Questions Asked on
March 28, 2018

  1. Science

    explain why the upper skin of a leaf is transparent

    asked by Noor
  2. Chemistry

    Constants The following values may be useful when solving this tutorial. Constant Value E∘Cu 0.337 V E∘Fe -0.440 V R 8.314 J⋅mol−1⋅K−1 F 96,485 C/mol T 298 K Part A In the activity, click on the E∘cell and Keq quantities to observe how they

    asked by Jasper
  3. cc

    A pump fills a pool at a rate of 20 cubic meters per hour. If each cubic meter of water is valued at $10, how many minutes will the pump need to work to transfer $300 worth of water?

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Language arts

    1.Which of the following should be included in your research presentation? Select all that apply (2 answers) ***A.a broad topic **B.details and examples from a variety of sources C.a works cited list from an atlas outline 2.which of the

    asked by Alan
  5. math

    The cookie dough used by a bakery to make 2-ounce cookies contains an average of 32 raisins per pound of dough. the bakery sells cookies in bags of a dozen. suppose that customers complain if one or more of the cookies in a bag contains no raisins. over

    asked by Andrea
  6. history

    What impact did the Napoleonic Wars have on popular culture? The magnitude of Napoleon’s war on Europe led to the destruction of important museums and art galleries throughout the continent. As one of the most significant events of the 19th century, the

    asked by Bri
  7. Math

    A 2.05m man, standing in front of a street light 3.08m high, casts a 1.5m shadow. What is the angle of elevation from the ground to the source of light?

    asked by Xing
  8. math

    1)what is the smallest integer greater than 1 that leaves a remainder of 1 when divided by any of the integers 8,9, and 10? 2) The square root of the difference of (B^2 /16) and (b^2/25) 3) Mr. Baker is 30 years old when his son is 4 years old. In how many

    asked by Jessica
  9. Language arts

    Think about King Azaz and the Mathemagician at the end of Act 2 of the phantom tollbooth. What is true about both kings at the end of the play?

    asked by Anonymous

    A long solenoid that has 1200 turns uniformly distributed over a length of 0.37 m is required to produce a magnetic field of magnitude 0.02mT at its center. what voltage should be applied across the solenoid if it has a resistance of 20ohms? can someone

    asked by Sasha
  11. Chemistry

    A solution contains 1.4 * 10^−5 mol of KBr and 0.14 mol of KCl per liter. AgNO3 is gradually added to this solution. Which forms first, solid AgBr or solid AgCl? Or do they co-precipitate?

    asked by Anon

    How did the end of the Cold War contribute to the Clinton-era economic boom? A.)People were no longer afraid and were willing to spend more money on luxury goods B.)Americans welcomed people from the former soviet Union into the U.S job market C.)Costly

    asked by Castiel
  13. english

    In “who knows if the moon’s,” what is the moon seen as? a city a balloon a cloud a sailboat

    asked by Linda
  14. math

    A taxi cab company charges $8.00 per ride plus $0.75 for each mile driven. Which equation models the total cost (c), in dollars, of a taxi cab ride, where m is the number of miles driven?

    asked by shakerria
  15. Algebra 1

    A train went 210 miles further than a bus. The train went four times further than the bus. how far did each vehicle travel?

    asked by John
  16. precalc

    A parallelogram has sides of 15 and 24 feet and an angle of 40 degrees .Find the diagonals. I used law of cosines and found 1 of the diagonals to be 15.79 feet but what is the other? or are they the same?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Science

    A species of rabbit lives in a meadow where grass plants are readily available during summer months. The rabbits do not stray far from the meadow because the plants supply food and protection from predators. One summer, a fire destroys the plants in the

    asked by Lola
  18. Science

    A farmer had an accident and spilled a chemical into his pond. Several days later, he notices many dead frogs around the pond. That summer, the number of gnats around the pond was higher than ever. This is because A) the chemical is good for the gnats. B)

    asked by Clementine
  19. Physics

    A beam of singly ionized carbon atoms (C-12, C-13, and C-14 isotopes) is injected into a mass spectrometer, which isotopes would follow the trajectory of greatest diameter and strike the detection plate furthest? I know the answer is C-14, but why? can

    asked by ricky
  20. pre-algrbra

    The following table represents the total cost, in dollars (y) to join a gym for x number of months. The cost includes a one-time joining fee of 10$. Does the data in the table represent a proportional relationship or a non-proportional relationship? how do

    asked by HI123
  21. math

    Carla the baker worked four hours to make cookies. She ended with 380 cookies altogether. Write an equation to express how many cookies Carla made each hour.

    asked by Andrea

    The output voltage of AC source is V(t) = (25V)sin(5πt). what is the rms value of the voltage? answer: 18V, but how???

    asked by Sasha
  23. math

    State and prove the Pythagorean Theorem.

    asked by Andrea
  24. Science

    In the new six kingdom system of classification, the six kingdoms may be grouped into three domains. The four kingdoms that are grouped in the domain Eukarya all contain organisms A) are consumers. B) are multicellular. C) that have cell walls made of

    asked by Laura
  25. Science

    Which is the harmful green house gas?Carbon monoxide or Carbon dioxide

    asked by Ena
  26. English

    My apple trees will never get across. Which figure of speech is this??

    asked by Jean
  27. Science

    Which of these would increase the rate of photosynthesis and lead to the production of more glucose? A) increase in available sunlight and available carbon dioxide B) decrease in available sunlight and available carbon dioxide C) increase in available

    asked by Gizmo
  28. Math

    What is 6 2/3 ×5

    asked by Sophia:-)
  29. Math

    There are 4 aces and 4 kings in a standard deck of 52 cards. You pick one card at random. What is the probability of selecting an ace or a king? Explain your reasoning. I am a bit confused on this one. Please help.

    asked by Patrick
  30. Science

    In the chart, the organism Rr represents a genetically _____________ individual. A) heterozygous B) homogeneous C) homozygous D) retrozygous a or c?

    asked by Mathew
  31. Science

    In rabbits, B represents the allele for black coat and b represents the allele for white coat. Black is dominant over white. If a rabbit has the genotype Bb, what is the rabbit's phenotype? A) gray B) black C) white D) BB X bb d?

    asked by Mathew
  32. Math

    For breakfast, Clarissa can choose from oatmeal, cereal, French toast or scrambled eggs. She thinks that if she selects a breakfast at random it is likely that it will be oatmeal. Is the correct? Explain your reasoning. I am not sure on the above at all.

    asked by Patrick
  33. Physics

    The switch in the circuit shown in the figure below is closed, and the lightbulb glows steadily. The inductor is a simple air-core solenoid. An iron rod is inserted into the interior of the solenoid, increasing the magnitude of the magnetic field in the

    asked by ricky
  34. math statistics

    A machine has 9 identical components that function independently. The probability that a component will fail is 0.2. The machine will stop working if 1 or 2 components fail. Find the probability that the machine will be fail?

    asked by ANOMY
  35. Science

    Which is the SIMPLEST level of organization in a human being? A) cells B) organs C) tissues D) organ systems C?

    asked by Lola
  36. Science

    We think of our muscular system as the system that helps us move around. It also functions on an internal level by helping food movement in the ___________ and ____________, both parts of the digestive system. A) stomach; liver B) stomach; pancreas C)

    asked by Carol
  37. Math

    If P(x) is a cubic polynomial with P(1)=1, P(2)=2, P(3)=3, P(4)=5, find P(6).

    asked by bryan
  38. Social studies

    Economic centers of the Northeast are the regions

    asked by Bambi
  39. Physics

    A tennis player hits a tennis ball (m = 0.0550 kg) with a force of 32.2 N over a time interval of 0.22 s. If the ball as a velocity of 42.2 m/s before being hit and 87.8 m/s after being hit, how much work did the tennis player do?

    asked by Kevin
  40. Math

    barbara can walk 3200 meters in 24 minutes.Mavis can walk 11,808 feet in 24 minutes.Who walks at a faster rate of speed?Explain the steps you take to solve the problem.

    asked by Mina
  41. Calculus 2

    Use the formula for the sum of a geometric series to find the sum or state that the series diverges. (4/9)^n starting at n=-4

    asked by RaShawnya
  42. math

    Wallace has a $500 budget for a pizza party. Pizzas cost $12 each. He will also purchase drinks for $30, paper plates for $15 and napkins for $6. Write and solve an inequality that shows how many pizzas Wallace can purchase.

    asked by kaif
  43. Conditional Probability.

    If Group A has 1/100 items defective, and Group B has 1/200 items defective. What is the probability the second item inspected works given that the first one inspected also worked?

    asked by Lola
  44. social studies

    Please explain how members of the Reagan administration acted illegally to sell arms to Iran and aid the Contras in Nicaragua. In a small paragraph, please give reasons for and against these actions, and evaluate their impact.

    asked by Erica McDonnell
  45. Chemistry - Solubility Equilibria

    If the solubility of CaCO_3 in water at 25°C is 5.84 ✕ 10^−3 g/L, calculate the solubility-product constant (Ksp) of CaCO_3, assuming complete dissociation of the CaCO_3 that has dissolved.

    asked by Jamie
  46. physics

    The objects listed below are placed at the top of a ramp, and roll down to the bottom without slipping. Assuming that there is no air resistance, rank them in order from fastest average rolling speed to slowest. Penny, large marble, basketball, and hula

    asked by Joe
  47. Algebra 1

    2 jets leave airport at 3pm, one traveling east other west. The westbound jet averages 625km/h and the eastbound jet 825 km/h. At what time will the jets be 725 apart?

    asked by John
  48. history

    What was the aim of the Reign of terror

    asked by princess
  49. social diversity

    I have to present to my social diversity class tomorrow. The section in the textbook the teacher gave me is on The Justified Elite. She doesn't want me to read straight from the book, but to present the material in a creative way, such as a poem, etc. I

    asked by Lisa
  50. English

    An idiom is an accepted phrase or expression that does not mean literally what it says. She "threw cold water on" the project. "Throw cold water on" is an idiom meaning "discourage" or "kill enthusiasm for." Type the letter of the idiom that is built on

    asked by cristalL
  51. Math 6th Grade

    A deep-sea diver must descend and ascend in short steps to equalize pressure on his body. If the diver rises toward the surface too fast, he may suffer from a physical condition called "the bends". Suppose the diver started at 82 feet below the surface and

    asked by JULie
  52. Science

    Why the base of the spark plug of petrol engine is made of ceramics,give scientific reason??

    asked by Ena
  53. Chemistry - stoichiometry

    How many grams of silver chloride can be produced if you start with 4.62 grams of barium chloride ? 2AgNO3 + BaCl2 —> 2AgCl + Ba(NO3)

    asked by Tyler
  54. Science

    The inheritance of genetic traits from parents to children follows predictable rules. Knowing that each parent contributes genes equally to each child, what determines an inherited trait such as eye color? A) Only the interaction between dominant genes. B)

    asked by Jordan
  55. science

    How does radiation from the Sun affect Earth’s atmosphere?

    asked by T
  56. Chemistry - stoichiometry

    How many grams of silver chloride can be produced if you start with 4.62 grams of barium chloride ? 2AgNO3 + BaCl2 —> 2AgCl + Ba(NO3)

    asked by Tyler
  57. Chemistry - stoichiometry

    How many grams of silver chloride can be produced if you start with 4.62 grams of barium chloride ? 2AgNO3 + BaCl2 —> 2AgCl + Ba(NO3)

    asked by Tyler
  58. science

    How is heat transferred throughout the globe?

    asked by T
  59. Physics - please help!

    I don't understand how to answer this problem or even which equation to insert it into: "A Dancer leaps across the stage in a beautiful grand jete. The ballerina leaps at an angle of 45° and is able to jump a horizontal distance of 1.5m in 0.547s. What is

    asked by Mariam
  60. Math HELP please!!!

    An investment account earns 4% per year compounded annually. If the initial investment was $4,000.00, how much is in the account after 3 years? Round your answer to the nearest dollar. Can someone help please?

    asked by that emo girl!
  61. Science

    A particular bird species found in North America obtains most of its food energy by catching and eating insects. A mutation arises in this bird population that increases the length of its beak. Although many mutations are harmful, this particular mutation

    asked by Hannah
  62. College Algebra

    A rectangular garden plot is to be enclosed with a fence on three of its sides and a brick wall on the fourth side. If 100 feet of fencing material is available, what dimensions will yield the maximum area? (Hint: if two of the sides are labeled w, what

    asked by Dillon
  63. Chemistry

    For a 1.23/1 ratio of acid to base, how do you calculate the amount of a .2M base to add to 150ml of a .150M acid?

    asked by Ab
  64. language arts

    1 Under a spreading chestnut tree 2 The village smithy stands; 3 The smith, a mighty man is he, 4 With large and sinewy hands; 5 And the muscles of his brawny arms 6 Are strong as iron bands. 7 His hair is crisp, and black, and long, 8 His face is like the

    asked by kid
  65. Chemistry

    What are the the sources of the stored and activation energies in gasoline? It starts with sunlight then plants but what is next?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. calculus

    The equation x^2+4y^2=100 describes an ellipse. First, use implicit differentiation to find its slope at the points (8,3) and (8, -3). Then, solve the equation for y, obtaining two functions and differentiate both to find the slopes at x = 8. Do your

    asked by aj
  67. calculus

    The equation x^2+4y^2=100 describes an ellipse. First, use implicit differentiation to find its slope at the points (8,3) and (8, -3). Then, solve the equation for y, obtaining two functions and differentiate both to find the slopes at x = 8. Do your

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Math

    Hello I hope that you are having great evening. I do need a bit of help on the below math problem please. There are 12 pieces of fruit in a bowl. Seven of the pieces are apples and two are peaches. What is the probability that a randomly selected piece of

    asked by Patrick

    Why did nuclear arms remain a threat after the Cold War? A.)Israel, India, and Pakistan refused to reduce their stocks of nuclear weapons. B.)The old Soviet Union was unwilling to sign START, the arms-reduction treaty. C.)The United States had shared too

    asked by Castiel

    Compare the U.S response to Soviet actions in Afghanistan with the U.S response to Soviet actions in Poland. A.)The United States condemned Soviet policy towards both countries B.)The United States adopted a policy of detente in both countries C.)The

    asked by Castiel
  71. Economics

    Banks create money whenever they: A: accept a deposit. B: receive monthly payments on their loans. C: receive interest on existing loans. D: lend excess reserves to a borrower.

    asked by John
  72. Math

    Paul saves $60 every month.This is 15$ of his salary. Calculate Paul's full salary.

    asked by Cath
  73. Math

    A researcher's garden contains 90 sweet pea plants, which have either white or purple flowers. About 70 of the plants have purple flowers and about 20 have white flowers. Would you expect that one plant randomly selected from the garden will have purple or

    asked by Patrick
  74. Math

    The power goes out as Sandra is trying to get dressed. If she has 4 white t-shirts and 10 colored t-shirts in her drawer, is it likely that she will pick a colored t-shirt in the dark? What is the probability that she will pick a colored t-shirt? Explain

    asked by Patrick
  75. Math

    James counts the hair colors of the 22 people in his class including himself. He finds that there are 4 people with blonde hair, 8 people with brown hair, and 10 people with black hair. What is the probability that a randomly chosen student in the class

    asked by Patrick
  76. Math

    A bag contains 8 blue coins and 6 red coins. A coin is removed at random and replaced by three of the other color. a. What is the probability that the removed coin is blue? b. If the coin removed is blue, what is the probability of drawing a red coin after

    asked by Patrick
  77. Science

    Some amount of water is evaporated from a 2.0 L, 0.2 M NaI solution, to from a 1.0 L solution. The molar mass of NaI is 150 g/mol. What is the final concentration of NaI solution in? A. 30 g/L B. 15 g/L C. 60 g/L D. 45 g/L

    asked by Michael
  78. World War I

    as a result of ww1, which area saw the greatest improvment? a)industry b)education c)the economy d)the military

    asked by Saide
  79. fine art

    There was a wide range of influences that affected the art of the emerging modern Europe. Explain how five of these influences had an impact on the art of the Italian Renaissance, and explain five influences that had an impact on art of the Rococo period.

    asked by huncho jack
  80. Science (Someone please check my answers)

    I've been waiting all day so can someone please check my answers. Key: *** means my answer 1. If the net force on an object is 0 N, the forces are considered unbalanced. (1 Point) True False*** 2. Most people in the United States use feet and miles to

    asked by Beyblade Burst is Awesome
  81. math

    If (-4,-2) and (2,6) are opposite points on a circle, what is the equation of the circle?

    asked by Andrea
  82. physics

    The illustration for this problem is at ds055uzetaobbcloudfrontnet/image_optimizer/142fdba0bc53bb9ae12ecea6de058f57fef01274.png A rope of length 90cm lies in a straight line on a frictionless table, except for a very small piece at one end which hangs down

    asked by unowen
  83. math/combination probability

    what is the probability of getting all questions right on a 15 question, 3 multiple choice (each) with just guessing? i did 15 C 3 and got 1/455

    asked by jake