Questions Asked on
March 17, 2018

  1. Math

    The sum of the 3rd and 7th terms of an a.p is 36, and the 9th term is 37. Find the a.p

    asked by Chidiebere
  2. maths

    It cost Mr. Andrews 200,000 dollars to build a house. He sold it to Ms. Bond at a 10 percent profit. Later Ms. Bond sold it to Mr. Cash at a 10 percent loss. What is the positive difference between the amount Ms. Bond bought the house for and the amount

    asked by Anonymous
  3. chemistry

    A student performed two side-by-side reactions to test the decomposition of N2O5. The only difference between the two reactions was reactant concentration — reaction 1 started with 2 M N2O5 and reaction 2 started with 1.2 M. Which of the following

    asked by stop-cheating-on-apex
  4. math

    In the centre of every cell of a 5x5 board stands one kangaroo. Suddenly, a thunder strikes, and each kangaroo is startled so that it jumps over the side of its cell into a neighbouring cell, possibly joining one or more other kangaroos there. What is the

    asked by Mikey
  5. math

    Hamid will be x years old 7 years from now. How old was he 7 years ago? (Your answer should include x.)

    asked by Aaron
  6. Science

    If you scratch a penny with an steel file, will the copper of the penny rub off on the file, or the steel (iron) of the file rub off on the penny? 12. What can we determine from the above experiment about the relative hardness of copper and steel. 13. What

    asked by Please help
  7. science health

    Insulin-dependent (type 1) diabetes A) is associated with a deficiency of pancreatic β-cells. B) is associated with a deficiency of insulin receptors. C) is associated with a deficiency of signal transduction D) can be treated with injections of leptin.

    asked by jimmy
  8. math

    On holiday, Mr Baker buys some perfume for 12 dollars and a book for 5 dollars. He calculates that the perfume costs £4.80 and the book costs £2.00. How much would a 7 dollar T-shirt cost?

    asked by girl analyser
  9. algebra

    It cost Mr. Andrews 200,000 dollars to build a house. He sold it to Ms. Bond at a 10 percent profit. Later Ms. Bond sold it to Mr. Cash at a 10 percent loss. What is the positive difference between the amount Ms. Bond bought the house for and the amount

    asked by sam
  10. physics

    A sphere of mass M is supported by a string that passes over a pulley at the end of a horizontal rod of length L . The string makes an angle θ with the rod. The fundamental frequency of the standing waves in the portion of the string above the rod is f.

    asked by Anonymous123
  11. Biology 20

    List the substances that the colon absorbs: - vitamins like B and K - water - ions like chloride and sodium Is there anything that I am missing? I am sure these are right but are there more??

    asked by Sarah
  12. Java Programming

    Add 2 constructors to the Course class. One that takes no arguments and initializes the data to all 0’s and “” (empty strings). And one constructor that takes all 4 arguments, one argument for each property and then sets the properties to these

    asked by John
  13. science

    1. all of the life functions are carried out by cells in a living organisms in order to A. Perform Synthesis B. Maintain Homeostasis C. Keep an Internal steady state D. Both c and d 2. If an -------------------- were digested the product would be

    asked by karen
  14. it

    Design an algorithm that keeps reading positive numbers until the user enters a zero value, and determines and outputs the largest number

    asked by tesfit
  15. physics

    What is the gravitational force on a 20Kg satellite circling the earth (Re = 6.4 x 10^6 m, Me = 6 x 10^24Kg) with a period of 5hr?

    asked by ATT
  16. Algorithm Analysis

    There are n field stacks and the mass of i-th field stack is mi (mi > 0). Bob wants to merge the n field stacks into only 1 stack. Every time Bob can merge one field stack with another and the merging cost is the mass of two stacks. For example, there are

    asked by Khan
  17. maths

    If [x-y]^2=12 , and xy=2 . Find x^2+y^2. pl help.

    asked by kumar
  18. Geometry

    Find the slop of the equation y=3x^2-2x at (2,8)

    asked by Skol bokol
  19. law

    'Administrative law involves decision making within the bases of a government organisation and deals with powers and functions of the administrative authorities, and the manner in which they form legislations to enforce legal obligations upon individuals.'

    asked by Jessica
  20. Math

    Net monthly income: $4,000 • Expected full mortgage payment (PITI): $1,000 • Student loan payment: $250 • Car payment: $300

    asked by Randy
  21. English

    The dietitian says, "This is the school cafeteria." What does the school cafeterian mean? 1. This is the (only) school cafeterian of our school. 2. This is the specific school cafeterian of our school. [What does "This is the school cafeteria." mean?] I'm

    asked by rfvv
  22. English

    Write two possible interpretations of this sentence: Fish makes best sandwiches !

    asked by girl analyser
  23. English

    1. She is the principal of our school. 2. She is the principal whom I met before. 3. She is the only principal of our school. 4. She is the only principal whom I met before. [#1 means #3, right? What about #2? #2 doesn't seem to be #4, does it?] 5. He is

    asked by rfvv
  24. math

    3 dozen eggs, 25%broken.How many left?

    asked by yambeso
  25. Physics (Projectile Motion)

    Two trucks are parked back to back facing in opposite directions on a straight, horizontal road. The trucks quickly accelerate simultaneously to 3.0m/s in opposite directions and maintain these velocities. When the backs of the trucks are 20m apart, a boy

    asked by Josh
  26. English

    1. We have many good books. 2. We have many great books. [Great means 'very good'. What difference do you have between 'good' and 'great'? When we think of the title of a book, "Good To Great," they have different meaning. Is that right?] 3. I have a good

    asked by rfvv
  27. math

    what is tan2a if sina=1/2

    asked by skorge
  28. math


    asked by kaylah
  29. English

    1.) Main Theme Of ''A Noiseless Flash'' Is That A. Chance Alone Determined Who Survived The Attack. B. Many Individuals Anticipated The Nuclear Holocaust. C. People Respond Methodically In Emergencies. D. All People Suffer Equally In War. This Is From The

    asked by joshua
  30. math

    An object weighing 5 pounds on Earth will weigh 2 pounds on Mercury. The Brooklyn Bridge weighs 14,695 tons on Earth. What would it weigh on Mercury (in tons) ?

    asked by Shiv
  31. maths

    Amber bought a shirt for 26.95 dollars. The shirt had been marked down 30 percent. What was the original price of the shirt?

    asked by Bill
  32. math

    A rectangular prism has dimensions 4 by 6 by x. If the total surface area of the prism is 496 square units, what is the value of x?

    asked by Bill
  33. math

    At Supermart an IPod that originally sold for 74.99 dollars was discounted 25 percent in April and then another 15 percent of the already discount price in May. At Bigmart that same IPod that originally sold for 74.99 dollars was discounted 15 percent in

    asked by Jo
  34. mathematics

    When the length of a rectangle is increased by 20 percent and the width is increased by 10 percent, by what percent is the area increased?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Maths

    Please: Differential equation (dy/dx)^2 + sin(x)cos^2(x)dy/dx - sin^4(x)=0 Answer is y=cos(x)+c or y=1/3 cos^3(x) - cos(x) + c but stuck. Thanks

    asked by Jodis
  36. Algebra

    Hello! I'm looking over one of my tests and trying to see how to do things I got wrong, but I'm having trouble with three of the questions. Here's one of them: A $1,600.00 principle earns 7% interest, compounded semiannually twice per year. After 33 years,

    asked by Alice
  37. Algebra

    this isn't the same question as my last post!! it's the second out of three. Hello! I'm looking over one of my tests and trying to see how to do things I got wrong, but I'm having trouble with three of the questions. Here's one of them: Find the simplified

    asked by Alice
  38. social studies

    Which were achievements of Muslim doctors?

    asked by salvia
  39. physics

    The three blocks shown are released from rest and are observed to move with accelerations that have a magnitude of 1.5 m/s2. Disregard any pulley mass or friction in the pulley and let M = 2 kg. What is the tension force between M and 2M? Imagine that the

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Statistics and Probability

    Teams A and B play a series of games with the first team to win 4 games being declared the winner of the series. Suppose that team A independently wins each game with probability 0.6. Find the probability that team A wins the series.

    asked by Jen
  41. Statistics and Probability

    Let Y be the discrete random variable with probability function p(y) = (1/2)^(y+1) y = 0, 1, 2,... Find the moment-generating function m(t) for Y.

    asked by Jen
  42. math

    Three factories Buka, Sakono and Rama produce sugar in one hundred kilogram bags daily. Buka produces three times as much as Rama. Sakono produced two times as much as Rama. If Sakono produces 500 bags, how many tones altogether do three factories produce

    asked by k
  43. Geometry

    I don't understand what the question means..... In a rectangle, a diagonal forms a 36° angle with a side. Find the measure of the angle between the diagonals, which lies opposite the shorter side.

    asked by Diya
  44. Science

    Using the periodic table and your knowledge of atomic structure. cobalt (Co) and nickel (Ni) have almost identical atomic mass numbers. Comparing the a typical nickel and cobalt atoms, which statement best describes the atoms? A) Nickel has one more

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Chem

    Suppose you wanted to produce an aqueous solution of pH = 8.80 by dissolving KNO2 in water, at what molarity? Here is my work: KNO2 ----> K^+ NO2- NO2^- + H2O ---> HNO2 + OH^- Ka= 4.5 x 10^-4 Ka*Kb=Kw Kb=Kw/Ka kb=10^-14/4.5 x 10^-4=2.222 x 10^-11

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Social Studies-Please check

    why did early American Europeans most likely trade Buffalo with the Dakota tribe and not the Pueblo Native American tribe? A The pueblo are from the plains and used buffalo as their main resource. B The Dakota are from the plains and used buffalo as their

    asked by Mr. Skill's101.4
  47. History

    What was a main cause of the Italian Independence War in the 1860s? a mutiny by Italian soldiers against the Papal States Napoleon's conquest of the Italian peninsula opposition of the Italians against King Victor Emmanuel Austrian occupation and rule of

    asked by Quinn
  48. math

    (x^2-4)/4x *(12x^4)/x+2

    asked by Haley
  49. Maths

    5x / x^2+1 less then or equal to x. Please someone help help been stuck on it for a while and I have an exam tommorrow. Any help is greatly appreciated

    asked by Fred
  50. Math

    Two shopkeepers, Juma and Wan bought some items from a wholesaler. Juma bought 18 loaves of bread, 40 packets of milk and 5 bars of soap while Wan bought 15 loaves of bread, 30 packets of milk and 6 bars of soap. The price of a loaf of bread, a packet of

    asked by K
  51. maths

    posted by kumar Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 11:51am. 4 men & 6 women can complete a work in 8 days, while 3 men and 7 women can complete it in 10 days. In how many days will 10 women complete it? maths - Reiny Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 1:50pm man's rate

    asked by kumar
  52. physics - magnetism

    A positive and a negative particles enter magnetic field at the same angle and with the same velocity. How different would be the path of each particle?

    asked by Michelle
  53. Law

    Can someone please explain to me what is administrative law. (country: Australia)

    asked by Jessica
  54. math

    If I will be given a loan of sh. 500000 and required to pay a monthly interest of 5%. How much will I pay after 8 months? #Please i need your help guyz#

    asked by kelvin
  55. math

    If it needs 0.25 L of Dulux to paint a pyramid model of 5 m^3, how many litres of Dulux paint needed for a sphere model of 11 m^3?

    asked by dian