Questions Asked on
March 30, 2018

  1. physics

    If the resultant force acting on a 2kg object is equal to (3i+4j)N, what is the change in kinetic energy as the object moves from (7i-8j)m to (11i-5j)m?

  2. maths

    What is the standard form of 0.0000035?

  3. physics

    A 4kg block is lowered down a 37° incline a distance of 5m from point A to point B. A horizontal force (F = 10 N) is applied to the block between A and B as shown in the figure. The kinetic energy of the block at A is 10 J and at B it is 20 J. How much

  4. Calculus

    A ladder 25 feet long is leaning against the wall of a house. The base of the ladder is pulled away from the wall at a rate of 2 feet per second. a) Consider the triangle formed by the side of the house, ladder, and the ground. Find the rate at which the

  5. Chemistry (spontaneous reaction)

    Which of the given conditions leads to a negative free energy value (spontaneous reaction)? 1. Highly positive enthalpy and highly negative entropy 2. Slightly negative enthalpy and highly negative entropy 3. Highly positive enthalpy and slightly positive

  6. Calculus

    A ball is thrown straight down from the top of a 445-foot building with an initial velocity of -24 feet per second. Use the position function below for free-falling objects. s(t) = -16t2 + v0t + s0 What is its velocity after 2 seconds? V(2)= _____ ft/s

  7. Chem

    NH4Cl(s) → NH3(g) + HCl(g) ΔH°=176 kJ/mol At 25 °C, this reaction has a ΔG° of 91.1 kJ/mol. What is the ΔS° of this reaction?

  8. chemistry

    why should excess alkali be avoided in the ferric chloride test for acetic acid and benzoic acid?

  9. Chem

    CH3COOH(aq) + H2O(l) ⇌ H3O^+(aq) + CH3COO^–(aq) [H3O^+] = 4.0 × 10^–3 M [CH3COOH] = 0.90 M What is the Ka value for the reaction?

  10. Math

    Jason will use a 1/3 gallon pitcher to fill an empty 3/4 gallon water jug. How much water will he need in order to completely fill the water jug?

  11. Pre Algebra

    “A pre-algebra book is 8 1 half Click for more options inches by 9 1 fourth Click for more options inches. Determine the perimeter of the textbook. Describe the steps you took to solve this problem.

  12. history

    What was the impact of the Napoleonic Code? It became the set of civil laws adopted throughout Europe and other parts of the world. It was the central method of determining criminal punishment in all French-held territory under Napoleon. It established a

  13. Chemistry

    2A + 3B + C ⟶ D + E The rate constant for this reaction is 0.25, and the reaction is second order in A and is first order in B and C. Which option correctly gives the rate of the reaction if [A] is 0.4 M, [B] is 0.1 M and [C] is 0.2 M?

  14. Algebra

    A dish of lasagna baked at 375°F is taken out of the oven into a kitchen that is 70°F. After 6 minutes, the temperature of the lasagna is 317.5°F. What will its temperature be 15 minutes after it was taken out of the oven?

  15. Chemistry

    Ammonia (NH3) ionizes according to the following reaction: NH3(aq)^+ H2O(l) ⇌ NH4^+(aq) + OH^–(aq) The base dissociation constant for ammonia (NH3) is Kb = 1.8 × 10^–5. Ammonia (NH3) also has a chloride salt, ammonium chloride (NH4Cl), which is

  16. Chemistry (concentration)

    Iron fluoride (FeF2) dissociates according to the following equation: FeF2(s) ⇌ Fe^2+(aq) + 2 F^–(aq) A sample of iron fluoride (FeF2) is dissolved in water, and a saturated solution is obtained. The [Fe^2+] is measured to be 2.05 × 10^–4 mol/L.

  17. Chemistry (equilibrium)

    H2(g) + I2(g) ⇌ 2HI(g) The concentration of H2, I2 and HI are measured as 0.04 M, 0.08 M and 0.12 M at equilibrium and 200 K. What is the value of equilibrium constant?

  18. Fractions.

    The fraction 7/8 is a multiple of what unit fraction?

  19. Science

    How are the respiratory and circulatory and respiratory systems similar? A) Both systems provide glucose and other substances to cells. B) Both systems regulate blood flow throughout the body. C) Both systems help remove carbon dioxide from the body. D)

  20. Math

    A car traveled 36 miles in 45 minutes, the car traveled at a constant speed. If the the car continues to travel at this rate, which equation can be used to determine y, the total number of miles the car will travels in x hours?

  21. math- precal

    If a ball is hit with an initial velocity of 110 feet per second at an angle of 45 degrees from an initial height of 2 feet, how long will it be in the air?The following parametric equations are used to represent the location of the ball after t seconds.

  22. math

    what does squared mean?

  23. math

    Simplify. 8m+4n+7m−2n What is the answer? a.17mn b.15m + 6n c.15m + 2n d.m + 2n

  24. algebra

    A motorboat that travels with a speed of 20 km/hour in still water has traveled 20 km against the current and 180 km with the current, having spent 8 hours on the entire trip. Find the speed of the current of the river.

  25. math

    Yon made contributions to a Traditional IRA over the course of 25 working years. Her contributions averaged $3,000 annually. Yon was in the 26% tax bracket during her working years. The average annual rate of return on the account was 4%. Upon retirement,

  26. Calc 2

    Compute the total area of the (infinitely many) triangles in the Figure In the image, the height of all the triangles is 6/7. The x-values for the bases of the triangles from left to right are as follows: 27/64 , 9/16 , 3/4 , 1 Using the formula for the

  27. Physics

    Sit down somewhere where there are lots of people. Now categorize the people according to gender and hair color. Start with the males: Observe at least 20 and keep track of how many have hair that is in one of the following categories: black, brown,

  28. Calculus

    Find dy/dx by implicit differentiation. (sin(pix)+cos(pix))^7=29

  29. Algebra 1

    George has $3.60 in quarters and dimes. If he has 13 more quarters than dimes, how many dimes does he have ?

  30. Chemistry

    NH4Cl(s) → NH3(g) + HCl(g) ΔH°=176 kJ/mol At 25 °C, this reaction has a ΔG° of 91.1 kJ/mol. What is the ΔS° of this reaction?

  31. chemistry

    why would acyl halides give higher yields of amides compared to carboxylic acids or esters on reaction with NH3?

  32. Math

    estimate the circumference of a circle with the radius of 4 inches use 3.14 for pi round the the nearest hundredth A. 25.12*** B. 12.56 C. 50.24 D. 624.6

  33. Calculus

    Find the value(s) of c guaranteed by the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals for the function over the given interval. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) f(x) = x^4, [0, 4]

  34. physics

    Bruce the Shark, is swimming very fast, at a constant velocity of 8 m/s. Bruce has a mass of 831 kg and is able to generate a force of 15 N with his tail. Calculate the pmomentum, in kg*m/s of this large shark. answer please

  35. History!

    Why did Reconstruction include the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments? I'm stuck on this question. Sites for help or hints/help to get the answer would me much appreciated!

  36. Math

    Find the horizontal change and the vertical change for the translation P(4,-4) (-4,7) 1) right 8; up 11 2 )left 8; down 11 3)right 8;down 11 4)left 8; up 11 #4 is my answer. Can you check? Thanks

  37. algebra

    When three pipes fill a pool, they can finish in 12 hours. Two of the pipes can finish in 18 hours if they are working together. How long would it take a third pipe to fill the pool on its own?

  38. Chemistry

    Haemoglobin (Hb) react with carbon monoxide according to the following equation. Give its rate equation. 4Hb + 3CO → Hb4(CO)3

  39. Physics

    When you swim across a river does the time it takes to get to the other side depend on the rate of flow of the water? Defend your answer.

  40. AP Physics

    Hi! I'm supposed to derive an algebraic formula to solve for the acceleration using one of the linear kinematics formulas of an elevator with a person inside that begins to accelerate from rest moving downward. If it travels a know distance, d, in reaching

  41. History

    What health and safety classes can young people take through the Red Cross?

  42. physics

    While a boat is being towed at a speed of 11m/s, the tension in the towline is 9.5kN. What is the power supplied to the boat through the towline?

  43. MATH

    Find the real and imaginary part of 6¡/(2-¡)² Pls I need working and answer pls

  44. 7th Grade Social Studies

    Question: What do Arkansas Grider, Davis, Kindley, and Miller have in common? A. All were influential in their role as governor **** B. All were led state programs to help citizens during the great depression C. All were celebrated for their heroism in

  45. Pre-Algebra

    Please Check My Asnwers What is the exact area of a circle having diameter 6 in.? The 2 is the second power btw 3π in.2 36π in.2 6π in.2******** 9π in.2

  46. Maths

    Find the polar representation of √2 -¡√2

  47. MATH - Log

    Solve for X in (Log X)²-6Log X + 9=0 3 3 Help please

  48. math

    Find δ and β such that X^3/8 * y^-6/7 *[y^9/7 / X^45/8]^1/9 = X^δ/yβ

  49. math

    Find an equation of the circle with center at (-9,2) and passing through (2,-2) in the form of (x-A)^2+(y-B)^2=C where A,B,C are constant. Pleaseeeeee helpppppp!!!!!!!!

  50. Physics

    2point charges of 1mc & 4mcr places 0.15m apart find the null point between them..?

  51. Consumer math

    Which is not a part of your budget? Primary job gross income Second job realized income Fixed expenses Discretionary expenses**** my answer Am I correct?

  52. physics

    What is the formula for range of error?

  53. physics

    A skier slides down a hill starting with zero velocity at a height of h1 = 45.2 m above the bottom of the hill. The shape of the terrain is like a cosine wave. a) What is the velocity of the skier on top of the second, intermediate hill, whose height is h2

  54. Calculus

    Find the equation of the line tangent to the given curve with the given slope y=(1/3)x^3+2x^2+5, m=-4 I'm stuck. So far, I have: y'=x^2+4x x^2+4x=-4

  55. Chemistry

    I am not sure on how to identify reaction types. It is the only thing I need help with 1. 3BaCl2 + 2Na3PO4 ---> 6NaCl + Ba3 (PO4)2 2. C6H12O6 + 6O2 ---> 6CO2 + 6H2O 3. 2H2 + O2 ---> 2H20 4. Zn + Pb(NO3)2 ---> Zn(NO3)2 + Pb

  56. Math-Algebra II to be exact

    Come up with a new linear function that has a slope that falls in the range −1< m

  57. Calculus

    Find the equation of a normal line to the given curve with the given slope y=(4x-7)^3, slope -1/12, x>0 So far, I have: y'=12(4x-7)^2 12(4x-7)^2=12 4x-7=+1,-1 x=2, x=3/2

  58. Math

    Is the product of 14.5 and 2.3 greater than or less than the quotient of 34.56 and 2.4

  59. Algebra

    Adam wants to invest $80,000 in a pension plan. One investment offers 7% compounded quarterly. Another offers 6.5% compounded continuously. Which investment will earn more interest in 10 years?

  60. Math

    Mr. santos has 3/4 of paint and each chair requires 1/9 of a gallon of paint. He thinks he has enough paint for 7 he correct or incorrect

  61. Algebra

    The growth of stray cat population, n(t) in a small town can be modeled as n(t) = no e 0.15 t where t is time in years. Given that in year 1995, the town had 20 stray cats. a) Find the projected population after 5 years b) Find the number of years required

  62. fine art

    Discuss the use of color and light in the Hagia Sophia. I need help on this because I don't understand what I need to write. In the question before this I had to write about the elements of art in the Hagia Sophia and one of the elements was color. So

  63. chemistry

    Provide an example of a spontaneous reaction

  64. physics

    The illustration for this problem is at ds055uzetaobbcloudfrontnet/image_optimizer/142fdba0bc53bb9ae12ecea6de058f57fef01274.png A rope of length 90cm lies in a straight line on a frictionless table, except for a very small piece at one end which hangs down

  65. ELA

    PLEASE HELP AND HURRY!!! In a house the size of a postage stamp lived a man as big as a barge. His mouth could drink the entire river You could say it was rather large For dinner he would eat a trillion beans And a silo full of grain, Washed it down with a

  66. History please help ASAP!!!

    Which of the following was not part of the Allied Powers? a. Poland b. Italy c. Britain d. Soviet Union

  67. English

    1A: How's your middle school, Jimin? 2B: It's good. Everyone is friendly. 3A: Is it different from elementary school? 4B: Yes, we have a big library. The school lunch is great, too.

  68. fine art

    Discuss how the exterior of the Hagia Sophia differs or shares similar design art elements from the interior. I'm confused on how to compare the interior and exterior. And are "design art elements" the same as the elements of art or is it something else?

  69. math

    the length of a rectangular garden is 5 feet more than the width. the perimeter is 50 feet.what is the width

  70. Social Studies

    Producers and consumers own the factors of production Custom and habit answer the question of who, what and how to produce Outside trade and commerce is discouraged Roles within the community are defined by custom and gender What type of economic system is

  71. Math

    If the length of a rectangle is decreased by 4 cm and the width is increased by 5 cm, the result will be a square, the area of which will be 40 cm2 greater than the area of the rectangle. Find the area of the rectangle.

  72. physics

    A mass m = 17 kg is pulled along a horizontal floor with NO friction for a distance d =5.4 m. Then the mass is pulled up an incline that makes an angle θ = 32° with the horizontal and has a coefficient of kinetic friction μk = 0.36. The entire time the

  73. trig

    If tanx + cotx =5 tgen find tan^2x +cot^2x

  74. Other

    Hi, so... I was just wondering... if my design gets put on T.V., I have legal rights for it, right?

  75. Physics

    A stationary 21 kg shell explodes into two pieces. If the 5 kg piece has a velocity of -53 m/s, determine the velocity of the other piece. answer this please

  76. History

    Which of the following did Quin Shi Huangdi not standardize? A) The widths of cart axles B) Currency C) weights and measurements D) the width and measurements Please help and please give clear information 2 sentences and not long articles nor web pages.

  77. Social Studies

    In order to determine their type of economic system, a country's society must ask ____________. A) What will be produced? B) How will it be produced? C) For whom will it be produced? D) All of the above. All of the above?

  78. History!

    What did the North hope to achieve by fighting the Civil War? A. preservation of states’ rights B. an end to slavery** C. equality for all D.preservation of the slave system NOT so sure.... Which of the following describes the effect of new military

  79. Social Studies: World War |

    Which of the following BEST describes the cause of WW1? A.European nations competed for land, trade and military power.** B. European and Asian nations fought for control of land. C. European and American nations fought over control over the sea. D.

  80. English

    1. forget: to not remember facts, information, or people or things from the past [This is the definition of 'forget' according to the Longman dictionary. What is the difference between #1 and #2? Can we us as in #2 as well. Which one is better, 'to not',

  81. Chemistry

    Ammonia (NH3) ionizes according to the following reaction: NH3(aq) + H2O(l) ⇌ NH4+(aq) + OH–(aq) The base dissociation constant for ammonia (NH3) is Kb = 1.8 × 10–5. Ammonia (NH3) also has a chloride salt, ammonium chloride (NH4Cl), which is soluble

  82. algebra

    When three pipes fill a pool, they can finish in 12 hours. Two of the pipes can finish in 18 hours if they are working together. How long would it take a third pipe to fill the pool on its own?

  83. phyiscs

    A train is moving at 13 m/s and has a mass of 2363 kg. A broken down car (loaded with heavy bricks) is stopped on the train track. Upon impact, the train and car get tangled together and travel at a constant velocity of 3 m/s. What is the mass of the

  84. science

    Calculat the weight of KMnO4 in GMs necessary to prepare 250ml of N/10 KMnO4 solution

  85. ELA

    In the poems "Concrete Cat", "Haiku", and Limerick", the poets chose different forms to express their thoughts and feelings about the subject. Imagine that their poetic forms changed. How would each poem be different if its form were exchanged with another

  86. geography

    Find the surface area of the cylinder in terms of pie. 14 cm diameter and 18 cm for the height. π = the number pi (3.1416...) r = radius is not the correct way to do this problem any help would be great. answer are 350cm^2 i think this is correct however

  87. physics

    A constant force, F = (4.39, −3.79, 2.02) N, acts on an object of mass 19.5 kg, causing a displacement of that object by r = (4.02, 3.68, −2.45) m. What is the total work done by this force?


    Magnetic field is 0.5T, radius is r=1m, current in one loop is I=2A. the angle between the magnetic moment and the external B field is 30 degrees. calculate the magnitude of the magnetic torque. so i know that torque= IANBsin(30) torque=


    When an electron move from one level to another an amount of energy is dissipated. Give the equation that will enable you to calculate that amount of energy Please help with answer

  90. Chemistry

    Justify the claim that the number of unpaired electron is a maximum in a given energy level. Please I need answer

  91. Algebra

    According to the Blue Line, about how many weeks of practice are required to achieve a score?

  92. Math

    What are all the expressions that represent the following: Anthony read 5/6 hour each day for 5 days. A.5×1/6 B.5×5/6 C.5+5\6 D.5×5×1/6 E.5/1+5/1+5/1+5/1+5/1

  93. physics

    A force given by F(x) = 4x^3 x̂ (in N/m^3) acts on a 1kg mass moving on a frictionless surface. The mass moves from x = 4 m to x = 7 m. (a) How much work is done by the force? (b) If the mass has a speed of 1 m/s at x = 4 m, what is its speed at x = 7 m?

  94. Physics

    Why do seat belts reduce the likelihood of injury in an automobile accident? Why do airbags? Express your answers in terms of the physics principles we've been learning this week?