Questions Asked on
April 15, 2018

  1. Finance

    1. What is an entrepreneur? (1 point) a sole proprietorship a corporation one who opens a new business a bank that loans money 2. Which of the following is the best definition of probable operating costs? (1 point) Amount of money required to start a

    asked by D
  2. math

    24 How many 5-letter “words” can be formed from the letters of the word FORMULATED, if each must contain 2 vowels and 3 consonants? How many of these will have the vowels at the two ends on the “word”?

    asked by Sophia
  3. College algebra

    Find an nth degree polynomial. N=4, 2i and 3i are zeros, f (-1)=50

    asked by Shelby
  4. Algebra

    A company has determined that when x hundred dulcimers are​ built, the average cost per dulcimer can be estimated by ​C(x)=0.2x(squared)−2.6x+9.950​, where​ C(x) is in hundreds of dollars. What is the minimum average cost per dulcimer and how

    asked by Joy
  5. 1/3 4/5-17

    One third of a number added to four fifth of itself is equal to seventeen. Find the number

    asked by saro
  6. math

    Find the number of ways in which 9 people can be divided into 2 groups: the first group has 5 people and the second group has 4 people.

    asked by Sophia
  7. Math

    A plane leaves an airport A (38.5N, 37.05W) and flies dues North to a point B on latitude 52N (a) Find the distance covered by the plane (b) The plane then flies due east to a point C, 2400km from B. Determine the position of C Take the value ∏ of as

    asked by Kid
  8. Math

    Graph the quadratic functions y = -2x^2 and y = -2x^2 + 4 on a separate piece of paper. Using those graphs, compare and contrast the shape and position of the graphs

    asked by Banana
  9. Science

    a black car and a white car are sitting in the Sun, why does the black car get hotter

    asked by Kevin
  10. math

    A total of 8000 dollars is invested in two funds paying 4 percent and 5 percent annual interest,. The combined interest for the year is 350 dollars. How much of the 8000 dollars is invested in each fund? Put the amount of money that should be invested in

    asked by Shiv
  11. Math

    If the third of 6 consecutive numbers is 12, what is their sum?

    asked by Kim
  12. Physics

    A ball in the shape of a uniform spherical shell (like a soccer ball; I = 2/3 mr2) of mass 1.5 kg and radius 15 cm rolls down a 35 degree incline that is 6.0 m high, measured vertically. The ball starts from rest, and there is enough friction on the

    asked by Jamie
  13. Physics

    A 765-kg car is travelling north and makes a gradual turn to the east at a constant speed of 15 m/s. The radius of the turn is 112 m. I calculated the angular velocity to be 0.135 m/s and the friction force needed to be 1410.86 N. What is the smallest

    asked by Anissa
  14. physics

    sine wave repeats every 3.14 radians. how many cycles at 3m/s help?

    asked by arianna
  15. math

    A rectangular prism has dimensions 5 by 6 by x. If the total surface area of the prism is 157.9 square units, what is the value of x? What is the volume of the above prism?

    asked by carlos
  16. Physics

    spring with a force constant of 111 Nm is attached to the ceiling. When an unknown mass is attached it pulls the spring down 0.340m to its equilibrium position. The mass is then pulled 9cm below its equilibrium position and oscillations back and forth.

    asked by Alicia
  17. math

    In how many ways can a committee of 12 people, of which 5 must be in the 21−30 age group, 4 must be in the 31−40 age group and 3 must be in the 41−50 age group, be chosen if there are 6 people of each age group?

    asked by Sophia
  18. Calculus

    If tangents to the curve defined by y=x^2+4 ln x are parallel to the line defined by by y-6x+3=0, determine the points where the tangents touch the curve. y’=2x+4/x 2x+4/x=6 What do I do next?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. math

    Patty has a checking account at a local bank. The monthly checking fee is $10 $0.30 for each check she writes Nonbank ATM withdrawls cost $2.50 Her beginning balance was 2,740.50 she desposited 1,325.00 Withdrew $475.00 in cash from a nonbank ATM She wrote

    asked by Please help asap!
  20. Physics

    A narrow ray of yellow light from glowing sodium (λ0 = 589 nm) traveling in air strikes a smooth surface of water at an angle of θi = 40.5°. Determine the angle of refraction θr.

    asked by John
  21. chemistry

    A narrow ray of yellow light from glowing sodium (λ0 = 589 nm) traveling in air strikes a smooth surface of water at an angle of θi = 40.5°. Determine the angle of refraction θr.

    asked by John
  22. Trig

    An airplane flies 180 miles from point A in the direction 120 degrees and then travels 210 degrees for 80 miles. Approximately how far is the airplane from point A? I know that I will need to use the law of cosine. distance^2= a^2+b^2-2abcos? I am not sure

    asked by Meranda
  23. math

    For what value of 'k' the points ( -k + 1, 2k), (k, 2 - 2k) and ( - 4 - k, 6 - 2k) are collinear.

    asked by rohit
  24. Math

    A company makes women's shoes. The price of the duty-free sale of a pair of shoes is set at 180 €. The total production cost C (x), in euros, is expressed as a function of the number x of pairs of shoes sold by: C x () = + 1.5 1 x x5 +1350 2 with x ∈

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Finance Math

    Oprah Winfrey has closed on a 42-acre estate near Santa Barbara, California, for $50,000,000. If Oprah puts 20% down and finances at 7% for 30 years, what would her monthly payment be?

    asked by Heyhi
  26. Finance Math

    Mortgage lenders base the mortgage interest rate they offer you on your credit rating. This makes it financially critical to maintain a credit score of 700 or higher. How much more interest would you pay on a $194,000 home if you put 30% down and financed

    asked by Heyhi
  27. Chemistry

    Why is caffeine susceptible to analysis by reversed-phase HPLC and why couldn't it be performed by GC?

    asked by Lyndsay
  28. Finance Math

    Quicken Loans reports a 30-year fixed rate mortgage at 4.9%, a 20-year mortgage at 4.75% and a and a 15-year mortgage at 4.50%. If you want to finance a $218,000 home, how much interest will you save if you refinance your loan for 15 years compared to 30

    asked by Heyhi
  29. math 11

    Michaela has up to $20 to spend on bottled water and orange juice for a group hike. It cost $2 for each bottle of water and $ 4 for each bottle pdf orange juice. write an inequality statement of this situation? 2x +4y< or equal to 20 Y < or equal to-1/2x

    asked by George
  30. Math

    The position of two towns X and Y are given to the nearest degree as X(45° N, 10° W) and Y (45 N°, 70° W). Find 70-10 =60 Find: (a) The distance between the two towns in (i) Kilometers ( take the radius of the earth as 6370) 60/360

    asked by Kid
  31. Math (Stats)

    Consider the the distribution of under-inflated tires on a four-wheel automobile. The mass density is given by: p(0) = 0.4, p(1) = p(2) = p(3) = 0.1, p(4) = 0.3 a) Find the expected value and the variance of this distribution. b) For what proportion of

    asked by Ray
  32. English

    posted by rfvv Friday, April 13, 2018 at 9:46pm posted by rfvv Monday, April 9, 2018 at 10:21pm 1. What is the root verb of 'seen'? 2. What is the base verb of 'seen'? 3. What is the bare infinitive of 'seen'? 4. What is the verb root of 'seen'? 5. What is

    asked by rfvv
  33. Math

    There are two signposts A and B on the edge of the road. A is 400 m to the west of b. A tree is on a bearing of 060 degree from A and a bearing of 330 degree from B Calculate the shortest distance of the tree from the edge of the road.

    asked by Kid
  34. English

    1. She is at the bus. 2. She is at the car. 3. She is near the bus. 4. She is near the car. 5. She is by the bus. 6. She is by the car. 7. She is in/on the bus. 8. She is in the car. [Doesn't #1 mean #7? Doesn't #2 mean #8? Is each pair the same?]

    asked by rfvv
  35. Math

    The point A is directly below a window. Another point B is 15 m from A and at the same horizontal level. From B angle of elevation of the top of the bottom of the window is 300 and the angle of elevation of the top of the window is 350. Calculate the

    asked by Kid
  36. world history -geography

    What river near the city of Manaus is a tributary of the Amazon River? Is it the Negro River or the Solimoes river because they both look like they are tributaries, but the Negro River is closer to Manaus? Thank you!

    asked by Anonymous
  37. chemistry

    how could you show experimentally that the molecular formula of propene is C3H6, not CH2?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. math

    After a dog or cat is given a preventive flea medicine, the medicine begins to break down in the animal’s bloodstream. With each passing hour, there is less active medicine in the blood. a. Complete the table and then draw a graph to show the amount of

    asked by Carly
  39. English

    1. My legs are asleep. 2. I am cramped in my legs. 3. I got cramp in my legs. 4. I got a cramp in my legs. [Can we use all the expressions? Which ones are commonly used? Are they the same in meaning?]

    asked by rfvv
  40. English

    1. He is sitting in an armchair [which has armrests]. 2. He is sitting on an armchair [which has armrests]. [Can we use both 'in' and 'on' in the sentences?] 3. She is sitting on a stool. 4. She is sitting in a stool. [Can we use 'in' in this sentence? We

    asked by rfvv
  41. Math & science

    Clear glass is to be recovered from a stream of mixed glass materials using a binary separator. The mixed glass stream contains 65% clear glass and will have a feed rate of 100 kg/hour. One manufacturer A has a separator that is has an overall efficiency

    asked by ally
  42. history

    Who were the key players of the Warsaw Pact and NATO? (aka people)

    asked by help plzz
  43. statistics

    How large a sample should be taken if the population mean is to be estimated with 99% confidence to within $75? The population has a standard deviation of $900.

    asked by Kabelo
  44. Algebra

    Find a quadratic function that fits the set of data points (0,−3)​, (2,1)​, (4,1). I am confused about how to go about this. Please help tonight if possible.

    asked by Bonnie
  45. benghazi

    0.5 mol CCl4 is introduced into a 10.0L flask .what fraction of the total volume of flask is occupied by CCl4 molecules?

    asked by jasmine
  46. math

    . The position of two towns X and Y are given to the nearest degree as X(45° N, 10° W) and Y (45 N°, 70° W). Find 70-10 =60 (a) The distance between the two towns in (i) Kilometers ( take the radius of the earth as 6370) 60/360 *2*3.142*6370*cos(45) =

    asked by kid
  47. Algebra

    Find ​(f◦​g)(x) and ​(g◦​f)(x). f(x)=4x(squared)+3​; ​g(x)=4x−2(f◦​g)(x)=______(Simplify your​ answer.) I keep getting lost on these f(x) and g(x)problems

    asked by Joy