Questions Asked on
April 13, 2018

  1. Bilology

    What are the disadvantages of improvisation in teaching and learning

  2. Differential equations

    Suppose a cup of coffee is at 100 degrees Celsius at time t = 0, it is at 70 degrees at t = 10 minutes, and it is at 50 degrees at t = 20 minutes. Compute the ambient temperature. So in the book I was given Newton's Heat equation. dT/dt=k(A-T) where T is

  3. science

    Find the acceleration of the masses shown in Figure, given that m1 = 1.0 kg, m2 = 2.0 kg, and m3 = 3.0 kg. Assume the table is frictionless and the masses move freely.

  4. Maths

    a village is 10km on a bearing of 050 degree 4rm a point far is d village north of 0?

  5. Math

    Help! I need the work and how to check it too! Victoria and Georgetown are 36.2 mi from each other. How far apart would the cities be on a map that has a scale of 0.9 in: 10.5 mi?

  6. 5 th grade math

    The living room in the house has an area of 224 square feet and a width of 14 feet. What is the length of the room?

  7. criminology

    In court, what would a prosecutor need to document for evidence to be admitted? (Select all that apply.) date and time evidence was collected where the item was found that a picture was taken each time the evidence changed location the identity of every

  8. Government

    When James Madison wrote in the Federalist Papers, "What is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature?" what was he saying about human nature? a. that the type of government shows a lot about human nature**** b. that human

  9. AP Chemistry

    How long, in seconds, would it take to deposit 10.5 g of copper onto an electrode from a solution of Cu2+ if a current of 2.00 A was applied?

  10. Government

    Which of these scenarios are constitutional according to the court's interpretation of eminent domain? Select all that apply. a. A state extends a needed highway and pays fair prices for houses that are in the way of the planned expansion. b. A town wants

  11. Physics

    A)Blood flows in an aorta of radius 4.50mm at 27.5cm/s. Calculate the volume flow rate. B)Although the cross-sectional area of a capillary is much smaller than that of the aorta, there are many capillaries, so their total cross-sectional area is much

  12. Chemistry

    Calculate the heat needed to raise the temperature of a piece of gold that weighs 5.8 g by 8.4°C if the specific heat of gold is 0.13 J/g°C.

  13. math

    A steam line will increase in length by 1.440% when heated to operating temperature. Determine the original length of the line, if it increased in length by 5.000 cm when heated. (Round your answer to 3 decimal places).

  14. math

    The volume of a cone of radius r and height h is V=1/3πr^2h.Solve for r. Please help me!:(

  15. English

    1. He is taking a walk at the park. 2. He is taking a walk in the park. 3. He is taking a walk on the park. 4. he is taking a walk near/ in front of the park. [Does #1 mean #4? Or does #1 mean #2 or #3?] 5. He is reading a book at the library. 6. He is

  16. Communication

    1. Examine how online advertisement have developed over the years around the globe

  17. Finance Math

    Daniel and Jan agreed to pay $560,000 for a four-bedroom colonial home in Waltham, Mass., with $60,000 down payment. They have a 30-year mortgage at a fixed rate of 6.00%. (a) How much is their monthly payment? (b) After the first payment, what would be

  18. Algebra

    A total of 8000 dollars is invested in two funds paying 4 percent and 5 percent annual interest,. The combined interest for the year is 350 dollars. How much of the 8000 dollars is invested in each fund?

  19. Pre-Calculus

    Suppose a daredevil attempted to jump a canyon, using a special rocket built for the stunt. Suppose it was launched off a ramp shown in the picture. The ramp was 325 feet in length and rose vertically 225 feet. (a) Calculate the measure of the angle of

  20. Spanish

    How are stem changing ir verbs different from stem changing ar and er verbs in the present subjunctive?

  21. Social Studies (Check my work)

    What factors contributed to the weakening and decline of Medieval Europe? My answer: In the 14th century, there was a disease called the black death. It weakened Medieval Europe a lot because it killed millions of Europeans. Is this good?

  22. Geography

    Which of the following most closely relates to the term social satisfaction

  23. Tech Please help

    Which of the following is a search engine? A) Mozilla Firefox B)Internet Explorer C)Google*** D)Safari

  24. Texas History

    How did the oil industry damage Texas' environment in it early years?

  25. Science

    An immense body of air characterized by similar properties at any given altitude is known as a(n) _____.

  26. Differential equations

    solve 1/(x^2+1) * y' + xy = 3 for y(0)=0 So I needed to find the integrating factor which is r(x)=e^(integral(p(x)dx)) so here p(x) is just x therefore r(x)=e^(x^2/2)? Then I am supposed to be able to put it in the form d/dx(r(x)y)=RHS but this doesn't

  27. Math

    Which three-dimensional figure has all triangular faces?

  28. math

    The area of a circle of radius r is A=πr^2.Solve for r. Please help!!!!!!!

  29. math

    The volume of a cylinder of radius r and height h is V=πr^2h.Solve for r. Please helppppp!!!!

  30. Math

    Which word or words correctly completes the sentence? A ______________ has five faces, five vertices, and eight edges

  31. English

    1. On the way home, Mom smiles and says, "Good job, Hojin. The concert is over. Move and laugh now. It's okay." 2. On our way home, Mom smiles and says, "Good job, Hojin. The concert is over. Move and laugh now. It's okay." 3. On her way home, Mom smiles

  32. English

    posted by rfvv Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 11:42pm 1. He is sitting at the computer. 2. He is working at the computer. 3. He is eating at the computer. [Are they all grammatical? Is he doing the activities near or in front of the computer?] Reed Wednesday,

  33. Government

    Explain the civil liberty being violated and state the amendment or law that protects that liberty. The cartoon has a poor white who came to take a literacy test in order to vote. The sign says, "Voters Take Literacy Tests Here," and then at he bottom of

  34. Math-please check

    5. Find three solutions of the equation y=9x-4. (A) (-5, -49), (-2, -22), (3, 23)*** (B) (-5, -49), (2, -22), (3, 23) (C) (-5, -49), (-2, -22), (-3, 23) (D) (5, -49), (-2, 22), (-3, 23) 14. Which table shows a proportional relationship? (A) x 1 3 4 6 y 2 4

  35. math

    Solve the inequality and describe the solution set. y – 6 ≥ 12

  36. Chemistry

    Calculate the heat of reaction (ΔHrxn) for the following reaction: 5O2(g) + 4NH3(g) → 6H2O(g) + 4NO(g)

  37. AP Chemistry

    Under what circumstances is the enthalpy of formation of a compound from its elements usually: - positive - negative

  38. math

    Nellie is 25 years old and just starting her retirement savings. Which breakdown of investments would a financial adviser most likely suggest for Nellie at this point in time? A. 0% high-risk, 20% medium-risk, 80% low-risk B. 10% high-risk, 20%

  39. Algebra

    Use integer values of x from –3 to 3 to graph the equation y = –|–x|.

  40. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of sodium,which contains same no.of atoms as are present in 4gm of calcium

  41. chemistry

    How many grams of magnesium metal will react completely with 5.2 liters of 4.0 M HCl? Show all of the work needed to solve this problem. Mg (s) + 2HCl (aq) MgCl2 (aq) + H2 (g)

  42. math

    When starting an automobile insurance plan, there are many factors that will determine the premium paid by the policyholder. Part one: What are some of the coverage choices (options and levels of coverage) the policyholder can make that would lead to a

  43. Math

    A bedroom door in the house has the dimensions as the front door, which is at top 2 in. and the bottom is 36 in. but the length is 30 inches rather than 36 inches. How much greater is the volume of the front door than the bedroom door?

  44. geography

    What river near the city of Manaus is a tributary of the Amazon River? What two capital cities lie near the Congo/ Democratic Republic of the Congo border? Brazzaville and Kinshasa??

  45. Algebra

    x -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 y 18 8 0 -6 -10 -12 -12 -10 -6 What is the vertex of the parabola? The x-coordinate is 1.5.

  46. Algebra

    In 2003, NASA launched the rover Spirit onto the surface of Mars to explore our planetary neighbor. Near the end of January 2010, Mars was 99.33 million km away from Earth. Assume the speed of communication is at the speed of light, which is 300,000,000

  47. Physics

    If you drop a hot rock into a pan of cold water what happens? Why? How about if you drop the hot rock into the Atlantic ocean?

  48. Trigonometry

    A scientist has 37 grams of a radioactive substance that decays exponentially. Assuming k=-0.3,how many grams of radioactive substance remain after 9 days.

  49. Physics

    How is it possible to feel warm in one room and cold in another if the air in both is at the same temperature?

  50. ELA

    Jane's artwork is displayed alongside other contemporary art pieces at the modern art museum. which word that can be used to describe Jane's artwork has the most positive connotation? weird eccentric original #### odd ####=my asnwer

  51. English

    posted by rfvv today at 6:30am 1. On the way home, Mom smiles and says, "Good job, Hojin. The concert is over. Move and laugh now. It's okay." 2. On our way home, Mom smiles and says, "Good job, Hojin. The concert is over. Move and laugh now. It's okay."

  52. English

    posted by rfvv Monday, April 9, 2018 at 10:21pm 1. What is the root verb of 'seen'? 2. What is the base verb of 'seen'? 3. What is the bare infinitive of 'seen'? 4. What is the verb root of 'seen'? 5. What is the dictionary form of 'seen'? 6. What is the

  53. English

    In English, we are doing a turning point project, which is similar to an essay. I need help editing mine and making it more concise.

  54. Math

    Look at the shaded triangle. Describe two ways of drawing the square design below using any combination of translation, reflection, and rotations of figure I (the shaded triangle). I don't understand this question help.

  55. Reflective Checklist

    List two items you would expect to see in a setting for a children 3-5 years of age that promote social interaction?

  56. Pre-Calculus

    In the Adirondack Mountains near Tupper Lake, New York, forest fire observers used fire observation towers for over 70 years. The people who staffed the towers reported forest fires and smoke sightings. As many as 57 towers were used by the observers;