Questions Asked on
May 1, 2018

  1. Anne Frank (The Play)

    Good afternoon! I have questions regarding The Diary of Anne Frank (the play), and although I've read it through multiple times, I have trouble identifying exactly how Anne's character is developed through dialogue and stage directions. (The Diary of Anne

    asked by Anonymous
  2. language arts

    1: list some important ideas that the giver includes. why did you choose those ideas? 2: tell how using a reading role helped you understand the book. support your response with at least 2 pieces of evidence from the novel

    asked by yeet
  3. Calculus AP

    f is a differentiable function on the interval [0, 1] and g(x) = f(2x). The table below gives values of f ′(x). What is the value of g ′(0.1)? x 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 f ′(x) 1 2 3 –4 5 The answers are: 1 2 4 cannot be determined I got 1 please let me

    asked by Anon
  4. Texas History

    Check my answers? Which of the following shows the influence of the U.S. Constitution on the Texas Constitution? A. the executive branch has the most power B. existence of a bill of rights ** C. provisions promoting legislative over judicial power D.

    asked by |-/
  5. math

    what is One more than the quotient of a number xxx and 444 in an expression?

    asked by keilanma
  6. Math~symmetry

    Which Figure has the greatest number of lines of symmetry? Equilateral Triangle Square Circle* Rectangular prism

    asked by Mr. Skill's101.4
  7. Math

    how many unit angles does the smaller angle of a tan pattern block turn through? Explain

    asked by Evline
  8. Math

    The diameter of a basketball rim is 18 inches. A standard basketball has a circumference of 30 inches. What is the distance between the ball and the rim in a shot in which the ball goes exactly in the center of the rim? Show your work. First I must find

    asked by Mace
  9. Math

    A magician's stage has a trap door. a. The total area of the stage can be represented by x^2++27x+176. Write an expression for the width of the stage. b. The area of the trap door is 12 suare feet. Find the value of x. c. What fraction of the area of the

    asked by Bucho
  10. Math

    Solve the system of equations algebraically. Show all of your steps. y=x^2+2x y=3x+20

    asked by Dan
  11. Math

    a round classroom table is made from 5 identical wedges. what is the measure of each angle formed at the center of the classroom table. explain

    asked by Evline
  12. Math

    the area of a parallelogram is 120. of the base is reduced one-half of its original length, and it height is quadrupled, what is the new area 30 60 120 240**

    asked by Simon
  13. Social studies

    I need help with the social studies unit 6 lesson 13 test about prosperity, depression, and world war 2 if anyone can help me it would mean the world to me thankb

    asked by Hi
  14. Algebra

    Simplify 4!

    asked by Bambi
  15. Social Studies PLZ HELP ASAP

    Analyze the effect that plentiful harvests had on population in the ancient civilizations of the mainland's river valleys. Write a one-paragraph answer. Plz help me with this, i dont understand.

    asked by Anna
  16. Math~Symmetry

    How many letters in the word math have more than ONE line of symmetry? A. 4 B. 2 C. 1* D. 3

    asked by Mr. Skill's101.4
  17. physics

    the position vectors of the head and tail of radius vectors are 2i+j+k and 2i-3j+k. the linear momomentum is 2i+3j+k. the angular momentum is

    asked by golu
  18. Math

    The average depth of the water at the end of the dock is 6 feet. High tide occurs at 6 am and low tide occurs at 6 pm. The depth of the water at high tide is 9 feet. The information can be graphed using a sinusoidal function. Your boat needs at least 4.5

    asked by Math
  19. Math

    You draw five cards from a standard deck of 52 cards. P(hearts) = 4/5. What type of probability is illustrated and why? I need help on this and can’t figure it out

    asked by Fortnite player
  20. Math

    Express 12g as a decimal of 1kg

    asked by Fasilat
  21. Language Arts

    Which sentence contains an interjection? A. Aha, I’ve discovered the secret door. B. Carla, would you please move over? C. Both egrets and herons nest here. D. How can we best solve the problem?

    asked by HobiHo
  22. Social Studies

    What kind of government did followers of Ayatolla Khomeini want?

    asked by Heylp Moi
  23. Math

    The volume of a suitcase is 1,200 cubic inches. Its length is 20 inches, and its height is 10 inches. What is the width? Write an equation to represent the width. Then find the width of the suitcase.

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Social studies

    1. In a typical rural village in Mexico,you might expect to find that most people living on farms get their food by? A)growing their own food. B)buying what they need at large supermarket. C)buying what they need at small markets. D)gathering nuts and wild

    asked by Die first den bi***
  25. English

    Choose the best answer for each of the following questions. Choose the sentence that uses the passive voice. a. Brandon and Jake haven't been told the new yet.**** b. That restaurant has never received a good review. c. Krista's cat was born with six toes

    asked by girly girl
  26. Trig

    Theta = x Question: Given angle x, where 0degrees

    asked by Kwamette
  27. World History

    Which of the following was one reason the February Revolution in Russia was less successful than the October Revolution? A. It failed to shake the existing government of Russia. OR B. It did not affect Russia's commitment to World War I. I think its b

    asked by Lilly
  28. Chemistry

    A potassium metal has a work function F = 4.41 x 10-19 J. Calculate the velocity of electrons emitted by exposing the metal to radiation of wavelength 300 nm.

    asked by Kevin
  29. Calculus

    f is a differentiable function on the interval [0, 1] and g(x) = f(2x). The table below gives values of f '(x). What is the value of g '(0.1) x| .1 .2 .3 .4 .5 f'(x)| 1 2 3 -4 5 So I know f(x) would be the integral of f'(x) which you can get with a Riemann

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Chemistry

    A student weighed a sample of KHP and found it weighed 0.9803g. The titration of this KHP required 23.45 mL of base (NaOH). Calculate the molarity of the base.

    asked by Kandace
  31. Geometry

    2. Find the area of the triangle. Give the answer to the nearest tenth. The drawing may not be to scale. A.) 47.4cm2 B.) 94.8cm2 C.) 7.5cm2 D.) 303.1cm2 I think the answer is D but not for sure

    asked by R.A.D
  32. Math

    A rectangular prism has a volume of 7.875^3 and a hight of 3.5. What is the area of the base of the prism Show me the steps

    asked by Dylan
  33. health

    How is exercise beneficial to your cardiovascular health A: it helps prevent you from getting lung infections B: it improves the flow of oxygen to the cells in the body(my answer) C: it keeps the neurons firing fast back and forth to the brain

    asked by HELP ME PLEASE
  34. Math

    A rectangle prism has a volume of 6.84m^3 and a hight of 1.2m. What is the area of the base of the prism. Please show all steps in doing v this. Please

    asked by Cheyenne
  35. Science

    Are there instances when the scientific method is used without the possibility of conducting experiments?

    asked by Sandra
  36. Math

    A recipe for fruit punch calls for cranberry juice and sparkling water. The ratio of cups of cranberry juice to cups of sparkling water is 6:24. According to the recipe, how many cups of cranberry juice are needed for every 1.5 cup of sparkling water?

    asked by Daniel
  37. statistics

    The J.R. Simplot Company produces frozen French fries that are then sold to customers such as McDonald's. The "prime" line of fries has an average length of 6.00 inches with a standard deviation of0.50 inch. To make sure that Simplot continues to meet the

    asked by laura
  38. math

    A family has a rectangular backyard that measures 2x + 3x by 3x - 5. they are building a square patio with side lengths that measure x + 2. write an expression for the area of grass that will be left in the backyard after the patio is built

    asked by heyyyy
  39. Physics

    A concave mirror with a radius of curvature of 1.7 m is illuminated by a candle located on the symmetry axis 3.7 m from the mirror. Where is the image of the candle? Answer in units of m

    asked by Anon
  40. Physics

    What is the net electric flux within a Gaussian surface is directly related to what physical quantity/quantities? a) the area chosen b) the amount of charge enclosed by the area c) both the amount of charge enclosed by the area and the area chosen

    asked by mnop
  41. Math

    1. Graph the quadratic equation y = x2 + x – 2. Identify the axis of symmetry and the vertex. 2. A ball is thrown from the top of a 50-ft building with an upward velocity of 24 ft/s. When will it reach its maximum height? How far above the ground will it

    asked by 1234
  42. Physics

    a siren on top of the police car emits sound at frequency of 820 Hz. The car passed a bystander on a sidewalk and is receding at speed 142 km/h/ what is the frequency the bystander hears. assume the speed of sound in air to be 340 m/s. 142 km/h x 1000 /

    asked by Maria
  43. History

    1. Why did Henry Briggs and other parents sue the Summerton School District? a. They believed Black schools weren't equal to white schools, so the schools should be integrated.

    asked by Loser
  44. Physics

    Of the following materials, sound waves travel fastest through...? Helium at room temperature Air at room temperature Water at room temperature Steel at room temperature

    asked by Anon
  45. Social Studies

    Summarize the Supreme court case Plessy v. Ferguson and explain why segregation acceptable. What were the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments? Did these amendments eliminate the problems faced by African Americans? HELP ME PLEASE!!

    asked by Unknown
  46. Chemistry

    A titration required 23.8ml of a 0.15 M NaOH solution. How many moles of NaOH were in this volume?

    asked by Kandace
  47. Physics

    A concave spherical mirror has a radius of curvature of 29.4 cm . The object distance is 5.7 cm .Scale: 10 cm = Find the magnitude of the image distance. Answer in units of cm. 2- Find the magnification.

    asked by zachary
  48. Math

    A trapezium PQRS is such that QR=4cm,PS=8cm angelPQR=105°angelSQR=135°QR//PS.if the height of the trapezium is 5cm use a ruler and a pair of compasses to construct trapezium PQRS

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Language arts

    What is the error in the following paragraph? Advertisers use many tricks to get people to buy their products. Some people will buy anything that is on television. One such trick is called the bandwagon technique. It could also be called the "Everybody

    asked by First Name
  50. Maths

    Solve the quadratic equation 2x² - 4x + 1 = 0 How many solutions are in the equation 3x² + 4x - 7 = 0

    asked by Jo
  51. Math

    The distance between two cities on a nap is 7 cm actual distance is 350 km what scale used on map

    asked by Angela
  52. Trigonometry

    Theta = x Question: Given angle x, where 0degrees

    asked by Kwame
  53. Alg

    Solve by completing the square: A rectangular patio has a length of x + 6 m, a width of x + 8 m, and a total area of 400 m². Find the dimensions to the nearest tenth. Find the radius of a circular lid with an area of 12in.².

    asked by Aye
  54. Math

    In a survey 200 people were polled at a local shopping center about spending free time playing sports, watching a movie, or reading a book. The relative frequency table below displays the results. MOVIE SPORTS READ MALE 0.25 0.30 0.10 FEMALE 0.15 0.05 0.15

    asked by No Tears Left to Cry
  55. physics

    how to calculate acceleration

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Physics

    Which of the following statements is/are true about Gaussian surfaces? i. Gaussian surface is the name for a closed surfaces used when calculating flux in Gauss’ Law ii. A Gaussian surface can have any shape (as long as it is closed) iii. Like defining

    asked by mnop
  57. Geography

    Why do mountaineers carry oxygen while climbing high mountains?

    asked by Biswajit
  58. English

    What is some of Edgar Allan Poe's work that is classified in the American Romanticism genre.

    asked by |-/
  59. Geography

    What happens when we move vertically upwards from the earth?

    asked by Biswajit
  60. Physics

    Electric potential and electric potential energy are synonyms for the same physical quantity -- the potential energy per unit charge. are synonyms for the same physical quantity -- the potential energy of a given charge. are two different but related

    asked by mnop
  61. Math

    Solve the quadratic equation 2x² - 4x + 1 = 0 How many solutions are in the equation 3x² + 4x - 7 = 0

    asked by Jo
  62. calculus

    y= x / (x^2+x) what are the discontinuities on this graph ?

    asked by rod
  63. math

    Suppose initially there were three bacteria and now there are 384 bacteria. How much time has elapsed, a bacterial strain doubles its number every three minutes

    asked by MATHHELP
  64. math

    There is a 60% chance that a final year student would throw a party before leaving school, taking every 50 student from a total of 150. What is the mean value and variance

    asked by rightbwoy
  65. Physical Science

    a vacum tube can be used to change alternating current into direct current increase the strength of a signal turn a current on or off all of the above

    asked by Roses
  66. Math

    The following table compares the speed you drive in km/h to the fuel economy in km/L. Find the speed you need to travel to max your fuel economy. Speed 24 32 40 48 56 64 72 80 89 97 105 113 Fuel Economy 9.48 10.84 11.69 12.33 12.24 12.75 12.71 12.84 12.92

    asked by Math
  67. Statistics

    Episodes of dehydration are common at outdoors music festivals. At a particular large annual event, a first aid team has recorded over the years 85 cases on average per day. In 2018, during a weekend they observe 78, 86, 79, and 81 cases. Assuming the

    asked by kim
  68. Biology

    Describe the microbial loop and role of viruses simplified. I just dont understand it if anyone could please help or suggest a website?

    asked by anon
  69. U.S. history

    How many people signed the declaration of independence? Name 5 well known signers.

    asked by Anonymous
  70. math

    Please Help state the slope and the y-intercept for the graph of y = -4x

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Maths

    Solve 6x^2-17x+3=0 What is the smaller answer ? Answer -1000 if there is no real value of x that solves this equation

    asked by Billy Bob Joe
  72. Math

    Four years ago, Danielle was 2/3 as old as Jim was. Now she is 3/4 as old as he is. How old is each now?

    asked by Beth
  73. Learning another language

    Whats a good site to learn German? if anyone could help thanks

    asked by Chris
  74. Geography

    Why is the atmosphere very dense near the surface of the earth?

    asked by Biswajit
  75. math

    Suppose that a ball originally fell from a height of 2.0m and on each bounce the ball rises to 70% of the height from which it fell. Express the height reached, h , as a function of the number of bounces, n.

    asked by Fern
  76. math

    can someone post the formulas for how to calculate the area of a circle, and parallelogram? thanks

    asked by iron59
  77. Physics

    A concave mirror has a radius of curvature of 1.61 m. Calculate the position of the image produced when an object is placed 2.66 m from the mirror. Answer in units of m. Calculate the position of the image when an object is placed 0.492 m from the mirror.

    asked by Anon
  78. social studies

    I need help finding a contribute on Johnny Cash?

    asked by Hannah_H13
  79. math

    This was a question asked yesterday that I am stuck on also -- could you explain how to solve this using this "log" on the calculator please? I'm working on a problem where I was given a table and had to find the exponential equation of best fit. The table

    asked by Carly
  80. Math

    Find a function g(x) such that all the conditions of the fixed point theorem are satisfied on [0,1]

    asked by hewhomustbenamed82
  81. math

    state the slope and y intercept for the graph of y =-4x

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Algebra

    How do I do these?

    asked by Jo
  83. Algebra

    a vacum tube can be used to

    asked by Hermoine Granger