Questions Asked on
April 14, 2018

  1. Chemistry

    copper(II) nitrate and barium sulfide Express your answer as a complete ionic equation and a net ionic equation.

    asked by Leslie
  2. Calculus

    The base of a triangle is shrinking at a rate of 1 cm/min and the height of the triangle is increasing at a rate of 6 cm/min. Find the rate (in cm2/min) at which the area of the triangle changes when the height is 38 cm and the base is 36 cm. I just want

    asked by Meghan
  3. Chemistry

    Ba(NO3)2(aq) + Na2SO4(aq) → BaSO4(s) + 2NaNO3(aq) An experiment was begun with 75.00 g of Ba(NO3)2 and an excess of Na2SO4. After collecting and drying the product, 64.45 g of BaSO4 was obtained. Calculate the theoretical yield and percentage yield of

    asked by Pickles
  4. Pre-calc

    Radhanath Sikdar, a mathematician and surveyor from India, calculated the height of Mount Qomolangma (Mount Everest) in 1852. While standing a distance of 240 kilometers from the peak, he determined that the height of the mountain was 8839 meters.†

    asked by Ri
  5. physics

    A solid cylinder of mass m and radius R rolls down a parabolic path PQR from height without slipping (assume R ≪ H) as shown in the figure below. Path PQ is rough (and so the cylinder will roll on that path), whereas path QR is smooth, or frictionless

    asked by joy
  6. math

    An Artisan has 63 kg of metal of density 7,000kg/m3. He intends to use make a rectangular pipe with external dimensions 12 cm by 15 cm and internal dimensions 10 cm by 12 cm. Calculate the length of the pipe in meters.

    asked by k
  7. Calculus

    A road running north to south crosses a road going east to west at the point P. Car A is driving north along the first road, and an airplane is flying east above the second road. At a particular time the car is 15 kilometers to the north of P and traveling

    asked by Meghan
  8. Calculus

    Find dy/dt at x = 1 and y = x2 + 3 if dx/dt = 4 I'm not sure how to set up this type of equation. Do you use the pythagorem theorem for this? Then take the derivative, and then plug in?

    asked by David
  9. Statistics

    Suppose flights at a large metropolitan airport are on-time 68% of the time and late 32% of the time. We want to use a table of random digits to simulate flight status (on-time or late), so we'll assign 01, 02, … , 68 to represent on-time flights, and

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Chemistry

    How many grams of commercial C2H4O2 (97% pure by mass) must be allowed to react with an excess of PCl3 to produce 75.0g of C2H3OCL if the reaction has a 78.2% yield?

    asked by Emmanuel
  11. Maths

    Y varies partly as X and partly as the square root of inverse of X. If Y=11 where X=9 and Y=20 where X=9 calculate Y when X=12.

    asked by Doris
  12. English

    What do you do in the evening? 1. I do house chores from time to time. 2. I do household chores from time to time. 3. I do chores from time to time. 4. I do some chores from time to time. 5. I do housework from time to time. [Are they all grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  13. English/writing

    Can someone tell me if this sentence is ok? Or give suggestions on how I can make it better? The students not only raised money during the walk-a-thon but continued to collect pledges three weeks afterward.

    asked by Julie
  14. History

    What conflict resolution does Malala Yousafzai follow? Competition, Collaboration, Compromise, Accommodation, Avoidance _______________________________________________________________________ I am actually not sure. I used the conflict with Malala and

    asked by Sarah
  15. Pre-calc

    The Blue Angels, the Navy's elite flying squadron, have performed for more than 427 million fans since their inception in 1946. Suppose the two Blue Angel jets at points P and A in the diagram have elevations of 1555 feet and 1000 feet, respectively. Both

    asked by Ri
  16. Java

    The way event driven programming works in Java is that a handler object fires an event, and a source object processes the event. True or False

    asked by Alex
  17. math

    Shopping centers X, Y and Z are such that Y is 12 km south of X and Z is 15 km from X. Z is on a bearing of 330° from Y.

    asked by kud
  18. math

    Find the reciprocal of 0.342. Hence evaluate:(√0.0625/0.342)

    asked by k
  19. Math

    The front door of a house is 80 inches tall. What is the volume of the door? Top is 2 in. the length is 36 in. What is the volume of the door? A bedroom door in the house has the same dimensions as the front door, but the length is 30 inches rather than 36

    asked by elaine
  20. Math..mathematical induction

    Prove by mathematical induction that 1+3+5+7+....+(2n-1)=n²

    asked by Wisdom
  21. Math

    A 6 ft tall person walks away from a 10 ft lamppost at a constant rate of 5 ft/s. What is the rate (in ft/s) that the tip of the shadow moves away from the pole when the person is 10 ft away from the pole? I have drawn out the picture, but I am not sure

    asked by Lily
  22. AP Chemistry

    What is the reaction that would occur in a galvanic cell between solutions of Al3+ and Pb2, where would oxidation and reduction take place, and what would the cell potentials be?

    asked by Alex
  23. math

    Find the lengths of each side give the following right triangle: Base=x hypotenuse=x+6 last side=x+3 thank you!

    asked by Jonah
  24. English

    What does rhetoric have to do with democracy? How did the influence of rhetoric spread throughout the world?

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Chemistry

    What is the correct answer for balancing 3NO2+ H20 --> HNO3+2NO ? I have worked through this and got 6NO+H20 -->H3NO3+2NO is the correct answer?

    asked by Gunner
  26. English

    1. He has cereal and milk for breakfast. 2. He has cereal with milk for breakfast. [Which one do we have to use? Are both okay? When we pour milk into a bowl of cereal, which expression do we use?] 3. I have rice, kimchi, some vegetable side dishes for

    asked by rfvv
  27. English

    1. I put on a gym uniform for PE classes. 2. I put on a jogging suit for PE classes. 3. I put on a uniform for PE classes. 4. I wear a sports uniform for PE classes. 5. I wear sports clothes for PE classes. ================================ What is a common

    asked by rfvv
  28. English

    1. I don't like chocolate. 2. I don't like chocolates. [Can we use both singular and plural forms; chocolate and chocolates? What is the difference between them?]

    asked by rfvv
  29. math

    hypothesis testing , this is the example, The company has enjoyed success, and has grown to the current staff of 26 people. There is a perception/rumor in the company that the average pay rate for males is different than the average pay rate for females.

    asked by yan
  30. Maths .. Binomial theorem

    Use the binomial theorem to expand (2-1/4X)⁴

    asked by Wisdom
  31. Antennas

    The GSM-900 (900MHz band) link budget allows a maximum isotropic path loss of 143 dB (the antenna gains are not included). Which is the corresponding maximum cell radius for undistributed free space propagation?

    asked by Arnau EC
  32. Finance Math

    Oprah Winfrey has closed on a 42-acre estate near Santa Barbara, California, for $50,000,000. If Oprah puts 20% down and finances at 7% for 30 years, what would her monthly payment be?

    asked by Heyhi
  33. Social Studies

    why might Myanmar have difficulty attracting foreign investments? I studied my book but I understand nothing of it.

    asked by Evalyn Carver
  34. Calculus

    A 18 ft ladder is leaning against a wall. If the top of the ladder slides down the wall at a rate of 3 ft/s, how fast (in ft/s) is the bottom moving along the ground when the bottom of the ladder is 9 ft from the wall? Also, this one. I have done the

    asked by Meghan
  35. math

    An isosceles trapezoid ABCD has bases AD = 17 cm, BC = 5cm, and leg AB = 10cm. A line is drawn through vertex B so that it bisects diagonal AC and intersects AD at point M. Find the area of ΔBDM.

    asked by Diya
  36. math

    What ordered pair of positive integers (r, s) satisfies the equation 5r + 6s = 47, such that r > s? What is the integer for r ? What is the integer for s?

    asked by Shiv
  37. English

    Can someone give my examples of famous speeches with repetition in them? for example? "I have a dream" by Martin Luther King. Thanks! ~

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    The Position of two A and B on the earth’s surface are (36°N, 49°E) and (36°N, 131°W ) respectively. (a) The difference in long between town A and town B (2 marks) (b)) Given that the radius of the earth is 6370, calculate the distance town A and

    asked by k
  39. math

    The angle which the tangent to the curve at the point (2, 5) makes with the horizontal

    asked by k
  40. Calculus

    The position vector of an object that is moving in the xy-plane is (t+cost, t^3-75t) for t on [0, 2pi]. At which value of y does the object's path have a horizontal tangent? I think this is the value at which dy/dt=0, or at t=5. At t=5, y= -250.

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Physics

    A construction company uses a crane to lift a wrecking ball2000kg the crane can cause the wrecking ball to speed up from rest to 0.1m/s in 0.2 second what is the acceleration of the wrecking ball during this time

    asked by Nada
  42. Calculus

    An object moves in the xy-plane so that its velocity vector for 0

    asked by Anonymous
  43. physics

    A 10 cm long, 2cm wide wooden wedge is pushed into a soft wood block.calculate: a) the velocity ratio of the wedge b) the load on the soft wood if the effort applied is 30N

    asked by Huseen
  44. math

    Manyatta Village is 74 km North West of Nyangata Village. Chamwe village is 42 km west of Nyangata. By using an appropriate scale drawing, find the bearing of Chamwe from Manyatta.

    asked by k
  45. math 11

    A pilot of a downed airplane fires the emergency flare into the sky. The path of the flare is modelled by the equation h=-0.096(d-25)^2 +60 where h is the height of the flare in meters when its horizontal distance from where it was propelled is d meters.

    asked by George
  46. Physics

    A hiker in a canyon calls out “Hello” and hears his echo 2 s later. How far away are the canyon walls?

    asked by Faoruk
  47. Physics

    If two sound waves undergo complete destructive interference, what must be true? A. They have the same amplitude. B. They have the same frequency. C. They are 180° out of phase. D. all of the above

    asked by Faoruk
  48. Calculus

    Find the terminal point given the vector and an initial point of (-6,10).

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Physics

    In order to stay in phase, do two waves need to have the same frequency? The same amplitude?

    asked by Akhmed
  50. math

    The length and breadth of a rectangular paper were measured to be the nearest centimeter and found to be 18 cm and 12 cm respectively. Find the percentage error in its perimeter

    asked by kud