Questions Asked on
April 21, 2018

  1. MATH

    The ratio of the diffusion rates of two gases is given by the formula r1/r2=square root m2/square root m1 wherem1 and m2 are the masses of the molecules of the gases. find r1/r2 if m1=12 units and m2=30 units. your answer should be in simplified radical

    asked by HELP PLZ
  2. math

    Which two numbers have a product of 56 and a quotient of 14

    asked by sonya
  3. english

    In "A Day's Wait," how can the father's reaction to his son's concern best be described?

    asked by Mister Max
  4. maths

    x is partly constant and partly varies as y.Y =2, x=30 and when y=6, x=50.(a)Find the relationship between x and y.(b)Find x when y=3

    asked by kissmore
  5. English

    1:AWhich sentence contains a collective noun? A:I saved my allowance to buy a video game.*** B:One-eighth of my allowance goes into savings.*** C:I earn my allowance by watching my baby sister. D:I love spending my allowance on games. I'm torn between

    asked by marylyn
  6. Chemistry

    What is the balanced chemical equation between ascorbic acid and ammonium cerium(IV) sulphate?

    asked by Murendi
  7. Math

    The average length of the eight words Betty was asked to spell was 9 letters. The first seven words had the following lengths: 8 letters, 9 letters, 6 letters, 10 letters, 7 letters, 9 letters, and 11 letters. What was the length of the eighth word?

    asked by Carl
  8. Science

    Which of the following reactions does not involve oxidation-reduction? a). C3H8 + 5O2 → 4H2O + 3CO2 b). Mg + 2HI → MgI2 + H2 c). Ba + 2H2O → Ba(OH)2 + H2 d). MnO2 + 4HI → I2 + 2H2O + MnI2 e). NaOH + HI → H2O + NaI

    asked by Ayla
  9. math

    If 6 times the sixth term of an arithmetic progression is equal to 9 times the 9th term, find the 15th term.

    asked by llll
  10. Science - Global Warming

    What is global warming? What can people do to reduce global warming? um if someone can verbally tell me? links are fine, but I prefer someone to verbally tell me, thanks. :)

    asked by io
  11. Math

    at the state spelling bee, there were 120 students. one-fourth of the students were eliminated during the first round. one-third of the remaining students were eliminated during the second round. two-thirds of the remaining students were eliminated during

    asked by Jermaine
  12. Finance

    California Mining is evaluating the introduction of new ore production process. Two alternatives are available, Production Process A has an initial cost of $25,000, a 4-year life, and a $5,000 net salvage value, and the use of Process A will increase net

    asked by MIchael
  13. Math

    A point is directly below a window. Another point B is 15 m from A and at the same horizontal level. From B angle elevation of the top of the bottom of the window is 30° and the angle elevation of the top of the widow is 35°. Calculate the vertical

    asked by kid
  14. Physics

    (a) Photoelectrons with a maximum kinetic energy of 7.6eV are emitted from a metal when it is illuminated by ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 1.3×10^2 nm. (i) What is the energy of the incident photons in electronvolts? (ii) What is the

    asked by Anon
  15. Physics

    a 70 kg hockey player moving at 8.0m/s stops quickly. how much ice melts due to the friction between the player's skates and the ice? assume that only 60% of the energy lost by the skater goes to melting the ice, and that the temperature of the ice is 0

    asked by Zaynah
  16. kinesiology

    What is the antagonist muscle of trapezius upper fibers?

    asked by komal yaseen
  17. Math

    A total of $924 was collected in registration fees. In addition, another $527 was collected at the concession stand. The costs for the day totaled $895. After subtracting the total costs from the total money collected, how much money was left? The wording

    asked by Ashley
  18. Finance Math

    A copy machine cost $2,990, after a discount of 30/12/5. What was the original list price of this machine?

    asked by Heyhi
  19. Geography

    What happens when we move vertically upwards from the earth?

    asked by Mudita
  20. English

    posted by rfvv Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 7:16pm 1. He goes to an academy to study math and English. [Is 'an academy' in generic use? Or Does 'an' mean 'one'?] 2. He goes to academies to study math and English. [Is the word 'academies' in generic use?] 3.

    asked by rfvv
  21. Finance

    ABC Mining is evaluating the introduction of a new ore production process. Two alter¬natives are available. Production Process A has an initial cost of $25,000, a 4-year life, and a $5,000 net salvage value, and the use of Process A will increase net cash

    asked by MIchael
  22. maths

    We define two numerical operations labeled T and R. The effect of T is to add 1 to a number. For example, if we apply the operation T to the number 2 three times in a row, we obtain 3, then 4, then 5. The effect of R is to find the negative reciprocal of a

    asked by lisa
  23. Science

    How can we use decompoers to reduce the use of expensive chemical fertilizers in our country

    asked by Anonymous
  24. math

    Divide the sum of -13/8 and 5/12 by their difference

    asked by deep
  25. physics

    A traveller is pulling a 55kg load at 150degrees with a force of 600N along a horizontal floor. If the coefficient of friction between the floor and the load is 0.3, find the acceleration of the load?

    asked by Laston
  26. Calculus

    The following limit can be broken down to much simpler limits using the properties of limits. Identify two ofthese properties and explain how they are fitting. Lim x aproaching 2 for (-4.9t^2)+3.5t+1

    asked by Kowalski
  27. Physics

    In what ways are electric generators similar to electric motors? In what ways are they different? Is it possible to use the same apparatus as both a generator and a motor?

    asked by Morgan
  28. physics

    The uniform block of width W and height H in the figure below rests on an inclined plane in static equilibrium. The plane is slowly raised until the block begins to tip over. Assume the tipping occurs before the block starts to slide. Find an expression

    asked by joy
  29. Chemistry

    Heat is... a). a measure of temperature. b). a measure of the change in temperature. c). a measure of thermal energy. d). a measure of thermal energy transferred between two bodies at different temperature. Why?

    asked by Ayla
  30. Calculus

    A box with an open top is to be constructed from a square piece of cardboard, 10in wide, by cutting out a square from each other of the four and bending up the sides. What is the maximum volume of such a box?

    asked by Rudy Brandares Jr.