Questions Asked on
April 26, 2018

  1. Math

    Which expression shows how many 3/8 pound hamburger patties can be made from 4 1/3 pounds of ground beef? A. 4 1/3 x 3/8 B. 4 1/3 divided by 3/8

    asked by Brooklyn
  2. Math

    You have 3/4 cup of salsa for making burritos. Each burrito requires 1/8 cup of salsa. How many burritos can you make? A. 6

    asked by Brooklyn
  3. Mathematics

    The seconds hand on a watch is 14mm long. What area does it sweep through in 30 seconds?

    asked by Nuel
  4. Chemistry

    Need help! Calculate the molar concentration of OH- in a 0.724M solution of hypobromite ion (BrO-; kB= 4.0 x 10^-6) what is the pH of this solution? I got as far as kB = [OH-][HBrO]/[BrO-] please help me with the rest.

    asked by Ricky
  5. Math

    Kevin mowed 6 lawns in 8 hours. What was his rate of mowing in hours per lawn?

    asked by Bryan
  6. calc

    Given power series ∞ ∑ (2x+5)^n / n4^n, determine the following. n = 1 A. Find the center point for the series. B. Find the radius of convergence. C. Determine the interval of convergence

    asked by Peter
  7. Physical science

    Hello! 1.How can the density of a hollow lead ball filled with water be increased? a.Increase the size of the ball and add more water.* b.Remove the water and replace it with air. c.Remove the water and melt the ball into a solid sphere. d.Remove the water

    asked by HeyVSauceMichealHere
  8. Calculus

    Based on a preliminary report by a geological survey team, it is estimated that a newly discovered oil field can be expected to produce oil at the rate of R(t) = 800t^2/(t3 + 32)+ 5 (0 ≤ t ≤ 20) thousand barrels/year, t years after production begins.

    asked by Kiki
  9. Poetry

    In poetry what are regular and irregular lines?

    asked by Sophia
  10. Physicis

    A rocket initially at rest accelerates at a rate of 99.0 meters/second2. Calculate the distance covered by the rocket if it attains a final velocity of 445 meters/second after 4.50 seconds. A.) 2.50 x 10(2) meters B.) 1.00 x 10(3) meters C.) 5.05 x 10(2)

    asked by Raechel
  11. Conics

    What type of conic is represented by the polar equation? r= 1 / 4-6cos theta Ellipse Hyperbola Parabola Circle Help! Homework help needed

    asked by Alan
  12. math

    calculate the value of a,a and c in d ABC given that b=17.23cm,c=10.86cm and b=101.3

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Math

    Let R denote the region in the first quadrant bounded above by the line y 1 and below by the curve y -3, 0 3 x < 1. Find the centroid of the region R. You may use your calculator to evaluate any definite integrals invol ved.

    asked by John
  14. chemistry

    1.43g sample of potassium hydrogen phthalate [khp] required 24.11 cm3 or naoh for its completer neutralization. calculate the molarity of the naoh used in the titrationmple of

    asked by ibrahim
  15. Calculus

    Given power series: ∞ ∑ (2x+5)^n / n4^n n = 1 - determine the following. A. Find the center point for the series. B. Find the radius of convergence. C. Determine the interval of convergence

    asked by Peter
  16. Chemistry

    Please help! I don’t know where to start and I need step by step on how to solve: A gaseous mixture inside a rigid steel vessel contains 75% CO2(g) and 25% H2O (g) by volume at 175 degrees Celcius and 225 kPa. The mixture is then cooled to 0 degrees

    asked by Jacqueline
  17. Spanish

    Necesito ropa nueva. _____ compro hoy. In the blank I put Me,but what direct object pronoun should I use?

    asked by Unknown
  18. Social Studies

    Which pull factor would most likely encourage an immigrant who wanted to raise and sell cattle in the United States. A: industrial jobs B: inexpensive land C: the promise of freedom D:expensive land in home country 2.Based on your reading, which statement

    asked by Ask for help
  19. social studies

    Please explain how members of the Reagan administration acted illegally to sell arms to Iran and aid the Contras in Nicaragua. In a small paragraph, please give reasons for and against these actions, and evaluate their impact. this is the question that I'm

    asked by helpplease?
  20. Chemistry

    3.Are the bases on the interior or the exterior of the double helix? Are they randomly arranged or neatly stacked? 2.Are the phosphate groups on the interior or the exterior of the DNA molecule? 3.Are the sugar groups on the interior or the exterior of the

    asked by Stacy.M
  21. chemistry

    find the limiting reagent for each set of reactants 4NH3(g) +3O2(g) = 2N2(g) + 6H2O(l) if you have 7.00 mol NH3 + 5.00 mol O2

    asked by Cat
  22. English

    What is contemporary postmodernism?

    asked by |-/
  23. Mathematics

    PLEASE HELP!! GOD BLESS YOU!! (1.1 • 10^-5)(3 • 10^-2) A. 4.1 • 10^-7 B. 4.1 • 10^10 C. 3.3 • 10^-7 D. 3.3 • 10^10

    asked by ¯\_('-')_/¯
  24. science

    How can we detect dark matter? a. with a telescope/ b. by its effects on other objects c. by electromagnetic radiation it releases d. by radio waves please help

    asked by girl
  25. Anonymous

    Estimate the value ^52 to the nearest whole number

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Calculus

    This might be easier to understand: Given power series: ∞ ∑ (2x+5)^n / n4^n n = 1 - determine the following. A. Find the center point for the series. B. Find the radius of convergence. C. Determine the interval of convergence

    asked by Peter
  27. Trig

    rewrite in polar form x^2+y^2-6y-8=0 Please help totally don’t et this :/

    asked by John
  28. Math

    A number cube is rolled 150 times. The number 3 comes up 43 times. What is the experimental probability of rolling a 3? What is the theoretical probability of rolling a 3? A. 43/150;1/6 B. 43/150;1/50 C. 1/6;43/150 D. 3/43;1/6 I think it's A?

    asked by Person
  29. Math

    a bag contains 7 green marbles, 9 red marbles, 10 orange marbles, 5 brown marbles, and 10 blue marbles. you choose a marble, replace it and choose again. what is P(red, then blue)? A. 77/164 B. 19/41 C. 90/1681 D. 45/41 Im kinda confused but i think its B

    asked by Person
  30. history

    1. What was one emphasis of the Constitution of 1845? (1 point) fiscal responsibility freedom of former slaves importance of high taxes increasing state debt 2. Why was the Texas Constitution of 1845 twice as long as the one written before it? Select all

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Algebra

    luisa ran 3 miles on the 3rd day of a month and she repeated her run every 4 days for the rest of the month. What equation describes the sequence of days of that month that luisa ran

    asked by Dick
  32. Science

    Humid breaks down chs molecules become ionized) in an electric field of 3.0×10^6N/C. In that field what is the magnitude of the elextrostatisc force on(a) an electron

    asked by ernaawati
  33. business math

    The rate of bacteria growth in a laboratory experiment was measured at 11% per hour. If this experiment is repeated and begins with 6 grams of bacteria, how much bacteria should be expected after 15 hours? Round to the nearest tenth of a gram.

    asked by Anonymous
  34. math;)

    The equation 2sinx+sqrt(3)cotx=sinx is partially solved below. 2sinx+sqrt(3)cotx=sinx sinx(2sinx+sqrt(3)cotx)=sinx(sinx) 2sin^2x+sqrt(3)cosx=sin^2x sin^2x+sqrt(3)cosx=0 Which of the following steps could be included in the completed solution? a.

    asked by girly girl
  35. Science

    A tire 0.500m in radius rotates at a constant rate of 200rev/min. Find the speed and acceleration of a small stone lodged in the tread of the tire (on its outer edge )

    asked by sivuyile
  36. math

    As part of their job, meteorologists make weather predictions from data. How accurate are their predictions? What are other scenarios in which you would use data to make a prediction? How would you defend your prediction using data?

    asked by austin
  37. Trig

    rewrite in polar form x^2+y^2-6y-8=0 r^2=6r+6sin theta +8 r^2=6rsin theta +8 r^2=6r+6cos theta +8 r^2=6r cos theta +8

    asked by John
  38. math

    Determine whether each statement is true or false. A chord that contains the center of the sphere is a diameter of the sphere. A tangent of a sphere is a line that intersects a sphere in exactly two points.

    asked by Jonah
  39. Reading

    What is a preposition? What is the preposition in this sentence? "Sally read her book in the living room."

    asked by Sophia
  40. Math - AP Calculus

    The rate at which water flows into a tank, in gallons per hour, is given by a differentiable, increasing function R of time t. The table below gives the rate as measured at various times in an 8-hour time period. t (hours) 0 2 3 7 8 R(t) (gallons per hour)

    asked by Kailey
  41. math

    Solve- 4x^2-9x+3=0 What is the smaller answer? Answer -1000 if there is no real value of x that solves this equation Answer must be +,- 1.0%

    asked by Shiv
  42. Science

    Estuaries are often highly polluted bodies of water and can be used to measure the overall health of an ecosystem. Devise a logical argument for why estuaries become so polluted and provide at least 2 examples of the importance of estuaries. My answer: The

    asked by Steve
  43. Calculus 1

    y= 3/x^3; [1,3] Find the area under the graph of the function over the integral given. The book answer is 4/3

    asked by Amy
  44. physics

    A 12000 kg airplane launched by a catapult from an aircraft carrier is accelerated from 0 to 200 km/h in 3 s. (a) How many times the acceleration due to gravity is the airplane's acceleration?

    asked by Abishek
  45. Sociology

    Which is the best example of marriage and family life gone wrong? A) Parents reviewing their child's homework B) a parent slapping a child C) parents financially supporting their family D) a grandparent babysitting his or her grandchild I think it's either

    asked by Hannah
  46. Geometry

    Find the value of x. Side a=14 Side b=11 Side c=19 Angle a= x Angle b= y a. 17.5 b. 23.2 c. 35.7 d. 46.8 I tried using the Law of Cosine and failed, maybe i did it wrong idk help

    asked by Helmet
  47. Math

    Scott spent $6.24 on pet food. The food costs $0.24 per cup. How many cups of food did he buy? A. 2.6 B. 0.26

    asked by Brooklyn
  48. Language Arts

    Please help i'm suppose to write about both of these but i'm a bit confused. This question has two parts: 1st List some important ideas that Dragonwings includes. Why did you choose those ideas? 2nd Tell how using a Reading Role helped you understand the

    asked by Excalibur!!
  49. Math

    In the expression shown, w represents a rational number. 5w What value of w makes the expression equal a number less than 5? A. 3/4

    asked by Brooklyn
  50. Math

    Find the consumer surplus at the equilibrium point.(I keep using the formula listed below but get a completely different answer from what the book says. I am a visual person so please show me step by step so I can see where I went wrong. D(x)=(x-6)^2 ; x=3

    asked by Amy
  51. Calculus II

    A tank in the shape of a right-circular cone sits with its base at ground level and its vertex 4 m below ground level. The base has a diameter of 4 m. The tank is full of water. Set up, but do not evaluate, a definite integral that gives the work done in

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Math

    Calculate the area of the composite figure, which is not drawn to scale. 17cm 10cm 22cm 17cm 19cm.! I have an answer but I was told by my teacher it was wrong, If anyone could give me the steps to solving it I'll be perfectly happy! :-) thank you

    asked by Aumnut
  53. spanish

    Ella va a ir al cine el martes Rewrite this statement to make it more immediate using present tense. Would the correct answer be Ella va al cine el martes? or ella va a al cine el martes?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. History

    Hello! I'm going a project on Jim crow laws and I'm having trouble finding people who helped or where an important to it, Anything helps thank you!

    asked by Mad
  55. Calculus

    Find the consumer surplus at the equilibrium point.(I keep using the formula listed below but get a completely different answer from what the book says. I am a visual person so please show me step by step so I can see where I went wrong. D(x)=(x-6)^2 ; x=3

    asked by Toby
  56. Arithmetic

    A rectangular table is 2 ft wide and 4 ft long.How many square ft.of glass are neede to cover the entire table top?

    asked by Anonymous
  57. calc

    A B< -7,12> Find AB in component from and the magnitude? (2,5) component so so sqrt29 magnitude of the vector?Is this correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Physis

    Watch an online video of the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge What do you think? What is the relationship between the collapse of the Tacoma Bridge and me pushing my daughter on a swing?

    asked by Morgan
  59. math help

    can you help me solve the equation 3x - 3 = -18?? PLZ HELP MEEEE

    asked by skadosh
  60. physics

    A 3.0 kg block is sitting at rest at the edge of a cliff. A 400 gram bullet is fired at the block with an initial velocity of 500m/s. The bullet goes through the block and has a speed of 400m/s after it leaves the block. The block lands 50m from the base

    asked by TK
  61. Finance

    Real and nominal rates interest Zane Perelli currently has ​$120 that he can spend today on polo shirts costing $ 30 each. ​ Alternatively, he could invest the ​$120 in a​ risk-free U.S. Treasury security that is expected to earn a 13​% nominal

    asked by Asjhsd
  62. calc

    If you have 2i + j would the point be ( 2,1) or 2,0? So what is j equal to in vectors when it is not with another number?

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Calculus

    What is the parametrization of the line between (2,-5) (5,5)? (2,-5)+ t (3,10) Is x= 3t +2 and y = 10t -5 correct?

    asked by california
  64. math

    The circle above has an area of 36 in2. What is the area of the yellow sector? Use 3.14 for .

    asked by harli
  65. Math

    The average middle-distance runner at a local high school runs the mile in 4.5 minutes, with astandard deviation of 0.3 minute. What is the probability that a runner will run the mile in less than 4 minutes? Possible Answers: A)7%B)3%C)5%D)4% How do I plug

    asked by Bailey
  66. Math

    The students in Mrs. Garcia's class will sell magazine subscriptions to raise money for the new playground equipment. The statistics from the magazine company show that one out of every 5 people asked will buy a subscription. Based on the company's

    asked by Francine
  67. Math

    In an A.P. the third term is 4 times the 1st term

    asked by Suchi
  68. English Language Arts

    I have 2 questions about gerunds. The first question I'm pretty sure I know the answer but I need the most help with the second: 1.Which word or words from the following sentence is used as a gerund: "By stealing a summerstick, Gluskabe was able to defeat

    asked by Anonymous
  69. physics2

    A ball of mass 2m is traveling EAST with a velocity of 2v. A ball of m is traveling NORTH with a velocity of 3v. The balls stick together (they are both made out of putty). How fast are they going immediately after they stick together? In what direction

    asked by TK
  70. Chemistry

    Given the following balanced equation: 2Na + Cl2 ---> 2NaCl A.List each element on the reactant side and each element on the product side and assign the correct oxidation number to each. B.Identify which element is oxidized in the reaction and which is

    asked by Samantha
  71. physics3

    home / study / science / physics / physics questions and answers / Ed And Annie Are Ice Skating. Ed (55 Kg) And Annie (40kg) Both Wearing Skates Face Each Other ... Your question has been answered Let us know if you got a helpful answer. Rate this answer

    asked by TK