Questions Asked on
April 22, 2018

  1. Calculus

    A rectangular tank with a square base, an open top, and a volume of 864 ft^3 is to be constructed of the sheet steel. Find the dimensions of the tank that minimize the surface area

    asked by Ashlyn
  2. criminology

    Which type of fingerprint is the most three-dimensional? invisible patent plastic latent C?

    asked by Bri
  3. Consumer Math

    Please help :) 1.You get a part-time job earning $8.60/hr. Tips are $3.25/hr on average. You work for 15 hours. What is your gross base pay? 2. You are paid $9.25/hr at your part-time job. You are considering working a part-time job for $5.90/hr that also

    asked by Panda
  4. Physics

    A thin copper rod 1m long has a mass of 50g. What should be the direction of magnetic field and the maximum current in the rod that would allow it to levitate above the ground in a magnetic field of 0.1T.

    asked by Raven
  5. geometry

    a 20 meter long cable is used to support a telephone pole holding it perpendicular to the ground. If the cable forms a 60grados angle with the ground how long mhigh up the pole should the cable be attached?

    asked by Bonu
  6. physics

    An electric motor exerts a constant torque of 10N⋅m to the shaft of a grindstone with mass 16kg and radius 0.5m. If the system starts from rest, find (a) the rotational kinetic energy of the grindstone after 8s, (b) the work done by the motor during this

    asked by joy
  7. physics

    3)A baseball player holds a 36oz bat (weight = 10N) with one hand at the point O (Figure below). The bat is in equilibrium. The weight of the bat acts along a line 60cm (or 0.6m) to the right of O. Determine the force and torque exerted on the bat by the

    asked by joy
  8. physics

    A uniform ladder of length L rests against a smooth, vertical wall as shown in the figure below. If the mass of the ladder is m and the coefficient of static friction between the ladder and the ground is muks=0.4, find the minimum angle theta at which the

    asked by joy
  9. Business Math

    Lena Horn bought a Toyota Tundra on January 1 for $30,000 with an estimated life of 5 years. The residual value of the truck is $5,000. Assume a straight-line method of depreciation. a. What will be the book value of the truck at the end of year 4? b. If

    asked by Stef
  10. Physics

    What precaution we should take while doing the experiment to understand the nature of friction

    asked by Srija
  11. Math

    The side of 2 square fields are in the ratio of 3:5.the area of the larger field is 576m^2 greater than the area of the smaller field .Find the area of this smaller field?

    asked by Samama
  12. Calculus

    Squares with sides of length x are cut out of each corner of a rectangular piece of cardboard measuring 37ft by 20 ft. The resulting piece of cardboard is then folded into a box without a lid. Find the volume of the largest box that can be formed in this

    asked by Ashlyn
  13. math

    your friend tosses a ball into the air at an initial velocity of 18 feet per second.The equation h=-8t^2+18t+5 models the height h of the ball t seconds after it was thrown. When did the ball reach its highest point?

    asked by alex
  14. Finance Math

    Maytag Company earns $4.80 per share. Today the stock is trading at $59.25. The company pays an annual dividend of $1.40. Calculate (a) the price-earnings ratio (round to the nearest whole number) and (b) the yield on the stock (to the nearest tenth

    asked by Heyhi
  15. Maths

    In a farm ,there are some goats and some chickens. Paul counted 45 heads while Julie counted 150 legs.How many goats and chicken are there?

    asked by Rameen
  16. Chemistry

    I have to do research about methylated spirits but cant find any good sites so if anyone can tell me about the *surface tension of methylated spirits* I would be grateful (or you can give me a site)

    asked by Person
  17. Maths

    A farmer finds that he can buy 5 sheep and 5 cows for $129 or 10 sheep and 17 cows for $ much will it cost him to buy 3 sheeps and 2 cows?

    asked by Samama
  18. Calculus

    Find the point P on the line y=4x that is closes to the point (68,0). What is the least distance between P and (68,0)

    asked by Ashlyn
  19. Quantum Physics

    A particle of mass 2.00×10^−10 kg is confined in a hollow cubical three-dimensional box, each edge of which has a length, 2.00×10^−10 m, and for which the potential energy function is zero inside, and infinite outside, the box. The total energy of

    asked by Anon
  20. Calculus

    A fence 6 feet tall runs parallel to a tall building at a distance of 20 feet from the building. What is the length of the shortest ladder that will reach from the ground over the fence to the wall of the building?

    asked by Ashlyn
  21. Finance Math

    Rafael Sandino’s parents are in their retirement years. They just received $501,000 after taxes from the sale of their vacation home and decided to invest the money in a bond mutual fund. They chose a no-load mutual fund that yields 6%. a) How much will

    asked by Heyhi
  22. Calculus

    The base of a rectangle is on the x-axis and its two upper vertices are on the parabola y=25-x^2. of all such rectangles, what are the dimensions of the one with greatest area?

    asked by Ashlyn
  23. science

    Give one precaution to understanding of nature of friction

    asked by ganga
  24. History

    What type of protest led to the creation of the Student Non-Violent Coordination Committee? a.riot b. sit-in*** c. march d. boycott

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Physics

    A 5kg object travelling at 0.1m/s collides head on with 10kg object initially at rest. Determine the velocity of each object after the impact if the collision is elastic

    asked by Evans
  26. Math

    The seats at the auction were each 0.47 meters wide. If there were 12 seats in each row, how long was each row in meters? (Assume that there was no space between the seats.)

    asked by Brooke
  27. math

    rewrite the given equation using the substitutions x=r cos theta and y=r sin theta. Simplify your answer. x^2+y^2+3x=0

    asked by Cadie
  28. English

    Thank you for your help. 3. He goes to the academy to take three subjects. 4. He goes to the specific academy to take three subjects. [specific] 5. He goes to the academy in general to take three subjects. [in generic use] [What about #3? Does #3 mean #4

    asked by rfvv
  29. Social Studies

    The county unit system was changed because it was a. voted out by Georgia voters b. set to expire in a matter of months c. outlawed by the General Assembly d. ruled unconstitutional by the courts******

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Biology

    How does biodiversity affect ecosystem functioning? How does biodiversity affect ecosystem stability and resilience? I need help with this please I do not understand anything of these questions.

    asked by Lily
  31. math

    Stock bottle: Benadryl 50mg 720 mL. How many 4 oz bottles can be filled from this stock bottle?

    asked by alyssa
  32. chemistry

    what is the structure of a saturated molecule with 6 carbons and only hydrogens? Would it just be 6 carbons in a row then CH3-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3? I confused because it says saturated, what changes, how will it look? What is the structure of a

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Context of play

    Children need many opportunities to play with peers to learn how to engage in A. antisocial and complex play as well as how to communicate with other peers. B. academics with confidence and focus so they'll receive good grades. C. stress-free activities

    asked by Priscila
  34. Math

    Craig went to an auction and bought five different items. Use the clues below to determine the price he paid for each item. 1. the chair was the most expensive item, which sold for $95. 2. The range of the prices of the five items was $75. 3. The stereo

    asked by Jay
  35. math

    if you were to kick a rock on mars at a velocity of 56 feet per second from the top of a 30 foot hill and the equation models h=-1.9^2+56t+30 where h is height and t is time. How high will the rock get of the surface?

    asked by alex
  36. History

    In which state was Brown v Board of Education brought? a. Kansas*** b. Georgia c. Kentucky d. Mississippi

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Context of play.

    The nature and form of early social learning in peer contexts consist of children learning from all of the following except A. watching peers. B. peers' responses to their behaviors. C. processing information received from peer interactions. D. adult

    asked by Priscila
  38. Spanish Level 1

    Manana, ____ , voy de compras muy temprano con mi tia y mi hermano menor de 12 anos. A mi hermano mayor, Ernesto, no le gusta ir de compras. English: Tomorrow, ____, I'm going shopping very early with my aunt and my younger brother of 12 years old. What

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Geometry

    Given: Right Pyramid, ABCD is a rhombus AB = 6, mBAD = 50, mSKO = 40 Segment SO is perpendicular to ABCD, Segment OK is perpendicular to segment DC Find: Volume and Surface Area of the figure

    asked by John Lorenda
  40. chemistry

    How do I know if this is spontaneous at 25 celsius and show work? PbCl2 --->(equilibrium)--->Pb2+ + 2Cl- a) when Pb2+=1M and Cl-=2M b) when Pb2+=1X10^-5 and Cl-=2X10^-5

    asked by homework
  41. algebra 2

    Name the axis to which the major axis is parallel and find the center of 25(x+5)^(2)+4(y-3)^(2)=100 I think that the center is (-5,3). Is that correct? I need help with finding out which axis the major axis is parallel to. I do not know how to do it.

    asked by huncho jack
  42. Math

    Which is a figure with 4 congruent sides and no right angles? I think it rhombus. Am I right

    asked by Johnnie
  43. math

    if cos 2theta=1/3 and 0 less than or equal to 2theta less than or equal to pi, find cos theta

    asked by Cadie
  44. Educational perspective

    _______ helps children learn more about how the larger community works. A. A museum B. Technology C. Science centers D. Dramatic play answer d.

    asked by Priscila
  45. Edaucational perspective

    According the Vygotsky, all of the following are forms of representation considered to be natural events of letter writing in infants except A. drawing. B. laughing. C. gestures. D. actions. answer b.

    asked by Priscila
  46. Math - 3d points

    submarine A starts at (1000x,0y,0z) goes towards (0x,100y,1000z). It travels 72km/hour = 20m/sec. If submarine B travels at the exact same speed, what should its starting point be to reach (0x,0y,1000z) at the exact same time submarine A reaches

    asked by Rob
  47. chemistry

    how do you convert volume of gas to moles of solid?

    asked by paul
  48. chemistry

    SO2 mixed with O2, 800K is in the 2.00L metal container and it was 1.9atm. The reaction occur and than pressure of container dropped to 1.65atm. How many SO3 was produced?

    asked by Rov.
  49. Context of play

    Teachers can help young children improve their _______ by using role-playing activities to help children learn how to make critical and valuable decisions. A. moral development B. social competence C. spelling ability D. reading skills answer b.

    asked by Priscila
  50. chemistry

    0.43g limestone and 98cm3 of carbon dioxide are produced on reaction with excess hydrochloric acid. How much calcium carbonate is present?

    asked by paul
  51. Context of play

    When young children explore and manipulate objects in order to allow one object to represent another, as an infant may do with pots and pans, they are engaging in which type of play? A. Independent B. Symbolic C. Social D. Dramatic my answer is d.

    asked by Priscila
  52. math

    write the expression (x^2(+4))^0.5 in terms of theta when x=2 tan theta

    asked by Cadie
  53. Electronic Engineering

    Do you think the operating temperatures of the p-n junction and transistor devices are important in terms of their operability? Explain your opinion clearly for reasons.

    asked by hewhomustbenamed82
  54. Educational perspective

    Which of the following play centers teaches the children to follow directions? A. Listening B. Dramatic C. Library D. Block answer a.

    asked by Priscila
  55. Differential Equations

    we are to find the power series solution for y'=xy. I have calculated to the point that I believe the answer is c_0/2^n*n! First of all is this correct and secondly, how do I write the solution in terms of c_0 * summation of something in terms of x^n?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Math

    2x square_ 5

    asked by I