Questions Asked on
February 28, 2018

  1. Honors World History 10B

    How did Cardinal Richelieu help consolidate Louis XIV's royal power? Select all that apply. A. He waged war against defiant nobles. B. He constructed the vast Fronde palace. C. He destroyed rebel Huguenot cities. D. He made the church pay heavy taxes. My

    asked by Help Me Please!
  2. algebra

    - 4/3x=7/9

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Math 30-2

    How many distinguishable code symbols can be formed with the letters for the word PHILOSOPHICAL?

    asked by Heather
  4. Physics

    body is at equilibrium under the action of three force is 10N acting due east and one is 5N in the direction 60¡ã northeast . what is the magnitude and direction of the third force

    asked by Muhammad
  5. math

    A woman spent 75 more than 75% of her money in one store. She then spent 75 more than 75% of her remaining money in another store. She did the same in a third store and had only 700 left. How much money did she originally have?

    asked by marlon
  6. Math

    Jennifer got a box of chocolates. The box is a right triangular prism shaped box. It is 7 inches long, and the triangular base measures 2 in x 3 in x 4 in. What is the surface area of the box of chocolates?

    asked by Kaydon
  7. Maths

    A rectangular swimming pool measures 15m by wide must a concrete walk around the pool be if the walk is to have a perimeter of 66m.

    asked by Rishi
  8. Algebra

    Points A and C on a map are 12 km apart if you follow a certain path. A troop of Boy Scouts leaves Point A at 11:00 a.m. They travel 3 km/hr because they have heavy packs until they reach Point B at 12:45. If they want to reach Point C by 2:00, how fast

    asked by Anonymous
  9. maths

    Prove that [1+cotA-CosecA] [1+tanA+secA] = 2

    asked by kumar
  10. maths

    sinA+cosA=p and secA+CosecA=q then show that q[p^2-1]=2p

    asked by kumar
  11. Reading

    Can someone help me analyze this poem called Nothing Gold can stay? Nature's first green is gold Her hardest hue to hold Her early leave’s a flower But only so an hour Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day.

    asked by JImmy
  12. maths

    If cosA + sinA= root2 cosA Show that cosA - sinA= root2 sinA

    asked by kumar
  13. maths

    Show that [1+1/tan^2A][1+1/cot^2A] = 1/sin^2A-sin^4A

    asked by kumar
  14. physics

    If the sun is 372 times farther from the Earth than the Moon, and the Moon is falling around the earth at 1.4 mm/s, what is the rate that the Sun is "falling?" Is it 1/(372^2) or 7.22*10^-6 mm/s?

    asked by pat
  15. social studies

    During the Spanish Civil War, Republicans fought to support a democratic government for Spain while Nationalists fought to support a Spanish dictatorship. What effect did the Spanish Civil War have on the buildup to World War II? A.The civil war was the

    asked by davonte
  16. Math

    In 1970 the population of a town A and town B were same from 1970 to 1980,however the population of town A increased by 60% while the population of town B decreased by 60%.In 1980,the population of town B was what percent of the population of town A?

    asked by Nitu
  17. Math

    Bill and George were each hired in January at the same salary.Bill got two raises of 10%,one in May and the other in October.George received only one raise,in November.if,after George received his raise,he and bill had identical salaries,by what percent

    asked by Nitu
  18. physics

    Eli and Andy want to find out which of the two is stronger. Eli pushes a table with a force of 120 newtons while Andy pushes the table from the opposite side with a force of 125 newtons. Ignoring the masses of Eli and Andy, what is the resultant

    asked by Anonymous
  19. math

    Malik is 10 years less than half his mother's age. If Malik is 12 yrs. old, how old is his mother?

    asked by xad
  20. Math 6th Grade

    If 210 people said football was their favorite sport to watch, how many people were surveyed? 42% for football 33% for baseball 25% for soccer

    asked by NapkinNate
  21. Maths

    a triangle has sides 8cm and 5cm and angle 90 degree between them.calculate also the smallest angle of the triangle.

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Math

    From 2003 to 2004 the number of applicants to a college increased 15% to 5060.How many applicants were there in 2003?

    asked by Maria
  23. Math

    the probability it will snow in the next weeks is 1/12 for this week and 1/4 for next week.what is P(snow this week,then show next week? A)1/8 B)1/16 C)1/24 D)1/48 ***

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Math

    The population of a town double every 10 years from 1960 to 1990.what was the percent increase in population during this time

    asked by Marina
  25. S.S ( Social Studies) 7th Grade

    Which was the main interest of the Chinese emperor Wudi? expanding the Chinese empire by conquering other lands improving Chinese society encouraging all Chinese people to read and write building up the power of warlords

    asked by Brie bella
  26. English

    What's another way to say: Now, the initiative has expanded its mission? Been thinking for a while, and nothing is popping up..

    asked by Mariah
  27. Math

    28 yard 2 feet 6 inches divided by 6

    asked by Michel
  28. Math / geometery

    The size of a laptop monitor is usually measured along the diagonal. A rectangular monitor is 12 inches long and 7 inches tall. What is the length of the diagonal of this monitor, to the nearest tenth of an inch?

    asked by jordy
  29. algebra and a little bit of geometry

    What is the area of the composite figure whose vertices have the following coordinates? (−8, 3) , (−4, 4) , (−1, 1) , (−4, −2) , (−8, −2)

    asked by nathan
  30. physic

    Find the acceleration of the block of mass M = 5.06 kg in the figure below. (Take m = 4.24 kg.)

    asked by joy
  31. Physics

    A box rests on a rough board 10.0meters long. When one end of the board is slowly raised to a height of 6.0meters above the other end, the box begins to slide. 1. What is the coefficient of static friction? 2. Once you have claculated the coefficient of

    asked by vanessa
  32. Social Studies

    Which of the following describes where forty-niners came from? Options: A : China B :many different places C : east coast of the U.S D : farms in the U.S PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!!

    asked by princesskitty
  33. health

    how can a city or town affect a teens health

    asked by chiner
  34. Chemistry 2 - Acids and Bases

    Hydrazine (NH2NH2) is a weak base that ionizes in water as follows. NH2NH2(aq) + H2O(l) HNH2NH2^+(aq) + OH^−(aq) Calculate the concentration of OH^− ions in a 0.20 M solution of hydrazine, given that the base-dissociation constant (Kb) for hydrazine is

    asked by Jamie
  35. Chemistry 2 - pH

    You are given an aqueous salt solution and have determined that its pH is 5.19 at 25°C. Predict which of the following three salt solutions it is most likely to be. solution (1): a solution of ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) solution (2): a solution of

    asked by Amy
  36. Trig

    A tourist looks from the observation deck of the space needle in Seattle. The deck is at a height of 520ft. She sees her friend on the ground below at an angle of depression of 83.1 degrees. What is the distance between the two? Round to the nearest tenth

    asked by Kay
  37. Math

    How many radians are in a full rotation around a circle or 360 degrees. Help plz!

    asked by David
  38. Chemistry II - Concentrations

    At 30.°C, the concentration of hydronium (H3O^+) ions in an aqueous solution is 1.1 ✕ 10^−9 M. (Note: At 30.°C, the ion-product constant for water is 1.46 ✕ 10^−14.) (a) What is the concentration of hydroxide (OH^−) ions in this

    asked by Dalton
  39. Math

    I’ve tried to solve this problem multiple times, but I can never get the right answer. Can someone please help? 3(3/7)^-2 + 2/3

    asked by Nikko
  40. Science

    Is the Yacca Mountain facility currently in use? Why or why not?

    asked by Niki
  41. Finite Mathematics

    Find the maximum and minimum value of the objective function given. z = 21x + 12y maximum value z = minimum value z =

    asked by Sam
  42. Math

    Find the maximum value of the objective function z = 19x + 7y, subject to the following constraints. (See Example 2.) 3x + 2y ≤ 18 6x + 2y ≤ 30   x ≥ 0, y ≥ 0

    asked by Sam
  43. History

    How do i answer this question using the race method? you will discuss the ways in which the United States fought the Cold War economically, socially, and politically and which methods you believe were the most effective in combating communism.

    asked by cc
  44. Math 7

    In a bag there are 2 red marbles 3 white marbles and 5 blue marbles. Once a marbel is picked it is not replaced. Find the following probabilities: P(red,then white) P(blue, then red) P(red, red, red) P(blue, blue, white)

    asked by Jeffery
  45. Science

    Ball A, with a mass of 20 kg, is moving to the right at 20 m/s. At what velocity should Ball B, with a mass of 40 kg, move so that they both come to a standstill upon collision? How do I solve this?

    asked by D
  46. math

    Kara was interested in going to the mall to buy some new clothes. Once she got there she purchased two shirts that cost $13.42 total. If she started out with $40.00, what percentage of her money did she spend

    asked by jason
  47. Chemistry

    If I have cyclohexene in a hydroboration-oxidation reaction to form cyclohexanol how can I find percentage yield? I have NaBH4 (0.0610) and boron triflouride etherate (0.0162) and they are in a 4 to 3 ratio to form b2h6 (diborane) so diborane number of

    asked by Dania sarash
  48. English

    What is the function of each expression? ...the countless flashes of red from swords and spears

    asked by Treasure
  49. History

    Which of the following actions occurred first? A. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor B. The axis powers invaded neighboring territories C. The lend-lease act was proposed D. The United States drafted men into Armed Forces

    asked by Rainbow llama
  50. History

    Which of the following Americans were most likely to be found supporting abolitionist causes? A. Stonewall Jackson B. Jefferson Davis C. Frederick Douglas**** D. John Calhoun

    asked by Person
  51. science

    Why must not the condensed water drip into the flask?

    asked by lilly
  52. physics

    A motorist travels 100 miles. The first half of the distance takes one hour; the second half takes 1.5 hours. What is the average speed for the journey? I got the answer as 40 miles/hr, am I correct? Thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Algebra

    1.) Describe the relationship of input and output values for composite functions. 2.) Explain how you know if a radical expression is in simplest form. 3.) How can you tell if radicals are like radicals?

    asked by |-/
  54. Math

    Given: Right triangle ABC, angle C is right angle Prove: AB is greater than AC

    asked by Help
  55. ENGlish

    Can you help me rephrase this sentence so that there is no plagiarism. Some residents must relocate for a position.

    asked by WES
  56. Chemistry

    I have 3NaBH4 + 4BF3.Et2O to form 2B2H6 th number of moles of NaBH4 is 0.0368mol and the number of moles of BF3.Et2O is 0.0162mol accoring to the ratio of reaction 3:4 the limiting reactant is BF3.Et2O so its the one used to find number of moles of

    asked by help
  57. biology

    The DNA bases adenine and guanine have one nitrogen and carbon atom containing ring in their structure. These bases are known as __________.

    asked by sarah
  58. Science

    The earth is in constant motion. It rotates and revolves. Which of the following is NOT TRUE of the Earth's motion? A Due to the revolution of the Earth, we experience seasons. B The Earth rotates on its axis once every 24 hours. This causes day and night.

    asked by Hello Kitty
  59. Chemistry

    Can bf3 be a limiting reagent in hydroboration reaction? because in all the websites I saw alkene was the limiting reagent

    asked by help
  60. Physics

    Describe another real world example for each type of collision. Real World Elastic Collision: Real World Inelastic Collision:

    asked by abcd
  61. Math

    Maya is m years old. Her cousin is 3 years younger then her. Mata's uncle is 5 times her age. How old is Maya?

    asked by Bebop
  62. Chemistry

    Can b2h6 react with alkene to form trialkyborane or diborane actually splits like this b2h6 to form 2bh3

    asked by help
  63. Math

    Explain: a group of students shared 3 rolls of clay equally. If each student got 1/2 a roll a day. How many students were in the group? Expalin

    asked by Ashley
  64. History

    "The result of that war {Mexican War} was lamentable not only for our country but also lamentable for the reputation of the Americans. The despoliation which we suffered was qualified as a real robbery even by citizens of that country.... [Wars] cost,

    asked by LuLu101
  65. Language Arts: plz help

    In the following sentence, identify the adverb. Joseph went to school early to do make-up work with his teacher. A) make-up B) work C) his D) early I think it is B

    asked by QueenLollipop
  66. Science

    Ball B, with a mass of 30kg, is moving to the left at 10 m/s. With what velocity should Ball A, with a mass of 10kg, move to the right and collide with 2, so that ball A rebounds with a velocity of 30 m/s, and Ball B with velocity of 10 m/s, after the

    asked by D
  67. physics/math

    can somebody explain how 5.06(g-a)-4.24(g+a) become 0.82 g - 9.3 a I'm confused

    asked by joy
  68. Math

    Natalie picked 135 blueberries in 15 minutes if she continues picking at that rate how many total minutes will it take her to pick 486 blueberries

    asked by Imani
  69. Algebra

    The creator of a new game receives a royalty of 8% of the selling price of each game sold. The company that produces the game receives the remaining amount. If the company receives $10.10 per game sold, what is the selling price of the game?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. algebra

    313 percent of 64 is what number?

    asked by samay1
  71. algebra

    Vivian has 45 songs on her MP3-player, 15 of which are alternative rock and the rest of which are rap. Malik has 60 songs on his MP3-player in the same ratio as Vivian’s songs. How many more rap songs does Malik have on his MP3-player than Vivian has on

    asked by samay1
  72. Physics

    I did a lab report on gravitation. In the lab, we explored what the relationship is between the distance between two objects and their force of gravity. The independent variable was distance (m) while the dependent variable was force of gravity (N). When I

    asked by Emily
  73. World history

    Why did Europeans sail across the Atlantic Ocean during the Age of Discovery? (Select all that apply.) A.European explorers tried to find oceanic routes to Asia to trade for spices. B.European explorers wanted to gain wealth and notoriety. C.European

    asked by Jarod
  74. math


    asked by robin
  75. Math

    Five students equally share 1/2 of a pizza. How much of a whole pizza did each student eat

    asked by Clara
  76. History

    (PLEASE ANSWER ASAP) Read the paragraph, which may contain errors or false beliefs about the Civil War: Maryland was an important state in the Civil War. Due to its location, it was the key to the North maintaining control of its capital, Washington, D.C.

    asked by T
  77. History

    (PLEASE ANSWER ASAP) Which of these actions did President Lincoln take at the beginning of the Civil War? Answers: He declared martial law throughout the nation. He imprisoned congressional representatives from the South. He issued a declaration of war

    asked by T
  78. linear equations

    Han's age decreased by 19 is 70 Translate this into an equation

    asked by tiff
  79. chemistry

    MgO ---> Mg + O or is it Mg + O2 (subscript) since o is usually diatomic

    asked by Anonymous
  80. history

    helllp i need help with my cold war and conflict quiz

    asked by hailey
  81. Science (Last question of these)

    Ball A, with a mass of 10kg, is moving to the right at 20 m/s. Ball B is moving to the left at 20 m/s. Upon collision, Ball B comes to a standstill, and Ball A moves to the left at twice its original speed. What is the mass of ball B? How do I do this?

    asked by D
  82. math

    Lucy is supposed to subtract a certain number from 48 and divide the result by the same number. However, she divided 48 by the same number and subtracted the number from the quotient giving an answer of two. What should be the correct answer?

    asked by marlon
  83. math

    36 students took a final test in math.the average score of those who passed was 78, while the average score of those who failed was 60.the average of all the scores was 71. how many of the students passed?

    asked by marlon
  84. Math

    Solve the equation by completing the square x^2 -18 x =19 a. 1; 19 b. -1;19*** c. 3;6 d. 3:1

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Math

    In a certain city, the temperature normally ranges from 20 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Write a compound inequality that describes abnormal temperature ranges for this city and then convert that inequality to degrees Celsius. F=9/5C+32

    asked by Andrea
  86. MATH

    Does anybody know how R³/3.98x10^14 = (2360448/2π)² equal to 1.411332x10^11

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Math

    A bag is filled with 200 silver coins and 123 gold coins. What is the theoretical probability of NOT pulling out a silver coin? I keep gettin this wrong .How can i do this ?

    asked by Rose
  88. Chem

    Complete and balance the molecular equation, including phases, for the reaction of aqueous sodium sulfate, Na2SO4, and aqueous barium nitrate, Ba(NO3)2. I don't know how to do this please help

    asked by Rachel
  89. Math

    Solve x^2-6x+9 Using competing the square method

    asked by Simon