in his garden. Dahlias have bulbs that divide and reproduce underground. In the first year, Geoff’s

    asked by Sid.V
  5. Physical Science

    Picture a ball traveling at a constant speed around the inside of a circular structure. Is the ball accelerating? Explain your answer. Please help me with this, I know that the ball is accelerating but idk why. Thanks.

    asked by Christiana Danielle
  6. math

    decrease 72p by 1/8

    asked by fizz
  7. Math

    Find the mean median and mode of the set of data round to the nearest tenth 15,13,9,9,7,1,11,10,13,1,13

    asked by Hales
  8. Math

    David wants to survey his friends about their favorite animal. He distributes the following survey. Is this an appropriate survey for David to use? Dogs are - 68% Other 32% A - Yes, with this survey David can tell what his friends' favorite animals are B -

    asked by fg
  9. History

    The Lend-Lease Act was an attempt by the United States to A) stay out of World War I. B) supply iron and oil to Japan. C) divide land acquired from the Mexican War. D) let England borrow weapons in the early 1940's.

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Business Law

    Which of the following statements concerning business law is true? A laws provide a complete protocol of ethical behavior B ethical standards eventually become enacted as laws C Unethical behavior may be permissible by law *** D ethical behavior is agreed

    asked by Anonymous
  11. World History

    Which accurately describes the involvement of the Catholic Church in medieval European governments? A: The Catholic Church forced European lords and barons to spare extra lands for peasant farmers. B:The rules and rituals of the Church guided the

    asked by Bree
  12. Math

    which of the following types of information is not suited for display on a double line graph A: the change in rainfall based on the change in temperature B: the number of and different colors of car in parking lot C: the increase in value of jewelry for

    asked by WE
  13. Chemistry

    State the relationship between normality and molality

    asked by Bill
  14. History

    The MAIN purpose of the Georgia State Constitution is to A) determine how local governments will be managed. B) give a framework for the laws and government of Georgia. **** C) provide details of all the laws and statutes in Georgia. D) explain federal

    asked by Anonymous
  15. ELA

    1. When can you omit the author’s last name in documentation? When you introduce the author at the beginning of the quote THIS ONE When you are not plagiarizing When you misinterpret his quotes When you do not list a page number 2. What is the purpose of

    asked by Loomin
  16. ELA

    1. Where would someone look to find the most reliable information about how tornadoes are measured? A newspaper story about a storm The personal blog of a storm watcher The National Weather Service Web site THIS ONE A Web page that anyone can edit 2. Davis

    asked by Loomin
  17. math

    how many students are in the sample 15 20 22 25

    asked by Matt
  18. Math

    18 of Sue's muffins weigh the same as 15 of tom's muffins. How many of Sue's muffins weigh same as 7 of tom's muffins

    asked by Dylan
  19. Math

    A turtle crawled 21 meters in 12 minutes. How long did it take her to crawl 14 meters if she crawled at the same rate the whole time???? 21÷12= 1.75 meters per min so 14÷ by 1.75 is 8 min correct. Or am I way off if so please explain

    asked by Dylan
  20. Calculus

    Consider a hemispherical bowl with a radius of 12 cm. The bowl contains water to a depth of 9 cm. The density of the water at any point x cm below the surface of the water is given by 2e^(0.15x) g/cm^3. A. Find the volume of the water in the bowl. B. Find

    asked by Roy
  21. Math

    the diameter of a car tire is 52cm. While the car is being driven the tier picks up a nail how high above the ground will the nail be after the car has traveled 0.1km

    asked by Gabriel
  22. Math

    While the car is being driven, the tire picks up a nail. How high above the ground is the nail after the car has traveled 1km ... How high above the ground will the nail be after the car has traveled 0.1 km

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Math

    a dog walker and he charges $10 to come to my house, $2 per mile walked. she charged you 16 dollars. Which equation could I use to determine how far she walked you dog. 16 + 10 = 2m 2m + 10 = 16*** 16 + 2m = 10 2m - 10 = 16

    asked by io
  24. Algebra

    Pick a number. Multiply by 2. Subtract 8. Divide by 2. Add 4. What is the result? Use algebra to show why the tricks work.

    asked by Cheyenne
  25. ELA

    An outline is a dictionary entry an organized or systematized arrangement of important elements of a topic THIS ONE a place to locate information all of the above 2. Three ways to take notes are Summarize, note take and paraphrase Summarize, quote,

    asked by Loomin
  26. Science

    Which car is accelerating? a. a car that is unmoving b. a car that rounds a curve at a constant speed*** c. a car that travels in a straight line at a constant speed

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math

    A man gets a job with a salary of 37300 dollars a year. He is promised a 2550 dollars raise each subsequent year. His total earning for a 7-year period is

    asked by George
  28. ELA

    Tips on taking notes are Put a bunch of information on one card, put the author’s name first, and summarize everything. Take accurate notes: don’t misinterpret the words, write facts to include examples, statistics, data and expert testimony, take

    asked by Loomin
  29. math

    A ball is thrown into the air with an upward velocity of 40 ft/s. Its height h in feet after t seconds is given by the function h = -16h 2 + 40t + 6. A. In how many seconds does the ball reach its maximum height? B. What is the ball's maximum height?

    asked by lee
  30. Math

    Foster publishers printing press can print 5 dictionaries in 8 minutes. How many can it print in 10 minutes

    asked by Kathy
  31. chemistry

    If you have 1.00 M sodium chloride solution, and you have 300. mL of it, how many grams of sodium chloride are there?

    asked by a
  32. Trigonometry

    The base of a trapezoid are 397.62 and 254.15 respectively, the angles that the sides make with the longer base are 68°39.2' and 72°6.0'. Find the sides and the diagonal. Need help with this pls.

    asked by Jay
  33. Quadratic Functions and Equations

    A field hockey tournament is to be held in Yellowknife, NWT. According to regulations, the field is 25 yards by 100 yards. For officials, support groups and team members, a uniform rectangular strip of manicured lawn is to be installed by a local business

    asked by Annie
  34. History

    President Lyndon B. Johnson persuaded Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The primary purpose of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was to A) protect impoverished groups by banning the poll tax. B) implement affirmative action programs at the federal

    asked by Anonymous
  35. math

    A bank offers a 24-month installment loan with an APR of 10%. Alicia wishes to use the loan to finance a sailplane for $42,800. After first using Table 13-1 to find the finance charge, calculate the monthly payment.

    asked by Ricky
  36. English/ASL

    Can anyone help me translate English to ASL Gloss? Could you help me? I'm OKAY at it but I want to get this 100% right for my paper Write a 7–10 sentence dialogue between two people about going out for lunch. Using these terms COOKIE HAMBURGER ICE CREAM

    asked by mstv1112
  37. Chemistry

    What is the total pressure of gas in a propane tank if propane has a partial pressure of 33.1 atm, nitrogen’s is 1.11 atm, and oxygen’s is 0.27 atm?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Probability

    if two dice are rolled what is the probability that the sum of the dots on the upwards faces is 8?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Science

    I need help researching this hypothesis: "A candle will burn slower in cooler environments." I need to research two topics and three research questions in each topic. First topic: Candle Questions: (1) Composition of a candle (2) How do candles create

    asked by anonymous
  40. ELA

    Monica is writing a paper on how the criminal justice system should be changed. She feels that prisoners should have treatment and counseling while they are in prison. She found this article below. If Monica used this article as a source, which of the

    asked by Loomin
  41. Math

    For questions 1-2 what is the graph of the system y is less than or equal to x+4 2x+y is less than or equal to -4

    asked by I need helppppp
  42. English

    1. I don't have special plans for this weekend. 2. I don't have special plans this weekend. 3. I don't have special plans on this weekend. ====================================== Is #3 grammatical? What is the difference between #1 and #2? Are both the

    asked by rfvv
  43. mathematics

    write the next 2 odd numbers in this series.995 997 and 999.

    asked by fizz
  44. Math

    What is the probability of getting an even number when rolling a six-sided number cube?

    asked by Jake
  45. Social Studies

    What was family like for rich Romans?

    asked by ok
  46. Chemistry

    1.what is the type of radiation (alpha,beta, or gamma) is represented by each of the following. A)the most penetrating type of radiation is B) When this particle is emitted an atom of carbon (atomic number 6) will change to an atom of nitrogen (atomic

    asked by Samantha
  47. mathematics

    Goerge wrote 10.6 for an answer instead of writing 10.06.Find his error and write it as a decimal

    asked by fizz
  48. chemistry

    How many mL of a 3.2M HCl solution would be needed to neutralize 150mL of 2.6M NaOH? Both NaOH and HCl are ‘strong’ acids/bases.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Math

    For the arithmetic sequence with given first term 4 and common difference 4: its nth term is __________ its 10-th term is ________

    asked by George
  50. Chemestry

    What is the molecular mass of a gas that has a density of 0.897 g/L if it exerts a pressure of 1.35 ATM and is that a temperature of 43.5°C?

    asked by Karla
  51. maths

    5 packets of different sizes have a total mass of 800g find their average mass.

    asked by fizz
  52. Algebra

    Complete these ratio tables for two pant mixture Peacock purple _________________ Red blue 2 5 ___ 15 14 ___ Purple plum __________________ Red blue 7 3 _____ 15 14 ____ Help me????? Show we how to do. Need blanks filled in

    asked by Dylan
  53. Physics

    how could you tell if you had missed one of the natural frequencies when you were finding natural frequencies above the fundamental?

    asked by Zaynah
  54. Chemistry

    an unknown compound is known to contain 30.34%M and 60.56%O and has a molar mass of 92.00g. what are the empirical formula and the molecular formula for the compound?( O=16.0g/mol,M=14.1g/mol)

    asked by Bill
  55. Chemistry

    an unknown compound is known to contain 30.34%N and 60.56%O and has a molar mass of 92.00g. what are the empirical formula and the molecular formula for the compound?( O=16.0g/mol,N=14.1g/mol)

    asked by Bill
  56. analytic geometry

    minor axis 12, distance between foci 16

    asked by natoy
  57. Quantum Physics

    1. Calculate the transition ratio between the 2P-1S and 3P-2S states of the hydrogen. 2. Find the first order correction in the energy for the states n = 3 of the hydrogen atom subject to a constant electric field in the z direction (effect Stark). What

    asked by Carol
  58. physics

    Determine the mass of the flywheel if it is a solid disc and the dimensions are as follows: Outer diameter = 500mm Thickness = 50mm Material density = 7500 kg/m^3

    asked by Aaqib
  59. Physics

    how could you tell if you had missed one of the natural frequencies when you were finding natural frequencies above the fundamental?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. mathematics

    birdseed cost 25p for 100g.find the cost of a bag of bird seed containing 1kg 300g.

    asked by fizz
  61. science

    A hypothesis must be

    asked by chrissy
  62. Algebra

    How do you make a matrix out of these numbers: -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2. I don't know what a matrix is.

    asked by Cheyenne
  63. Trig

    While the car is being driven , the tire picks up a nail. How high above the ground is the nail after the car has travelled 1km ... How high above the ground will the nail be after the car has travelled 0.1 km

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Physics

    If enough energy were supplied to a diamond would that allow some of its electrons to transition to a higher energy band and therefore conduct electricity? Just curious.

    asked by Anon
  65. math

    Solve the following system of equations: 6x – 3y + 10 = 0 2x + y + 9 = 0

    asked by muhammad
  66. math

    jack needs three pound twenty to buy a book.he has saved 3fifties 4twenties and much more should he save

    asked by fizz
  67. Physics

    how could you tell if you had missed one of the natural frequencies when you were finding natural frequencies above the fundamental

    asked by Anonymous
  68. mathematics

    0.17 times 7.

    asked by fizz