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February 22, 2018

  1. Im very confused and need help- Language Arts

    1. The memory of cannon fire fades like evening mists 2. Footsteps echo softly on the grass above me 3.My bride kneels at a stone Part A) After reading the poem, what conclusion can you draw about the speaker? The speaker is a soldier, in his first battle,

    asked by Harley
  2. Can someone check my answer plzzz!!!

    Simplify (6x^-2)^2(0.5x)^4 show your work IS this right?? (6x^-2)^2 * (0.5x)^4 =6^2 x^-4 *(0.5)^4 x^4 =(36 * 0.0625) * (x^4 * x^-4) = 2.25 * x^0 =2.25 *1 =2.25 is this right Can you check my answer?

    asked by that emo girl!
  3. Math

    what are the perimeter and area of a rectangle with a length of 20in and a width of 50in

    asked by Me
  4. History

    Which of the following are contributing factors to de facto segregation in America today? A:judicial rulings and political parties B:executive action and interest groups C:state legislation and public opinions D:housing patterns and economic opportunity***

    asked by anonymous
  5. Science

    1. How did plantesmals form plants A. They broke into smaller chunks B. They collided and stuck together** C. They cooled and pulled ice together D. They began to rotate 2. Whats the distance used to define the astronomical unit A. The average distance

    asked by Ybn Mira
  6. physics

    a 50kg box is being pushed along a horizontal surface. the coefficient of kinetic friction between the box and the ground is 0,350.what horizontal force must be exerted on the box for it to accelerate at 1,20m/s square

    asked by btombhi
  7. Math

    A bicycle wheel has a diameter of 63cm how many meters does the bicycle travel for 100 revolution of the wheel

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Physics

    A 5.0-kg rock and a 3.8 10-4-kg pebble are held near the surface of the earth. (a) Determine the magnitude of the gravitational force exerted on each by the earth.

    asked by vanessa
  9. math

    Gabriela has dinner at a cafe and the cost of her meal is $45.00Because of the service, she wants to leave a 15% percent tip. What is her total bill including tip?

    asked by Dina
  10. Science

    Which of the following diseases is not explained by germ theory? a- malaria b-HIV c-cancer d-flu

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Math

    A student wrote this statement: "A triangular prism has a height of 15 inches and a base area of 20 square inches. The volume of the prism is 300 square inches." Identify and correct the error. I am not sure because I am new at doing this kind of math.

    asked by Patrick
  12. History

    1:Affirmative action is a policy designed to do which of the following? Select all that apply (2 points) A:Distribute reparations to victims of discrimination. B:Increase diversity in education and employment*** C:Counteract the effects of past

    asked by anonymous
  13. pre algebra

    The table below shows the percentage of households that own a microwave in different countries. Construct a stem-and-leaf plot of the data. Country Percent Of Household With Microwave Ovens _____________________________________________________________

    asked by Erica McDonnell
  14. History

    {The Second Great Awakening picture} What is this drawing of a camp meeting most likely illustrating? A. The growth of reform movements in the United States B. The large influence revivals had on Americans (My choice) C. The rise in the information of

    asked by liptonTEAAA
  15. Physics

    Estimate the buoyant force that air exerts on you. (To do this, you can estimate your volume by knowing your weight and by assuming that your weight density is a bit less than that of water.) Assume that your weight is a about 1200N. F=

    asked by Nina
  16. physics - please check my answer?

    Consider a block of copper that is a rectangular prism (a box) with sides 15 cm by 20 cm by 50 cm. The resistivity of copper is 1.68e-8. If you consider the resistances between the three sets of parallel faces, which has the middle value? A. The resistance

    asked by anonymous
  17. algebra

    The table below shows the percentage of households that own a microwave in different countries. Construct a stem-and-leaf plot of the data. Country Percent Of Household With Microwave Ovens _____________________________________________________________

    asked by Erica McDonnell
  18. physics please check my answer

    Consider the following circuit that contains a battery and six identical resistors: The diagram has branch A with one resistor, connected to branch B with two resistors connected in parallel, and then branch B is connected to branch C with three resistors

    asked by anonymous
  19. biology

    Cross 2 heterozygous running, heterozygous black mice A cross between a mouse that is waltzing brown with a mouse that is running brown generates some offspring that waltz. What are the parental genotypes? What Is the offspring phenotype ratio A cross

    asked by Anonymous
  20. physics question

    A 3m slinky rests on a table with a student holding each end. The students laterally shake the ends of the slinky to generate transverse waves. The student on the left shakes the slinky at 4 Hz with a 5 cm amplitude and the student on the right shakes it

    asked by anonymous
  21. Physics

    At a distance H above the surface of a planet, the true weight of a remote probe is six percent less than its true weight on the surface. The radius of the planet is R. Find the ratio H/R.

    asked by vanessa
  22. English

    I need my rewritten paragraph to be checked for proper spelling, grammar, run-on sentences etc. Original: Scientists report that creatures living in the deep sea are in danger of starving to death. Millions of undiscovered species live, in the deep sea.

    asked by |-/
  23. Math-Physics

    What is the total force on the bottom of a 400-cm-diameter by 1.5-m-deep round wading pool due to the weight of the air and the weight of the water? (Note the pressure contribution from the atmosphere is 1.0 x 10^5 N/m^2, the density of water is 1 g/cm^3,

    asked by Ana
  24. physics question

    Due to electric effects on the earth and in the atmosphere, there is an electric field near the earth's surface that points down. Assuming the electric field is uniform with a magnitude of 150 N/C, what charge would a 145g baseball need to float as though

    asked by anonymous
  25. History (pls help)

    1. Which of the following actions accured first? A. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. B. The Axis powers invaded neighboring territories. C. The Lend-Lease Act was proposed. D. The United States drafted men into the armed forces Help pls 7th grade history

    asked by Person
  26. Physics

    A raindrop has a mass of 5.9 10-7 kg and is falling near the surface of the earth. Calculate the magnitude of the gravitational force exerted in the following. (a) on the raindrop by the earth

    asked by vanessa
  27. Physics

    A girl (22.5 kg) goes down a straight slide inclined 38.0° above horizontal. The child is acted on by his weight, the normal force from the slide, kinetic friction, and a horizontal rope exerting a 30.0 N force as shown in the figure. How large is the

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Science

    "Most of the solar radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere and much of what reaches the earth's surface is radiated back into the atmosphere to become heat energy." What can you conclude about heat energy? Most of the sun's energy is used to make heat

    asked by JImmy
  29. Chemistry

    cobalt(11)chloride is commonly obtained from chemical supply houses as a hydrate with the formula CoCl2*6H2O. An analysis showed that 25.0g of this hydrate contains 11.3g of water.What is the percent water by weight in this hydrate?

    asked by Xihlamariso
  30. World History

    Read the summary. The Ottoman Empire began as the unification of Seljuk tribes, organized by Osman Gazi (1). The Ottomans were a hybrid of the Turkish, Byzantine, and Muslim cultures (2). They embraced the Eastern Christian Orthodox religion and denounced

    asked by Alex
  31. 3-D Computer Modeling

    1. In the simplest terms, which of the following is 3-D modeling is all about? A. Computers B. Collaboration C. Creativity D. Shapes 2. Only animate objects can be made into three dimensions. A. True B. False 3. Nothing has revolutionized animation like

    asked by Hello
  32. Geometry

    Find the geometric mean of the pair of numbers 6 and 10. sq rt 66 sq rt 70 60 2sqrt 15 my answer is 60

    asked by Lost
  33. Science

    7. The rate at which velocity changes is? A. Acceleration B. Direction C. Speeds D. Velocity 8. Which is the example of velocity? A. A pickup driving 30 km in 20 minutes B. A car slowing down on a sharp curve C. An airplane traveling 450 km/h D. An 18

    asked by Bella
  34. science

    Please help me with the following questions. 1. As the mantle heats up due t the heat from the core, it begins to rise. Why does this happen? A. Because density is increasing as temperature increases B. Because density is decreasing as temperature increses

    asked by Random
  35. math

    The volume of ice-cream in the cone is half the volume of the cone. The cone has a 3 cm radius and height of 14 cm. What is the depth of the ice-cream, correct to 2 decimal places? Answer = 11.11

    asked by anonymous
  36. English

    Which of these sentences from the story is an example of a hyperbole? Orpheus and Eurydice. A.) Soon he saw the River Styx, which separates the Underworld from the world of the living. B.) He was the King of Thrace, the most musical of all the Greek

    asked by Dylan
  37. Math

    Only boxes less than 3 1/2 ft wide will fit through a doorway. Which measurements show Th widths of three boxes that will each fit through the doorway?

    asked by Maryem
  38. English

    Narrative Essay When I finally got home I saw a mysterious stranger sitting on my porch

    asked by Cedric
  39. Physics

    Venus has a mass of 4.86 1024 kg and a radius of 6.05 106 m. (a) What is the acceleration due to gravity on Venus?

    asked by vanessa
  40. Maths

    If the scale on a map is 1cm = 1km, how do I convert 3.4cm to km?

    asked by Tiana
  41. Tutor

    Hi, I am a student a Michigan's connections academy and I need a tutor to help me out with some types of math, science, social studies. And a few others some stuff I don't understand and all of my teachers don't explain very good except for my math

    asked by Black Bandit
  42. Physics

    Can someone help me do this? I'm not sure where to insert the numbers nor in which equation. The tires on your truck have 0.35 m radius. In a straight line, you drive 2600 m. What is the angular displacement of the tire, during this trip? Would the angular

    asked by Mariam
  43. Physics

    The drawing (not to scale) shows one alignment of the sun, earth, and moon. The gravitational force SM that the sun exerts on the moon is perpendicular to the force EM that the earth exerts on the moon. The masses are: mass of sun = 1.99 1030 kg, mass of

    asked by vanessa
  44. Physics - last question I'm stuck on!

    A pellet is fired through two circular plates .8 m apart, both rotating at -95rad/s. The angular displacement of second bullet hole is 82° from the first bullet hole. Calculate the bullet’s speed in m/s. If someone could help me see where to insert the

    asked by Mariam
  45. physics

    A mass m1 = 28 kg on a frictionless ramp is attached to a light string. The string passes over a frictionless pulley and is attached to a hanging mass m2. The ramp is at an angle of θ = 31° above the horizontal. m1 moves up the ramp uniformly (at

    asked by joy
  46. Physics - please help!

    I don't understand this: Russian ice skater, Alina Zagitova, spins her way to projected Gold in the 2018 Olympics. During one particular spin, she moves from a camel spin that rotates at about 95. RPM to a tight spin. If her rotational inertia changes from

    asked by Mariam
  47. Chem

    A sample of NH4HS(s) is placed in a 2.61 −L flask containing 0.120 mol NH3(g). NH4HS(s)⇌NH3(g)+H2S(g) Kp=0.108 at 25∘C Part A What will be the total gas pressure when equilibrium is established at 25∘C? I'm getting P = 1.21atm which is wrong. Can

    asked by K
  48. Essay

    Do Electronic Devices Improve Our Lives? Please help me!! Someone give me ideas!!! I have writers block, because of how many stories I do! Please Help!!! I only need ideas!!!!

    asked by meh
  49. algebra 2

    explain how to determine the end behavior of a polynomial.explain throughly with example(s)

    asked by lexi
  50. Math

    If 100 students surveyed, about how many students own 2 or more pets? Explain

    asked by Ryan
  51. Science

    A bullet of mass 10gm is fired from a gun of mass 1kg with a velocity of 100m/s. calculate the ratio of kinetic energy of the bullet and the gun.

    asked by Ganesh
  52. Math

    Good evening. I have a math problem that I just need a bit of help on please. A trap for insects is in the shape of a triangular prism. The area of the base is 3.5in and the height of the prism is 5 in. What is the volume of this trap? Do I just need to do

    asked by Patrick
  53. algebra 2

    find all the zeros for each function. P(x)=2x^3-3x^2+3x-2

    asked by lexi
  54. Math

    For safety reasons, the angle between a ladder and the ground should be between 65° and 80. A ladder that is 5 m long is placed so that it reaches a window on the top floor of a house. If the foot of the ladder is 1.5 m from the house, is the ladder safe?

    asked by Jerry
  55. science

    Define inductive reasoning. using general theories or principals to make predictions about more specific situations doubting or not accepting conclusions or ideas until they have been adequately tested and verified A? answering questions based on what can

    asked by Bri
  56. Chemistry

    Suppose you wanted to produce an aqueous solution of pH = 8.60 by dissolving one of the following salts in water: KNO2 At what molarity?

    asked by NoName
  57. Trigonometry

    Find the distance from the ladder to the base of the slide, marked with an x in the diagram. Give your answer accurate to one decimal place. The height of the right angle triangle is 4 m, the hypotenuse is 7 m and the missing variable is on the bottom

    asked by Michael
  58. Lit

    Will some help me write an alternate ending to frankenstein. Please

    asked by Lauren
  59. Physics

    An electron oscillates one thousand million times per second along the z-axis with a displacement z(t)=sin(ωt) mm. What is the value of the electric fie ld E(t) produced at a distance r of ten meters (x=10m, y=0, z=0)?

    asked by Can't solve this :(
  60. science

    Which option correctly demonstrates scientific thinking in practice? The lava flowing from a volcano must be very hot because it is a liquid. The lava flowing from a volcano must be very hot because the majority of scientists agree that it is very hot. The

    asked by Bri
  61. physics

    A skydiver of mass 81.5 kg (including outfit and equipment) floats downward suspended from her parachute, having reached terminal speed. The drag coefficient is 0.533, and the area of her parachute is 20.96 m^2 . The density of air is 1.14 kg/m^3 . What is

    asked by joy
  62. algebra 2

    list all the possible rational roots of P(x) given by the Rational Root Theorom. P(x)=4x^4-2x^3+x^2-12

    asked by lexi
  63. Science

    What it the answer to this Two nonmetal from group 16 are likely to form what

    asked by Landon
  64. Can someone help me Math problem!!

    1. Which of the following is equivalent to x^5y^2/xy^2 when x not= 0 and y not= 0? a. x^6y^5 b. x^5y c. x^4y d. x^4

    asked by that emo girl!
  65. physic

    Two black holes (the remains of exploded stars), separated by a distance of 10.0 AU (1 AU = 1.50 ✕ 10^11 m), attract one another with a gravitational force of 6.50 ✕ 10^25 N. The combined mass of the two black holes is 5.40 ✕ 10^30 kg. What is the

    asked by joy
  66. Math

    Shandel went to the County Fair this summer and was surprised to see a math game on the midway among the games of skill and chance. Picture of a Midway BarkerIn the game, the barker starts by thinking of a math rule or calculation. The player spins a

    asked by Anonymous
  67. algebra 2

    write a polynomial function in standard form with zeros : -1,-1,6 SHOW WORK PLEASE

    asked by lexi
  68. history

    After the middle of the 18th century, what options did Indians still have in responding to the encroachment of settlers? How had Indian behavior changed since the Iroquois mourning wars of the 17th century?

    asked by David
  69. french revolution

    After meeting @ Versailles the new national assembly produced a document. What was it? Was the Tennis Court oath a document or is it referring to the declaration of rights of man? Who did it apply to?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Biology

    What is the nature of phloem vessel

    asked by Afif
  71. physics

    Two banked curves have the same radius. Curve A is banked at an angle of 12°, and curve B is banked at an angle of 20°. A car can travel around curve A without relying on friction at a speed of 19.5 m/s. At what speed can this car travel around curve B

    asked by joy
  72. differential eqautions

    linear equations of order one 1. (x^2-1)dy/dx+2y=(x+1)^2

    asked by skorge
  73. Chemistry - Equilibrium

    How should I do this question? Thanks Suppose you wanted to produce an aqueous solution of pH = 8.60 by dissolving one of the following salts in water: KNO2 At what molarity? two significant figures.

    asked by Jasper
  74. algebra 2

    find the real or imaginary solutions of each equation by factoring. 3x^3+3x^2=27x *please show work so i can learn how to do this.

    asked by lexi
  75. Research

    Help Developing research questions based on racial disparities in Baltimore City vs. Baltimore County.

    asked by Kierra Merton
  76. MATH

    Does anybody know how (M+/- √M^2-4FGr^2/G))/2 equal to 1.85*10^30+/- 1.32*10^30 When M=1.85*10^30,F=5.00*10^25, G=6.67*10^-11 and r=1.5*10^12. I don't know where 1.32*10^30 comes from. Please explain with steps

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Geometry

    I have to angles and a side how do I do this Angle 1: 90 degrees Angle 2: 63 degrees Side 1: 5 mm I know angles need to add up to 180 so 90 +63=153 180-153=27 so the angle is 27 How do I figure out the sides? I have 5mm to start I am really not sure I

    asked by Paige
  78. Chemistry

    A student took 100 mL of a solution of Mg(OH)2 and reacted it with H2SO4 (aq) to calculate the concentration of hydroxide ions in the solution. If 13.75 mL of 0.010 M H2SO4 was used to react with all of the OH- (aq) in the 100-mL solution, what was the

    asked by Kalista
  79. Social Studies

    Describe how and why the middle colonies had such a diverse population.

    asked by Kaitlyn
  80. math - quadratic problems

    1. What must be the dimensions of a rectangle to have an area 125m^2 and a perimeter of 60m? 2. In a right angle the hypotenuse is 15cm. if the second side is twice the length of the third side, calculate the exact length pf the shortest side. 3. THe

    asked by need help with all
  81. Calculus

    Which integral represents the limit as x approaches inf. of 1/n(√(1/n) + √(2/n) + ... √(n/n))? A. int from 0 to 1 of x dx B. int from 0 to 1 of √x dx C. 1/2 * int from 0 to 1 of 1/√x dx D. 2 * int from 1 to 2 of x√x dx

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Math

    What is conliniear points

    asked by Notknown
  83. Math

    An encyclopedia set has 36 volumes. Each volume is 1 1/4 inches thick.Three volumes have already been placed on the shelf that is 30 inches long. What information is not needed to determine how many more volumes will fit on the shelf?

    asked by Floss
  84. Calculus

    For what values of x does the series 1 + 2^x + 3^x + 4^x + ... + n^x + ... converge? A. No values of x B. x >= -1 C. x > -1 D. x < -1 E. All values of x I think the answer is C, because n^(-1) = 1/n, which diverges.

    asked by Anonymous
  85. physics

    In an outdoor game a small bag of rice is thrown from near the ground with a velocity of 3.50 m/s at an angle of 30.00 above the horizontal. Find out how long the bag will be in the air before it lands at the same height from which it was thrown and how

    asked by jeremy
  86. Essay Critique

    I need someone to help critique my essay rough draft. My commentary, intro, and conclusion.

    asked by Brendan
  87. Math

    3(4 - 2x) = 2x? How do I find x

    asked by Hex
  88. Calculus

    For the series from 1 to inf of (2n^2 - 1)/(3n^5 + 2n + 1), would it be possible to compare (2n^2 - 1)/(3n^5 + 2n + 1) to 2/3^3 for the limit comparison test?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Math HELP!!!!

    Median household income for African-Americans in Baltimore is nearly half that of whites, $33,610 compared to $60,156, according to the report by the US Census Bureau.? What is the fraction of this report? IN NEED OF STEPS

    asked by Mee
  90. Science

    How does the mass of the moon and the earth help the moon stay in its orbit around the earth?

    asked by Jaime
  91. Science

    Why is it important for scientists to figure out how much matter is in space?

    asked by Gary
  92. algebra 2

    Write polynomial function with the given zeros. x=1,2,3 *show work i need to be able to do this when i take my final

    asked by lexi
  93. Chemistry

    If a spectrophotometer was not zeroed before making measurements, what effect would it have on the calibration curve?

    asked by Lyndsay
  94. Math

    -2v - 7 = -23 what is v?

    asked by Meep
  95. Math

    Is 146% of 33,610 two-thirds?

    asked by Mee
  96. math

    Dear people of Jiskha, Thank you for helping me today

    asked by Anonymous