Questions Asked on
March 22, 2018

  1. Math:)

    A person is on the outer edge of a carousel with a radius of 20 feet that is rotating counterclockwise around a point that is centered at the origin. What is the exact value of the position of the rider after the carousel rotates 5pi/12 radians? a.

    asked by girly girl
  2. History

    "With malice toward none, with charity for all...let us bind up the nation's do all which may achieve a just and a lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations." - Abraham Lincoln, Second Inaugural Address Based on the lesson

    asked by Baby_Banana
  3. Math:)

    Prove csc(pi/2-x)=sec x. a. csc(pi/2-x)=1/sin(pi/2)cosx+cos(pi/2)cosx=sec x b. csc(pi/2-x)=1/sin(pi/2)sinx-cos(pi/2)cosx=sec x c. csc(pi/2-x)=1/sin(pi/2)sinx+cos(pi/2)cosx=sec x d. csc(pi/2-x)=1/sin(pi/2)cosx-cos(pi/2)sinx=sec x

    asked by girly girl
  4. Algebra

    Which solid has one base that is a rectangle and four lateral surfaces that are triangles? A. triangular pyramid *** B. cone C. rectangular prism D. rectangular pyramid A solid with two parallel and congruent bases cannot be which of the following? A. cone

    asked by AJo
  5. pre-calc

    A Ferris wheel is 50 meters in diameter and boarded from a platform that is 4 meters above the ground. The six o'clock position on the Ferris wheel is level with the loading platform. The wheel completes 1 full revolution in 8 minutes. How many minutes of

    asked by Mike
  6. Spanish

    Countries of the Caribbean Basin generally share the same ______. A) traditions B) geography C) climate*** D) culture Please check my answer, thanks.

    asked by Daniella
  7. math

    Lynne is 25 years old and starting an IRA (individual retirement account). She is going to invest $150 at the beginning of each month. The account is expected to earn 5.5% interest, compounded monthly. How much money, rounded to the nearest dollar, will

    asked by Anonymous
  8. chemistry

    A vinegar contains acetic acid, CH3COOH. Titration of 5.000g of vinegar with 0.100, NaOH requires 33.0 ml to reach equivalent point. What is the weight percentage of CH3COOH in vinegar?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Spanish

    Explain how to form the usted form of the imperative of the regular -ar verb hablar I know that -ar verbs end in e

    asked by Help?
  10. Spanish

    1. Mi madre insiste en que ____ en el aeropuerto a las 2. A) estabamos B) estemos C) estamos D) estar I'm confused between B and C because I don't know if I should use the indicative or subjunctive form. Please help. 2. Prohiben que los turistas les ____

    asked by Daniella
  11. History

    1. What role did colonialism play in the setling of the Pacific Northwest

    asked by Smart guy
  12. History

    explain the purpose of reconstruction . Got a difference between Lincoln's plan and the plan implemented by the radical republicans. It knees 3-4 sentences .

    asked by Katt09
  13. History

    Why did John Wilkes Booth assassinate President Lincoln? A. Booth thought Lincoln was too easy on Southerners. B. Booth had lost is a series of slavery debates with Lincoln. C. Booth was angry about the Confederate defeat. D. Booth was a Confederate

    asked by Baby_Banana
  14. Algebra 1

    Multiple choice 1.|x|+5=18 5 or -5 (a) 13 or -13(b) 18 or -18(c) 23 or -23(d) 2. |y+4|

    asked by Jhonei
  15. algebra

    A ball is thrown straight up from a rooftop 240 feet high. The formula below describes the​ ball's height above the​ ground, h, in​ feet, t seconds after it was thrown. The ball misses the rooftop on its

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Algebra

    A carpenter is putting a skylight in a roof. If the roof measures 10x + 9 by 7x + 7 and the skylight measures x + 5 by 3x + 3, what is the area of the remaining roof after the skylight is built? A.) 67x^2 + 115x + 48** B.) 73x^2 + 151x + 78 C.) 70x^2 +

    asked by Dylan
  17. geometry

    Find the missing value to the nearest hundredth sin ___=18/27 56.31 48.19**** 41.81 33.69 Please check my answer

    asked by Lost
  18. Business

    PLEASE HELP 1.Create a diagram of the U.S banking system and the Federal Reserve System(FRS). Include special financial services of the banking system in your diagram. Be creative in this activity. Pretend you have been asked to teach the structure and

    asked by henry
  19. science

    Multiple Choice 1. Which of Earth's spheres contains mountains, valleys, and other landscapes? (1 point) atmosphere biosphere geosphere hydrosphere 2. Which of the following are examples of destructive forces? (1 point) ice wind both ice and wind neither

    asked by Chairflip
  20. history

    in lincolns second inaugural adress he says with malice toward none with charity for all what does this quote reveal about lincolns attitude toward the south a. forgiveness b. hatred c. indifference d. envy

    asked by sammy
  21. Physics

    Suppose a block of mass of lead of mass 0.4kg at temperature 95°C is dropped in 2kg of water originally at 20°C in a container.calculate the final temperature if no heat is lost to the container and environment;

    asked by Timothy
  22. Math

    The basketball court is 50 feet across by 94 feet long. There is a black line painted around the entire basketball court. What is the total area of the basketball court?

    asked by Jay
  23. Chemistry

    What is the percentage yield of N2O5 when 68.0g of O2 reacts With N2 according to the reaction equation, with 72.6g of N2O5 being obtained? 2N2 + 5O2 -> 2N2O5

    asked by Donna
  24. Science

    How does NASA's guest blogger support her claim that there are role models for communicating scientific information? (A) She names her own personal favorite resources for scientific information. (B) She lists several sources of scientific information that

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Earth science

    If a sample contains 50g of carbon 14 and 50g of nitrogen 14 , how many lives has it undergone ?

    asked by Don
  26. History

    Describe how sharecropping worked. Provide details about how this helped or hurt the individual sharecroppers. if you could help THANK YOU!!!

    asked by MinMin
  27. chemistry

    What volume of 10 percentage (mass/volume) solution of Na2CO3 will be required to neutralise 100mL of HCl sution containing 3.65g of HCl.

    asked by Raveena
  28. math

    Donald is hiring employees for his new small business. He expects to produce 6 units per employee, and he expects demand to be at least 36 units per day. He plans to pay each employee a yearly salary of $50,000 and has a budget of $400,000 per year to pay

    asked by teresa
  29. Physics

    A transformer is to be used to provide power for a computer disk drive that needs 5.8 V (rms) instead of the 120 V (rms) from the wall outlet. The number of turns in the primary is 414, and it delivers 500 mA (the secondary current) at an output voltage of

    asked by ricky
  30. Math

    The first quarter of the championship game lasted 48 minutes. The second quarter lasted 52 minutes. There was a special presentation at halftime that lasted 25 minutes. The third quarter lasted 54 minutes and the fourth quarter lasted 49. If the game

    asked by Steve
  31. Geometry

    Given triangle KLM is CONGRUENT to triangle NOP, KL = 2y, LM= 6, KM = 8, NP = 2x-2y, and ON = X. Determine the measures of x and y. I drew out the two triangles and I know I’m gonna have to solve to get x and y but the two variables are confusing me so

    asked by Stan
  32. Math

    n harmonic means have been inserted between 1 and 4 such that first meant:last mean=1:3,find n.

    asked by SHUBHAM KUMAR
  33. Calculus

    a stone is thrown into a pond creating ripples that are concentric circles. the rate of change of the radius of the circle is 3 ft/min. if the radius is 0 at the time=0, how fast is the area increasing after 4 minutes

    asked by Darylynn
  34. physics

    While running a race, Abigail’s heart was beating at 170 beats per minute. What was the period of her heartbeat?

    asked by nor
  35. Algebra 1

    A tub can be filled in 15 minutes by the hot water faucet and in 12 minutes by the cold water faucet. The drain can empty the tub in 20 minutes. How long will it take the tub to fill if both of the faucets and the drain are open?

    asked by ?
  36. physics

    If the period of an oscillator doubles, what happens to its frequency?

    asked by altaif
  37. physics

    A mass m = 88 kg slides on a frictionless track that has a drop, followed by a loop-the-loop with radius R = 15.5 m and finally a flat straight section at the same height as the center of the loop (15.5 m off the ground). Since the mass would not make it

    asked by amanda
  38. Math

    the expression below, each letter represents a different digit from 1 to 9. What are the three fractions? ( A/DE)+(B/FG)+(C/HI)=1

    asked by Harsha
  39. Math

    Sixteen teams are playing in a basketball tournament. Each team will play one game against another team during the first round of the tournament. There is only one gym, so only one game can be played at a time. They have 6 hours to complete the first

    asked by Joey
  40. Geometry

    The problem is, triangle ABC is an isosceles triangle where

    asked by Stan
  41. physics

    A mass m = 88 kg slides on a frictionless track that has a drop, followed by a loop-the-loop with radius R = 15.5 m and finally a flat straight section at the same height as the center of the loop (15.5 m off the ground). Since the mass would not make it

    asked by katie
  42. Chemistry

    What is the relation between pH and pOH? Is the relation positive, negative or neutral?

    asked by Summer
  43. Business math

    A borrower is repaying a loan with payments of $3000 at the end of every year over an unknown period of time. If the amount of interest in the third instalment is $2000, find the amount of principal in the sixth instalment. Assume that interest is 10%

    asked by Anonymous
  44. physics

    A Foucault pendulum is observed to swing back-and-forth once every 20 seconds. What is its frequency?

    asked by nor
  45. Math

    Which is NOT a function? A y – x = 6 B y = 2x C x = -2 D y + x = 12 I don't understand what a function is, and my answer choice is D, if I'm wrong, please help

    asked by PugSimmer
  46. physics

    The 3.0 cm -diameter water line in the figure splits into two 1.0 cm -diameter pipes. All pipes are circular and at the same elevation. At point A, the water speed is 2.0 m/s and the gauge pressure is 50 kPa. What is the gauge pressure at point B?

    asked by Dr.B
  47. physics 2

    the primary coil of a transformer has N1 = 375 turns, and its secondary coil has N2 = 1,875 turns. If the input voltage across the primary coil is Δv = (120 V)sin ωt, what rms voltage is developed across the secondary coil?

    asked by monica
  48. English

    1.The bluffs are so steep that they _____ be scaled, even by experienced climbers. a. can't hardly b. can hardly B 2. Boats carefully thread their way _____ the tricky and sometimes dangerous rocks and rapids in the Buffalo River. a. among b. between B

    asked by cristaln
  49. harmonic motion

    A nervous student taps his foot seven times every 2 seconds. What is the frequency of his tapping?

    asked by alaa
  50. English

    1.We had to travel several miles _____ into the Arkansas Ozarks to locate the Buffalo River. a. further b. farther A 2._____ this river is only 130 miles long, many people are surprised that it has been designated the first national river in the United

    asked by cristaln
  51. Calculus

    What is the equation of the line which passes through the point (6,4) and is parallel to the line with the parametric equations x=5t+4 and y=t-7? I think the answer is y = 1/5x + 14/5.

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Science

    How are xylem and phloem tissue 1) The same? 2) Different

    asked by Noor
  53. Calculus

    Find the equation of the line that is tangent to the curve x(t) = t^2+1 and y(t)=t^3-1 at the point (5,7). I get a slope of 7.5.

    asked by Anonymous
  54. structure programming

    the gross salary of five employees in maendeleo books enterprise is based on basic salary and additional benefits as follows: a).employees who have worked for the company for more than 10 years receive an additional pay of 10%to their basic salary.

    asked by purity
  55. physics

    An AC voltage of the form Δv = (65.0 V)sin(340t) is applied to a series RLC circuit. If R = 46.0Ω, C = 27.0 μF, and L = 0.300 H, find the following. (a) impedance of the circuit Ω (b) rms current in the circuit A (c) average power delivered to the

    asked by Michelle
  56. Math

    I need urgent help with these 3 math problems 1. Margaret painted a mural for St. Patrick’s Day and mixed her own green paint. She mixed 3 parts yellow paint with 2 parts blue paint to create green paint. Maureen wanted to also paint a mural with the

    asked by Mike
  57. Maths

    Experiments show that the concentration of substance X in a first order chemical reaction at future time (in seconds) t i.e. [X] is described by the following differential equation: d[X]/ dt= .001[X], find: (a) Find an expression for the concentration

    asked by sam
  58. english

    Why is it important to connect across generations?

    asked by lol
  59. algebra

    does y vary directly with x? if it does, write an equation for the direct variation. x = 10, 16, 20 y= 15, 24, 30 I need help pls I don't understand.

    asked by boo
  60. Algebra 1

    Leah biked down a 12-km mountain road four times as fast as she peddled up the road. If Leah made the round trip up and down the road in 1 hour and 15 minutes, what was her average speed riding downhill?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Math

    Sixteen teams are playing in a basketball tournament. Each team will play one game against another team during the first round of the tournament. There is only one gym, so only one game can be played at a time. They have 6 hours to complete the first

    asked by Kimmy
  62. chemistry lab

    what is the number of moles of a 0.05 M KMnO4 solution that react with 20 ml of a 0.02 M solution of FeCl2 if 75 ml of KMnO4 was required

    asked by shawnette
  63. geography

    does the amazon river have a delta? I think it doesn't because I read that it goes straight into the ocean, therefore having no delta. Other sources say there is a delta? what is correct

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Math, Science

    Can anyone please help me with answering this question? : Explain how displacement vectors would be used in the navigation of ships or planes

    asked by Ange
  65. Differential Equations

    I don't understand how to solve this. I can solve the left side and get yc, but I have no idea how to solve for the right side. y''-3y'+2y=(e^2t)/(e^t+1)

    asked by Anonymous
  66. math

    "Determine the point of intersection of each pair of equations by plotting accurate graphs." This question asks to 'determine' the point of intersection by plotting accurate graphs. I'm not sure how one is supposed to be able to 'determine' the point of

    asked by anonymous
  67. Continuity equations

    I have the continuity equation as shown here: imgur(dot)com/NRfMphl(dot)jpg I need to find (deduce) this same equations with several considerations: -Assuming taht E is very small and working with minority -Assuming steady state conditions -Assuming low

    asked by Continuity Equations - AEC
  68. Social Studies help please!!

    Explain why polk was able to win the presidency. What did he campaign in support of? I mean i did the first question the explain how he was able to win the presidency but i don't understand the second question? Can someone help me please?

    asked by Some help
  69. Science

    Explain how xykem tubes help support a plant.

    asked by Noor
  70. Science

    What happens at the root tip?

    asked by Noor
  71. English

    On the way home, Mom smiles and says, "Good job, Hojin. The concert is over. Move and laugh now. It's okay." ----------------------------- In this context, in the last sentence, 'What does 'It' refer to?

    asked by rfvv
  72. math

    Find the value of a if y=((2a+1)/3)x+b is parallel to y = -x -3 I'm kind of confused of how I should solve this :/ It tells me to find 'a,' but i'm not too sure where to start. Thank you for your help :)

    asked by anonymous