Questions Asked on
April 16, 2018

  1. Computer

    Write an algorithm to calculate the percentage of a student.

    asked by Algorithm
  2. physics

    A point charge Q = -400 nC and two unknown point charges, q1 and q2, are placed as shown. Point charge q1 is located 1.3 meters along the +x-axis, point charge q2 is located 0.7 meters down the -y-axis, and point charge Q is located 2.0 meters from the

    asked by realjae
  3. world history

    “ Somebody must show that the Afro American race is more sinned against then sinning, and it seems to have fallen upon me to do so. The awful death toll that judge Lynch is calling every week is appalling, not only because, of the lives it takes, the

    asked by I do NOT want answers, I want an explanation plz!
  4. Social Studies

    In 1912, voters sympathetic to Republicans split their vote between the Republican party and the progressive party. Based on the table., how did this split affect the election results?

    asked by I need helppppp
  5. Social Studies

    Which pull factor would most likely encourage an immigrant who wanted to raise and sell cattle in the United States A)industrial jobs B)inexpensive land C)the promise of freedom D)expensive land in home country

    asked by I need helppppp
  6. Math homework Help Please

    Hii so, I'm on my 5th mental breakdown Today and Its only 9:00 today, and as I know most of you don't care what so ever about what I'm going through and you all have your own problems but I'm honestly horrible at math and this is a big grade for me in it

    asked by Mad
  7. Please answer ss

    15. the United States used diplomats to broker peace agreements in which of these countries? A. Israel, Northern Ireland B. Nicaragua, Somalia C. South Africa, India D. North Korea, Poland

    asked by Bella
  8. Physics

    The largest stable nucleus has a nucleon number of 209, and the smallest has a nucleon number of 1. If each nucleus is assumed to be a sphere, what is the ratio (largest/smallest) of the surface areas of these spheres? (Area209/Area1) Please help!! I have

    asked by A.S
  9. Math (Please help ASAP!!)

    24. You use a line of best fit for a set of data to make a prediction about an unknown value. The correlation coefficient for your data set is -0.015. How confident can you be that your predicted value will be reasonably close to the actual value? My

    asked by Lynn
  10. math

    The following simultaneous equations are given in base two 11x + 10y = 1100 101x - y =111 Find the value of x and y

    asked by wesley
  11. Math

    Which of the following equations is equivalent to 9x - 12 =36 A. 9x = 24 B. 9x=48 C x -12=4 D. x + 9=4 My answer is B Is this correct?

    asked by Patrick
  12. social studies

    compare and contrast tock and humbug as they are act II

    asked by chibi
  13. ss

    Why did lincoln inform the confederacy that he would not be sending troops or weapons as food supplies were sent to fort sumter. 1. to allow the confederacy to retain full ownership of the fort 2. to convince the confederacy he did not intend any military

    asked by Kaydence
  14. even more ss

    17. Which of the following statements Best reflects the challenge the United States faces in its global war on terrorism? A. the primary US target is an individual, unknown aggressor. ***** B. The war involves to opposing countries in the Allies of each.

    asked by Bella
  15. ss more more more

    The United States had strong ties to north Africa and Southwest Asia. This region lies where that continents of Africa, Asia, in Europe meet. It is a region inhabited by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. As in past years, old conflicts in this region

    asked by Bella
  16. AP English

    Refer to the excerpt from "A Bachelor's Complaint of the Behaviour of Married People." The phrase"as a sovereign Prince" in the third sentence of paragraph two is an example of which rhetorical device? a. an appeal to logic b. simile c. an appeal to

    asked by Sean
  17. AP English

    Refer to the excerpt from "A Bachelor's Complaint of the Behavior of Married People". You can infer from the fifth sentence that "them" refers to a. wives b. husbands c. old friends d. sovereign princes e. friendships Fifth Sentence is: "With some

    asked by Sean
  18. Math

    From the top of a vertical mast 140m high,two lorries on the same ground level are observed, one due east and the other due west of the mast.If their angles of depression are 65 and 38 respectively; calculate the distance between the two lorries

    asked by Mia
  19. Calculus

    A rocket follows a path given by y=x-1/91x^3 where distances are in miles. If the horizontal velocity is given by vx=1.4x, find the direction of the velocity when the rocket hits the ground (assume level terrain) if time is in minutes. So far I've only

    asked by Mike
  20. Psychology

    I have to write an essay on a psychology concept and I was thinking about writing my essay on the concept of conformity. However, my professor prefers that we use media examples that occurred after the 28th of January. This example is to be used to explain

    asked by Sally
  21. Language Arts

    Before you read the question, just know that this question is not straight from a test, I just need help to find here goes. In "A Christmas Carol" Marley gets mad when Scrooge says that Marley was "a good man of business." Why does

    asked by Little Bird
  22. science

    One way humans can preserve biodiversity is ______. A. habitat destruction B. habitat preservation C. habitat fragmentation D.poaching i need to check all my answers but do not have much time, please help me

    asked by coco
  23. Algebra

    Does anyone have a study guide i can use so i can study before my algebra 1B semester exam tommorrow i looked all over the school website but i can ot find the one she recomended

    asked by hi
  24. ss

    14. what impacted the Arab-Israeli wars have on the United States in the 1970s? A .Support for Israel fill in the United States B. closure of the red sea shipping lanes hurt American businesses C. OPEC nations stop oil shipment to the United States D. the

    asked by Bella
  25. English

    1:The maximum number of passengers (blank) posted in the front of the bus. is;*** 2:More than one-half of Sal's profits (blank) spent on camera equipment. was;were....was*** 3:Both "Pied Beauty and "Spring and Fall: To a Young Child" suggest a

    asked by marylyn
  26. science

    #1 which electromagnetic waves have the longest wavelengths a:radio** b:infrared c:gamma B:ultraviolet #2 what process describes the transfer of heat through matter by molecular activity a:conduction b:convection** c:radiation d:evaporation #3 The heating

    asked by help me please
  27. criminology

    Determine if the statement is true or false. Over the past 25 years, violent crime in the United States has dropped sharply. False True False?

    asked by Bri
  28. Physics

    A density bottle has a mass of 70g when empty 90g when full of water and 94g when full of liquid x calculate a mass of water that fills the density bottle b volume of density bottle c mass of liquid x that fills the density bottle c the density of liquid x

    asked by Miriam
  29. Algebra 2

    The given point lies on the terminal side of an angle ϴ in standard position. Find the value of the six trigonometric functions of ϴ.(2, -4)

    asked by Melissa
  30. Science

    Toads have lived in Florida's grassy regions for over 10,000 years. This population was a mixture of brown, tan, green, and speckled colored toads. Some of the toads later moved into the sandy regions of Florida's mainland. Over many years, only brown

    asked by Lexxy
  31. more ss

    15. the United States uses diplomats you to broker peace agreements in which of these countries? A. Israel, Northern Ireland B. Nicaragua, Somalia C. South Africa, India D. North Korea, Poland

    asked by Bella
  32. Physics

    I need help with this exercise, any ideas how do impedances and resitance work in a smith chart? imgur(dot)com/sZAvj6y(dot)png

    asked by Josh Garder
  33. Math

    In the figure above by about how much did the sales of the product increase from 1979 to 1980

    asked by Jessie eagle
  34. AP English

    Refer to the excerpt by Charles Lamb. The last sentence, "You may guess what luck generally befalls with such a rusty piece of metal as I am in these new mintings." implies that: a. Lamb wishes he were luckier with women b. Lamb is jealous of his friends'

    asked by Sean
  35. math

    okay so i really need help please help i dont understand how to do this ive asked my teacher and i still dont understand is there an easier way to do this to where i could understand? Brayden, Howard, and Vincent are on the football team. During a game,

    asked by student
  36. English

    1. I saw a boy in the car. 2. When I saw a boy, I was in the car. 3. I saw a boy who was in the car. At that time I was near the car. [Does #1 mean either #2 or #3 according to the context? Which one is a common explanation for Sentence 1?]

    asked by rfvv
  37. HELP

    what is pizza?

    asked by Therightkid
  38. Physics

    If ∑ n=0 to inf of 3x^n/n! is a Taylor series that converges to f(x) for all real x, what is the value of f ''(0)?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Math

    Tyron is constructing a box in the shape of a rectangular prism to store his baseball cards. It has a length of 20 centimeters, a width if 7 centimeters, and a height of 8 centimeters. What is the volume of the box?

    asked by Bre
  40. Chemistry

    (a) Calculate the standard free-energy change (ΔG°) for the following oxidation-reduction reaction. Cu(s) + Br2(aq) → Cu2+(aq) + 2 Br−(aq) (b) Calculate the equilibrium constant for this reaction at 298 K.

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Chemistry

    1) find the hydronium ion concentration, the hydroxide ion concentration and the pH of a 0.000001 M solution of NaOH. 2) which of salts hydrolyze in aqueous solution : (NH4)2S, Na2So3,(CH3COO)2Ca? Write the ionic equationss for the hydrolysis reacrions.

    asked by Alper
  42. Math

    Frank has saved $15 towards the $95 phone he wants to buy. He makes $5 per week delivering papers. How many weeks must he work until he has enough money? My answer is 16 weeks Is this correct?

    asked by Patrick
  43. Physics

    The pressure in a water pigeon the ground floor of a building is4×10fifth pa but three floors up it is only 2×10fifth pa. What is the height between the ground floor and the third floor? The water pipe may be assumed to be stationary density of water

    asked by Miriam
  44. Math

    Hello everyone. I have a math problem I am somewhat stuck on and need help a little please. Write a problem that can be solved using the equation: 9x + 14 = 100 A. 9 dogs and 14 cats cost $100.00 B. Ty wants to buy 14 dogs, but they cost $100, how much

    asked by Patrick
  45. math

    The height of the red cone hr= 4cm. The height of the blue cone is hb= 8cm. If the surface area of the red cone is 115cm2 , what is the surface area of the blue cone in cm2?

    asked by trent
  46. English

    posted by rfvv Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 6:01am 1. The concert is over. 2. The concert is finished. 3. The concert ended. 4. The concert finished. [Are they the same in meaning? Can we use all the sentences? Which ones are unacceptable? Do you have some

    asked by rfvv
  47. physics

    there are 500g of cobalt to 60 that has a half life of 5years ,how many grams of cobalt are remained after 15years

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Science

    The children at a local park think the slide is too slippery. There is too much friction. W hat could you do to decrease the amount of friction on the slide? *writing question* I don't want the answer,just some help finding it. Please, please answer ASAP!

    asked by Anonymous
  49. BIO

    WHY IS it harder for smaller birds to maintain their body temperature (link to SA and volume). I would think that the larger you are the more heat you lose no?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Math

    Are the following expressions equivalent, true or false: 3x+4 and x+x+x+4

    asked by CD
  51. physics

    A car traveling at 35 m/s suddenly accelerates to a new speed of 56.5 m/s in a time of 5.0 seconds. A) What is its acceleration? B) If the car had a mass of 2200 kg, what was the applied traction force necessary for it to accelerate? Assume NO resistance!

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Microeconomics

    A major overhaul of the Federal Tax structure was enacted at the end of 2017, effective beginning with the 2018 tax year. This assignment consists of a calculation to gauge effects on your own situation or upon a mythical one, as well as some analysis of

    asked by Yasmin
  53. Physics

    If you are traveling 25 m/s A) What acceleration is necessary to stop you in 40 meters? B) What force would stop you if you are driving a 2000 kg car? C) What is the coefficient of friction between your tires and the road?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. math

    A rectangular box is 6 in. ​wide, 6 in. ​tall, and 12 in. long. What is the diameter of the smallest circular opening through which the box will​ fit?

    asked by ashari
  55. Physics

    I need help with this exercise, I don't even know where to start. imgur(dot)com/WDCikKK(dot)png

    asked by Arnau EC
  56. american government

    Discuss the role of third parties in the political system. I'm having trouble getting started on this. What points should I include? And is there any good website I can look on? I need 1-2 paragraphs on this.

    asked by huncho jack
  57. Physics

    A rocket weighs 539,000 N. What is a.) its mass and b.) force of thrust that must be exerted to make the rocket accelerate upward at a rate of 24 m/s^2 ?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Physics

    Two people carry a heavy electric motor by placing it on a light board 2 meters in length. One person lifts at one end with a force of 700 N, and the other lifts the opposite end with a force of 500 N. What is the weight of the motor, where along the board

    asked by Scott
  59. physics

    A 3 kg block is attached to an ideal spring with a force constant k=200 N/m. The block is given an initial velocity in the positive direction of magnitude u= 12 m/s and no initial displacement (xi=0). Find a) the amplitude, b) the phase angle, and c) write

    asked by Scott
  60. Chemistry

    Balance the following redox equation using the oxidation-number-change method. Describe each step you use to balance the reaction. HCl(aq) + Zn(s) --> ZnCl2(s) + H2(g) I am really confused on how to do this as my book is very vague on this subject. Any

    asked by girly girl
  61. BC Calculus

    Solve this problem algebraically, using your knowledge of derivatives. Do not solve by graphing. If 800 feet of fencing is used to enclose a rectangular plot of land that borders a river, what is the maximum area that can be enclosed?

    asked by Margaret
  62. world civilizations

    Why was the Three Kingdoms Era so disastrous for China?

    asked by Bethanie
  63. Social Studies

    Some Caribbean islands are coral islands formed from A. tops of underwater mountains. B. skeletons of tiny sea animals. C. a long isthmus. D. high, flat plateaus.

    asked by HobiHoe
  64. Early Childhood Education

    I am having a hard time finding article for this assigment? Find an article on one or more strategies that work with young children to promote sociable and acceptable group behavior with peers

    asked by Betty
  65. Physics

    Hi! Could you help me with this question? imgur(dot)com/lJk2Mfa(dot)png

    asked by Josh Garder
  66. physics

    Can somebody please shows me how to get to the answer key,06H? A thin, spherical shell of mass m and radius R rolls down a parabolic path PQR from height H without slipping (assume R ≪ H) as shown in the figure below. Path PQ is rough (and so the

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Law

    You are a health information professional closely involved with risk management at General Hospital, a teaching institution. Beginning this July, the hospital will incorporate presentations by hospital employees into its Grand Rounds series of lectures.

    asked by Erika
  68. Science

    *Note that I most likely will have more questions throughout the day An object that moved as a result of a machine working is called the_______. effort load*** output mass A knife is an example of a(n) _______. inclined plane wedge***** (?) lever

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Math

    A raffle sells 100 tickets at $2 apiece. There is one $500 prize, five $100 prizes, and ten $50 prizes. What is the expected value

    asked by Tiffany Wallace
  70. math

    which of the following is true of a random sample 1. its the only way to sample a population 2. each member of the sample is a volunteer 3. it is always the easiest way o sample a population 4. Each member of the population has an equal chance of being

    asked by Freaky friday on a monday
  71. Art

    I know this is probably a dumb question but, I have a project due and in the instructions it says "Use a variety of media to show building materials such as brick and stone". What exactly does that mean?

    asked by Daren
  72. AP English

    The fourth sentence in "A Bachelor's Complaint of the Behaviour of Married People" (I have scarce a married friend of my acquaintance, upon whose firm faith I can rely, whose friendship did not start after the period of his marriage.) is an example of: a.

    asked by Sean
  73. History

    What conflict resolution does Malala Yousafzai follow? Competition, Collaboration, Compromise, Accommodation, Avoidance _______________________________________________________________________ I am actually not sure. I used the conflict with Malala and

    asked by Sarah
  74. Algebra

    Which of the following expressions is not a binomial? A) b^2-4ac B) ax^2+bx C) a^2b^2 D) a^2-b^2 Is it C?

    asked by Rylee
  75. moreeee ss

    22. When the federal reserve lowered interest rates falling that 2001 recession, what did more people start to do? A. Buy homes B. Default on loans C. Invest in dot-coms D. Sell stock shares

    asked by Bella
  76. science

    Jim weighs 200N. The bottom of his trainers have an area of 0.08m2.

    asked by Anonymous
  77. AP English

    I AM back in Bracciano, a castellated town about 13 miles north of Rome, after a year in New Jersey. I find the Italian Government still unstable, gasoline more expensive than anywhere in the world, butchers and bank clerks and tobacconists (which also

    asked by Sean
  78. AP English

    I AM back in Bracciano, a castellated town about 13 miles north of Rome, after a year in New Jersey. I find the Italian Government still unstable, gasoline more expensive than anywhere in the world, butchers and bank clerks and tobacconists (which also

    asked by Sean
  79. Statisitcs

    If the student ratings of the overall effectiveness of professors is normally distributed with a mean of 5 and a standard deviation of 1.75, what proportion of the professors will be expected to be rated below 2.55?

    asked by Chandler
  80. Physics

    Does the mass of a block oscillating on a spring affect the block's average speed?

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Algebra 1--quick question

    Of 35 judges' scores awarded during a gymnastics event 28 are less than or equal to 7.5. What is the percentile rank of a score of 7.5?

    asked by Daniella
  82. Physics

    How come heat engines are more efficient when run at high temperatures?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. English

    1. Let's meet at the car at six. 2. Let's meet near the car at six. 3. Let's meet inside the car at six. [You mean #1 is #2. #1 doesn't mean #3. Is that right?] 4. Let's meet at the bus at six. 5. Let's meet near the bus at six. 6. Let's meet inside the

    asked by rfvv
  84. math

    which is the greater length,2 yards or 5 feet

    asked by eric
  85. Physics

    A plane is circling the airport. It takes 35 min to do one circle with a radius of 5.0 x 10^4 m. The plane weighs 6.05 x 10^4 kg. What the angular velocity

    asked by Kai
  86. Science

    Is fungi more like a plant or animal? Explain why.

  87. Physics

    A plane has a loaded mass of 115,000 kg. It's shown travelling north at a speed of 825 km/h and banking at an angle of θ = 18° in level flight. Find the magnitude of the vertical component of the lift vector.

    asked by Yael
  88. math

    posted by rfvv Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 6:11pm 1. A dot is one-dimensional. 2. A surface is two-dimensional. 3. A cube is three-dimensional. 4. At is one-dimension. 5. At is the first dimension. 6. On is two-dimensions. 7. On is the second dimension.

    asked by rfvv
  89. world civilizations

    How did invasions and internal conflict affect China between 220 and 589 CE?

    asked by Bethanie
  90. Math

    2(y + 1) for = 2

    asked by Mister Max
  91. Math

    A park has a rectangular playground area that has a length of 66 feet and a width of 42 feet. the park departmen material to enclose the playground area?

    asked by Amanda
  92. sceince

    Johnny just learned about ecosystems in his class at school. At dinner, he explains to his parents that we live in an ecosystem and they are a mix of biotic and abiotic factors. He then tells them an ecosystem can still survive even if one small thing is

    asked by Anonymous
  93. precalc

    how does the value of "a" affect Lemniscate curves? Does it just affect how far the curve is stretched to both sides? Also when you graph an archimedes spiral for r = theta theta is greater than or equal to 0 theta >_ 0: How would the windows on a graphing

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Math

    Which inequality represents "nine more than three times a number is greater than 21" A. 9n > 21 B. 9 + 3 >21 C. 3n + 9 >21 D. 9n + 3 >21 My answer is C Is this correct?

    asked by Scrolan
  95. Math/Geometry

    i need help figuring out how to find the area of this trapezoid. two sides have 8cm, another one has 10cm, and the last one has 16cm. Also, there is a dashed line inside of the trapezoid that is 7cm. A. 8 cm squared B. 62 cm squared C. 84 cm squared ** D.

    asked by Kate
  96. Math

    How many books each 1.5cm thick can be kept in a shelf 1.45m high

    asked by Mitchell