Questions Asked on
February 23, 2018

  1. History

    How did New Imperialism impact the political development of Africa? African tribes began to follow the European lead and create empires of their own. Rival African tribes were sometimes placed in the same colony by European-drawn borders. Africans adopted

    asked by Quinn
  2. physics

    A 10-pound object is suspended by a string from an overhead support. A horizontal force of 5.8 pounds is applied on the object. The measure of the angle which the string makes with the horizontal is (A) 30° (C) 60° (B) 45° (D) 90° idk how to solve this

    asked by Caine
  3. educatial technology

    which of the following statements is true of a time management plan? a. it is a work in progress that will need to be altered many times b. the plan you create is the one you should stick with c. you dont need to schedule breaks or free time d. it isnt

    asked by Amy
  4. Englishhh

    Choose the pronoun that correctly completes the sentences in questions 1-5 1.(Who, To whom**) was she talking? 2.(We, Us**) Students are participating in a meeting at the end of the school day. 3. None of the girls succeeded in completing (her, their**)

    asked by PÃœTA
  5. Geometry math

    1: what is the correct classification for the triangle shown below? 1:acute, scalene

    asked by Starfire
  6. Math

    the stopping distance of an automobile is directly proportional to the square of its speed v. a car required 90 feet to stop when its speed was 70 miles per hour. find a mathematical model that gives the stopping distance d in terms of its speed v. D=

    asked by Andrea
  7. physics question, trombone?

    A trombone player stands at the end zone (x = 0) of a football field and begins to play its fundamental tone. Assume the trombone is a half open tube that is 3m long. How much would the trombone player have to move the slider in cm to play 25 Hz? I

    asked by tyger2020
  8. science

    Which option correctly defines a scientific theory? an explanation for observable facts that is supported by experimental evidence a scientist’s best guess, or assumption, about the cause of a problem a process of carrying out specific, well controlled

    asked by Bri
  9. Math

    A survey given to a random sample of 250 students at a small University asks which facility they use most often. The results are shown in the table above. If the results of the sample are projected to the entire student population 1,000 students, which of

    asked by Bebe
  10. movement and music

    Music is important because it enhances which elements of literacy?

    asked by angela
  11. physical science-asap

    If you perform 10 joules of work lifting a 10-N box from the floor to a shelf how high is the shelf? a. 1 m b. 2 m c. 10 m d. 100 m

    asked by a'ny
  12. World History

    What was the impact of the Napoleonic Code? 1.) it became the set of civil laws adopted throughout Europe and other parts of the world. 2.) it established a way to use sociology to categorize European citizens for taxation 3.) It was the central method of

    asked by Kayla
  13. Math

    Suppose A is directly proportional to the square of B,and A=45 when B=3. a)Find the constant of proportionality b)Write the formula for A in terms of B c)Use your formula to find A when B=6

    asked by Andrea
  14. world history

    What impact did the Concert of Europe have on Europe? 1.) The Concert of Europe sought to establish a unified trading partnership to promote unity and eliminate future wars. 2.) The Concert of Europe sought to eradicate monarchies in favor of democratic

    asked by kayla
  15. Chemistry

    How much work (in J) is involved in a chemical reaction if the volume decreases from 5.00 to 1.26 L against a constant pressure of 0.857 atm?

    asked by Dorian
  16. math

    Laurie buys milk and bread for his family on the way home from school each day, paying with a $10 note. If he buys three cartons of milk and two loaves of bread, he receives 5 cents in change. If he buys two cartons of milk and one loaf of bread, he

    asked by anonymous
  17. American Government

    which of the following are examples of civil liberties? select all that apply. A) shooting a person in anger B) protesting on a busy street C) speeding in traffic D) not incriminating yourself in court E) serving in the army My answers are B & D

    asked by Steve
  18. physic

    Somebody please show me how to get to the answer key for this question.I have been stuck at this question for days. Two black holes (the remains of exploded stars), separated by a distance of 10.0 AU(1 AU = 1.50 ✕ 10^11 m), attract one another with a

    asked by joy
  19. science

    what are the two most important events in the history of animal life that occurred at the beginning and at the end of the Paleozoic era?

    asked by anonomous
  20. Math

    A particular Chemistry book costs $6 less than a particular Physics book. Two such Chemistry books and three such Physics books cost a total of $123. Construct two simultaneous equations and solve them using the substitution method. Show your working. I

    asked by anonymous
  21. Pre algebra

    1. Find The surface area of a sphere with the radius of 8 cm. Please help.

    asked by Bubbadub136
  22. English

    Which of the following sentences contains a dependent clause? A. My mother, who never wastes anything, rinsed and saved the take - out boxes.*** B. We were running late, and we had to skip stopping by the post office. C. I had never been to New York until

    asked by Rose
  23. statistics

    Determine which of the following four population size and sample size combinations would not require the use of the finite population correction factor in calculating the standard error. A. N = 1500; n = 300 B. N = 2500; n = 75 C. N = 15,000; n = 1,000 D.

    asked by Jenn
  24. American Government

    Which of the following are required for a fair trial? the trial is speedy and public the defendant is afforded legal representation the judge issues a gag order to preserve the rights of the defendant. jury members are impartial and residents of the region

    asked by Steve
  25. Math

    1) If a^b =x and x^b=y then A)a^2b =y B)a^b^2 =y C)b^a=y D)(ax)^b=y E)(ax)^b=x I got B? 2) If a and b are the coordinates of two points on the number line, then which of the following is equivalent to the statement that the absolute value of the distance

    asked by Aline
  26. Math

    How many times in a 12 hour period does the sum of the digits on a digital clock equal 6? (For example. 1:32 = 1+3+2 = 6

    asked by Pat
  27. physics

    Find the acceleration of the two blocks sliding down the incline in the figure below. (Take m1 = 1.1 kg and m2 = 1.8 kg. Indicate the direction with the sign of your answer

    asked by joy
  28. physics

    a pipe carrying 20degrees of water has a diameter 2.5cm.Estimate the maximum flow speed if the flow must be streamline?

    asked by stylish
  29. Math

    When baking a cake, you have a choice of the following pans: a round cake pan that is 2 inches deep and has a 7 inch diameter a 6 inch × 9 inch rectangular cake pan that is 2 inches deep a. Which of these pans has the larger volume? Justify your answer.

    asked by Rose
  30. Bio Midterm

    Which of the following pairs does not fit the pattern shown by the other pairs. A. amino acids, proteins B. fatty acids, DNA C. glucose, starch** D. ribonucleotide, DNA My answer is C, is that correct?

    asked by PÃœTA
  31. Math

    It cost your office $620 to mail 500 flyers. How much did it cost to mail each flyer?

    asked by Tenika
  32. Math

    Trina works after school and on weekends. she always works three days each week. this week she worked 2 3/4 hours on monday, 3 3/5 hours on friday and 5 1/2 hours on saturday. next week she plans to work the same number of hours as this week, but will work

    asked by Darwin
  33. Math

    Mario’s Pizzeria bakes olive pieces in the outer crust of its 20-inch (diameter) pizza. There is at least one olive piece per inch of crust. How many olive pieces will you get in one slice of pizza? Assume the pizza is cut into eight slices.

    asked by Diya
  34. physic

    Can somebody shows me step by step with numbers on how to calculate the period for this question-equation. A black hole is an object with mass, but no spatial extent. It truly is a particle. A black hole may form from a dead star. Such a black hole has a

    asked by joy
  35. math

    Find the point(s) of intersection between the circle x^2 + y^2 = 50 and the linear equation y = 2x − 5.

    asked by anonymous
  36. Advertising research: theory and practice

    research primarily uses open-ended, probing questions to encourage consumers to discuss and share their thoughts and feelings on a particular subject. a. Quantitaative b. qualitative c. secondary d. primary

    asked by Sarah
  37. Advertising research: theory and practice

    Amanda would like to develop a product for Coca-Cola for health conscious consumers. She first needs to conduct adequate _______ segmentation research in order to find out more about the market. a. positioning b. psychographic c. individualized d.

    asked by Sarah
  38. chemistry

    how to fit four bonds on one atom? modeling the atoms that make the atomic bonds what would be the 3D model?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Advertising research: theory and practice

    James wants to change the creative strategy in order to make consumer think differently about his product. He wants the product to be viewed as a product for sports enthusiasts. In order to do this, he must: a. conduct demographic research b. reposition

    asked by Sarah
  40. Physics

    calculate the magnitude and direction of the resultant of two vectors 5N and 7N inclined at an angle 30° to each other

    asked by Adedolapo
  41. Algebra

    Contributions to the annual Grayson School fund raising campaign were 10% greater in 2004 that they were in 2003. In 2003, contributions were 15% greater than they were in 2002. If contributions for 2004 total $8855, what was the total in 2002? (remember

    asked by samay
  42. Calc Desperate

    can anyone help me with the last problem # 14 Find the volume of the given solid generated by revolving the regions bounded by the graphs of the equations about the given lines. 14. y=6-2x-x^2, y=x+6 a. the x-axis b. the line y=3

    asked by Liz
  43. Science

    A body of mass 12kg is acted upon by a constant force on 12N for 6secs. Calculate the kinetic energy gained by the body.

    asked by Ginika
  44. Algebra

    I have supplementary angles where the measure of one angle is ¼ the measure of the other. What is the measure of the larger angle? What is the measure of the smaller angle?

    asked by samay
  45. Pre- Algebra

    out of 245 students, -218 students like the program -27 do not find the program necessary. if a circle graph were made from this data, what would the measure of the central angle be for the group who likes the survey? round to the nearest whole number

    asked by Axel Andrews

    Order the numbers 0.64, 2/3, 65%, and 7/10 from least to greatest.

    asked by GlitterPrettyGlitz
  47. statistics

    H0 is p = 0.45 and H1 is p ≠ 0.45. What type of test will be performed? A. Two-tail testing of a proportion B. One-tail testing of a proportion C. One-tail testing of a mean D. Two-tail testing of a mean ** I'm stuck between A & D. I chose those because

    asked by Jenn
  48. Differential Equations

    How to solve y''+y=sin(x) by separation of variables?

    asked by Jefferson
  49. Math

    when an aircraft takes off, it accelerates until it reaches its takeoff speed V.In doing so it uses up a distance R of the runway, where R is proportional to the square of the of the takeoff speed. If V is measured in miles per hour and R is measured in

    asked by Andrea
  50. Math

    What is the perimeter of a garden that is 75/4 yards wide and 27/2 yards long?

    asked by Regan
  51. math

    Show that there is at least one point of intersection between the parabola y = −2(x + 1)2 − 5, where y = f(x), and the straight line y = mx − 7, where y = f(x).

    asked by anonymous
  52. Biology

    What are the applications of Erthyrose-4-phosphate formed in Pentose phosphate pathway?

    asked by Kajal
  53. Carpender

    Coming off a 17 " 180 degree vertical bucket elevator, I need a downward slope angle of 65 degrees. How long would my pipe need to be to move right 1.5 feet? what is the height from ground, at the end of that pipe (ie. 14.8 feet")?

    asked by Chuck
  54. math

    Find the surface area of the prism 5m 9m 12m 1.426m 2.306m 3.336m* 4.213m

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Physics

    a ball of putty has a mass of 1.5kg and is rolling toward the north with a velocity of 2m/s. it collides with another putty ball with the same mass travelling towards the east with a velocity of 10m/s. find the velocity of the combined mass after a

    asked by Katie
  56. Social Studies

    I need help in Social Studies for grades 5 through 7. Here is my question: What countries in the Middle-East/South-West Asia have little to no oil? I have been researching all over the internet for 2 hours straight and all I found was that Israel and

    asked by Grade6Student
  57. science

    Define inductive reasoning. using general theories or principals to make predictions about more specific situations doubting or not accepting conclusions or ideas until they have been adequately tested and verified answering questions based on what can be

    asked by Bri
  58. Math

    3. which equation can be used to find the measure of an angle that is supplementary to EGB ? A.m

    asked by Help, please? Ms. Sue??
  59. Math

    A tree house is being constructed with support beams that create right triangles. If the legs of the triangle created measure 2.5 ft and 3 ft, what are the angle measures of the non-right angles? 39.8 and 50.2 ***** 68.5 and 21.5 87.6 and 2.4 56.4 and 33.6

    asked by Max
  60. Maths

    Find the equation of tangent to the ellipse 4x^2+5y^2=20 which are perpendicular to the line 3x+2y-5=0

    asked by Seena
  61. physical science

    what is transferred by a force moving an object through a distance? a. force b. mass c. motion* d. energy please check my answer

    asked by a'ny
  62. math

    petrol price rose from x cents/ liter to y cents/liter. Before the rise, it costs $a t fill my car with petrol. What is the new cost to fill it?

    asked by Lala
  63. English

    1. I placed a lid on top of the waste basket. 2. The medium-sized rooster had to experience death. We ate chicken together. 3. I could write fast with shorthand. 4. He quit/quitted collecting coins. [Are they all grammatical?]

    asked by rfvv