Questions Asked on
April 17, 2018

  1. math

    The numbers below represent the scores on a science test. Graph the data in a line plot. 58, 55, 54, 61, 56, 54, 61, 55, 53, 54.

    asked by Little Bird
  2. math

    Sixty-five randomly selected car salespersons were asked the number of cars they generally sell in one week. Fourteen people answered that they generally sell five cars; nineteen generally sell six cars; twelve generally sell seven cars; nine generally

    asked by alex
  3. math

    Can you help explain this? Without graphing, identify the quadrant in which the point (x,y) lies if x < 0 and y < 0. a. 1 b.2 c.3**** d.4

    asked by ShannonPanda
  4. Chemistry

    1. Calcium carbonate reacts with HCl according to the following equation: 2HCl(aq)+CaCO3(s)→CaCl2(aq)+H2O(l)+CO2(g) How many moles of HCl are in 65 mL of 0.15 M HCl? 2. What mass of calcium carbonate is needed for complete reaction with the HCl in (a)?

    asked by Dhan Rai
  5. Math (please help me)

    You start a search for a buried object by marking the center of a filed as (0,0), with coordinates giving distances in yards. Coordinates to the north or east are positive and coordinates to the south or west are negative. You find nothing at (-10,6), so

    asked by Olive Sue :D
  6. Spanish help anyone?

    1. which of the following is the Spanish word for a female "friend"? A. el amigo B. ella C. la amiga***** 2. what is most likely equivalent of "estacion" in Spanish? A. station B. state C. stationary***** 3.which of the following is NOT true about

    asked by alexis h
  7. Math

    Your class collected more than 410 cans of food for the annual food drive. In the first week, 185 cans were collected. How many cans c of food were collected in the second week? Write and solve an inequality.

    asked by Mister Max
  8. Algebra 2 Probability

    There are 10 cards. Each card has one number between 1 and 10, so that every number from 1 to 10 appears once. In which distributions does the variable X have a binomial distribution? When a card is chosen at random with replacement six times, X is the

    asked by Johnny
  9. Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction: 2Na + Cl2  2NaCl ΔH = -821.8 kJ (a) Is the reaction exothermic or endothermic? (b) Calculate the amount of heat transferred when 5.6 g of Na reacts at constant pressure. (c) How many grams of NaCl are produced during an

    asked by Shirley.K.Silver
  10. algebra

    Rita is spending more time at home to study and practice math. Her efforts are finally paying off. On her first assessment she scored 58 points, then she scores 63 and 68 on her next two assessments. If her scores continued to increase at the same rate, on

    asked by jay
  11. spanish plz help!!!!!

    1. Which of the following is the Spanish word for "I" A. el B. tu C. yo **** 2. when you speak to someone older or a person in authority, which of the words would you use to address that person? A. tu B. usted***** C. yo 3.besides Spanish, what other

    asked by jamie
  12. Language Arts

    I have these discussion questions on connexus and I have no idea how to answer them, can u help? Here's what it says: Do We Need Words to Communicate Well? In this discussion, you will post comments related to determination and communication. Refer to the

    asked by i luv my ipadtouch
  13. social studies

    Analyze the ways in which interdependence has affected both developed and developing nations. In your answer, be sure to use examples and evidence to explain the benefits and risks facing each type of nation. In your analysis, evaluate a problem that

    asked by halochick
  14. spanish plz help!!!!!

    4. which of the following id the basque word for a rowing competiton? A. Sokamuturra B. Etropadak C. Aizkora Proba*****?????

    asked by jamie
  15. Math

    An unknown distribution has a mean of 80 and a standard deviation of 12. A sample size of 95 is drawn randomly from the population. Find the probability that the sum of the 95 values is less than 7,300. (Round your answer to four decimal places.)

    asked by alex
  16. geometry ASAP!

    Question: Given the rectangle MNOP and rectangle STUV, what is the length of TU? The rectangles are similar and NO's length is 10, but TU? I am NOT asking for direct answers, just how to do it.

    asked by help asap
  17. Maths

    Definate intigral of Mvdv where upper limit is v and lower limit is u

    asked by Kappu
  18. math

    Describe a situation that models a linear pattern and then describe a situation that models a nonlinear pattern.

    asked by Jake
  19. Math Calculus

    A cylindrical tank with axis horizontal has a diameter d and a length L. It holds oil to depth d ( d

    asked by Rahul
  20. Physics

    Part One: The decibel level of the noise from a jet aircraft is 130 dB when measured 19.3 m from the aircraft. How much sound power does the jet aircraft emit? Answer in units of W - 46673.5W I need help with Part Two: Part Two: How much sound power would

    asked by Lyndsay
  21. math

    how do I find the slope of a line? It seems really hard and its on my quiz and im not that great at drawing the graphs. I also need help with graphing linear equations. could someone plz give me a website link that has the formulas? thank you

    asked by ShannonPanda
  22. Calculus

    If f is a vector-valued function defined by f(t) = (e^(2t), lnt), then what is f ''' (t)? A. 8e^(2t) - 2/t^3 B. (e^(2t), -2/t^3) C. (4e^(2t), -1/t^2) D. (8e^(2t), 2/t^3) E. 4e^(2t)/t^3 I think it is D.

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Science

    There are different types of circuits. A _____ circuit has more than one path through which electricity can flow. series resistor parallel**** short I'm sorry I keep asking questions :")

    asked by Anonymous
  24. math

    on which of the following lines does the point (7,1) lie? a. y - 5x =4 b.y= x - 10 c. y= -4x + 3**** d. y= -x + 8

    asked by ShannonPanda
  25. managerial accounting

    Frigid Motors Inc. assembles and sells snowmobile engines. The company began operations on July 1, 2016, and operated at 100% of capacity during the first month. The following data summarize the results for July: 1 Sales (35,000 units) $8,750,000.00 2

    asked by rica
  26. math

    1. Jennifer writes the letters M-O-N-T-A-N-A on cards and then places the cards in a hat. What is the probability of picking an M? (1 point) one-sixth one-seventh The fraction is 6 over 1. start fraction 7 over 1 end fraction 2. Jennifer writes the letters

    asked by mrs sue help
  27. Algebra

    Gloria is 20 years older than Reggie.Five years ago she was five times as old as he was. How old is each now?

    asked by Alexander
  28. Math

    In the game SCRABBLE, there are 100 tiles. Two tiles are blank. Here is the number of tiles for each letter. Letter Number of Tiles Letter Number of Tiles A 9 N 6 B 2 O 8 C 2 P 2 D 4 Q 1 E 12 R 6 F 2 S 4 G 3 T 6 H 2 U 4 I 9 V 2 J 1 W 2 K 1 X 1 L 4 Y 2 M 2

    asked by Key
  29. geometry

    how many sides does a circle have?

    asked by just a guy passing thru
  30. Algebra

    Thendmonimator of a fraction is 1 more than the numerator. If the numerator is decreased by 1, the value of the resulting fraction is 3/4. What is the original fraction?

    asked by Alexander
  31. Algebra 1

    Max is 5 years older than Pauline. Next year he will be twice as old as she will be. How old is each now?

    asked by Alexander
  32. English

    Today is the first day of middle school. How do you feel? 1. I feel hopeful and nervous. 2. I feel expected and nervous. 3. I feel excited and nervous. 4. I feel ______ and nervous. ---------------------------------------------------------- Can we answer

    asked by rfvv
  33. Math plz help

    y=-0.08x^2+8.2x y=2.1x+3.5 Solve the system of equations.

    asked by tyler
  34. Algebra 2

    An arch in the shape of the top half of an ellipse is 10 feet wide and 3 feet high at the center. Find the height of the arch 1 foot from the center.

    asked by Nadina
  35. English

    English posted by rfvv yesterday at 2:39am 1. I saw a boy in the car. 2. When I saw a boy, I was in the car. 3. I saw a boy who was in the car. At that time I was near the car. [Does #1 mean either #2 or #3 according to the context? Which one is a common

    asked by rfvv
  36. Chemistry

    if from 10 moles NH3 and 5moles of H2SO4 all hte H-atoms are removed in order to from H2 gas, then find the no. of H2 molecules formed

    asked by Gd ngfbjdx
  37. Science

    I don't know if anyone saw my questions, so I'll ask again. I'm in need of quick help. prntsc[remove]r.[remove]com/[remove]j6[remove]kl9e The table shows the speed of sound waves in different materials. Sound would travel most quickly through ______.

    asked by Anonymous
  38. physics

    Three particles, each of mass 1.0 kg, are fastened to each other and to a rotation axis by three massless strings, each 0.120 m long, as shown in the Figure. The combination rotates around the rotation axis with an angular velocity of 25.0 rad/s in such a

    asked by Kelly
  39. MATH

    Paul has a package of bubble gum. He can devide his gum equally between two people with no pieces left over. He can also devide his gum equally between three people with no pieces left over. How many pieces of gum could the package contain? Explain how you

    asked by Anonymous
  40. biology

    Some antifungal medications can damage the patient’s own tissues. Why doesn’t this problem occur with antibiotics? Thanks!

    asked by Kayla
  41. Physics

    Part One: The decibel level of the noise from a jet aircraft is 130 dB when measured 19.3 m from the aircraft. How much sound power does the jet aircraft emit? Answer in units of W - 46673.5W I need help with Part Two: Part Two: How much sound power would

    asked by Lyndsay
  42. Science please help ASAP

    What is an echo? the absorption of sound waves the transmission of sound waves the reflection of sound waves****(?) the vibration of sound waves Which is an example of the flow of heat through conduction? Hot air rises to the top of a room. A hot-air

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Science again help ASAP

    Hi, I need some help. prntsc[remove]r.[remove]com/[remove]j6[remove]kl9e The table shows the speed of sound waves in different materials. Sound would travel most quickly through ______. wood****(?) water air outer space *Table shown in screenshot,

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Algebra

    A 2 digit number is seven times the sum of its digits. The tens digit is 3 more than the units digit. what is the number?

    asked by Alexander
  45. Biology

    If living things are composed of cells, this means that they demonstrate ______________. A: Cellular Organization

    asked by Geno
  46. Chemistry

    A metal forms an oxide with the general formula MO2 with a deltaHf=-580.7 kJ/mol. Using the Born-Harber Cycle and the following information, determine lattice energy for the compound. Metal Information: deltaHsubl=302 kJ/mol, IE1=708.6 kJ/mol, IE2=1412

    asked by Ceamus Angelina
  47. physics

    Betty's ball and Fred's ball have the same size, but Fred's ball is hollow. Wilma's ball and Barney's ball are scaled down versions of Betty's ball and Fred's ball respectively. They all place their bowling balls on the same pitch incline and release them

    asked by Kelly
  48. chemistry

    If the density of .88 grams of mercury is 13.6 g/mL, what is the volume? A. 0.065 mg B. 0.065 C. 0.065 mL D. 0.065 L

    asked by T
  49. Chemistry lab

    A solution contains 2.65g of anhydrous Na2O3 in 200cm³ of the solution. Calculate the concentration of the solution in g/dm³ given that (Na2CO3 = 106)

    asked by Sandra
  50. Computer

    Write an algorithm to calculate the percentage of a student.

    asked by Algorithm
  51. Physics

    Hi! Could you help me out with this exercise? Thanks! imgur(dot)com/j6clSrx(dot)png

    asked by Josh Garder
  52. Math

    The lengths of two sides of a triangle are 15 inches each. The third side measures 10 inches. What type of triangle is this? Explain your answer using geometric terms.

    asked by elaine
  53. Math

    How do you draw the model and the number equations for this question: Kelly has 5 times as many stickers as Meiling. They have 300 stickers altogether. How many stickers does Kelly have? Pls help! Thnx

    asked by Lily
  54. math

    am i correct? Determine which ordered pair is a solution of y= -5x + 10 a. (-15, 5)***** b.(2,0) c.(-1,-5) d.(3,25)

    asked by ShannonPanda
  55. English

    I feel ______ ______ now. -------------------------------------------- [How do you read the sentence above?] 1. I feel two blanks now. 2. I feel blank blank now. 3. I feel blank now.

    asked by rfvv
  56. Biology

    Name a specific region of a plasmid vector that is helpful in DNA cloning. Is there a specific article that explains the answer? There are no choices to the question.

    asked by Ceamus Angelina
  57. Chemistry lab

    List 10 equipment use in the chemistry lab and their uses

    asked by Sandra
  58. English

    1. He goes to an academy to study math and English. [Is 'an academy' in generic use? Or Does 'an' mean 'one'?] 2. He goes to academies to study math and English. [Is the word 'academies' in generic use?] 3. He goes to the academy to study math and English.

    asked by rfvv
  59. math

    Match the term with it's meaning real numbers irrational numbers rational numbers integers whole numbers natural numbers radical square root perfect squares cube roots terminating decimals repeating decimals truncate radicand a decimal which can be

    asked by shadow
  60. math

    Evaluate the expression√(-6)/(√(-3) √(-4)) and write the result in the form a+bi. Please help!!!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  61. Math & English

    When do we use a capital for the word math? When do we use Math vs math? Example: Own works well in math class or Own works well in Math class? Owen contributes positively in Math through regular participation? VS. Owen contributes positively in math

    asked by Jayson
  62. Physics

    When you freeze a metal pot, and ceramic mug, and take them out and get the bathroom steamy. What do you observe in terms of condensation? How does the condensation on the ceramic mug compare with the condensation on the metal pot?

    asked by Morgan
  63. math

    use integers values from 3 to -3 to graph the equation y=-[x] I don't know how to solve this please help and explain it

    asked by Sophia
  64. science

    What are three reasons lichens are useful to humans? Thanks!

    asked by katie
  65. Math

    How do I find the slope of the line through (-9, -10) and (-2,-5)?

    asked by Pug lover
  66. math

    Is 2+i a solution of z^2-4z+5=0? Please help!!!!!!! :(

    asked by Andrea
  67. English

    1. His head moves up and down. 2. His head moves down and up. [#1 is correct. What about #2? do you use 'down and up'?] 3. His head nods. 4. He nods his head. [Are both the same as #1?]

    asked by rfvv
  68. Physics

    An object having a mass of 25 grams revolves uniformly in a horizontal circle. It is attached by a wire 75 cm long to a pin set in the surface. If the box makes two complete revolutions (1 revolution= .5 seconds) per second, find a) its speed b) tension

    asked by Anonymous
  69. organic chemistry

    what is the correct structure for 2-ethyl-butane? Is this correct? CH3-CH2-CH2-CH3 Underneath the the first ch2 they should be ch3 underneath it/

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Physics

    Hi, I need some guidance solving this, thank you very much! imgur(dot)com/JCfHa13(dot)png

    asked by Josh Garder
  71. English

    Who knows all of Romeo and Juliet's secrets? A -The Nurse B -Balthasar C -Friar Lawrence**

    asked by ...
  72. Geography

    Can human activity link to the Northwest Passage ?

    asked by T
  73. Psychology

    Good morning , earlier I had specified that I needed help developing a concept for my essay that has to be written . Briefly I’ll rexplain what I had mentioned in a prior post . I have to write an essay based on a psychology concept . Based on the

    asked by Sally
  74. Calculus

    If the series from n=1 to infinity of n^P converges, then which of the following is false? a. P < 1 b. the series from n=1 to inf of n^-P converges c. the integral from n=1 to inf of x^P dx is finite d. the integral from n=1 to inf of x^(P-1) dx is finite

    asked by Anonymous
  75. maths

    Given that Sinharch(x)=ln(x+√x^2+1),determine Sinharch(2+j) in the form a+bj

    asked by joek
  76. Math

    –0.4 n ≤ 6.8

    asked by Mister Max
  77. Maths

    solve y^2-4y=13 using completing the square method

    asked by Evans
  78. Physics HELP

    Evelyn wears glasses whose wire frames are shaped like to circles, each with an area of 2.0x10^-3 m^2. The horizontal component of the earths' magnetic field in Evelyn's hometown is 1.9x10^-5 T. If Evelyn turns her head back and forth, rotating it through

    asked by Quinn