Questions Asked on
April 20, 2018

  1. Chemistry

    The equilibrium constant (Kp) for the interconversion of PCl5 and PCl3 is 0.0121: PCl5 (g) ↔ PCl3 (g) + Cl2 (g) A vessel is charged with PCl5, giving an initial pressure of 0.123 atm. At equilibrium, the partial pressure of PCl3 is __________ atm. I have

  2. Pre-cal

    Define your variables, write a system of equations, use your calculator to solve the system of equations and answer the problem. A grocer sells milk chocolate at $2.90 per pound, dark chocolate at $4.40 per pound, and dark chocolate with almonds at $5.50

  3. maths

    a restourant offers a new promotion of 20% off the original price of the cheese pizzas,which is 12.befor the promotion 250 pizzas were sold each day.after the promotion the sale of pizzas increases an average of 18% more per much more or less does

  4. criminology

    If a treatment program focused on providing models of positive behavior, rewarding positive behavior, and providing consequences for aggressive behavior, which theories would the program be based on? (Select all that apply.) strain theory behavioral theory

  5. english

    Which is correct: (Who, Whom) are you going to the park with? A. Who B. Whom I think its whom?

  6. Language Arts

    What is the purpose of the following stage direction from the play? Gluskabe and Grandmother Woodchuck sit inside with their blankets over their shoulders. A. to provide details about the way the stage should look B. to identify the setting for the first

  7. math

    Two towns P and Q are 400 km apart. A bus left for P and Q. It stopped at Q for one hour and then started the return to P. one hour after the departure of the bus from P, a trail also heading for Q left P. the trailer met the returning bus ¾ of the way

  8. math

    A point (-5, 4) is mapped onto (-1, -1) by a translation. Find the image of (-4, 5) under the same translation.

  9. Reading

    Which of these happened after Mia Hamm retired from playing professional soccer? IDK

  10. Physics

    17. Explain how water can transfer energy by conduction and by convection.

  11. Chemistry

    A 1.50 kg sample of a metal sample absorbs 43.5 kJ of heat, resulting in a Temperature rise of 65.0 °C. What is the specific heat capacity of the metal? M=1.50kG Q=43.5kJ dT=65C

  12. Chemistry

    If 25.0 g S8 (molar mass = 256.56 g/mol) is made to react with 2.0 L O2 at 25 oC and 1.0 atm, what is the maximum amount (in grams) of SO3 produced?

  13. Math

    The point (2,-16) is on the graph of f(x). Find the image of (2,-16) under each of the transformations. 1.y+d=f(x-c) 2. 1/3y= f(x-2) 3.y= |f(x-2)| 4. 2y= √|f(x) 5.y= 16/f(x)

  14. Math (please help!!!)

    Hansel makes the following statement: "I have an 80% chance of being selected as the captain of the baseball team and a 10% chance of being elected student body president." What is the probability that Hansel will be selected as the captain of the baseball

  15. intro to paralegal

    i have a discussion post that im not quite sure how to answer, since i am unsure how to interpret it. It reads as follows: The American common law system provides the judicial system with two primary duties 1) interpreting the meaning of statutes and

  16. Science

    if radiometric evidence proves that a rock layer contains a fossil that is approximately 10,000 years old, what can also be determined using the principle of superposition? A) The layers below this layer are older than 10,000 years old B) The layers below

  17. ELA

    What does denotation mean? 1)the sound of a word when you read it 2)the tone of a word in writing 3)the dictionary meaning of a word 4)the set of ideas associated with a word I think #3 Thanks

  18. geography

    Which of the following is the most likely reason the writers of the Constitution did NOT define American citizenship?

  19. math

    Find the surface area of a cylinder with the given dimensions. Round to the nearest tenth. d= 14mm and H = 32mm

  20. Chemistry

    The hybridization of nitrogen in FNO3 (or FONO2) I cannot for the life of me draw the spin diagram for the NO single bonds and NO double bonds. Sp2 hybridization?? I think? N is forming 3 sigma bonds and one Pi.

  21. Math

    Find property tax of house valued $450,000 of the tac base is $1.2 For every $90 in value. I get 4,999.986

  22. Physics

    A player kicks the ball at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal at an initial velocity of m/s.A second player standing at 300m from the first direction of the kick starts running to meet the ball at the time it is kicked 1.Determine the remaining time

  23. Art

    An interior designer is creating a plan for a new indoor play park. Why does he decide to use red as main part of the color scheme

  24. Science

    In watermelons, the alleles for green colored fruit (R) seeded fruit (D) yellow blossoms (B) and early blooming (E) are dominant over their respective alleles for striped fruit (r) seedless fruit (d) pink blossoms (b) and late blooming (e). a). Symbolize a

  25. math


  26. Bio Gene

    In gorillas, the alleles for silver-gray fur (G) and yellow eyes (E) are dominant over the alleles for black fur (g) and blue eyes (e). Assume that these genes are unlinked. a). If a gorilla names George was the product of a homozygous dominant father and

  27. Chemistry

    If you wanted to dope Selenium with something to make it a p-type semiconductor, what would you use?

  28. Science Thinking Works

    Plant and animal cells are different because A: plant cells do not have a nucleus or mitochondria B: animal cells do not have DNA or ribosomes C: plant cells do not have a cell membrane D: animal cells do not have a cell wall or chloroplasts I think the

  29. Conserving energy

    What are 5 ways I can conserve energy in my community?

  30. social studies

    How did the Industrial Revolution change European industry and trade?

  31. physics

    How do I calculate String mass density from what I got frequency= 30.0Hz, segment length= 42.5cm , nodes=2, string length=83.5cm and tension=2.150kN?

  32. Math

    tangent lines practice answers for connexus . please help

  33. math

    A parabola that has a maximum = -3 at x = -11. Give four things that are true about the parabola based on this information. Include in your discussion the number of x-intercepts (if any) for the parabola.

  34. Chemistry

    Determine the oxidation number of the elements underline in the following ions or compounds. a) PF3:Ox.# P= B)S2O3: Ox.#S=

  35. ELA

    What is an appositive phrase?

  36. Science (portfolio)

    What is an ecosystem? Give an example.

  37. Social Studies

    Much of Booth’s anger at Abraham Lincoln resulted from the actor’s fanatical belief in the South’s constitutionally protected ________________. a- Right to maintain agricultural societies b- Right to maintain rural communities c- Right to secede d-

  38. Social Studies

    headline from the Past: Hiram Rhodes Revels Elected as First African-American Senator! headline from modern times: United States Elects First African-American President, Barack Obama How are the two events described in the headlines above similar?

  39. history

    when was the first chocolate factory created?

  40. Science

    Insolation refers to the amount of solar energy that reaches a body, such as a planet. the amount of heat energy contained in a beam of sunlight. the imaginary line that runs around Earth's middle. the spherical shape of Earth I don't know this one. The

  41. math

    A store sells two types of nut mixtures. The standard mix contains 100 grams of cashews and 200 grams of peanuts and sells for $2. The deluxe mix contains 120 grams of cashews and 40 grams of peanuts and sells for $2.50. The store has 15kilograms of

  42. biology

    Describe the correlation between functional groups and the reversible processes of Dehydration Synthesis and Hydrolysis.

  43. Math

    The range of the function y=f(x) is 0≤y≤16 What is the range of y= √f(x)

  44. Math

    Determine which ordered pair is not a solution of y=-5x-4. A (10, -52) B (7, -39) C (-7, 31) D (8, -44) I'm thinking its A but I'm not 100% sure

  45. Maths

    2x+4y=16 Xy=0

  46. Science HELP!!!!! (portfolio)

    List the levels of organization within environments. (Community, species, habitat, ecosystem, population)

  47. Calculus-1

    Show that there exist a sphere with radius r є(0,1) and a cube with side r + 1/2 with the same volume. (Volume of the sphere with radius r is 4/3πr^3, and the volume of a cube with side a is a^3).

  48. Calculus-1

    Let f(x) = e^x and g(x) = sin(lnx). Find equations for two distinct parallel lines l1 and l2 where; l1 is tangent to f at x = 0 and l2 is tangent to g.

  49. Science

    Angle of refractions! I need help finding angle of incidence in air(or water or glass) it is for one of my labs. It iOS in a data table though.

  50. physics

    How do I calculate density of a string with what I have? The string mass is 12g and length is305.4cm

  51. Science

    Step 1: Review these videos from your lessons if you need help with completing the lab report - Step One: Ask a Question, Step Two: Form a Hypothesis, Step Three: Design and Conduct an Experiment, Design, Experiment, Record, Step Four: Analyze the Results