Questions Asked on
April 23, 2018

  1. Algebra

    Car financing for less 2-year term Up to $40,000 6% compared annually with a $500 up-front payment 1. What part of the offered deal is this interest rate? 2 year term Up to $40,000 6% compounded annually**** $500 up-front payment

    asked by Shel
  2. math;)

    Julia wants to simplify the term sec^2 theta-1/cot^2 theta+1 in a trigonometric identity that she is proving. Which of the following identities should use to help her? Select all that apply. (2 ANSWERS) a. sin^2 theta+cos^2 theta=1 b. sec^2 theta-tan^2

    asked by girly girl
  3. Social Studies

    Which statement best us explains the population growth in the five cities shown on the graph between 1870 and 1920? A. Many Urban industrial jobs are available in the Midwest and east regions B. Profits from the gold rush encourage the growth of cities on

    asked by Gray Bae
  4. Social Studies

    What are the answers to the week 15 crossword?

    asked by Mia Perez
  5. math

    Jerry mixes the letters F,P,M,M,M,F and j thoroughly.without looking. Amanda draws one letter expresses as a fraction, decimal, and percentage, what is the probability that j will not be the letter Amanda selects. 7/8 0.875, 87.5%

    asked by couch potato
  6. Algebra 1

    9. Find the solutions to the system. y=x^2+5x+6 y=4x+12 A. (2,20) and (-3,0) B. (2,20) and (-3,-18) C. (-2,-20) and (-3,-18) D. no solutions 10. Find the solutions to the system. y=x^2-3x-1 y=8x-1 A. (0,-1) and (11,388) B. (0,-1) and (11,87) C. (-1,0) and

    asked by anon
  7. Trig

    If sin a=0.31 cos a=0.95 sin b=0.47 and cos b=0.88 what is sin (a+b)? 0.78 -0.17 0.98 0.72

    asked by John
  8. English

    1. I ride my bike to school. 2. I go to school by bike. 3. I go to school by my bike. [Does #3 mean #1? Is #3 grammatical?]

    asked by rfvv
  9. Math

    A stained glass window has an area of 900 square inches. A. Once a window design is made of rectangular pieces that are 5 inches by 3 inches. How many stained glass pieces are used in the window? B. Another window design is made of square stained glass

    asked by Emily
  10. Physics

    The mass of a density bottle is 20g when empty,70 g when full of water and 55 g when full of a second liquid.calculate the density of the liquid

    asked by Asha
  11. geometry

    Which of the following choices represents a type of problem with an angle as a solution? cos0 Arcsin 0.5 secB tan60

    asked by D.J
  12. English

    Identify the verb form that correctly completes each sentence. 1. Have you BLANK your pencil again? a. drop b. dropping c. dropped***** d. none of the above 2. The accident BLANK Peter to be careful in the lab. a. teached b. taught c. has teached d. none

    asked by girly girl
  13. physics

    A uniform horizontal beam with a length of 8m and a weight of 200N is attached to a wall by a pin connection. Its far end is supported by a cable that makes an angle of 53° with the beam (Figure below). If a 600N person stands 2m from the wall, find the

    asked by joy
  14. math

    The formula for the surface area of a cylinder is A=2πr^2+2πrh. (A)Solve for r and simplify the result, if possible. (B) If the surface area of a cylinder is 100 square feet and the height is 40 inches, what is the radius of the cylinder in units of

    asked by Andrea
  15. physics

    A force of 40N is applied at the end of a wire 4m long and produces an extension of 0.24mm. If the diameter of the wire is 2.00mm calculate the stress on the wire and strain in the wire. With full workings please

    asked by andre
  16. Language Arts

    My question is . In an essay, describe these changes and analyze how events in the plot shape Scrooge’s character. Include details from the text in your essay. And i was gonna do a essay and talk about how his nephew at the start gives us a insight in to

    asked by Excalibur!!
  17. Phe

    Facts and falacies About women participation in sports

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Science

    In a pond a fish at rest sees a bird diving vertically towards water at the rate of 3m/s vertically above the fish If the refractive index of water is 4/3 .What is the actual speed of the bird

    asked by Hema
  19. consumer math

    help me, please......Solve the following problem. Last year's sales were $14,200. Sales have increased 57% this year. How much is the increase? $

    asked by JALEAH
  20. Math

    This year was first year of online school, and it was the WORST! (I go to connections and I would never advise it to anyone!) Anyways the math FSA for 6th grade is coming up, and my school did not do a good job teaching me, I hardly feel like a learned

    asked by Renee :)
  21. Geography

    Where are the landforms listed below? *Andes Mountains *Pampas *Amazon River Basin A. Central America

    asked by Brooklyn
  22. Chemistry

    What volume of a 0.125 M solution of NaOH is needed to neutralize 25.0 mL of a 0.285 M solution of HCL

    asked by Beth
  23. criminology

    Which biological factors may increase risk for aggressive or illegal behavior? (Select all that apply.) skull shape the personality trait of high conscientiousness body shape exposure to lead or other toxins before birth brain injuries B,C,D?

    asked by Bri
  24. Algebra

    This diagram shows a solid metal cylinder. The cylinder hasbase radius 2x and height 9x. The cylinder is melted down and made into a sphere of radius r Find an expression for in terms of x

    asked by Alex
  25. Ga state history

    5.which law made the segregation of public facilities in the United States illegal. A. Georgia act of 1869 B. Civil rights act of 1964 C. Voting rights act of 1965 D. Civil liberties act of 1988 My answer is b I need help ASAP

    asked by Hbibians jaja
  26. chemistry

    what does the structure of 2-ethyl- 3-methyl-4-ethyl -heptane look like? IS a correct name for it 5-ethyl- , 3,4- dimethyl -octane?

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Art

    Should the history of artistic styles be treated primarily as a self-contained development, or should particular solutions be related to the functions in particular situations?

    asked by Mike Hawk
  28. science

    Meteorites can make large depressions on Earth’s surface when they make impact. Why are so few of these depressions visible on Earth’s surface? • Earth is constantly changing it’s topography due to volcanic activity, or processes such as

    asked by Payton
  29. Sanskrit

    लिंग निर्दिश्य वाक्यरचना विधेया, 1,रमा 2,महान् quesion is from sanskrit so plz answer in sanskrit

    asked by Asha
  30. Data Management

    Find the probability that a number chosen at random between 1 and 100 is divisible by 2 and 7.

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Chemistry

    Calculate the hydronium ion concentration of a 0.250M solution of ethaonic acid (Ka= 1.82 x 10^-5)

    asked by Abednego Kumye
  32. Math

    The volume of a spherical balloon of radius r cm is V cm3, where . Find dv/dr My answer: 4πr^2 The balloon leaks at 5cm^3 per second, how fast does the radius of the balloon leaks when the radius is 15 cm. Find the rate at which the radius is changing

    asked by NR
  33. environmental engineering computations

    A propane gas (C3H8) heater burns propane at a rate of 500 grams per hour. a) What is the oxygen consumption rate? (in g O2/hr.) b) If the heater uses a blower to provide outside air (0°C, 1 atm) for combustion, what is the minimum air flow rate the

    asked by ally
  34. math

    the ratio of the number of boys to the number of girls is 3 : 2. if each boy receives 2 pieces of paper and each girl receives 3 pieces of paper, how many children are there altogether if a total of 1992 pieces of paper are needed? im not sure if this is

    asked by Anonymous
  35. math

    Suppose that the position y (feet) of a projectile above the ground is described by the equation y=-16t^2+70t+2, where t is the time elapsed (seconds) since the object was launched. (A) What is the initial position of the object? (B) When will the object

    asked by Andrea
  36. Biology

    How might large animals living in a group deal with a food shortage? A) by reproducing B) by shedding C) by migrating D) by fasting*** Pls help! Thank you! (=

    asked by Sam
  37. Math

    Complete the table Yards is blank Feet= 29 Inches= 348 Help find yards Help solve

    asked by Joel
  38. science

    I'm doing Science right now. I have the answers down for most of them but I'm not sure if I am right..... Can u pls help me and tell me if my answers r right? I suck at science :S 1.A 2.C 3.B 4.D 5.D 6.A 7.? 8.A 9.E 10.C 11.A 12.D 13.C 14.B 15.? 16.? 17.?

    asked by barnyard-gal
  39. Math

    Geometric And Arithmetic Sequences a store manager plans to offer discounts on some sweater acording to this sequence: $48, $36, $27, $20.255,... What would be the price of a sweater after 8 discounts? Is this an arithmetic or geometric sequence?

    asked by Chris
  40. Algebra

    BIll uses x for the cost of a computer game. He buys seven games. Write this as an algebraic expression

    asked by Someone
  41. math

    The projected number N of Wi-Fi enabled cell phones (in millions) in the U.S. can be modeled by the function N=-0.4x^2+21x+35, where x is the number of years since 2009. If the trend continues, find the year in which the projected number of Wi-Fi enabled

    asked by Andrea
  42. English

    1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. [Do we have to use the fingers of both hands? Or do we use the right fingers alone? Do we have to show the back of the hand or the palm of the hand in this case?] 2. I'll cross my fingers for you. [Is this one the

    asked by rfvv
  43. Science

    Imagine a rock submerged in a glass of water. If the volume of water measured equals 15 ml and the volume of a rock plus the water equals 18 ml, what is the volume of the rock by itself? 3

    asked by Hayden
  44. chemistry

    If 4.80 L of C O 2 gas at 16 ∘ C at 785 mmHg is used, what is the final volume, in liters, of the gas at 33 ∘ C and a pressure of 753 mmHg , if the amount of C O 2 remains the same?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Math

    A map has a scale of 1:2500 and on it is a square plot of land which has an area of 4cm squared.calculate the actual area in hactares of land?

    asked by Lewis odhiambo
  46. Chemistry

    How many atoms of sulfur are in a 3.4g sample of sodium thiosulphate, Na2S2O3?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. physics

    A 24mm high object is 15cm in front of a +10cm concave lens . 24cm behind the convex lens is a -10cm concave lens . Calculate the size of the final object.

    asked by Gladson munthali
  48. Math

    The dimensions of a box are 10 in by 15 by 20. Each edge of the box will be fastened with tape. How many inches of tape are needed? Use make a drawing strategy

    asked by Bella
  49. math

    of the first 20 customers at a restaurant one night 12 ordered a bowl of chicken noodle soup. at this rate how many bowls of chicken soup will be ordered if there are a total of 150 customers

    asked by danielle
  50. History

    Can someone help me? I need to check my answer. Due to inequality and unfairness, Thurgood Marshall argued that.. A: "separate, but equal" must stand. B:he should join the Supreme Court C: Linda Brown should attend a black school D: it is important to

    asked by Unknown91746482
  51. math

    Find the missing value so that the two points have a slope of -11/7. (2,6) and (x,-5)

    asked by Anonymous
  52. English

    1. I go to bed early on Saturdays. 2. I don't go to bed early on Saturdays. 3. I don't go to bed early every Saturday. 4. I sometimes go to bed on Saturday, and I sometimes don't go to bed on Saturday. 5. On Saturday, I never go to bed early.

    asked by rfvv
  53. Algebra

    I am thinking of two numbers. The first number added to the second number is 5. Twice the first number added to twice the second number is 10. What are the numbers. ????? 1&4

    asked by Dylan
  54. math

    I'm trying to factor a problem and cannot seem to get it to work out --- 12a^3 + 10a^2 - 8a I first factored out the gcf of 2 to get 2a(6a^2 + 5a - 4) From there I keep coming up with answers that are incorrect when I check them -- any suggestions please?

    asked by Carly
  55. Algebra

    Where do the graphs of the following equations intersect?? X+y=5 2×+2y=10 Is it 0,5

    asked by Cheyenne
  56. Science

    In this study, a scientist designed an experiment to test plant growth. The plants were planted in identical pots with the same brand of potting soil. Each plant was watered with 20 ml of spring water every third day at 9:00 AM. Name the controlled portion

    asked by Hayden
  57. math

    (A)Write the equation in standard form and calculate its discriminant. (B)Solve the equation by using the quadratic formula. (C)After solving the equation, write it in factored form. 7x(x-2)+2(x+4)=3 Please help!!!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  58. Art

    In what sense can works of art be seen as the expression of the artist’s vision or personality?

    asked by Mike Hawk
  59. Physics

    The distance between two successive crests of a certain transverse wave is 1.10 m. 10 crests pass a given point along the direction of travel every 11.1 s. Calculate the wave speed. Answer in units of m/s.

    asked by Jack
  60. Math

    When might it be more useful to use a graph rather than a function rule? A function rule rather than a graph?

    asked by Simon
  61. Math

    Using the systematic list, solve. Dead eye, Joe made 15 points in the basketball game. 3 points given for a long shot, 2 points given for a field goal, and 1 point is given for a free throw. How many ways can dead eye Joe score 15 points. I came up with

    asked by Kathy
  62. Physics

    A uniform sphere of radius R=30cm is made of a material of density 5000kg/m3.find the moment of inertia about an axis through the center of the sphere.

    asked by Evans
  63. Lang. Arts

    What is an adverb? What is an example of an adverb?

    asked by Sophia:-)
  64. Math

    Can someone help me on how to do this without a calculator. It would really help me out thanks The problem is below An item on sale costs 65% of the original price. The original price was $15 .

    asked by Rachel
  65. Math

    Kelly likes red marbles. Each of her 12 bags of marbles has 2/7 red marbles. How many separate bags of red marbles can she make? How to I work out this problem? Im not sure how to set it up, thanks!

    asked by Tay
  66. Physics

    plane’s sound detector perceives the horn’s sound, the plane has traveled a distance equal to one-half its altitude above the ocean. If it takes the sound 1.658 s to reach the plane, determine the altitude of the plane. The speed of sound is 343 m/s.

    asked by Jack
  67. physics

    A 24mm high object is 15cm in front of a +10cm concave lens . 24cm behind the convex lens is a -10cm concave lens . Calculate the size of the final object.

    asked by Gladson munthali
  68. math

    What is arithmetic sequence?

    asked by YOLO
  69. math

    Mr. Ismail invested sh. 36,000 in the bank which gives an interest of 20% per year. After how long will he get sh. 43,200? #please people help me this question how to arrive to final answer. Also i need to know if sh. 43,200 is either the total amount of

    asked by kelvin
  70. Spanish

    What is the correct way to answer this question with direct object pronoun? Question : ¿Ven Uds. los mapas? Si, ustedes la ven??Is this the correct answer?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. calculus

    Given: a)lim f(x) = 10 x----> 2+ b)lim f(x) = 10 x----> 2- c)lim f(x) = 10 x----> 2 d) f(2)= 10. What type of function is this limit? Would it be a horizontal line?

    asked by rod
  72. math

    Mr. Ismail invested sh. 36,000 in the bank which gives an interest of 20% per year. After how long will he get sh. 43,200? #please people help me this question how to arrive to final answer. Also i need to know if sh. 43,200 is either the total amount of

    asked by kelvin
  73. math

    find the amount of an annuity of $5000 payable at the end of each 3 months for 8 years,if money is worth 12% compounded quarterly.

    asked by mj
  74. Physics

    Calculate the kinetic energy stored in a helicopter rotor consisting of four blades each 8m long and with a mass of 50kg if the tips of the blade are moving at 200m/s.

    asked by Evans
  75. Math

    Python length complete chart Yards_____ feet 29 inches______ Please help solve

    asked by Joel
  76. Chemistry

    Are the ions of a metal very different from the atoms of a metal? Give some important differences in the properties you abserved.

    asked by Mia
  77. Science

    I seem to be having a bit of trouble understanding the Darwin Theory. Do you think you could point me in the right direction? Thanks a bunch!

    asked by Evalyn Carver
  78. Math

    what would be the best graph to represent the equation y= x - 2? on my quiz it has straight lines,.

    asked by Pug lover
  79. chemistry

    what is the correct name for 3-propylheptane?

    asked by Anonymous