Questions Asked on
April 25, 2018

  1. Math

    1.what is the slope of the line in the graph show below this is Algebra 1 a unit 6 lesson 3

    asked by Fart
  2. history

    1. What was one emphasis of the Constitution of 1845? (1 point) fiscal responsibility freedom of former slaves importance of high taxes increasing state debt 2. Why was the Texas Constitution of 1845 twice as long as the one written before it? Select all

    asked by anonomoys
  3. precalculus

    For what values of theta 0

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Art History

    Cameo portraits were usually a. carved from marble b. done in profile c. used for sealing letters*** d. made in one color

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Language arts

    Which of the following terms means " to take notes from a resource in your own words"? A. Paraphrase B. Quote C. Abbreviate D. Shorthand

    asked by 1gymnast
  6. Math

    each letter on the english alphabet is written on a scrap of paper and put in a hat P(j) = 1/26 what type of probability is illustrated and why? Can anyone help me with this?? I think it would be experimental but I'm not completely sure why.

    asked by Person
  7. Precalculus

    An airplane is flying on a bearing of 285 degrees at 480 mph. A wind is blowing with the bearing 265 degrees at 30? a. find the component from of the velocity of the airplane b. find the actual speed and direction of the airplane 485 sin 75 degrees -485

    asked by Anonymous
  8. math

    Triangle ABC undergoes a series of transformations to result in triangle DEF. Is triangle DEF congruent to triangle ABC ? Is it Congruent or Not congruent? 1.)) Triangle ABC is translated 3 units up and 5 units right, and then dilated by a scale factor of

    asked by Brooklyn Squad
  9. History

    At the beginning of the French Revolution, members of the Third Estate pledged to continue meeting and defying Louis XVI’s order until a new democratic form of government was in place. What was the name of this oath? Hippocratic Oath Ironclad Oath Tennis

    asked by Bella
  10. History

    What is the significance of the Bill of Rights? The Bill of Rights was the first instance of establishing a representative democracy. The amendments constitute the government’s recognition of naturally occurring rights and liberties. The amendments

    asked by Bella
  11. math;) Law of Cosines

    Two satellites are in Earth's orbit and are 424 km apart. If an observer is 658 km away from satellite A and 471 km away from satellite B, what angle must the observer turn his telescope to change his view from one satellite to another? a. 40.0 degrees b.

    asked by girly girl
  12. calculus

    1. Let C(t) be the number of cougars on an island at time t years (where t > 0). The number of cougars is increasing at a rate directly proportional to 3500 - C(t). Also, C(0) = 1000, and C(5) = 2000. 1. Calculate C(10). 2. Find the limit as t tends to

    asked by Jeremy
  13. History

    ....the father of modern socialism and communism, (he) was the most significant critic of capitalism as it developed during the early Industrial Revolution. He envisioned a society where social classes would vanish and the people would own all property in

    asked by marylyn
  14. Geometry

    Tangent Lines practice problems. Unit 7 3. In the figure below, lines that appear to be tangent are tangent. Point O is the center of the circle. Which is the value of x? I am really confused on this question. If anyone could help that would be great

    asked by Bob
  15. Algebra

    Which of the following expressions is true? A)4^3 x 4^4 = 4^12 B)5^2 x 5^3 > 5^5 C)3^2 x 3^5 = 3^10 D)5^2 x 5^4 < 5^8 Which of the following expressions is true? a)2^4 x 2^3 = 2^12 b)3^3 x 3^6 > 3^8 c)4^2 x 4^2 > 4^4 d)5^2 x 5^2 = 5^10 Which one is

    asked by Baby_Banana
  16. Math

    One angle of an isosceles triangle measures 80 degrees. Witch other angles could be in that isosceles triangle?

    asked by Courtney0
  17. math

    A drama club is planning a bus trip to New York City to see a Broadway play. The cost per person for the bus rental varies inversely as the number of people going on the trip. It will cost $30 per person if 55 people go on the trip. How much will it cost

    asked by han
  18. MATH

    A collar of Styrofoam is made to insulate a pipe. Find its volume The large radius is to the outer rim. The small radius r is to the edge of the insulation. Use π for 3.14. r = 3 in R = 5 in h = 18 in. Round 2 decimal places

  19. Math

    The figure below shows a shaded circular region inside a larger circle: A shaded circle is shown inside another larger circle. The radius of the smaller circle is labeled as r and the radius of the larger circle is labeled as R. On the right side of the

    asked by josh
  20. 7th math

    Find the surface area of this triangular prism 24 in 25 in 14 in 32 in and 25 in

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Algebra

    64^10/64^5 A. 64 ^10/5 B. 64^50 C. 64 ^15 D. 64 ^5 I'm confused on this and I have no clue what to do on it

    asked by Toad-Stool
  22. Math

    |Color | red | blue| green| yellow| | |__________________________________ | | # of times spun|20| 10| 9| 11| | |___________________________________| (A messy version of the table above) The table shows the results of spinning a four-colored spinner 50

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Algebra

    Which of the following expressions is true? A)4^3 x 4^4 = 4^12 B)5^2 x 5^3 > 5^5 C)3^2 x 3^5 = 3^10 D)5^2 x 5^4 < 5^8 Which of the following expressions is true? a)2^4 x 2^3 = 2^12 b)3^3 x 3^6 > 3^8 c)4^2 x 4^2 > 4^4 d)5^2 x 5^2 = 5^10 I don't get how to

    asked by Baby_Banana
  24. Math

    The average middle-distance runner at a local high school runs the mile in 4.5 minutes, with astandard deviation of 0.3 minute. What is the probability that a runner will run the mile in less than 4 minutes? Possible Answers: A)7%B)3%C)5%D)4% I know it's

    asked by Bailey
  25. Language Arts

    What is a literal description poem? Or can someone provide an example? (would be easiest for me) but I am up to any of the tutors to post a reliable link that can help me as I can not find any in my search engine thanks.

    asked by Cam
  26. Art

    Which of the following objects is most likely to be considered a form of functional art? A. Stone B. Flower C. Garden D. Brick

    asked by Softballgirl
  27. bio

    Why do you think biologists use both the embryological development and the adult body plans to classify an animal? My answer: Biologists use both because there are many different phyla in the adult body plans. The embryological development help

    asked by re-due
  28. physics

    The wave function (x,t)=(0.03m)sin(2.2x-3.5t) is for a harmonic wave on a string. (a) In what direction does this wave travel and what is its speed? (b) Find the wavelength, frequency, and period of this wave. (c) What is the maximum displacement of any

    asked by joy
  29. math

    Which numerical expression correctly translates the phrases 4 less than the sum of 9 and 2 ? 9 + 2-4, 9-4+2, 4- ( 9+ 2 ) , 4- 9 + 2 the correct answer I chose is 4-(9 +2) is that right. Thank you

    asked by Johnnie
  30. Trigonometry

    Write in standard form: -2y^2+x-4y+1=0

    asked by Tom
  31. math

    Two sides of an obtuse triangle have lengths 7 and 3. If the third side is also an integer, what are its possible lengths?

    asked by Cadie
  32. Physics

    The note D above middle C has a frequency of 294 cycles per second, and the note E has a frequency of 330 cycles per second. A driver of a moving car sounds the horn, which emits an E tone, but a stationary observer hears a D tone. Calculate the speed at

    asked by Tom
  33. Science

    Which of the following sets of terms could be used in a description of the peripheral nervous system? A. Motor neurons and sensory neurons B. Brain and spinal cord C. Motor neurons and brain D. Sensory neurons and spinal cord

    asked by Panda Baby
  34. Biology

    Why do you think biologists use both the embryological development and the adult body plans to classify an animal? My answer: Biologists use both because there are many different phyla in the adult body plans. The embryological development help

    asked by Please help me
  35. physics

    A physical pendulum in the form of a thin rod of length 1.04 m is pivoted at point P, a distance x from the pendulum's center of mass. Find the value of x for which the period of the pendulum will be a minimum.

    asked by joy
  36. chemistry

    At 25 degrees Celsius the vapour pressure of pure benzene is 93.9 torr. When nonvolatile solvent is dissolved in benzene, the vapour pressure of benzene is lowered to 91.5 torr. What are the concerntration of solute and solvent expressed in mole fractions

    asked by jarmiah
  37. Math

    A sheet of plywood is 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. What is the minimum number of sheets of plywood needed to cover the frame? Justify your answer. Frame : 24 feet by 8 feet. 3?

    asked by Cameron
  38. Chemistry

    How do I calculate this??!! 1. If you use 3.50g of salicylic acid, how much acetyl salicylic acid should you make? 2. If you synthesized 1.82g, what is your percent yield?

    asked by ptorres
  39. Algebra

    Andrew's salary is 1200 a month plus 4% commission on all his sales. What must the amount of his sales be to earn at least 1600 each month. I know the answer has to be around 10,000 but can you show me how to set up the problem to solve it?

    asked by Alex
  40. Math

    Uranus is approximately 2.74 x 10^9 km away from the Sun at perihelion and 3.00 x 10^9 km at aphelion. Find the eccentricity of Uranus's orbit given that the perihelion is r = a(1 - e) and the aphelion is r = a(1 + e).

    asked by Cameron
  41. Math

    at what interest rate would a deposit of $20000 grow to $29836 in 25 years with continuous compounding?

    asked by Ciara
  42. maths

    In triangle ABC,AB=10,AC=7 and BC=8 How do we need to slide out along AB so that the area of the overlapping region(the shaded triangle A'BD) is half the area of triangle ABC?

    asked by Pragyan
  43. Finance

    Currently the risk-free rate equals 5% and the expected return on the market portfolio equals 11%. An investment analyst provides you with the following information: Stock beta Expected return A 1.33 12% B 0.7 10% C 1.5 14% D 0.66 9% Required: 1. Indicate

    asked by MIchael
  44. physics

    As in the figure below, a simple harmonic oscillator is attached to a rope of linear mass density 5.4 ✕ 10−2 kg/m, creating a standing transverse wave. There is a 4kg block hanging from the other end of the rope over a pulley. The oscillator has an

    asked by joy
  45. physics

    A spring 25cm long is stretched to 30cm by a load of 100N what will be it's length when stretched by a load of 200N provided the elastic limit is not exceeded. Pls I need d solutions and steps to solve this problem now it is my assignment to be submitted

    asked by Divine
  46. Math

    How would you prepare 500 mL of 5% dextrose added to water from a 50% stock solution? _________ mL 50% dextrose + ________mL water

    asked by Anonymous
  47. American Goverment

    .Use of the Internet for grassroots organizing, political commentary, and fund-raising has become a standard due to developments in the __________ presidential campaigns. a.1996 b..2000 c.2004 d.2008 C. 2004?

    asked by CHRIS
  48. math


    asked by Jacob
  49. Math

    Whats 7*0 0 7 2************** 1 I have dyslexia so please don't assume I'm being dumb, please. I'm in 5th grade. My best friend helped me spell everything too. So please help me. I got this from special ed.

    asked by Queen Naija
  50. Math

    The average middle-distance runner at a local high school runs the mile in 4.5 minutes, with astandard deviation of 0.3 minute. What is the probability that a runner will run the mile in less than 4 minutes? Possible Answers: A)7%B)3%C)5%D)4% I know it's

    asked by Bailey
  51. Math Check Please

    1.y + 3 >_ 5 ???How do I solve this 2. Write an inequality to represent the information: The temperature stayed above 15°F I think it is: t < 15 but I am sooo not sure 3. Gabriella went skiing. She paid $35 to rent skis and $15 an hour to to ski, if she

    asked by Renee :)
  52. History

    I have multiply questions and would appreciate if you could either tell me about it or send me a link to something, I've checked my history books and can't find nothing. Who didn't like Lincoln's 10% reconstruction plan? Did Lincoln's death impact or

    asked by Toad-Stool
  53. physics

    A 1500 kg car is rounding a curve with a radius of 204 meters on a level road. The maximum frictional force the road can exert on the tires of the car totals 4439 N. What is the highest speed at which the car can go to round the curve without sliding?

    asked by zach
  54. math

    There are 3 different numbers.The sum of the number is 19.The greatest number is equal to the product of the other two numbers.what is the smallest number

    asked by huzaifa
  55. Algebra

    1. Nine students ask to visit a college admissions counselor. Each scheduled visit includes one student. In how many ways can they be scheduled? **They can be arranged in 45,360 different ways.** 2. Evaluate 8P2 Using the permutation formula, **The answer

    asked by |-/
  56. Physics

    An observer is located directly between two speakers located 20 metres apart.Speakers are in phase and both are emitting a sound of 60Hz.How far away from the centre should the observer move to get the first destructive interference?

    asked by Kelly
  57. Algebra

    A store received an order of 50 shirts. 20 of the shirts are blue. If one shirt is chosen out of the 50 at random, what is the probability the shirt will not be blue? Give answer as a percent. Can someone tell me how to solve this?

    asked by |-/
  58. Math

    kelly bought 2 kilograms of rice and half kilograms of meat from the supermarket. The cost of 5 kilograms of rice was $13. She spent $9.80 in all. How much did 1 kilogram of meat cost?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    f the life, in months, of a certain type of car battery is normally distributed with a mean of 88months and a standard deviation of 9 months, what should be the guarantee period if the companywants less than 5% of the batteries to fail while under

    asked by Bailey
  60. physics

    1)The resultant wave from the interference of two identical waves traveling in opposite directions is described by the wave function y(x, t) = (2.49 m)sin(0.0458x)cos(5.40t), where x and y are in meters and t is in seconds. a) What is the frequency of the

    asked by joy
  61. math

    what is the largest possible remainder when a 2-digit number is divided by the sum of its digits?

    asked by Cadie
  62. MAth

    how long will it take for the investment to double at an interest rate 1.7% if the interest is compunded quarterly?hint : you my assume that $100 were invested

    asked by Ciara
  63. Physics

    Suppose active sonar on a stationary ship is used to determine the speed of a ship that is moving away from it. A sonar ping is emitted at a frequency of 1400Hz and the echo returns with a frequency of 1390Hz.The speed of sound in sea water is

    asked by Kelly
  64. Chemistry

    A compound contains 25.19% S and 74.81% F. Its density is 10.05 g/L at 35 degrees C and 1.00 atm. Draw the Lewis structure for this compound. Determine its shape, polarity, hybridization and any nonzero formal charges.

    asked by Ceamus Angelina
  65. Science

    From the below information Speed(m/sec) 2m at 0 sec, 4m at 2 sec, 6m at 3 sec, 8m at 4 sec, 10m at 5 sec. Calculate acceleration. Distance (I am getting answer as 27m but as per book it is 30m. Here as per table velocity is not uniform.) Plz confirm me the

    asked by Deepak
  66. math;) Law of Cosines

    The obscure triangle has side lengths of 16 in, 13 in, and 20 in. I am assuming side a is 13, side b is 16, and side c is 20. We are looking for angle x between side a and side b. I have tried to use the formula for cos(C) because angle C is supposed to be

    asked by girly girl
  67. American Goverment

    In the pluralist model, bargaining among groups is carried on by: leader. b.few leaders. c.many leaders. D

    asked by CHRIS
  68. Physics

    Can measuring the time between seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder really tell you how far away the lighting struck? If so, then how does it work?

    asked by Morgan
  69. Math

    How could you create a rotation of the original images? How could you create a translation (slide) of the original images?

    asked by Risha
  70. Physics

    Complete the sentence(only one word).As the water waves approach the shore they --------- into a medium of lower wave speed(shallow water).

    asked by Kelly
  71. Algebra

    Seventy-five grams of alcohol were added to 225 grams of a 15% alcohol solution. What was the percent of alcohol in the new solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. English

    Do you know the origin/ history of 'go to the movies'? Long ago, I found the following somewhere on the Internet. - In the beginning, two movies were shown to people. So they started to use the expressions, "Let's go to the movies." It means, "Let's go to

    asked by rfvv
  73. Math

    8 more than the product of 2 and 3 does not represent the statement ( 8 + 2) x 3 is that true

    asked by Johnnie
  74. Physics

    Is there a relationship between the size of a musical instrument and the frequency of the sounds it produces? If so, then what is it?

    asked by Morgan
  75. Calculus

    how to find the derivative of the function. y=integral cos(u^4) from 4cos(x) to 4x

    asked by Manuel
  76. Pre-Algebra/Algebra

    In an y=my+b equation what is y?

    asked by Eric
  77. science

    what is needed need to test the albedo of ice affect Earth’s climate

    asked by T
  78. Statistics

    Episodes of dehydration are common at outdoors music festivals. At a particular large annual event, a first aid team has recorded over the years 85 cases on average per day. In 2018, during a weekend they observe 78, 86, 79, and 81 cases. Assuming the

    asked by Tim
  79. Algebra

    I'm kind of stuck on these two, so if you could help I'll be very grateful (m^2-m+3) + (m-1) A. m^2-m-2 B. m^2+2 *My answer* C. m^2-2 D. m^2+m+2 (4x^2 - 2x - 1) - (-3x^3 + 2) A. -3x^3 + 4x^2 - 2x + 1 *My answer* B. -3x^3 + 4x^2 - 2x - 3 C. 3x^3 + 4x^2 - 2x

    asked by Baby_Banana
  80. physics

    A 4231 kg car is rounding a curve with a radius of 42 meters on a level road. The car has a velocity of 23.9 m/s. Calculate the acceleration of the car in m/s2. did you guys get 13.6?

    asked by zach
  81. physics

    A harmonic wave with a frequency of 90 Hz and an amplitude of 0.025 m travels along a string to the right with a speed of 20 m/s. a)Write a suitable sine wave function for this wave in terms of x and t. b) Find the maximum speed of a point on the string.

    asked by joy
  82. chemistry

    Symmetry and group theory

    asked by PAVETTE
  83. English

    1. There is a symbol for wild animals and plants. 2. There are symbols for wild animals and plants. [Are both okay?]

    asked by rfvv
  84. 11th grade Algebra

    How do you find the period of a function?

    asked by |-/