Questions Asked on
February 25, 2018

  1. Math

    When baking a cake, you have a choice of the following pans: a round cake pan that is 2 inches deep and has a 7 inch diameter a 6 inch × 9 inch rectangular cake pan that is 2 inches deep a. Which of these pans has the larger volume? Justify your answer.

    asked by Rose
  2. math

    use the formula v=lwh to find the volume of a rectangular prism with the following dimensions: • length = 7 in. • width = 4 in. • length = 3 in. a. v = 14 in.3 b. v = 31 in.3 c. v = 49 in.3 d. v = 84 in.3

    asked by Sam
  3. Sociology

    Because the first members of the baby boom generation have now turned 50, we are likely to see a shift to more positive images of the elderly, in part because A.) Of the distinction of being elderly. B.) Of their vast numbers and economic clout. C.) They

    asked by |-/
  4. Math

    The following table shows a proportional relationship between w and z. w=18 and z=2. Write an equation to describe the relationship between w and z.

    asked by Maya
  5. english

    A student newspaper publishes an editorial supporting the expansion of a campus recreation facility. Which of the following is most likely the intended audience of the editorial? a. Director of student life b. Undergraduates c. Alumni d. Athletic director

    asked by Anonymous
  6. World History

    Which British colony became very valuable when gold and diamonds were discovered there? 1.) Cape Colony 2.) Suez 3.) Canada 4.) India I think it’s Suez. Am I correct?

    asked by Kayla
  7. english

    At the end of "The New Colossus," the statue says, "I lift my lamp beside the golden door!" What is "the golden door"?

    asked by ebic
  8. math

    When comparing prices for activities at a local recreation center, you notice that the center charges different prices on different days of the week. For example, riding a go-kart costs $10 on Saturday and Sunday and $5 on Monday through Friday. Is the

    asked by Anonymous
  9. PreCalculus

    If a certain cannon is fired from a height of 7.8 meters above the​ ground, at a certain​ angle, the height of the cannonball above the​ ground, h, in​ meters, at​ time, t, in​ seconds, is found by the function h(t)=−4.9t2+24.5t+7.8. What is

    asked by Victoria
  10. English

    A student newspaper publishes an editorial supporting the expansion of a campus recreation facility. Which of the following is most likely the intended audience of the editorial? a. Director of student life b. Undergraduates c. Alumni d. Athletic director

    asked by Anonymous
  11. math please help

    Can the numbers 24, 32, 40 be the lengths of the three sides of a right triangle? Please explain why or why not thank you.

    asked by C.P
  12. math

    How is adding and subtracting mixed numbers similar to adding and subtracting fractions? How is adding and subtracting mixed numbers different than adding and subtracting fractions? Give examples to explain your answer.

    asked by Rap god
  13. history

    Which was not a main event associated with the unification of Germany? German victory in Franco-Prussian War attack and defeat of Austria by Prussia (I chose this) end of foreign rule in Saxony and Bavaria creation of North German Confederation Which was

    asked by anonymouss
  14. math

    8251 is 127% of what number? Round to the nearest tenth if necessary is it 6496.9 or 65?

    asked by bev
  15. Math

    "Two numbers have a sum of 15 and a difference of 7. What are the two numbers?" A word problem using system of equations and I'm pretty lost an help?

    asked by Kai
  16. AP World History

    1) Which best describes Ottoman culture? importation of eastern Asian philosophies and art immersion of Arabic religious art and literature lavish architecture in city buildings and mosques infusion of western European modern art and music I know that it

    asked by X
  17. math

    The Green County school system has 2,997 high school students, 3,831 middle school students, and 5,084 elementary school students. How many total students are in the Green County school system? is it 11912 ?

    asked by bev
  18. Maths

    Villages A,B,C,D are such that B is 4km due east of A, C is 3km due south of B and D is 4km S 50 W from C.calculate the distance and bearing of A from D.

    asked by Mee
  19. Sociology

    Today, about ____ percent of American workers are female. A.) 25 B.) 40 **** C.) 50 D.) 75 I believe that answer is B, am I right?

    asked by |-/
  20. Math

    Use a left endpoint Riemann sum approximation with four subintervals to evaluate integral from 0 to 8 of g(x)dx These points were given: (0,-1) (1,-1.5) (2,-2.5) (3,-3) (4,-1.5) (6,-0.5) (7,-1) (8,-1.25

    asked by Mark
  21. math

    It is 76 miles from Waterton to Middleton. It is 87 miles from Middleton to Oak Hill. Driving directly, it is 134 miles from Waterton to Oak Hill. It is 39 miles from Oak Hill to Jackson. If Juan drives from Waterton to Middleton, then from Middleton to

    asked by bev
  22. Physics

    3. Calculate the amount of gravitational potential energy at the top of each hill and at the bottom of each valley. Be sure to convert your distance measurements to meters.Use an approximated value of 58.0 g for the mass of the tennis ball, and 9.81 m/s2

    asked by bb
  23. Math

    The region enclosed by the curve y = ex, the x-axis, and the lines x = 0 and x = 1 is revolved about the x-axis. Find the volume of the resulting solid formed. How do you do this?

    asked by Jonah
  24. Lang Arts

    Plez help Which of the following best describes the relationship between Sal’s father and Margaret Cadaver? A. faithful B. overprotective C. smothering D. supportive

    asked by Doctorcool
  25. Java

    What does the dot “.” indicate in the following code? myCircle.getRadius() 1)Nothing, it’s a syntax error 2)It indicates that the getRadius() method is a member of the myCircle object 3)It’s just part of the name of the method myCircle.getRadius()

    asked by Alex
  26. math

    A bag contains 8 red marbles, 5 blue marbles, 8 yellow marbles, and 6 green marbles. What is the probability of choosing a red marble if a single choice is made from the bag? is it 8/27 ?

    asked by bev
  27. History

    Which of these gave the Confederacy an advantage over the Union during the Civil War? The South's strong military tradition The loyalty of most of the South's slave population Control over a large navy The popularity throughout the nation of the

    asked by T
  28. World History

    The Vedic Age is known for of all of following except A. the concept of zero B. Hinduism C. the Vedic calendar D. the use of manure to enrich the soil

    asked by Dylan
  29. physics

    A 2000 kg trolley is pulled up a 30 degree hill at 20 km/hr by a winch. How much power is the winch providing? Steps Please!!

    asked by A.S
  30. History

    Which was a cultural accomplishment of the Tokugawa regime? The novel form of literature was employed. Kabuki Theater became popular in cities. Its architecture reflected Chinese influence. (My choice) Block printing was widely implemented. Why did the

    asked by anonymouss
  31. modern world studies

    the macdonald cartier bridge that streches the ottawa river and connects ontario to quebec is named for two canadian politicians, one _____ and one _____. a. english, german b. inuktitut, french c. french, cree d. english, french

    asked by Callie
  32. creative play

    in the product-oriented approach to creative assessment,products are evaluate a. how hard the child worked b. how closely the product resembles a model c. practical workabilityd. the creativity of student's work B?

    asked by bev
  33. AP-B Physics

    a bug on a turntable which is rotating at 2.00 radians over second sits there for 1.7 seconds before he is brushed away. What was the angular distance the bug traveled.

    asked by joy
  34. historyy

    Which was a key feature of the Young Turk era? The Young Turks aggravated non-Anatolian peoples with policies. The Young Turks suppressed the women’s emancipation movement. The Young Turks instituted mandatory Islamic primary education. The Young Turks

    asked by anonymous
  35. physics

    Starting from rest, a rope with a tension 30 N pulls a 2.0 kg box up a 2.0 m long, 30 degree smooth incline. What is the speed of the box at the top? Please show steps! Thanks

    asked by Sidiqi
  36. Math

    If y5 + 3x2y2 + 5x4 = 49 , then dy/dx at the point (–1, 2) is: –1 11/23 –23/11 –10/3 0

    asked by Kelly
  37. math

    graph the image of each figure under a translation by the given vector. pentagon DEFGH with vertices D(0, 5), E(0, 7), F(−2, 6), G(−3, 4), H(−2, 3); g = < 4, − 2 > I understand how to graph it, but I don't understand the purpose of (g = < 4, − 2

    asked by Joshua
  38. History

    Which best describes an impact of Italian aggression in the inter-war period? the end of a shaky alliance with France Germany’s first overseas empire increased U.S. intervention in Europe revived cultural ultranationalism

    asked by anonymous
  39. Science

    The weight of a 75 kg body, 8km above earth surface is 550 Newton. Calculate the gravitational strength at that height

    asked by Albertina
  40. Chemistry

    You need to prepare 1.0 L of a buffer with a pH of 9.15. The concentration of the acid in the buffer needs to be 0.100 M. You have available to you a 1.00 M NH4Cl solution, a 6.00 M NaOH solution, and a 6.00 M HCl solution. Determine how to make this

    asked by Lily
  41. Chemistry

    what is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 10.60g of Na2CO3 in enough distilled water to obtain 250.0ml of solution

    asked by Mr Lonnie
  42. math

    Use scalar multiplication to find the coordinates of the vertices of each figure for a dilation centered at the origin with the given scale factor. Parallelogram JKLM with J(−4, 3), K(−4, 7), L(2, 7), M(2, 3); r = 5 Thank you!

    asked by Joshua
  43. Math

    Alex's score for a game is given by the expression 9-8.2-(-1.9). Beth's score for the game is -8-(-5.4)-1.8. Whose score was higher?

    asked by Steve
  44. Math

    Find the equation of the line tangent to the path of a particle traveling in the xy-plane with position vector r(t)= at the point (3, 1).

    asked by Yonnie
  45. math

    The growth rate of a population of rabbits in a forest preserve is modeled by the logistic equation dp/dt =0.005p(300-0) . What is the rate of change in the rabbit population when it is growing the fastest?

    asked by shanna
  46. Maths

    A car is traveling at the average speed of 50km/hr.How much distance would it travel in 12minutes

    asked by Anonymous
  47. History

    Public Arena Description of Jim Crow Laws transportation Waiting rooms, ticket windows, and seating areas were segregated by race. education Schools and public libraries were segregated by race; teachers who taught in integrated (nonsegregated) classrooms

    asked by anonymous
  48. Maths

    The length and width of a rectangular projector screen in a small theatre is 200% more than the length and width of a television screen in the same room. How much bigger is the area of the screen than that of the television? Give your answer as a

    asked by Fred
  49. History

    In the opinion, Warren conceded that the Fourteenth Amendment was not originally intended to prohibit school segregation. In 1860s, public schools did not exists throughout the country, and many children received little or no education. However, Warren

    asked by anonymous
  50. Chemistry

    At a particular temperature, 13.4 mol of SO3 is placed into a 3.8-L rigid container, and the SO3 dissociates by the reaction given below. 2 SO3(g) 2 SO2(g) + O2(g) At equilibrium, 3.6 mol of SO2 is present. Calculate K for this reaction.

    asked by Shairi
  51. Physics

    A driver in a car traveling at a speed of 56.6 mi/h sees a deer 106 m away on the road. Calculate the magnitude of the acceleration necessary for the car to stop just barely missing the deer (assuming that the deer does not move in the meantime). Answer in

    asked by Amy
  52. Algebra

    If Anne’s age is represented by the variable a then express Jenny’s age in terms of a if Jenny is three years less than half of Anne’s age

    asked by Tania
  53. children's literature

    two types of biographies are: a. format and genre b. poetry and prose. c. fiction and nonfiction. d. authentic and fictionalized D?

    asked by bev
  54. Science

    An object is placed 14cm from the convex lens. If this lens is of focal length 7cm determine the position and nature of image by graphical method.

    asked by Tracy
  55. History

    Which was not a critical event during the late stages of the Cold War from 1968 to 1991? breakup of the Soviet Union into Commonwealth of Independent States invasion of Czechoslovakia by Soviet troops to crush Prague Spring launch of Truman Doctrine in

    asked by X
  56. politics

    though there up to - judges on an appeals court, only - usually hear each case a. 12:5 b. 12:3 c. 15:5 D. 28:3 B?

    asked by bev
  57. Chemistry

    A mole of helium gas contains 6.02x10^23 helium atoms. How many helium atoms are there in a millimole of helium? In a kilomole

    asked by Ayavuya
  58. math

    What is the acceleration of the particle the first time its velocity equals zero? s(t)= -4sin(t) - (t/2) +10 What is the acceleration of the particle the first time its velocity equals zero? −5.197 0.745 1.323 2.550 3.969 Could somebody write out the

    asked by laura
  59. biology

    The plants are heterozygous at the locus for stem height. T is dominant to t. T confers tall plant height. When you count the progeny, you find that there are 188 tall plants and 62 short plants. Does this approximate the 3:1 phenotypic ratio caused by

    asked by Bailey
  60. Algebra

    A bus driver, because of snow, was forced to drive at 10 miles an hour less than his usual speed, and he arrived 2 hours late at his destination 315 miles away. Find his usual speed.

    asked by McKenzie
  61. Physics

    A space station is designed so that people can walk on the inside of the outer wall and feel their normal weight. The station is to be 750 m in diameter. What is the period of the station's rotation?

    asked by Juan
  62. History

    Which was not an impact of World War I? furthered industrialization of Western economies dismantling of European colonial empires instability in eastern Europe accelerated social transformation I said the answer is accelerated social transformation, but

    asked by anonymous
  63. Accounting

    18. What could an expanded version of the accounting equation be? A. A + Rev = L + OE – Exp B. A – L = Paid-in Capital – Rev – Exp C. A = L + Paid-in Capital + Beginning Retained Earnings + Rev – Exp D. A = L + Paid-in Capital – Rev + Exp C? I

    asked by Anonymous
  64. history

    Can someone check my work? Which was a result of the long-term struggles in postcolonial Africa? diverse economies (This one) low population growth modernization dictatorship Which was an impact of the Opium War on China? eliminated foreign trade of opium

    asked by anonymouss
  65. math

    Find the magnitude and direction of CD for the given coordinates. Round to the nearest tenth. C(−4, 1), D(−7, 3)

    asked by Joshua
  66. Biology 20

    Identify one biochemical that is of particular significance to your animal. Explain why it is significant to your assigned animal and describe it. This chemical could be an enzyme, a toxin, something used in scent marking, or any other biochemical agent

    asked by Sarah
  67. Math

    How can I evaluate the integral of xln(x)dx by using integration by parts

    asked by Cia
  68. History

    Which was a justification for imperialism? to supply lands for building industrial factories to broaden education by studies of new peoples to provide new markets for manufactured goods to build world-wide communication networks I chose B, but couldn't it

    asked by anonymouss
  69. Maths

    Please help me on this 4 set theory, I have start by drawing the 4 circles and put 3 at the center and 5 outside of the circles but I don't know the pattern to input the other values. 52—watched Football 56—watched Basketball 62—watched Tennis

    asked by Sohmay
  70. chemistry

    how many kilograms are in one teragram

    asked by mlungiseleli
  71. math

    in the diagram below, WZ is the diameter of the semicircle. X is the midpoint of the line WZ. UVWY is a parallelogram. Find the value of UYZ

    asked by celene
  72. History

    Which was not an invention that fueled the Industrial Revolution? blast furnace steam engine flying shuttle spinning mule I know that the answer is not B or C. I chose the spinning mule, but I never learned what the blast furnace is so could it be that?

    asked by anonymouss
  73. English (Writing)

    I have finished my Argumentative essay and I want to get that reviewed. I will give a rubric to make sure everything is correct.

    asked by Prem
  74. Physics

    A daredevil is shot out of canon at 40°above the horizontal with a speed of 25.0 m/s. If the net is located 2.00 m higher than the launch point, what is the horizontal distance to the net if it is to safely catch the daredevil?

    asked by Juan
  75. chemistry

    The density of Al is 2.7g/cm3. Express the density of Al in Kg/m cubed

    asked by susan
  76. maths

    multiply 11,476million by 980 and write the answer in scientifif notation

    asked by thando
  77. Math

    A triangle has a perimeter of 48 feet the Exxon’s aid is 5 feet longer than the first side the third side is 3 feet longer than twice the fiat side

    asked by Emily
  78. Math

    If y^5 + 3(x^2)(y^2) + 5x^4 = 49 , then dy/dx at the point (–1, 2) is? I have no clue how to start this problem, could someone explain it to me?

    asked by Lea
  79. Math

    Given that g is the inverse function of f, and f (3) = 4 , and f ′(3) =5 , then g′(4) = -1/5 -3/5 3/5

    asked by Sara
  80. English

    change general into a word that means make bigger... the word starts with an e.

    asked by Aaron
  81. math

    the radius of a circular cricket field is 60 m. M and N are the ends of a diameter of the field. To walk from M to N, about how much further is it to walk around the boundary than straight across the field?

    asked by Lala
  82. engineering maths

    double integral of f(x,y)dxdy in polar coordinates

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Physics

    A football is kicked from a position on the ground that is 40.0 m from the base of the goal. If the ball strikes the top cross bar which is 3.00 m above the ground, at what two angles could the ball have been kicked? (Assume the ground is horizontal.

    asked by Juan
  84. government

    i need to write a research paper on healthcare. Ive been looking for two (at most two week old) reliable sources that really grasps the current status of the issue. any help?

    asked by alice
  85. Math

    What is the height of an equilateral triangle with a side length of 6

    asked by Samuel
  86. math

    Galaxy has 4d stamps. Darcie has 3 times as many stamps as Galaxy. Ellie has 16 stamps. How many stamps do Darcie and Ellie have?

    asked by Sparkle
  87. History

    how did the French Revolution modernize the world

    asked by Reily
  88. math

    64 + B^2 = 484 what is the answer for B

    asked by help
  89. math

    Prove in Fraction if a>b>0, c

    asked by Anonymous
  90. maths

    I have 30 apples in a bowl . 12 are good. What fraction is good?

    asked by shaniah
  91. maths

    Find an equation of the line that is perpendicular to the line whose equation is 2x – 5y = 3 and passes through (-2, 7).

    asked by Jo
  92. Math

    If dy/dx=(1+x)/(xy) ,x > 0, and y =− 4 when x =1, when x =3, y =? 6.433, -6.233 3.898, -3.898 4.711, -4.711 4.711 only 3.898 only

    asked by Gabe
  93. science

    Calculate the time it takes for Ball A to return to its starting point when given 15 m.s

    asked by Nonkanyiso
  94. Science

    When water is mixed with another substance and the mixture will not scatter light, the mixture is a:? 1) suspension 2) compound 3) solution 4) substrate

    asked by Jen
  95. math

    I have supplementary angles where the measure of one angle is ¼ the measure of the other. What is the measure of the larger angle? What is the measure of the smaller angle?

    asked by Carl
  96. Literature

    Hi, I am working on a project I chose for the poem "here" by Aracelis Girmay and I dont understand one line which is " I am so worried for Jacques Cousteau. I do not want him to get eaten." If someone can explain it to me, it would be great! Thanks.

    asked by Katherine