Questions Asked on
March 12, 2018

  1. Social studies

    “What kind of arrangement is agreed to in this contract?”

    asked by Noah
  2. math

    Jorge plans to paint a bedroom wall that is shaped like a trapezoid. The bottom edge of the wall is 22.5 feet long, and the top edge of the wall is 9.5 feet long. If the wall is 8 feet tall, what is the area of the wall?

    asked by hello
  3. E-Tech

    What is a multiple source test Checking to make sure that information can be found in more than one place A fact checking software that test information found on the Internet And a amendment that states that all information must be multiple locations A

    asked by carlee
  4. Art

    A container is decorated with images of Egyptian gods and placed inside a tomb. What is the likely function of this object, given what you know about Egyptian culture? A. This container was probably designed to protect the internal organs of the dead

    asked by Mark
  5. Astronomy

    Is the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram still a valid instrument in studying stars, given that it is over 100 years old? and why?

    asked by samatha
  6. history

    Explain why Lincoln's assassination put the future of the nation in question.

    asked by noah
  7. Science

    Earths History unit test 8th grade Under which of the following conditions would a fossil most likely form?

    asked by Yes
  8. Science

    A uniform half metre rule is balanced horizontally across a knife edge placed 20cm from A. A mass of 22.5g is hung from end A. 1. What is the mass of the rule 2. What is the force exerted on the rule by the knife edge?

    asked by Maybin
  9. Math

    If x is the average (arithmetic mean) of m and 9, y is the average of 2m and 15, and z is the average of 3m and 18, what is the average of x, y, and z in terms of m? A) m+6 B) m+7***** C) 2m+14 D) 3m+21

    asked by Nina
  10. science

    hello i need help Problem How could renewable energy sources be used in a house? Devise a Plan 1. Consider what you learned about renewable energy sources. Use what you learned to design a house that operates entirely on renewable energy sources. Focus on

    asked by austin
  11. science

    Which options accurately identify a reason why it could be beneficial for the government to regulate scientific research and the distribution of information? (Select all that apply) The government could minimize fraudulent practices. The government could

    asked by Bri
  12. history

    At which battle did the Duke of Wellington defeat Napoleon?

    asked by kendal
  13. math

    Geoff planted dahlias in his garden. Dahlias have bullbs that dvide and reproduce underground. in the first year, geoff's garden produced 4 bulbs. in the second year it produced 8 bulbs and in the third year it produced 16 bulbs. if this pattern continues

    asked by katrina
  14. science

    In order to present information to a technical audience, what should a scientist do? avoid technical jargon use interesting metaphors be as wordy as possible in conveying ideas use a highly structured format D?

    asked by Bri
  15. Physics

    The frequency of a light wave is the same when the light travels in ethyl alcohol or in carbon disulfide. Find the ratio of the wavelength of the light in ethyl alcohol to that in carbon disulfide. The refractive indices n of carbon disulfide and ethyl

    asked by Amy
  16. Chemistry

    Determine the pH of a 0.45M solution of Na2SO3 where Ka1 = 1.5 x 10^(-2) and Ka2 = 6.3 x 10^(-8).

    asked by Sarah
  17. science

    After reading the article “The Land Blew Away,” reflect back on the accounts of the people who witnessed the Dust Bowl. Write a paragraph in reaction to the survivors’ stories as well as your thoughts on what it might have been like to experience a

    asked by big red
  18. poetry, define(from text)

    From “The Rainy Day” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow My life is cold, and dark, and dreary; It rains, and the wind is never weary; My thoughts still cling to the mouldering Past, But the hopes of youth fall thick in the blast, And the days are dark and

    asked by BeautifulGamer333
  19. Please need help Asap

    Jenna invests in a savings account that has an annual interest rate of 12% compounded monthly. Jenna initially deposits $2673. How much money will Jenna have after 4 years?

    asked by Bill
  20. he

    reasons for disposal of fullness

    asked by susen
  21. Circuits 2

    A coil of 50 ohm resistance and of 150mH inductance is connected in parallel with a capacitor 50microF. The source voltage is 100 sin(wt+30). What is the equation line current.

    asked by Student
  22. art

    To the Mexican tourist, the silver cup he held in his hands was simply a drinking vessel. But the Japanese tour guide explained that a bride and groom would drink sake from this cup as symbol of purification. This information helped the tourist to

    asked by ArianaGrande'sMoonlight
  23. S.S

    how did magnetic compass change life in europe

    asked by Dallas
  24. math

    A fisherman traveled in a boat from point N upstream. After having traveled 6 km, he stopped rowing and 2 hour 40 min after first leaving N, he was brought back to N by the current. Knowing that the speed of the boat in still water is 9 km/hour, find the

    asked by Sarayu
  25. Science

    Which step in the nitrogen cycle is accelerated at the beginning of the eutrophication process? 1)denitrification 2)nitrogen fixation 3)producer uptake of nitrogen 4)consumer decomposition I think #3 Thank you.

    asked by Jamie M
  26. science

    Which options accurately identify a characteristic that describes scientific journals? (Select all that apply) peer reviewed found mainly in university libraries published on a regular basis generally given out for free to any interested person A,B?

    asked by Bri
  27. Algebra

    A heart pumps about 5 quarts of blood through its chambers every 60 seconds. A swimming pool (20 ft. by 60 ft.) will hold about 65,000 gallons of water. This represents the amount of blood pumped by your heart in approximately how many weeks? (Remember you

    asked by samay
  28. math

    Find an equation for a line that contains (-4, -3) and is parallel to the graph of 2x - 5y = 40 1. y = -2/5 x + 4 3/5 2. y = 2/5 x - 1 2/5 3. y = -5/2x - 13 4. y = 5/2x + 7

    asked by Shiv
  29. Math

    Kurt drove his car from City A to City B at an average rate of 35 miles per hour. He started at 2 p.m. and drove 20 mile in t hours. Which of the following equations represents this situation? a. 20 = 35 t b. 35 = 20 t *** c. 20 = 35 (t+2) d. 35 = 20 (t

    asked by Anonymous
  30. English

    posted by rfvv yesterday at 2:58am. 1. I have two health educations on Monday. 2. I have two healths on Monday. [As a subject taught by a school nurse, which one is right, 'health education' or 'helth'? Which one is correct in the two sentences above?]

    asked by rfvv
  31. chemistry

    Write the balanced equation for calcium carbonate reacts with dillute hydrochloric acid to form calcium chloride water and carbon dioxide

    asked by akriti
  32. English

    1. He is so distracted in class. 2. He is focused during the class. 3. They are distracting in class. 4. They are distracted in class. ------------------------------------------ Can we use all the expressions? Do you have some more expressions-adjectives-

    asked by rfvv
  33. Math

    A librarian is expanding some sections of the city library. He buys books at a special price from a dealer who charges one price for any hardback book and another price for any paperback book. For the children's section, Mr. Shah purchased 31 new hardcover

    asked by crystal
  34. math

    Which inverse trigonometric function has a range of [0,pi]? a. y=cos^-1(x) b. y=cot^-1(x) c. y=csc^-1(x) d. y=sin^-1(x) I am not fully understanding this question. If someone could help me that would be great!

    asked by girly girl
  35. Geometry

    Find the cost of sod, at $0.49 per square foot, for a playing field that has a semi circle on each end with the radius of 8ft. Show work. Answer: $325.83

    asked by Sabrina
  36. History

    Hi, so I have this question. The growing popularity of newspapers, magazines, and books in the United States during the 19th century contributed to which of these? The emergence of a uniquely American literary style The expansion of educational

    asked by John
  37. Social Studies

    What effect did the Texans' defense of the Alamo have on Texas's flight for independence? Does anyone have sites, etc that can help me out? Thanks for your time :)

    asked by Hailey
  38. Appoquinimink School

    One winter night the temperature dropped 3 degrees every hour. If the temperature was 0 degrees at midnight,what was the temperature at 4:00 am?

    asked by Roselle
  39. History

    Which of the following BEST describes where forty-niners came from? -China -many different places -east coast of the United States -farms in the United States

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Math

    Give an example of a rational function that has vertical asymptote x = 3 and x = -3, horizontal asymptote y = 2 and y-intercept is (0, 4)

    asked by Calvin
  41. algebra 2

    Use change of base to rewrite the expression, log5 16 When I solved this, I got log10 16 / log10 5 But when checking it on mathway I got log 16 / log 5 Could someone explain this?

    asked by huncho jack
  42. maths

    Prove: sin^212+sin^221+sin^239+sin^248=1+sin^29+sin^218

    asked by rabin
  43. Circuits 2

    A single phase capacitor start squirrel cage induction motor take 2.5A from a 220v line. The current in the starting winding is 1.3A and the current in the main winding is 1.45A. The total power input 550W. What is the resistance of the main winding?

    asked by Student
  44. science

    Which options accurately identify an issue that could arise if no ethical guidelines were in place to guide the way research studies are presented to the public? (Select all that apply) Scientists could refuse to publish results they do not like. The

    asked by Bri
  45. American Government (9th Grade)

    1.) in the case of schenck vs united states justice oliver wendell holmes jr wrote: "the most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic." this is an example of what kind of rights?

    asked by Geno
  46. Physics

    Find the tension in the rope of an Atwood machine that has a 40 kg mass hanging on one side and a 60 kg mass on the other.

    asked by Juan
  47. math

    brenda walks 7km for a bearing of 120degrees then 9km for a bearing of 180degrees.Calculate distance and and bearing?

    asked by Richool m
  48. Materials Science and Engineering

    We know from literature that a certain material “A” exhibits an electrical conductivity of σ=100 S/cm at room temperature. However, we would like to confirm this value by performing electrical conductivity measurements in our labs. To perform these

    asked by wazowski
  49. Writing

    I have an educational campaign to write that has to be 750-1000 words. I was mostly just wondering if I have to use a standard essay format (ex. Intro, Body 1, Body 2, Body 3, Conclusion), or if there was a different set up to use. It's also supposed to be

    asked by Alissa
  50. English

    Does this sound like an indirect quote? I put it in quotations. One of the biggest problems with animal testing is the fact that animals are extremely different from humans, therefore they make bad test subjects. "The National Institutes of Health has

    asked by T
  51. Math

    What are the general formula for the sequence 1,4,9,16

    asked by Sharon
  52. Quickquestion please help

    How do I find a square root of a number, without a calculator?

    asked by Alexis
  53. Math

    The farmer's boy has been sent to the market. He takes his dog for company. He also has a plump goose to sell, and a bag of corn. He knows he must be careful. He must make sure his dog doesn't have a chance to eat the dog, and he must make sure the goose

    asked by Sarah
  54. Managerial Economics

    SQ sells ties and currently has sales of 1,200 units a month, producing a revenue of £36,000. It competes with TR, who is now considering a price cut of 25%. The PED for SQ is –1.5 and the CED between the two products is 0.8. a) Calculate the effect of

    asked by Gio
  55. Chemistry

    How many molecules of N2 are needed to react with 30 molecules of H2 to produce Ammonia for fertilizer?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Social studies

    Which U.S region has the smallest states by land area? •West •Midwest •Northwest*** •South From 1892 to 1954, millions of immigrants entered the United States through an immigration station in the Northeast called •Empire State Station •Big

    asked by CrybabyWinchester
  57. science

    Which options accurately identify an issue that could arise if no ethical guidelines were in place to guide the way research studies are presented to the public? (Select all that apply) Scientists could refuse to publish results they do not like. The

    asked by Bri
  58. maths limit of sequences

    How to show working for limit of n to infinity [(n^10)/n!]? I know it should be 0 by order of hierarchy where n!>n^10 but I am not sure how to show working.

    asked by Steve
  59. accounting

    santiago corporation's board of directors declare 7500, 000 cash dividend on Sept. 1, 2015, payable on Oct.1, to shareholders of record on Sept 15. what appropriate entries needed on the declaration, record, and payment dates.

    asked by tine
  60. English, poetry, end rhyme

    From “The Chimney-Sweeper” by William Blake When my mother died I was very young, And my father sold me while yet my tongue Could scarcely cry “Weep! weep! weep! weep!” 4 So your chimneys I sweep, and in soot I sleep . There’s little Tom Dacre,

    asked by BeautifulGamer333
  61. Physics

    A rope connects a 40 kg block to a 30 kg block. The rope passes over a pulley at the top of a 37° incline. The 40 kg block rests on the incline and the 30 kg block hangs from the pulley. Calculate the acceleration of either block.

    asked by Juan
  62. algebra

    Sure print Best print tickets printing tickets printed 25 tickets for $2 $10 setting up plus $1 for 25 tickets What is one thing that you notice about this problem about Printing Tickets? What is one question that you could ask about Printing Tickets?

    asked by Jeff
  63. Math

    6+4•5+3=80 insert grouping symbols so that the expression has the desired value

    asked by B
  64. SS

    Which year marked the permanent split of the Roman Empire?

    asked by May
  65. algebra 2

    Find the inverse of g(x)=5x-8 Would it be h(x)=x+8/5

    asked by huncho jack
  66. S.S

    Many Midwestern cities began as centers of _________ and processing. A. farming B. automobile manufacturing C. transportation ~~~ D. recessions Plz check my answer

    asked by Hairspraygirl
  67. Math Help ASAP IM STUCK!!!!!!

    what is the slope of the line that goes through (-3, -5) and (-3, -6) NEED THIS DONE SOON HELP PLEASE! SORRY ALL CAPS

    asked by TheGruddyHippo
  68. physics - unowen

    You posted a question about having two cannon balls strike the same target simultaneously, with a time delay between shots: I have had some time to think about it, and have come up with the following ideas.

    asked by Steve
  69. Math

    Ash, Kim and Josh meet every Wednesday to go for a run. If they all agree, they go for a long run rather than a short run. Based on previous experience, the probability that Ash is up for a long run is 0.4, Kim 0.3 and Josh 0.7. What is the probability

    asked by s17
  70. Math

    Solve the following equation =0.017=2x^2/(0.0550-x)(0.165-x). I was told it was 0.00196. But I got like 0.00247. Is 0.00196 correct?

    asked by John
  71. Math

    A triangular shelter has a base width of 2 m, a height of 2 m, a length of 3 m and hypotenuse 2.8 m. a) Every edge of shelter is to be sealed with tape.What length of tape is required. b) The shelter tag says that is occupied 10,000L of space. Show showing

    asked by dian
  72. marketing

    Competitors that offer similar content to Motor Trend on Demand

    asked by jack
  73. Math

    5 5/12. + 4 11/12 = I got the answer 10 1/3 But I dont know why is it 10 I got 9 16/12 Then I divided four into the numerator and denometer I got 4/3 then I did 3 divide four which is one so 1/3. But why Is it ten? It’s suppose to be 9 1/3?why is it 10

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Ms sue Math

    7 8/10 + 7 9/10 First I did 7+7 14 Then 8+9 = 17 Then 10 10 10 So I did ten divide by 17 equals 1 The one gets added to 14 and the remaining seven stays and it turns to 15 7/10? Am I explain this right

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Math

    Peter has $2000 invested in an account that gives him 5% interest a year. Write an equation for the amount of money, m, in his account after y, years. How much money will be in his account in 10 years, if he does not put any more in or take any out?

    asked by Jane
  76. social studies

    How have residents of Canada's eastern coast dealt with changes in the fishing industry? 1)they have completely given up fishing 2)they only fish for cod 3)they have banned aquaculture 4)they have concentrated on other economic activities I think #4 Thanks

    asked by Jamie M
  77. English

    1. Oh, my! 2. Oh, my God! 3. Oh, my gosh! 4. Oh, my goodness! [Is #1 from #2? What is the origin of #1?]

    asked by rfvv