Questions Asked on
March 21, 2018

  1. Social Studies

    1. Which option describes a pull factor that influenced European immigration to the United States? 1.Land Scarcity 2.Industrial jobs--- 3.Political Unrest 4.Religious Persecution 2. What role did nativism play in federal policy? Concern for immigrants'

    asked by Shuri Princess of Wakanda
  2. algebra 1

    A community group is planning on the expansion of a square flower garden in a city park. If each side of the original garden is increased by 3 meters, the new total area of the garden will be 225 square meters. Find the length of each side of the original

    asked by kim'maya
  3. Math:)

    1. Simplify the expression. [csc^2(x-1)]/[1+sin x] a. csc x+1 b. csc x(csc x-1) c. sin^2 x-csc x**** d. csc^2 x-cos xtan x 2. Which of the following expressions can be used to complete the equation below? sec x/1+cot^2 x a. tan x b. tan^2 x c. tan x cos x

    asked by Girly Girl
  4. algebra 1

    What is the value of c so that y=x^2+9x+c is a perfect square trinomial? A. 18 B. 9/2 C. 9/4* D. 81/4 Check my answer please I think it's C.

    asked by kim'maya
  5. History

    1.Which of the following decisions best shows the US governments willingness to participate in the global economy? A.relocating domestic jobs to foreign countries B.joining the World Trade Organization C.decreasing spending in international markets

    asked by Cindy
  6. Chemistry

    How many grams are there in 1.5 x10^25 molecules of CO2? My son got 1.1 x 10^6 grams is this correct?

    asked by Mom B
  7. Math

    223.7 km = __ m.

    asked by Mister Max
  8. Chemistry

    an 83.0 kg athlete running a "4-minute mile" (i.e. 4.00 min/mile) ________nm an electron (me = 9.10939 × 10–28 g) moving at 3.90 × 106 m/s in an electron microscope ______nm

    asked by Naomi
  9. Science Help!!!

    Explain why the outer planets did not lose the lighter gases in their atmospheres? Can someone help me please??

    asked by that emo girl!
  10. bussness, if that's even a subject

    PLEASE HELP 1.Create a diagram of the U.S banking system and the Federal Reserve System(FRS). Include special financial services of the banking system in your diagram. Be creative in this activity. Pretend you have been asked to teach the structure and

    asked by sueme
  11. Algebra 2 (F (x) question)

    the function f(x) is the height of a model rocket x seconds after launch. the rocket reaches its maximum height in 2 seconds and hits the ground at 4 seconds. what is the practical domain for the function f(x)?

    asked by F(x)
  12. science

    11. Create a scale for your model thermometer. Divide the distance between the two marks into 5-mm intervals. Starting with the lowest point, label the intervals on the straw 0, 1, 2, 3, and so on. Describe your scale below. You must have made marks at two

    asked by Help and check answer
  13. S.S.

    Which of the following occurred after the Vietnam war spread into Vietnam but before Vietnam was united under a communist government? A. Ho Chi Minh took leadership of the Vietcong. B. Richard Nixon resigned from office after the Watergate scandal. C. The

    asked by Chase
  14. Chemistry

    Calculate the standard entalphy of formation of naphthalene(C10H8) from the following data: 1) standard enthalphy of combustion of naphtalene is -5153kJ/mol 2) standard enthalphy of formation of CO2 is -393.5kJ/mol 3) standard enthalphy of formation of H2O

    asked by Sarah
  15. Kat17!-Math

    I need help with: What are the perimeter and area of a rectangle with a length of 20 in and a width of 15 in? A. P=35 in., A=300 in. to the second power B. P=70 in., A=300 in. to the second power C. P=300 in., A=70 in. to the second power D. P=35 in.,

    asked by Kat17!
  16. math

    A taxi ride costs $3 plus $2.50 per mile. Write and graph an equation in two variables that represents the total cost of a taxi ride. Let mm represent number of miles and cc represent the total cost (in dollars) of the taxi ride.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. math

    factor completely 2 x -6x+9

    asked by jaimie
  18. Seattle central college

    Which of the following is author’s opinion a. Olmsted - was appoint superintendent and worker began cleaning the land for construction. b. After a vote by park commissioner, Vaux and Olmsted become the officer design of Central Park. c. Calvert Vaux, a

    asked by Kim
  19. math

    Arturo is putting 18 erasers into equal rows. He says there will be more in 2 equal rows than in 3 equal rows. Is Arturo correct? Explain.

    asked by Maggie
  20. math

    A milkman and a baker deliver to the same house. In a period of 28 days, the milkman calls every second day and the baker every third day. They meet at a house twice in 7 days How many more times do they meet during the four week period?

    asked by girl analyser
  21. Social Studies

    Discuss the importance of immigration in shaping the United States. give at least one example each of how immigration has influenced the nations economy, culture, and population.

    asked by Wowzaa
  22. Math

    write an equation that includes division that relates the number of minutes a seal (22mins) can stay under water to the number of minutes a sperm whale (112mins) can stay under water.

    asked by Anonymous
  23. prob and stat

    A researcher wished to be 95% confident that her estimate of the true proportion of individuals who travel overseas is within 4% (0.04) of the true proportion. Find the sample size necessary if there is no prior estimate available.

    asked by Anias
  24. Math


    asked by Bishal
  25. math!

    Frank has baseball practice every 4th day and choir practice every 6th day. When will he have baseball and choir practice on the same day?

    asked by Zoe
  26. Algebra

    Paul has $60,000 to invest. His intent is to earn 14% interest on his investment. He can invest part of his money at 8% interest and part at 16% interest. How much does Paul need to invest in each option to make a total 14% return on his $60,000?

    asked by Lauren
  27. Science

    HCl with Cu ,net ionic equation

    asked by Tivani
  28. English

    Fame shall sound thy praise from sea to sea which figure of speech

    asked by Me
  29. Math

    There are 5 chaperones for every 14 kids on a field trip. If there are 152 people on the trip, how many of them are adults?

    asked by Tee
  30. Physics

    Optics/Lens problem. Is the image real or virtual? A converging lens of focal length f1 = +22 .5cm is placed at a distance d = 60 .0cmtotheleft of a diverging lens of focal length f2 = −30.0cm. An object is placed on the common optical axis of the two

    asked by Anon
  31. English

    Fame shall sound thy praise from sea to sea which figure of speech is this alliteration or personification??

    asked by Anonymous
  32. science

    A sound source of frequency 170Hz is placed near a wall. A man walking from the source towards the wall. Find that there is a periodic rise and fall of sound intensity?

    asked by aynul
  33. math

    A segment with endpoints C(-3, 3)and D(7, 3) is the diameter of a circle. a. What is the center of the circle? b. What is the length of the radius? c. What is the circumference of the circle? d. What is the equation of the circle?

    asked by Joshua
  34. Physics

    An object moving with uniform acceleration has a velocity of 13.0 cm/s in the positive x-direction when its x-coordinate is 2.73 cm. If its x-coordinate 2.95 s later is −5.00 cm, what is its acceleration? cm/s^2 Express the position of the object in

    asked by Ken
  35. Language Arts

    The River 1. I sit on the bank in my special place, 2. Feel the breeze that lifts my hair, 3. And watch the ripples run across the river. 4. It is so peaceful here. 5. Deep enough to justify a fishing pole, 6. Quiet enough for my every thought, 7. The

    asked by Milkdud
  36. Physics

    A converging lens (f1 = 24.0 cm) is located 56.0 cm to the left of a diverging lens (f2 = -28.0 cm). An object is placed to the left of the converging lens, and the final image produced by the two-lens combination lies 19.7 cm to the left of the diverging

    asked by Amy
  37. math

    Your bedroom is in the shape of a square that is 12 feet long on each side. Will a circular rug with a circumference of 40.82 feet fit into your room? If not, by how many feet is the rug too wide?

    asked by robin
  38. Algebra

    Zemo, Orb, Yuko, and Sam are friends who live on neighboring space stations of the planet Krayon. They commute to school every day by space shuttle. Orb's space station is one half as far from Krayon as Zemo's space station. Yuko travels as far as the

    asked by samay
  39. Algebra 2 Probability

    a math teach gave her students two tests. on the first test, 64% of the class passed the test, but only 40% of the class lassed both tests. What is the probablity that a student passes the second test given they passed the first one? Ms. sue or Steve help!

    asked by SUzette
  40. Math 7th grade

    Mike's grandmother opened a savings account in Mike's name and deposited some money into the account. The account pays an annual simple interest rate of 8%. After 11 years, the interest earned on the account was $8,800. How much money did Mike's

    asked by Chair
  41. physics

    A block with mass m = 17 kg rests on a frictionless table and is accelerated by a spring with spring constant k = 4201 N/m after being compressed a distance x1 = 0.556 m from the spring’s unstretched length. The floor is frictionless except for a rough

    asked by fox
  42. art/history

    Who is Alexander the Great and how did he influence the rise of Hellenism? Include biographical information and specific examples of Hellenistic art and influence.

    asked by wet sock
  43. Math

    Write an equation for a rational function whose graph has all of the indicated features. x - intercept of -4 y - intercept of -2 vertical asymptote with equation x = 2 horizontal asymptote with equation y = 1

    asked by Anon
  44. Algebra

    Use distributive property to write an equivalent expression 5t+6t+tm 24+12s+12r

    asked by Chey
  45. Trigonometry

    Prove cot u - cot 2u=cosec 2u?

    asked by Nick
  46. History

    England's practice of forcing our sailors to serve in her navy was called what?

    asked by anoynomous
  47. criminology

    Do you think defendants should have to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to be convicted? Or do you think a lesser burden of proof, like the preponderance of evidence in needed in civil cases, is more appropriate?

    asked by Bri
  48. Math

    Kelsey has a marbles, Gena has b marbles, and Noah has c marbles. If Kelsey has more marbles than Gena and Noah combined, write an expression (using a, b, and c) that shows how many more marbles Kelsey has than Gena and Noah combined.

    asked by Lizette
  49. chemistry

    By what means is carbon (IV) oxide produced along hydrogen removed from the mixture in the industrial preparation of hydrogen from natural gas?

    asked by peterside
  50. Algebra

    seamus is building a circular garden in his backyard. the rectangular back yard mesures 5y by 12y. the garden has a radius of 3y. what is the area of the remainig yard

    asked by Fluffy
  51. Algebra

    Use distributive property to write an equivalent 7 (u+4+h)

    asked by Chey
  52. Maths

    There are 9 girls and 11 boys on maths team 2 members get chosen for represent the school what is the probability that the 2 will be of the same sex please show me the working out too thank you

    asked by Hannah
  53. Social Studies - NEED HELP ASAP

    The Line of Demarcation set an imaginary line from the North Pole to the South Pole at 50°W longitude, splitting South America into two empires. The __________ were able to colonize the land to the west of the Line and the _____________ were able to

    asked by Ryleigh
  54. Art/history

    I can't seem to find what areas Alexander The Great conquered? And what the circumstances were for taking the throne?

    asked by wet sock
  55. Physics

    an 11.5 kg object with a temperature of 25.0 degrees celsius is attached to a pulley mechanism. it is allowed to fall until is slows to rest after falling 1.6 m. at the end of the fall , the object has a temperature of 28.9 degrees celsius. what is the

    asked by Anon
  56. math please help and hurry!!

    What is the rate of change for 2x^2 + 3 and 2^x + 3?? I have no idea please help meeeeeeeee

    asked by Mary
  57. Math

    Claire is pricing fabric to make a rectangular curtain that is 2 in by 3 in. The drawing shows a curtain that is 1/130 the size of the actual curtain. She has two options for pricing the fabric: Option 1 is to buy fabric based on the area of the curtain,

    asked by The Devil Cat
  58. Algebra

    Use the distributive property to write an equivalent expression Y (u+7) 5t+6t+to 24+12s+12 7 (u+4+h)

    asked by Dylan
  59. Math

    If (9^n×3^2×(3^-n/2)-(27)^n)/(3^m×2^3)=1/27, Prove that m-n=1.

    asked by Deepak
  60. Science

    Can someone explain to me why mitosis and meiosis is referred to as a process of cell reproduction?? I’m just curious, and help/information would be accepted! Thanks in advance..

    asked by alicelikesglitter
  61. geography

    what is the shortest water route from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean?

    asked by Anonymous