Questions Asked on
May 9, 2018

  1. Math

    Find the real root of the equation 3x-cosx-1=0 correct to four decimal places using the Newton Raphson Method.

    asked by Learner
  2. English

    List some important ideas that Drgonwings includes. Why did you choose those ideas? I'm confused on what they mean by "ideas." Can anyone help me?

    asked by nunya
  3. English

    What is the tone in the following excerpt from "The Gift of the Magi" ? There was clearly nothing to do but flop down on the shabby little couch and howl. So Della did it. Which instigates the moral reflection that life is made up of sobs,sniffles, and

    asked by Anonymous
  4. English

    Choose incorrect if the sentence is punctuated incorrectly. Choose correct if it is punctuated correctly. 1: Gravel, crushed rock, cinder- these are used as ballast on railroad beds. Correct*** 2:Ben Franklin[noted statesmen, scientist, and philosopher]

    asked by marylyn
  5. english

    From an overflowing gutter above the window the water poured in a steady stream onto the courtyard. It sounded like a waterfall in some faraway mountain village. Tsuruishi took out a handkerchief and began wiping Ryo's wet hair. A feeling of happiness

    asked by squid
  6. english

    I lost my other post but I have another question. Thank you. Who or what is most likely the grandmother's "affliction”? A. worry B. arthritis C. her granddaughter D. her daughter-in-law -- I used to feel a certain prick of pain when I saw Grandmother

    asked by squid
  7. History

    1: Which of the following is true about foreign policy in the United States? A:The goals of foreign policy may change depending on the president, but the methods used are always the same. B:The methods used to enact foreign policy may change depending on

    asked by marylyn
  8. math

    Multiply, write result in scientific notation. 15.(1.4x10^1)(8 x 10^4)

    asked by Kathrin
  9. English

    Read these lines from T.S. Elliot's "Preludes." "Six o’clock./The burnt-out ends of smoky days./And now a gusty shower wraps/The grimy scraps/Of withered leaves about your feet/And newspapers from vacant lots..." Which of the following is being

    asked by Anon
  10. Math

    The volume of a rectangular solid is 180 cubic centimeters. The length is 10 centimeters and the width is 4 centimeters. Using the formulas V=lwh, what is the solid in centimeters?

    asked by Kirsten
  11. Math

    Country Produce knows that 20% of the strawberries purchased will spoil and must be thrown out. If they buy 200 baskets of strawberries for $0.24 per basket and want a markup of 50% on the selling price, find the selling price per basket of strawberries.

    asked by Heyhi
  12. English

    Which of the following pronoun completes the sentence correctly? Each of the boys began to clean _____desk. a. his b. him c. their***

    asked by Anonymous
  13. physics

    A truck moving at 100 km /h carries a steel girder that rest on its wooden floor. what is the minimum time in which the truck can come to a stop without the girder moving forward ? The coefficient of static friction between steel and wood is 0.5.

    asked by caphas
  14. English

    Choose incorrect if the sentence is punctuated incorrectly. Choose correct if it is punctuated correctly. 1: I ran into a door [see the bump on head]? Incorrect*** 2: Several children(that is, five) came with chicken pox. Incorrect*** 3:Several

    asked by marylyn
  15. Math

    What are the coefficients in the polynomial 4x^2+3x-3? I'm not posting this to get the exact answer, I just need help on finding the coefficients. I'm not real good with polynomials, and I've been struggling a little. I just need explaining on how to find

    asked by Jordan
  16. math

    the perimeter of a rectangle is 96cm ,the width is 15cm find its lengh. this is homework wich i have to return on friday,plllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee

    asked by fizz
  17. English

    Each of the boys began to clean _____desk. a. his b. him c. their

    asked by Anonymous
  18. math

    A sand volleyball court has an area of 144 square meters. Its perimeter is 50 meters. What are the dimensions of the volleyball court?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Math

    The public transportation department measures the distance from a location using displacement vectors. To ride the bus to work for a discounted amount, you have to travel displacement vectors. To ride the bus to work for a discounted amount, you have to

    asked by girly girl
  20. Math

    Solve the system of equations using Row Operations x + y - z = 6 3x - 2y + z = -5 x + 3y - 2z = 14

    asked by Samantha
  21. SS

    how did the education accountability act of 1998 improve k-12 education

    asked by Anonymous
  22. math

    The towns of Franklin and Chester each decided in the same year to begin posting their populations on signs by the main entrances into the towns. Each year, they update the signs. Franklin had a population of 20,000 people in the first year that they

    asked by Diya
  23. Physics

    Note: the question with stars next to it is my choice. (Image) Car A. - mass: 10 kg, 8 m/s Car B - mass: 10kg 2 m/s 1. The total momentum of the two cars before a collision is 100 kg m/s A - 0 kg m/s B - 50 kg m/s C - 100 kg m/s D - 200 kg m/s**** 2. What

    asked by PHYSICS - Check answers please.
  24. Social Studies

    A problem facing all people living in Mexico City is A. increased pollution. B. having only a few farms. C. a lack of education. D. no place to buy food.

    asked by HobiHoe
  25. physics

    find the magnitude and dirction of the resultant force of two perpendicular forces F1=3N and F2=4N

    asked by Nada
  26. MATH

    A collar of Styrofoam is made to insulate a pipe. Find its volume . The large R is to the outer rim. The small radius r is to the edge of the insulation. Use 3.14 for pi. r = 5 in. R = 6 in. h = 19 in. Round to two decimal places. It says to subtract

    asked by PLEASE HELP
  27. Math

    How many rectangles can you make with a perimeter of 32...

    asked by Jashndeep
  28. physics

    Two buckets each of mass 5kg are connected one each end of a light inextensible string going over a smooth pulley. A piece of putty of mass 2kg is dropped through a height of 20m into one bucket and become attached. Calculate (i) The initial velocity of

    asked by M
  29. English

    1. My school friends are funny. 2. My classmates are funny. [Do you use #1 frequently?]

    asked by rfvv
  30. math

    Sanjay is facing NE in which direction is he facing if he turns clockwise through 2 right angles?thanks.also/this is for homework i'm giving it in on friday,PlEaSE

    asked by fizz
  31. English

    After Jody slaps Janie, Hurston writes: "Janie stood where he left her...until something fell off the shelf inside her. Then she went there to see what it was. It was her image of Jody tumbled down and shattered." The passage is an example of Select one:

    asked by Max
  32. Math

    Use Regula Falsi Method to find a real root of the equation xe^x - 2=0 correct to two decimal places within the interval [0,1].

    asked by Learner
  33. physics

    An ideal gas occupies a volume of 1.87 cm3 at 15.7°C and a pressure of 101,325 Pa. a) Determine the number of molecules of gas in the container. Boltzmann’s constant is 1.38 x 10-23 m2kg/s2K Answer: b) Determine the total internal energy of the gas.

    asked by abbey
  34. math

    Find the volume of the oblique cylinder. Round to the nearest tenth. Radius-13.8in Height - 20.5in Thank you!!

    asked by Jessica
  35. math

    A car travels 56km using 8litres of petrol. What distance will it travels with 13litres of petrol.

    asked by Alice
  36. math

    The line plot shows the weights of packages of meat available at a supermarket. Katrice says that if a customer purchases the 3 3 lightest packages at a cost of $4.40 per pound, the customer will pay 10.45 . Is Katrice correct? Explain.

    asked by Janae
  37. math

    What are the | | when you work with inger numbers. (not a question on assignment) Like for example |-3| < |6|

    asked by a dog
  38. Math

    Dear Ms. sue i am very sorry for posting that question and promis to never to that again i just wanted to get the work done and was lazy at the moment

    asked by Aaron walshe
  39. Math

    Suppose a tree on your land has a radius of 3 inches and increases in radius one-fourth inch a year. How many years, y, to the nearest tenth will it take for the volume of the tree to double? In other words, for what value of y would the following be true?

    asked by Summer
  40. chemistry

    What are the applications coordination compounds

    asked by PAVETTE
  41. Math

    Alex needed proceeds of $12,345. How much does he need to take out at 6% interest for 120 days to receive proceeds of $12,345?

    asked by Heyhi
  42. Math

    Orchard Supply sells lawn fertilizer at a price of $12.50 per bag. If the markup is 25% of the cost, find the cost.

    asked by Heyhi
  43. math

    From a barrel of colored marbles, you randomly select 4 blue, 5 yellow, 6 red, 2 green, and 5 purple. Find the experimental probability of randomly selecting a marble that is NOT blue. 6/13 1/2 9/11 3/8 Some one please help me just someone explain it to me

    asked by I want something to eat
  44. Social Studies

    Who were the first inhabitants of the Caribbean islands? I think it was Christopher Columbus

    asked by Isaaaaaa human
  45. Algebra

    A radio commercial for a used car company offers loans at "20 cents per day for every $400 borrowed" to purchase a car. If you borrow $2000 for 200 days, what amount will you repay? (Assume a 360 day year)

    asked by Adrian
  46. Math

    There are 10 egg sandwiches, 6 chicken sandwiches and 4 tuna sandwiches on a tray . A sandwich is randomly chosen. Find the probability an egg sandwich is chosen .

    asked by Sam
  47. Math

    Clyde has the chance to buy a piece of old Pennsylvania Dutch pottery that he thinks he can resell for $500. If Clyde needs a 125% markup on cost, what price should he pay? Is the answer 200 or 222.22? 500/225% = 222.22 Is my method correct or I am missing

    asked by Heyhi
  48. Chemistry

    There is a problem that I am completely stuck on and it deals with thermochemistry, specifically on calculating the amount of heat released in a reaction. The question is, "how much carbon dioxide must be produced to release 1200.0 J of energy?" using the

    asked by bm24
  49. algebra

    you have 10 vacant units open three 1 bedrooms renting for $800 a month, six 2 bedrooms renting for $1050 a month and one 3 bedrooms renting for 1475 a month, what is your monthly rental loss if you do not rent these units? I got an answer and coming up

    asked by Esther Munoz
  50. math

    How much gratuity (tip) should you leave for the waiter (the tip is based on the bill before tax is added)?

    asked by leafyishere
  51. Algebra

    Does the data in the table represent a direct variation or an inverse variation? x - 1, 2, 5, 10 y - 40, 20, 8, 4 A.) Direct variation; y = 40x B.) Inverse variation; xy = 40* C.) Inverse variation; xy = 1/40

    asked by .
  52. Math

    Cameron designates 10% of his monthly earnings as charitable contributions. After deducting this amount, he deposits 5% of the remaining amount into a money market account earning 2%. If Cameron’s monthly earnings are $4,800 what amount interest will he

    asked by Heyhi
  53. Social Studies

    During the civil war that began in Guatemala about 1960, _________________. A. the Mayas gained political power. B. the Mayas benefitted from land reform. C. many Mayas lost all of their belongings. D. the Mayas agreed to share political power.

    asked by HobiHoe
  54. Canadian History

    I need to do a history project about a decade after the 1940s in Canada, what decade do you think was the most eventful that i could talk about for 20 minutes in a presentation

    asked by Alex
  55. math

    Linda had started with 1 yard of fabric and used 5/8, how much fabric would be left

    asked by Chris
  56. chemistry

    Are triglycerides made of three ethene saturated or unsaturated?

    asked by Anonymous
  57. chemistry

    Is a phosphate group such as PO4 considered different than a phosphorous atom? Yes, because a phosphorous atom would not have the oxygen?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Physics

    Suntan Sally put on her bathing suit and relaxed in a room that was pitch black. At the same time Tanline Timmy put on his bathing suit and relaxed in a room filled with bright light. A couple hours later Suntan Sally had a bad sunburn while Tanline Timmy

    asked by Emily
  59. Chemistry

    A 10 ml of 98% sulfuric acid was diluted to 200 ml water. What volume of water will be added to 5 ml of 40% sodium hydroxide to netralize the diluted sulphuric acid?

    asked by Joy
  60. Ss

    "If we intend to stay hands off to the powers of europe, then sooner or later we must keep to ourselves" What does the above quote suggest about future U.S policy towards latin america? My answer: The quote suggests that in the future, they need to either

    asked by Ss help
  61. Chemistry

    Please give me an example of problem with simple yet detailed solution oh how to compute the amount of diluted sodium hydroxide to neutralize a certain amount of diluted sulphuric acid.

    asked by Alen
  62. Physics

    So a quick question. If im representing a quantum gas with diagrams of the allowed configurations of the gas. When it comes to indistinguishable I have 7 configurations. But if we then compare to a gas made up of distinguishable particles. Would there be

    asked by Anon
  63. Math

    You took out a loan of $5,000 on May 2 and went back on June 15 to make a payment of $1,200. The loan was at 4% for 1 year. What was your remaining balance after making that payment? Assume an exact year.

    asked by Heyhi
  64. math


    asked by fizz
  65. Algebra

    you have 10 vacant units open three 1 bedrooms renting for $800 a month, six 2 bedrooms renting for $1050 a month and one 3 bedrooms renting for 1475 a month, what is your monthly rental loss if you do not rent these units? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    asked by Esther Munoz
  66. chemistry

    A solution of potassium nitrate in water has a freezing point of -0.082◦C. What is the concentration of KNO3 in this solution? Kf = 1.86 ◦C/m for water.

    asked by razor
  67. Language Arts

    how does alliteration add to the description of the scene

    asked by riley
  68. science

    Mass of a body is 25 kg. What is its weight in Newton on earth? The body is carried to a planet whose mass is two times the mass of earth and radius is half that of earth. What will be the mass and weight of the body on the planet? (Take the value of g on

    asked by arun
  69. science

    Animals have three types of muscle tissue. Striated found in arms etc. unstriated found in lining of stomach and cardiac found in the heart. Mention the characteristics of each which justify their presence in the locations mentioned above

    asked by arun
  70. Algebra

    11. A basket contains the following pieces of fruit: three apples to oranges two pairs two bananas and five peaches. Jack pics of fruit at random and does not replace it then, Bethany pics of fruit at random. what is the probability that Jack gets a peach

    asked by Baby_Banana
  71. Calculus

    What is the area of the inner loop of r = 3+6sinΘ?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Health

    Why is tobacco bad for you?

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Literature

    can you send me study guide for "the pickup" by nadine gordimer

    asked by Eman