Questions Asked on
March 8, 2018

  1. Math

    1. A parking lot space is in shape of a rectangle. If the space has a length of 23 feet and a width of 12 feet, what is the area of the parking space? A.128ft2 B.266ft2 C276ft2**** D138ft2 2. Each blade on a windmill is in shape of a triangle with base of

    asked by Check Me Please
  2. math

    2. Each blade on a windmill is in the shape of a triangle with a base of 7 feet and a height of 4 feet. If there are four blades on the windmill, what is the total area of the blades? A.56ft2***** B.14ft2 C.28ft2 C.96ft2

    asked by Math help!!
  3. math

    Triangle XYZ is reflected across the line x = 3. What is the reflection image of Y?

    asked by angela
  4. language arts

    which term correctly identifies the italicized phrase in the following sentence? the ice (hanging down from the tree branches) shone in the soft light a. prepositional phrase b. appositive phrase c. gerund phrase d. practiciple phrase

    asked by Itzel
  5. English

    1.Under a spreading chestnut tree 2.The village smithy stands; 3.The smith, a mighty man is he, 4.With large and sinewy hands; 5.And the muscles of his brawny arms 6.Are strong as iron bands. 7.His hair is crisp, and black, and long, 8.His face is like the

    asked by help please ;-;
  6. History

    What led to the Scramble for Africa? Colonial powers in Europe scoured Africa in search of gold left by ancient civilizations. Multiple European powers wanted African territory to create new ports along Asian trade routes. New inventions and an economic

    asked by Quinn
  7. math

    two numbers rolled can be added to get a sum. Find P(sum is even) is it 1/4 ?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. language arts

    how does a preposition function in a sentence? a. it shows action. b. it takes the place of a noun. c. it tells more about the subject. d. it relates to a noun or pronoun to another word im the sentence.

    asked by Dustin
  9. History

    What explains the decline of Japan's isolationism? Limited natural resources on the islands of Japan led to the end of isolationism and allowed for the rise of Japanese industrialization. Fearing an invasion by Russia, Japanese leaders eliminated

    asked by Quinn
  10. world history

    What is one of the factors that helped Buddhism spread through China? A. Shi Huangdi appointed Buddhist monks to run his government. B.Mahayana Buddhism offered escape from suffering and the promise of achieving salvation. my educated guess is B

    asked by bars&meldody
  11. English

    3.Which function and corresponding endmark match the following sentence? Go get the paper towels from under the sink a.interrogative(?) b.exclamatory(!) c.imperative(. or !)* d.declarative(.)

    asked by Help
  12. math

    Q 31 The sum of the weights of an iron piece and of a copper piece is 1280 gm. The volume of the copper piece is twice that of the iron piece. If the weight of 1 cubic centimeter of iron is 7.8 gm and that of copper is 8.9 gm. Find the volume of each piece

    asked by usha
  13. Math I need HELP please

    The radius of a cylinder is 3.5ft. The height is 14ft. Find the surface area and the volume of the cylinder to the nearest tenth of a foot. Please help

    asked by Memed
  14. ELA

    Stage directions may indicate which of the following ? 1)the tone of voice an actor should use 2)an action an actor should take 3)the scenery 4)sound effects I think 1, 2, 4 Thanks

    asked by Jamie M
  15. Math

    The graph of an inverse trigonometric function passes through the point (1, pi/2). Which of the following could be the equation of the graph? Y=cos^-1 x Y=cot^-1 x Y=sin^-1 x Y=tan^-1 x

    asked by Micheal
  16. ELA

    What is the function of a preposition in a sentence? 1)to relate a noun or pronoun to another word. 2)to express action 3)to show the subject of the sentence is active with the main verb. 4)to tell more about the subject. I think #1 Thank you.

    asked by Jamie M
  17. Social Studies

    what is the slave population (1/3 estimate) for 70 BC? (There is a table above the numbers are year- 70 BC, Roman citizens - 900,000, Slave population - 1,500,000) A. 300,000 slaves B. 1,500,000 slaves C. 600,000 slaves D. 2,700,000 slaves

    asked by Camillia
  18. Chemistry - equm acid base

    Calculate [H3O+] 0.100 M NaNO2 and 5.00×10−2 M HNO2 so there's no Ka value for NaNO2, it can be ignored 5.6x10^-4 = x^2 / 5.00x10^-2 x = 5.3x10^-3 the answer is incorrect why? Thanks

    asked by X
  19. chem

    1. Since the gas in your graduated cylinder is a mixture of butane and water vapor, you must determine the partial pressure of the butane, Pbutane, alone. To do this, consult a reference and record the partial pressure of the water vapor, Pwater, at the

    asked by shelby
  20. psychology/biology

    1. The cerebellum and the medulla are also part of the _____. a. occipital lobe b. unconscious brain*** c. hypothalamus d. vertebrae 2. Which part of the brain connects/separates the right and left cerebral hemispheres? a. vertebrae b. Broca's area c.

    asked by ayasha
  21. math

    12. IF 1/SinA+1/CosA=1/SinB+1/CosB ,PROVE THAT: Cot{(A+B)/2}=TanA.TanB

    asked by sanjay
  22. chemistry

    A gas has a volume of 590 mL At a temperature of -55.0 degrees celsius. What volume will the gas occupy at 30.0 degrees celsius? show your work. I'm just confused as to how to start this and the steps required. I'm not asking for an answer, but rather some

    asked by gina
  23. Math

    Ms. Sue could you give me some websites for classifying quadrilaterals and other polygons please? (NOT ASKING FOR ANSWERS!)

    asked by Unknown
  24. Science

    Which of these contains the most tightly packed matter particles? (1 point) A. tea B. carbon dioxide C. a milkshake D. cardboard

    asked by Peter
  25. math plz help! urgent!

    It costs Marie $25 overhead and then an additional $1.25 to make each barrette. She charges $3.50 for each one. Write a function to model Marie's profit?

    asked by some girl
  26. Math

    Silas is going to use 5 ounces of glue and 2 ounces of detergent. What percent of his slime is detergent? A 5%** B 40% C 71.4% D 28.6% E 42.9% F 60% G 250% A bank charges 18.12% interest per year on a credit card account. Jose' closed his account and has a

    asked by Me
  27. La

    How do poets use imagery, connotation,and denotation to contribute to tone in a poem? I don't really understand tone and such, if someone could explain?

    asked by La help
  28. ss

    the discovery of the new oil field in North Dekoda had what effect on the United States

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Algebra

    Suppose that the x-intercepts of the graph of y=f(x) are -8 and 1. What are the x-intercepts of the graph of y=f(x+4)?

    asked by Alicia
  30. Health

    @Ms.sue I need your help please You have been having trouble breathing so you go to the doctor to check it out. What important question might he ask you to determine if you have been taking good care of your respiratory system? A. "Do you bathe regularly?"

    asked by Tiff
  31. Math

    The equation above shows how temperature F , measured in degrees Fahrenheit, relates to a temperature C , measured in degrees Celsius. Based on the equation, which of the following must be true? A temperature increase of 1 degree Fahrenheit is equivalent

    asked by Jamie
  32. Pre-Algebra

    A survey about the student government program at school finds of 245 students: • 218 students like the program • 27 students think the program is unnecessary If a circle graph were made from this data, what would the measure of the central angle be for

    asked by Buhgingi
  33. Math

    Draw and label all the rectangles with a perimeter of 24 units. Use only whole units. What is true about the rectangle with the greatest area?

    asked by HobiHoe
  34. physics

    A 0.410-kg soccer ball is kicked at an initial speed of 32.5 m/s at an angle of 33.0° to the horizontal. What is the kinetic energy of the soccer ball when it has reached the apex of its trajectory?

    asked by joy
  35. mythology

    This animal is covered in vivid purple scales and has a body shaped like an iguana. Its face resembles an alligator and its eyes are like a gecko. It has long horns and bat wings.

    asked by hamburger
  36. Math

    There were 80 boys and 95 girls on the middle school track team last year this year the number of boys increased by 15% well the number of girls decreased by 20% was there an overall increase or decrease in the number of students on the track team

    asked by Maddog123
  37. History

    what was the most important industry in south carolina during reconstruction ? A. Meat packing B.oil C.textiles D.iron || THANKS FOR YOUR HELP . REALLY APPRECIATE IT || SHOUT OUT TO MS. SUE FOR ALL THE GREAT SITES AND EVERYTHING THEY HELPED ME GET THROUGH

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    POOL:A diver on a spring board that is 3 meters above the surface of the pool. Another pool diver is below the surface of the pool. a. Write an integer for the position of each diver relative to surface the pool. b. Find absolute value of each integer. c.

    asked by Sravya
  39. Social Studies question

    Why does immigration most likely continue to increase the U.S. population? The U.S. economy benefits from immigrant labor. Immigrants are needed as soldiers in the U.S. military. The U.S. government seeks out immigrants to combat falling birth rates.

    asked by Mama Teacher
  40. science

    Suppose that you and a friend decide to use two different methods to make popcorn for a snack. Your friend uses a hot-air popcorn popper. You put a bag of microwave popcorn into a microwave oven. Use what you know—about radiation, conduction, and

    asked by Need help! Please
  41. Math

    Bob's age is 4 times greater than Susan's age. Dakota is 3 years younger than Susan. The sum of Bob's Susan's and Dakota's ages is 93 what is Susan's age

    asked by Downer
  42. Trig

    a pilot wishes to fly on a course bearing 45 and with a ground speed of 600 km per hour. If a wind is blowing from the southwest (bearing 315) at 80 km per hour. What must be the heading and air speed of the aircraft?

    asked by Mike
  43. physics

    In each situation shown in the figure below, a ball moves from point A to point B. Use the following data to find the change in the gravitational potential energy in each case. You can assume that the radius of the ball is negligible. (a) h = 1.45 m, θ =

    asked by joy
  44. Math

    An examination fee is partly constant and partly varies directly as the number of subject entered. When the examination fee is 55000 three subjects are entered when that examination fee is 700, five subjects are entered. Write a law of variation and find

    asked by James
  45. Math

    Write a story problem that is associated with this proportion, then solve your problem. 5/$21 = 12/n

    asked by Kathy
  46. history

    1.Pop art reflected the cultural revolution of the 1960's a. True b. False (A) 2.The Twist and the Monkey were popular musical groups. a. True b. False (B) 3.The Hare Krishna attracted young people !@#$%^&belled against society. a. True b. False (B) 4.

    asked by cristaln
  47. Geometry

    What is the ratio measures of the in-radius, circum-radius and one of the ex-radius of an equilateral triangle? (1) 1 : 2 : 5 (2) 1 : 3 : 5 (3) 1 : 2 : 3**** (4) 1 : 1.4142 : 2

    asked by Ellie
  48. Math

    When the first Harry Potter movie came out, "The Sorcerer's Stone," a local book store marked all the Harry Potter books up by 12.5%. If "The Sorcerer's Stone" paperback cost $7.37 before the movie came out, how much did it cost after the mark up? My

    asked by Me
  49. Trig.

    Hey I am doing test corrections and need help, Which of the following inverse functions are defined for x=-1/2 ? Select all that apply. Y=tan^-1 x Y=cos^-1 x Y=sin^-1 x Y=csc^-1 x Y=sec^-1 x Y=cot^-1 x

    asked by Timothy
  50. Algebra

    Simplify: (2x-3y4)3(x3 + y)0 / (4xy-2)3

    asked by Tk
  51. Physics

    I have to check that Maxwell's equations are dimensionally correct. How the hell can I do this? Thank you very much.

    asked by Maxwell - AEC
  52. Science

    You make a terrarium for your school’s science fair by putting some soil into a glass container and adding small plants. You moisten the soil with water and add a slug. You cover the terrarium with clear plastic that has vent holes. Then, you place the

    asked by KAILIN
  53. physics

    The illustration for this problem can be seen at screenshots(dot)firefox(dot)com/atwXACAA9akaoAji/null The army is testing out a new prototype artillery cannon with an uncommonly high muzzle velocity of 1000 m/sec . The design bugs haven't been fully

    asked by unowen
  54. 9th Grade English

    Hi, I have a research project about this question: "What are the reasons some people feel certain books should be banned?" In my lesson, it said to look for information about the history of banned books. I need 3 websites pertaining to this topic. Also,

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Physics

    A stone is thrown vertically upward, after't'second it covers a distance of's' metre, where 's'=80t-16t2. It's velocity after 2 second?

    asked by Ratan
  56. Science

    If an object is buoyant then it will (1 point) A.float. B.sink. C.attract metal. D.loses it's shape.

    asked by Peter
  57. Physics

    I have the following exercise: Verify that Ex=f(z-ct)+g(z+ct) is a solution of the one dimensional wave equation. But I don't get what I should do, I mean, isn't Ex the formula of the one dimensional wave equation itself? U.U How can I verify it? Thank

    asked by Waves - AEC
  58. Algebra

    Olivia is taking a test that has 30 questions.She earns 9 points for every correct answer and loses 5 points for every wrong answer (questions left blank also count as wrong answers) . If Olivia’s score is 18 , how many questions did she answer correctly

    asked by Delila
  59. Math

    If the largest angle in a triangle is 70o, what is least possible value of the smallest angle of the triangle? 69o 1o 40o*** 39o 41o Is the correct answer 40?

    asked by Sophie
  60. Math

    The table shows the population of the larger U.S. cities. A. Construct a bar graph of the data. B. Describe how the population of San Diego changed from 1950 to 2000. C. Which city had the greatest percent increase from 1950 to 2000?

    asked by Mikayla
  61. Calculus

    Hello, I would like to know if you can help me with this problem the intergal of (cos (6x)+1), I’ve understood it as far as cos (1/2 (ax)) but where is the sqrt of 2 coming from?! Thank you.

    asked by Kristi
  62. Chemistry

    Can someone please help guide me through this question? Calculate the change in entropy of the surroundings . No work is done. You begin with 1 mol of CO. The reaction takes place at 298 K. 2CO + O2→ 2CO2 BDE (C≡O): 1072 kJ/mol; BDE (O=O): 495 kJ/mol;

    asked by Emily
  63. Physics

    A bug sits on the edge of a rotating disk. Later, the bug begins to move toward the center of the disk. Does the bug exert a torque on the disk?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Algebra

    Olivia is taking a test that has 30 questions.She earns 9 points for every correct answer and loses 5 points for every wrong answer (questions left blank also count as wrong answers) . If Olivia’s score is 18 , how many questions did she answer correctly

    asked by Delila
  65. Math

    the length of a cut board in a sawmill should be within 2% of the board's stated length.write an absolute value inequality that describes the length L of an acceptable board with a stated length of 12 feet.

    asked by Andrea
  66. Calculus

    Find the area of the region bounded by the curves y = x^2 - 1 and y = cos(x). I've tried doing this and I got -1.54 which doesn't make sense because area should always be positive right? And I put it in an online calculator to check and it gave me 3.11. I

    asked by Kait
  67. Science

    If a man travels 2 km towards east and returns back 1 km. What is the displacement?.

    asked by Deepak
  68. physics

    A newly established colony on the Moon launches a capsule vertically with an initial speed of 1.453 km/s. Ignoring the rotation of the Moon, what is the maximum height reached by the cap

    asked by joy
  69. Math

    Evaluate: |4 - 8(3 - 12)| - |5 - 11| =

    asked by Annie
  70. Math

    |(-3x+9)/x^10| (Factor -3 out of the numerator first)

    asked by Andrea
  71. math

    what is 5 plus 8 times 364 in standard form??

    asked by oof
  72. Calculus

    Find the radius of convergence of the series from n=0 to infinity of ((9x-4)^(2n+1))/(n^(3/2)). I think it is 5/9.

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Math

    This is for elementary students If you had 2 1/5 subtract 1 1/5 what would your answer be I know this answer and if you are not a elementary student don't answer this is from a fellow teacher Mrs.May

    asked by Mrs.May
  74. physics

    Hi, We have taken the Poiseuille's Equation yesterday, and I need some simple exercises about it to be familiar with it, because it is hard to memories . Please if you know any useful website tell me or give me its URL. Thank you.

    asked by Dr.B
  75. math

    The volume of metal in a scale model of an mobile phone tower is 54 cm^3. The scale was 1:50. It required 5 ml of paint to give the model one coat. Find the volume of mental in cubic metres would be required to build the tower.

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Maths

    How do I find the actual mode when there are two classes in a continuous series with equal highest frequency?

    asked by Postnam
  77. Math

    I need someone to show me or help with the steps of this problem: Bert received a commission of $247.50. If he works for 15% commission what price of the car did he sell? Thank you in advance to whoever helps me

    asked by David
  78. Math

    If 3 x − y = 12 , what is the value of 8 x 2 y ? A) ** 2 12 B) 4 4 C) 8 2 D) The value cannot be determined from the information given. I believe the answer is A

    asked by Cassandra
  79. Math

    How do i solve x^3 (x-9) + (4x^3) don't give me the answer explain it

    asked by Dave
  80. Chem

    Am I doing this right? Find the concentration of the phosphate ion. 1.00 mL 210 micro molar. DI water added to 25 ml line. 1.00 mL phosphate solution * 1L/1000mL * 210 mol phosphate solution/1L solution * 1.0 *10^-6 mol/ 1 micromol * 1 mol PO4 3- / 1 mol

    asked by Allie
  81. fluid mechanics

    .75m pipe connects two reservoirs. water is pumped from the lower reservoir to a reservoir 42m higher using a 850 kw pump, ep=78%. If Head losses are 22m, draw EGL/ HGL

    asked by aynon
  82. Math

    I need help with the steps on how to do this following problem: Bert received a commission of $247.50. If he works for 15% commission what price of the cat did he sell?

    asked by Paul
  83. Algebra

    Write a story problem that is associated with this proportion, then solve your problem. 5/$21 =12/n

    asked by Kathy
  84. Math

    write an equation in slope intercept form for a line containing (5,3) that is parallel to the line y+11= 1/2 (4x+6)

    asked by LA
  85. Math

    An examination is partly constantly as the number of subject entered. When the examination fee is 55000. Three subjects are entered when that examination fee is 700, five subjects are entered. Write a law of variation and find the number of subject if the

    asked by Saaior