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May 14, 2018

  1. Social Studies

    what were some of the lasting effects of the Vietnam war?(2 answers) A.Hundreds of thousands of soldiers suffered physical and emotional pain* B.Americans were divided over whether the war was worth fighting* C.American soldiers helped solidify a lasting

    asked by Kool Kid
  2. Probability

    1. The chart below shows the possible options for pants, shirts, and shoes in Tom’s closet. Which tree diagram correctly shows the possible outfits he can wear? Pants- jeans(j) khakis(k) Shirts- yellow(y) blue(b) checked(c) Shoes- sneakers(s) hiking

    asked by Connexus
  3. geography

    What capital cities are located along the Mississippi River? St.Paul, Minnesota Baton Rouge, Louisiana Are there any others?

    asked by Anonymous
  4. algebra

    Solve the equation using the zero-product property. -9n(5n-5) a. -1/9, 1 b. 0,1***** c. -1/9,-1 d. 0,-1 Use the quadratic formula to solve the equation. if necessary, round to the nearest hundredth. x^2-6=x a. x=2,3 b. x=-2,3 ***** c. x=2,-3 d. x=-2,-3 How

    asked by frank
  5. Science

    1. Which of the following statements about mechanical waves is true? a. mechanical waves require a medium to travel through b. mechanical waves do not have amplitude and wavelength c. mechanical waves do not have frequency d. mechanical waves can travel

    asked by Thank you!
  6. Science

    The length of simple pendulum that makes 12 oscillation/minute is

    asked by Rajkumar
  7. Math

    An isosceles traingle has a base of length 2m sides and length of square root 2. Determine the exact value of the apex angle in radius.

    asked by Abishek
  8. Math

    An isosceles traingle has a base of length 2m sides and length of square root 2. Determine the exact value of the apex angle in radius.

    asked by Abishek
  9. english

    Here, take my Likeness with you, whilst 'tis so; For when from hence you go, The next Suns rising will behold Me pale, and lean, and old. The Man who did this Picture draw, Will swear next day my face he never saw. I really believe, within a while, If you

    asked by Anonymous
  10. math

    The length of a spring is a linear function of the mass of the object hanging from it. For a particular spring, the length was 12 centimeters when a 2-kg mass was attached to it. When a 5-kg mass was hung from it, it stretched to a length of 18 cm. How

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Health

    How might a forest fire affect the health of people in nearby communities? (Select all that apply.) a. increased risks of asthma attacks b. increased risks of viral infections c. increased risks of bacterial infections d. increased risks of heart problems

    asked by Jonathan
  12. Algebra 1

    Solve the equation. Identify any extraneous solutions. sqrt d=-6

    asked by Help
  13. History

    I need HELP on my history homework about Christianity in Rome. The section is "The Missionary Work of Paul": 1. Why did Paul's early life contradict what he ended up doing later in life? I think the answer to 1 might be: In Paul's early life, he explicitly

    asked by Riona
  14. algebra

    What is the solution to the equation 1/x - 6/x^2 = -12 a. x= 3/4 or x= -2/3 b. x= 3/4 or x= 2/3 c. x= -3/4 or x= 2/3** d x= -3/4 or x= -2/3

    asked by h
  15. writing

    International business means connecting with a cultural and ethnically diverse audience and clientele. i need help on 3 examples on how i can ensure that we respect our readers' diversity

    asked by lauren
  16. math

    simplify (7)/(2a)*5/(a^2) a. 35/(2a^2); where a ≠ 0 b. 35/(2a^2) i know the answer is one of these two and not c or d, but im not sure if its a or b

    asked by frank
  17. Chemistry

    A 3.68 L sample of methane gas is collected at 36.0 degrees C. Predict the volume of the sample at 0 degrees C.

    asked by Zoe
  18. calculus

    Use the mid-point rule with n = 4 to approximate the area of the region bounded by y = x^3 and y = x.? I know how to use the midpoint rule to get the area under a curve but I'm confused on how to get the area between the two curves. Do I subtract them

    asked by Anonymous
  19. chemistry

    using dots and crosses to represent outermost electron draw diagram to show bonding of carbon four oxide and hydrogen peroxide

    asked by maxwell
  20. Math

    A passbook savings account has a rate of 8%. Find the effective annual yield if the interest is compounded quarterly.

    asked by Chris
  21. Spanish 2

    Which word best completes the sentence Yo ________ un libro y después fui a casa. a. compraba b. compro c. compró d. compré I think the answer is d but im not sure

    asked by Haley
  22. Health

    Why are routine screenings for cervical cancer important? (Select all that apply.) a. Cervical cancer screenings guarantee a longer life. b. Cervical cancer screenings can identify precancerous cells. c. They can identify cancer cells before symptoms

    asked by Jonathan
  23. psychology

    can printing technology as a course put food on your table

    asked by Felix
  24. Math

    Look at the given triangles. Large triangle left side says 4x+2 top says 7x+7 bottom days 5x-4. Small triangle left side says x+3 top says 2x-5 and bottom says X+7. a. Write an expression in simplest form for the perimeter of each triangle. b. Write

    asked by Oof
  25. math

    Find the partial sum. 100 Σ 2n n = 1

    asked by dan
  26. calculus

    A rock is thrown upward with a speed of 48 feet per second from the edge of a cliff 400 feet above the ground. What is the speed of the rock when it hits the ground? Use acceleration due to gravity as -32 feet per second squared and approximate your answer

    asked by Anonymous
  27. math

    Write an equation in the form y = mx + b for the line which passes through (6, 5) and (-8, -23).

    asked by ashley
  28. math

    Write an equation in the form y = mx + b for the line which passes through (6, 5) and (-8, -23).

    asked by Anonymous
  29. math

    Find the indicated nth partial sum of the arithmetic sequence. 2, 10, 18, 26, . . ., n = 15

    asked by dan
  30. algebra

    Divide. (-6m^9 -6m^8 -16m^6) ÷ (2m^3) a. -3m^9 -3m^8 -8m^6** b. -3m^6 -6m^8 -16m^3 c. -3m^6 -3m^5 -8m^3 d. -3m^6 -3m^5 -16m^3

    asked by h
  31. math

    divide. (12t^6 - 8t^8) ÷ (2t^3) a. 6t^3 - 8t^8 b. 12t^6 - 4t^5 c. 6t^2 - 8t^4 d. 6t^3 - 4t^5

    asked by frank
  32. maths

    what is the greatest possible remainder when a whole number is divided by 9.

    asked by fizz
  33. Math

    Complete these ratio tables for two paint mixtures Peacock purple 2 5 ___ 15 14 __ Purple plum 7 3 __ 15 14 ____

    asked by Dylan
  34. physics

    Six identical particles each of mass ‘m’ are arranged at the corners of a regular hexagon of side length ‘L’. If the masses of any two adjacent particles are doubled. The shift in the centre of mass is???

    asked by Thousif
  35. maths

    three boys earned rs 235.50.what is the average rupees earned by each boy?

    asked by hi
  36. math

    Write an equation in the form y = mx + b for the line which passes through (1, -10) and (-7, -2).

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Chemistry

    The system absorb 100 J of heat while the system does 100 J of work?

    asked by Pedro
  38. Math

    I'm having a difficult time trying to solve something that should be very easy. I have the following: 40dBm - 6 dB + 10dB - Lprop > -100dBm Now, the answer should be Lprop < -144dB, but I'm getting messed up with the signs. I'm trying to move the -100dBm

    asked by Josh Garder
  39. Math

    The lengths of two sides of a rectangle are consecutive even integers. The perimeter of the rectangle is 196cm. Find the area. -please help, I don’t know where to start or how to approach this problem.

    asked by Nikko
  40. Math

    Kim and Mario wish to have $30,000 available for a kitchen remodel in 3 years. How much money should they set aside now at 7% compounded monthly in order to reach their financial goal? Round your answer UP to the nearest cent.

    asked by Chris
  41. Probability

    A standard number cube with the numbers 1 through 6 is rolled. Find the probability of rolling a number less than 3. Find the probability of not rolling a number less than 3 A. 1/3;2/3 B. 1/2;1/2 C. 5/6;1/2 D.1/6;5/6

    asked by to school
  42. math

    Write the equation for a circle that has a center (-2, 4) and radius of 3cm.

    asked by Jonah
  43. chemistry

    What is the empirical formula of a compound that contains two moles of calcium, two moles of sulfur and eight moles of oxygen? A. CaS0 B. CaS02 C. CaSO4 D. Ca2S0 i think D

    asked by tasha
  44. chemistry

    name one raw material which sodium hydroxide is manufactured

    asked by maxwell
  45. Physics

    A car starts from rest, accelerate at 2m/s , for 15sec , it then continues at a steady speed for further 25sec and decelerate to rest in 5ecs . Find the time taken to cover *two-third* of the distance.

    asked by Mjay
  46. Calculus

    Use the mid-point rule with n = 4 to approximate the area of the region bounded by y = x^3 and y = x. I just need to know how to use the midpoint rule when the area is between two curves instead of under a curve. Help please.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. World History

    What changes occurred when human civilizations evolved from hunter-gatherers to settled societies?

    asked by cami
  48. Physics

    A man stands on the edge of a cliff with hands outstretched horizontally carrying two stones, one in each hand. At time t= 0, he drops the first pebble from rest. After a time of 1.0 s, he releases the second pebble. At what time will the separation

    asked by Anon
  49. Math

    In an effort to retire comfortably, you decide to deposit $750 at the end of every month into an annuity that pays 5% compounded monthly. How much will you have saved in 40 years when you are ready to retire? Round to the nearest cent.

    asked by Jacob
  50. Math

    The price of a home is $320,000. The bank requires an 8% down payment and three points at the time of closing. The cost of the home is financed with a 30-year fixed rate at 6%. Find the amount that must be paid for the three points at closing & Find the

    asked by Ryan
  51. LA Not important

    So i was wondering what should i talk about in a history of drama essay. I know that i should talk about where it cam from and the history of it but what else? Please help asap.

    asked by Mini Kid
  52. Social Studies

    I have a portfolio assignment to do for SS and I'm just freaking out because I'm 3 units behind and I can't catch up until I complete this but I just don't understand it at all and I'm too prideful to ask the teacher for help. So, I beg, please help me?

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Math

    7. Yvonne put $4,000 in a savings account. At the end of 3 years, the account had earned $960 in simple interest a. How much does she have in her account at the end of 3 years? b. At what annual simple interest rate did the account grow? Show your work. c.

    asked by Yea Boi
  54. Health

    If I had a friend who was thinking about drinking alcohol... What would you say to make sure my friend completely understands the consequences involved? What are the short- and long-term consequences I should warn them about? What are the physical and

    asked by Thanos
  55. Math

    If in index notation there are variables and numbers and question says to simplify and give answer as positive index then Is 1/3^2a^2 is it correct after simplifying all negative indices Or should we make it as 1/9a^2 Can we leave as 3^2? Or both Answers

    asked by NJay
  56. Algebra

    Jill made two 6 sided dice and labeled each of them with these numbers. -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 Suppose this pair of dice was tossed 1,000 times and the numbers on the two top faces were added. Which sum would probably be the most common? And why?

    asked by Chey
  57. Algebra

    Find a 2 digit number whose square ends in the same 2 digit number. Find more than one answer.

    asked by Chey
  58. Math

    a family is ordering grass sod of a portion of their backyard as shown in the diagram. how many square yards of grass sod do they need.

    asked by boop
  59. Math

    1.Bryan needs a new backpack. He compares the prices of three different backpacks at a local store to find the best deal. Which purpose of money is Bryan demonstrating? 1.Unit of account. (2.Store of value.) 3.Acceptance of payment 4.medium of exchange.

    asked by Young
  60. math

    how do i estimate population size?

    asked by Pug lover
  61. Pre-Algebra

    Can I have some help please. 4. (3x+4)(x - 2) A. 3x^2-2x-8 B. x-8 C. 3x-2x-8 D. 3x^2+2x+8 5. (2y-1)(4y-3) A. -2y+3 B. 8y^2-10y-3 C. 8y^2-10y+3 D. 8y^2-2y+3

    asked by Cammie
  62. math

    15 times 12 easy but hard...?

    asked by fizz
  63. maths

    easy,i know but can you do it?find the average of 1.6l,0.8l,1.2. "by fizz"[its what i said when i submitted]

    asked by fizz
  64. MATHS

    A girl start at A and walks 2km south to B. she then walks 3km west to C. find the distance and bearing of C from A

    asked by MATHS
  65. Physics

    A rocket travels vertically away from the surface of Mars. It is still close to the surface and travelling at a speed of 25 m s when it jettisons an empty fuel tank. The fuel tank initially travels with the velocity of the rocket, but it is attracted to

    asked by Anon
  66. Physics

    A man stands on the edge of a cliff with hands outstretched horizontally carrying identical pebbles, one in each hand. At time t= 0, he drops the first pebble from rest.When this pebble has fallen by 2.0 m, he releases the second pebble. What is the

    asked by Anon
  67. maths

    f i n d the d i a m a t e r of a c i r c l e whose radias is 85mm

    asked by fizz
  68. Physics

    A rocket of mass,m is located at an alttitude h meters above the surface of a planet of a mass,M and radius, R. *write an expression for the gravitational pull on it. *Deduce an expression for the gravitational potential and escape velocity at that

    asked by Bill
  69. Physics

    A body of mass m is moving a circular track of radius r with a tangential velocity V. Write an expression for *The angular momentum *The centrifugal force

    asked by Bill
  70. math

    A hardware store makes a profit of $41,000 during its first year. The store owner sets a goal of increasing profits by $9000 each year for 4 years. Assuming that this goal is met, find the total profit during the first 5 years of business.

    asked by dan
  71. Math

    f(3x)=3f(x) f(6)= 12 whats f(2)= is it 4?

    asked by rod