Questions Asked on
March 5, 2018

  1. Language Arts

    1. Part A: What can you infer from these lines of dialogue in The Diary Of Anne Frank, Act I? MRS. FRANK: But I'd like to stay with you... very much. Really. ANNE: I'd rather you didn't. A: There are problems in Anne's relationship with her mother. B: Anne

    asked by Cy
  2. Math

    A surveyor sights two signs and the angle between the two lines of sight measures 55. If the first and the second signs are 70 m and 50 m away,respectively,from the surveyor, find the distance between the two signs .Express your answer to the nearest

    asked by Jane
  3. Math

    Two ships leave the same port at the same time. One ship sails on a course of 110 degree at 32 mi/h. The other sails on a course of 230 degree at 40 mi/h. Find the distance between them after 2 hours. Express your answer to the nearest mile.

    asked by Jane
  4. math

    which of the following is a true statement? a. when comparing two integers, the integer with the greater absolute value is always the greater integer. b. when comparing two integers, the integer with the greater absolute value could be the lesser integer.

    asked by Mackenzie
  5. Some algebra please help me!

    1) Find the surface area of a sphere with a radius of 8 cm. A 267.9 cm B 803.8 cm *** C 2143.6 cm D 2010. cm 2) Find the surface area of a sphere with a radius of 4 ft. A 452.2 m B 150.7 m C 113.0 m D 904.3 m *** 3) Find the volume of a sphere with a

    asked by Edward Elric
  6. Music

    A moveable do refers to A. each note receiving a do marking. B. the do marking being used multiple times in a scale. C. the do marking being assigned to the first note of a scale, no matter which pitch it starts on. D. the do marking being fixed on middle

    asked by Fernando khalifa
  7. Chemistry

    -Consider the reaction when aqueous solutions of silver(I) nitrate and manganese(II) chloride are combined. The net ionic equation for this reaction is? -Consider the reaction when aqueous solutions of cobalt(II) sulfate and lead(II) nitrate are combined.

    asked by Natalie
  8. Math

    what allowed for the expansion of the ranching industry a. laws created by the government prohibited cattle drivers from cutting barbed wire. b.American Indians and buffalo had been removed from the plain of North Texas*** c. railroads allowed for

    asked by Matt
  9. Chemistry

    A 100.00 ml of volume of 0.500 M HCl was mixed with 100.00 ml of 0.500 M KOH in a constant pressure calorimeter. The initial temperature of individual acid and base was 23.0 oC. The final temperature after mixing was 25.5 oC. The specific heat of the

    asked by Kelly
  10. Math

    ___ identify the sets to which the number 0.41567 belongs. A. rational number B. irrational number C. integer, rational number D. whole number, integer, rational number please help, and don't just give answers, plz also say how you got them

    asked by a n n a
  11. science

    Which option accurately describes scientific theories? (Select all that apply.) are descriptions of phenomena that can be observed to consistently happen over and over again are testable questions that can be investigated through experimentation have

    asked by Bri
  12. science

    Examine the situation. Gregor Mendel wondered how traits were inherited, but the technology to study genes was unknown. By crossing pea plants and observing their traits, he concluded that the traits of living organisms are controlled by structures called

    asked by Bri
  13. Chemistry

    Different manufacturers claim to have the best antacid. Which of the following tablets would neutralize the most acid for the money? A. Rolaids (550 mg CaCO3 and 110 mg Mg(OH)2 per tablet) – 150 tablets for $9.44 B. Tums (500 mg CaCO3 per tablet) – 150

    asked by Allen
  14. Math NEED HELP

    A parking lot space is in the shape of a rectangle. If the space has a length of 23 feet and a width of 12 feet, what is the area of the parking lot space? A.128 ft2 B.266 ft2 C.276 ft2 D.138 ft2

    asked by _b_l_a_n_k_
  15. Trigonometry

    An airplane is headed on a bearing of 140° with an air speed of 500 miles per hour. The course has a bearing of 128°. The ground speed is 580 miles per hour. Find the drift angle, the wind direction, and the wind speed.

    asked by John
  16. Algebra 2 Explict Rule

    THe explict rule for a sequence is given. an=4n-1 What is the recursive for the sequence? I got a1=3 ; an=an-1+4

    asked by John Smith
  17. biology

    Read the scenario. Loretta has a sample that contains a mixture of different DNA molecules. She would like to separate them by size to help her determine the length of each molecule. Which technique should she use? A- PCR B- Gel electrophoresis C- DNA

    asked by Rylee
  18. biology

    For photosynthetic organisms to become more common than those that get energy from eating organic molecules, what environmental conditions must have changed? I have no clue!! Thanks!!

    asked by Katie T
  19. Math

    A plant grew 18 inches in over 5 months. The plant grows the same amount each month. How many inches did it grow in 2 months?

    asked by Dillon
  20. biology

    Critique two scientific models that explain the origin of life. Thanks!

    asked by Anonymous
  21. math

    Lisa descended 120 feet into a cave. She then climbed up 56 feet. If her starting point was 38 feet below sea level at the mouth of the cave, what is Lisa's elevation relative to sea level now?

    asked by bug
  22. Data Management - GRADE 12

    A lottery ticket contains 5 numbers chosen from the numbers 1 to 40. The winning ticket is the one that matches all the 5 numbers in the correct order. The second prize winner matches four of the five numbers in the correct order. What is the probability

    asked by HELP123
  23. Chemistry

    The problem states, 'A student wants to determine how long it takes to dissolve 51.3 g of common table salt (sodium chloride) in 1L of water by monitoring the solution. It takes 26.7 seconds for the salt to completely dissolve. Determine the rate of

    asked by SarahF275
  24. Biology

    Heterozygous tall and red flowered pea plants were selfed and total 2000 seeds are collected. What is the total number of seeds for both heterozygous traits?

    asked by Mini
  25. ap chemistry

    Which of the following rate laws is possible for the following two-step reaction? 1) NO(g) + NO(g) N2O2(g); FAST 2) N2O2(g) + O2(g) 2NO2(g); SLOW Net: 2NO(g) + O2(g) 2NO2(g); A. k[N2O2][NO] B. k[NO]2 C. k[N2O2][O2] D. k[NO][O2] help!!!!! i don't know how

    asked by Sophie
  26. Math

    A teacher asks each student in the class to randomly choose a number between 1 to 80 and write it down. Devon and Michiko write down a number. What is the probability that both of their choices will be greater than 60? Express your answer as a decimal. If

    asked by Nikol
  27. U.S History

    What did the first civilizations in Asia and Africa have in common? A. They had organized governments. B. They lacked social hierarchies. My answer is A is it correct?

    asked by barsandmelody
  28. Circuits2

    Three impedances zL=3+j4 ohms, zC=4-j4 ohms and zR=0+j3 ohms are connected in parallel. solve for the power factor of the combination.

    asked by Student
  29. English

    1. We have three PE classes a week. 2. We have three P.E. classes a week. 3. We have three pe classes a week. 4. We have three p.e. classes a week. 5. We have three Physical Education classes a week. 6. We have three physical education classes a week. [Can

    asked by rfvv
  30. Biology

    Sammy notices that the pea plants growing in his garden have purple flowers. What exactly has Sammy observed about the plants? A-Genotype B-Alleles C-Phenotype D-Genes C?

    asked by Rylee
  31. math

    In order to accumulate enough money for a down payment on a​ house, a couple deposits $ 688 per month into an account paying 6 % compounded monthly. If payments are made at the end of each​ period, how much money will be in the account in 4 ​years?

    asked by shannon
  32. Creative play

    A first grade teacher present her lessons on addition Concept in several ways to accommodate to the children's ways of showing what they know and can do., she includes rap chant about addition, small group practice with math manipulatives and a cumulative

    asked by Bev
  33. Math

    Is the function below exponential? G(t)=(5⋅t)^2 If so, write the function in the form G(t)=ab^t and enter the values you find for a and b in the indicated blanks below. If the function is not exponential, enter NONE in both blanks below. a= b=

    asked by George Carl
  34. math

    Palo Alto College is planning to construct a rectangular parking lot on land bordered on one side by a highway. The plan is to use 560 feet of fencing to fence off the other three sides. What dimensions should the lot have if the enclosed area is to be

    asked by James
  35. Math

    A gardener has to lay a grass lawn, leaving space for an 80 cm wide concrete path along the inside edge of a square garden with an area of 72.25 meter square. what will be the area of the grass lawn?

    asked by Deepak
  36. Guidance and discipline

    If children do not develop a competence in fundamental skills of movement they may: A. Never develop fine motor skills B. Lose muscle tone C. Develop poor body image D. Be clumsy in physical actions. Is it C ?

    asked by Bev
  37. Science Chemistry

    How do I make an electron dot diagram for MgO? (

    asked by Jeffery
  38. Geometry

    What is the magnitude and direction of the PQ−→− with tail and head points P(-6, 0) and Q(2, 4)? Select one: a. 8.9 units, 26.6° north of east b. 8.9 units, 63.4° north of east c. 13.4 units, 0° east

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Biology

    All the following statements concerning the theory of evolution by natural selection are true EXCEPT: The bodies of organisms in a population change by use and disuse, and the changes are inherited by the next generation. Why is the above the correct

    asked by Anna
  40. Math

    Find the initial value a, growth/decay factor b, and growth/decay rate r for the following exponential function: Q(t)=0.0036(2.58)^−4t a) The initial value is a= (b) The growth factor is b= (c) The growth rate is r=

    asked by George Carl
  41. science

    Determine the CFU/ml if 1 ml of the 10-5 dilution is plated and 372 colonies are present following incubation. Thank you!

    asked by lauren
  42. AP Chem

    A first-order reaction has a rate constant of 0.547 min - 1. How long will it take a reactant concentration 0.14 M to decrease to 0.07 M? Not sure how to do this!

    asked by Andrea
  43. Math Statistics

    Lottery: I buy one of 250 raffle tickets for $5. The sponsors then randomly select 1 grand prize worth $250, 2 second prizes worth $100 each, and 3 third prizes worth $50 each. Below is the discrete probability distribution for this raffle. Prize P(x)

    asked by Jim
  44. biology

    Which can be accomplished by DNA barcoding? A)determining the sequence of DNA B)identifying species C)bringing extinct species back to life D)tagging genes to make things glow in routine lab experiments A?

    asked by Rylee
  45. Physics

    Starting from rest, a 2.3x10-4 kg flea springs straight upward. While the flea is pushing off from the ground, the ground exerts an average upward force of 0.44 N on it. This force does 2.7x10-4 J of work on the flea. (a) What is the flea's speed when it

    asked by Sidiqa
  46. American Government

    The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States, and the Electors in each State shall have the Qualifications requisite for Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State

    asked by girly girl
  47. ELA

    What kind of analogies would best be used when writing a serious essay on the topic of 21st century governments around the world?

    asked by rosa
  48. science

    The temperature in the room is rising because the explosion is releasing _____ energy into the air, increasing the speed of the air molecules in the room.

    asked by Joshua
  49. maths

    a woman is four times older than her daughter five years ago the product of their age was 175 find their present age

    asked by kumar
  50. science

    Which option correctly defines a scientific theory? an explanation for observable facts that is supported by experimental evidence a scientist’s best guess, or assumption, about the cause of a problem a process of carrying out specific, well controlled

    asked by Bri
  51. Trigonometry

    An airplane is headed southwest (bearing 225°) with an air speed of 550 miles per hour, with the wind blowing from the northwest (bearing 135°) at a speed of 110 miles per hour. Find the drift angle, ground speed, and the course of the airplane.

    asked by John
  52. Probability

    Grace has 2 yellow balloons and 3 red balloons. Her brother, Caleb, is going to pop two of the balloons at random. What is the probability that he pops one of the yellow balloons and one of the red balloons?

    asked by PT
  53. Algebra 2 (Recursive Rule)

    What is the recursive rule for the sequence? -7.4, -21.2, -35, -48.8, -62.5 I got an=an+1 -13.8 where a1=-7.4

    asked by John Smith
  54. algebra 1

    multiply and simplify if possible. sqrt(5x) (sqrt(x)-5 sqrt(5)

    asked by lexi
  55. Creative play

    It is important for teachers to make art activities accessible to young children with special needs ,an addition for a child with emotional or intellectual challenges include all of the following except: A. Have a child without this challenges help them on

    asked by Bev
  56. maths

    A train travels 360 km at uniform speed . if the speed had been 5 km / hr more it would have taken 1 hour less for the same journey. find the speed of the train. pl give me a short cut method to solve.

    asked by kumar
  57. Probability

    Triscia had 12 jellybeans in a jar (orange ones, green ones, and purple ones). After she ate all the orange ones (but none of any other color), the probability of taking out a green jellybean by chance was twice as high as it was before she ate any

    asked by PT
  58. science

    For the human body to function correctly, the right amount of sugar must be present in the blood. Several hormones are produced by the body as part of a mechanism to counteract changes in blood sugar so that the amount of sugar remains relatively constant.

    asked by Rylee
  59. Math

    adeline spent 5/8 her money on books and 1/2 of the remainder on food. what percentage of her money had she ledt?

    asked by Natalia
  60. science

    Define inductive reasoning. answering questions by analyzing specific observations and using them to come to a more general understanding doubting or not accepting conclusions or ideas until they have been adequately tested and verified answering questions

    asked by Bri
  61. Trigonometry

    A person can swim at a speed of 2 kilometers per hour in still water. If he heads across a river at right angles to current of 5 kilometers per hour, find his speed in relation to the land and the direction in which he actually moves.

    asked by John
  62. math


    asked by fruit loops
  63. Math please help

    What are some common or unique formulas that we use in our everyday life? Please add information as to how and why we use the formula.

    asked by Clawdeen
  64. math

    Shannon can paint a room in 16 hours. Emily can paint the same room in 20 hours. How long does it take for both Shannon and Emily to paint the room it they are working together?

    asked by Kendall
  65. Math

    Every year a lake becomes more polluted, and 5% fewer organisms can live in it. If in 2010 there are one million organisms, write an equation relating N, the number of organisms (in millions), to time t, in years since 2010.

    asked by George Carl
  66. Math

    destiny has 6 library books on her desk. one third of them are about animals. how many of destiny's library books are about animal?

    asked by Juan
  67. algebra

    26 23/27 is 106 2/11 percent of what number?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. chemistry

    balanced equation of the ester of methyl alcohol and salicylic acid?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. math

    Barry wants to make a drawing that is 1/4 the size of the original.if a tree in the original. Drawing is 14 inches tall and 5 inches wide,what will be the length and width of the tree in Barry's drawing?

    asked by Azilah
  70. Maths

    The diagonals of a rhombus measure 10cm and 24cm. Find its perimeter.

    asked by Siddharth
  71. Psychology

    30 Brothers each attend the daily sunset service 4 times a week. Whilst they are all present on Sunday, the numbers present throughout the week varies from day to day. Alan wanted to learn more about the religion. He knew the Brothers were in great demand

    asked by Kate
  72. Probability

    Alice has 2 identical pairs of red shoes and 1 pair of white shoes, where a pair of shoes is one left and one right shoe of the same color.If she draws two shoes at random, what is the probability that she picks a pair? Give your answer as a reduced

    asked by PT
  73. english

    (who,whom)____ will the choir director choose?

    asked by renalyn
  74. Math: Area of Circles

    Find the area of each circle shown below. The image shows a) a circle with the diameter of 20 cm and b) a circle with the radius of 7 m.

    asked by Cami
  75. Math ....fractions

    Jim walked one quarter of his journey,travelled two thirds of it by bus and cycled the rest.calculate the fraction of the journey Jim cycled

    asked by Vera
  76. math

    The square root of 76 is between what two numbers?

    asked by anon
  77. science

    Which option correctly demonstrates scientific thinking in practice? The lava flowing from a volcano is very hot because its temperature has been measured to be over 1,000 ºC. The lava flowing from a volcano must be very hot because it is a liquid. The

    asked by Bri
  78. Math

    Amanda cuts of 45-cm ribbon into two pieces in the ratio of 4:5 find the length of the shorter piece.

    asked by Math
  79. calculus

    The reproduction function for a sardine is f(p) = −0.0004p^2+3p, where p and f(p) are in hundred metric tons. Find the population that gives the maximum sustainable yield, and the size of the yield. population=_________ hundred metric tons size of

    asked by aj
  80. As Chemistry


    asked by 0oooooooo0
  81. English

    1. After three days he was arrested and imprisoned. 2. Three days later he was arrested and imprisoned. 3. After three days, he was arrested and imprisoned. 4. Three days later, he was arrested and imprisoned. [Can we use all the expressions? Do we have to

    asked by rfvv
  82. algebra

    An insurance salesperson earns a commission of 3% of the first 5000 dollars on insurance that he sells each week and 4 percent of the value in excess of 5000 dollars. One week he earned a commission of 320 dollars. What was the total value of the insurance

    asked by Anonymous
  83. English

    1.Authorities expect no water shortage this _____ nevertheless, extra wells are being dug. a. summer, b. summer; (B) 2.Among those attending the meeting were Don Wheatly, a retired _____ Louise DiFrenza, the town librarian; and Dana West, a councilwoman.

    asked by cristalL5
  84. English

    1._____ wives have always played important social roles. a. President's b. Presidents' (B) 2.My cousin is an extremely _____ child. a. well-behaved b. well behaved (A) 3. Myra will play in the _____ tennis meet. a. allstate b. all-state (B) 4. _____ mother

    asked by ALEX.3
  85. math

    The difference between two numbers is 4. The sum of the smaller number and three times the larger number is 36. What are the two numbers?

    asked by katie
  86. Physics

    The electric field that is .25 m from a small sphere is 250 N/C towards the sphere. What's the charge of the sphere? I am completely lost. I have 5 questions due an I don't know where to begin. Can someone help me and explain this stuff to me?

    asked by Confuzzled
  87. Math

    How would I do these? 6. The speed of sound is approximately 1.2 × 10³ km/h. How long does it take for sound to travel 7.2 × 10² km? Write your answer in minutes. 7. Evaluate the function below over the domain {-1, 0, 1, 2}. As the values of the domain

    asked by D
  88. Probability

    There are 6 methods of travel (walk,run,unicycle,bicycle,scooter,car). For three days, Max decides that he wants to randomly select his method of travel taking him to work. What is the probability that exactly one of the three days, Max walks to work?

    asked by PT
  89. Bit rate and probability

    Attention, please show the calculations in details, comments have to be provided. 1. Calculate the source rate before and after economy coding, using the data from the task 1. Consider that the bitrate is A. Make conclusions. 2. *Calculate the maximal

    asked by Alper
  90. Math

    For Uncle Joe's dairy farm with 200 cows the cost of a methan digester is about 400 dollars. ASsume that the farm uses 800,000 kilowatt hours of electricity each year at a cost of $0.20 per kwh. The waste from a single cow can produce 2.0 kwh of

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Math

    Is the function below exponential? q(r)=−8/3^r If so, write the function in the form q(r)=ab^r and enter the values you find for a and b in the indicated blanks below. If the function is not exponential, enter NONE in both blanks below. a=-8 b=??

    asked by George Carl
  92. social studies

    Why are New York,Boston, and Philadelpia important cities

    asked by justin
  93. Biology

    If there is crossing over between two gene loci A and C occurs in 20% of the tetrads and between C and B in 10% of an individual of genotype ACB/acb, what would be the percentage of gametes of double cross over types (AcB/aCb) ?

    asked by Mini
  94. Maths

    In the triangle OAB, OA = a and OB= b. Show that (a-b) times (a-b) = (a times a) + (b times b) - (2 times a times b). Hence prove the cosine rule Specifically the Cosine Rule part of question is difficult Thanks

    asked by Peirs
  95. Social Studies

    A system in which a series of workers and machines work to add individual parts to a product is known as a(n)_______and it ______. a. assembly line/helped Georgia's economy by increasing production rates*** b. installment plan/helped consumers purchase on

    asked by Anonymous
  96. science

    What was the big Bang theory? How did scientist learn about it? Why is it so important today?

    asked by Jada
  97. Algebra

    How do you solve a system of equations by substitution and/or elimination?

    asked by Bob Ross
  98. Biology

    When a normal female (XX, +/tra) Drosophila is crossed with a normal male (XY, tra/tra), what would be the percentage of males ?

    asked by Mini
  99. Probability

    Keisha and Kelly have an astronomy club devoted to observing the moon. If the moon is visible 28 out of 29 days and the girls can make it outside 14 days per 29 days, what is the probability they will go out on a night when the moon is not visible?

    asked by PT
  100. math

    I'm working on a project about buying a new car. It says: A common bit of financial wisdom is that a car payment should be no more than 20% of your monthly take-home pay. Set up and solve an equation to determine how much you would need to be making in

    asked by carly
  101. Math

    Volunteers for a political campaign gave out 13/29 of their fliers in one neighborhood. They gave out the remaining 768 fliers in another neighborhood. What is the total number of fliers they gave out?

    asked by Lakisha Mantel
  102. Bit rate and probability

    Attention, please show the calculations in details, comments have to be provided. You have information source with M symbols. 1. Calculate the amount of the information in bits for one M-ary symbol, considering that the probabilities of the symbols are the

    asked by Alper
  103. History

    What was one achivemanet of President George Washington? How did he help his country? What state did he sybmolize?

    asked by Jada
  104. Economics

    In not less than 3 pages Explain the process of circular flow of income and product in a 3 sector economy

    asked by Favour
  105. English

    1. Oh, my! 2. Oh my! 3. Oh, my God! 4. Oh, my gosh! --------------------- Is #1 or #2 from #3? Do we have to put a comma after 'Oh'?

    asked by rfvv
  106. Physiology

    How does medication like Clonidine reduce the effects of Heroin withdrawal (mainly chills and anxiety?)

    asked by Harry Haller
  107. Probability

    When rolling 5, 6-sided dice, what is the probability that the 5 numbers appearing on the dice are the same?

    asked by PT
  108. English

    1. Why's he late again? 2. Why is he late again? [Are both okay? Is #1 commonly used?] 3. Why's he been working till late? 4. Why has he been working till late? [Are both okay? Which one is commonly used?]

    asked by rfvv
  109. math

    if someone travels 360 miles on 20 gallons of gas home many miles can they go on 1 gallon of gas

    asked by gina
  110. History

    Mayan gods?

    asked by Beenbanned10times
  111. rfvv

    1. I take 11 subjects at school. 2. I learn 11 subjects at school. [Can we use 'learn' instead of 'take'? Are they the same? What about 'have' instead of 'take'? Can we use other verbs instead of 'take'?]

    asked by rfvv
  112. Math

    What do all right triangles have in common?

    asked by Lamont
  113. science

    1. The key ingredient in chocolate; grinding the beans of the cacao tree produces chocolate liquor, which yields cocoa butter and cocoa powder. 2. The key ingredient in chocolate; grinding the beans of the cacao tree produces chocolate liquid, which yields

    asked by rfvv
  114. Math

    For painting a triangular courtyard and a square courtyard, an equal amount of paint is required. if the edges of the triangular courtyard measure 16.5 m, 27.5 m and 22 m, find the length of the square courtyard, correct up to 2 decimal places.

    asked by Deepak
  115. algebra 2

    solve and check for estaneous solutions 4 ^3sqrt(3x-3)^2+2=38

    asked by lexi