Questions Asked on
February 21, 2018

  1. help

    In “who knows if the moon’s,” the speaker imagines traveling somewhere. Where does he imagine traveling? to Earth from the moon to a nearby garden to the moon from Earth to a city in the sky thx

    asked by alicia
  2. American History

    Based on the information on the map, what can you infer about industry in the United States? A. Manufacturing was a key part of the economy in the Northeast*** B. Agriculture was the main industry in the south C. Mills in the Northeast had to be close to

    asked by Lol
  3. History

    During the cold war, people were afraid of communists, both outside and inside the United States. The red scare and McCarthyism that grew out of these fears was damaging to the American way of life. During the McCarthy years, many of the freedoms

    asked by Max
  4. Math

    Write an inequality to represent the situation: the temperature stayed above -15

    asked by Aye
  5. science

    which of the following statements accurately describes the development of the geologic time scale?

    asked by country girl
  6. ELA

    in the poem JUST, what element does the speaker use to describe the balloonmans actions? (whistles far and wee) 1)connotation 2)alliteration 3)repetition 4)personification understand that you may not have read this poem, but this has really confused me.

    asked by Jamie M
  7. S.S.

    1. ("…[The] said Cooper Hughs Freedman with his wife…are to work on said farm and to cultivate forty acres in corn and twenty acres in cotton, to assist in putting the fences on said farm in good order and to keep them so and to do all other work on

    asked by Far Out n' Beyond
  8. Math

    The time between a lightning flash and the following thunderclap may be used to estimate, in kilometers, how far away a storm is. How far away is a storm if 6 seconds elapse between the lightning and the thunderclap? Use the formula d= t/3 , where t is the

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Algebra 2B

    What is the loop that forms after many iterations when the initial value of g is 1.72? g(x)= -2|x-2|+4 I tried to do this but it isn't looping so I think I'm doing it wrong. Help!

    asked by mykos
  10. physics

    A stuntman is being pulled along a rough road at a constant velocity by a cable attached to a moving truck. The cable is parallel to the ground. The mass of the stuntman is 90 kg. The coefficient of static friction between the road and him is 0.86. The

    asked by A.S
  11. math

    which shapes will have an area of 24m2? choose all that apply. a. a triangle with the base of 6m and a height of 4m b. a parallelogram with a base of 48m and a height of .5m c. a trapezoid with the bases of 9m and 3m and a height of 4m d. a triangle with a

    asked by Maddie
  12. electrical trade theory

    what is the main composition of the brushes of the dc motor?

    asked by tumelo
  13. English

    In the Odyssey what personality trait does Odysseus reveal when he devises a plan to listen to the Sirens' song and yet escape destruction

    asked by Soul
  14. SS

    Which of the following best reflects a shortcoming of the Kellogg-Briand Pact? A. It was unable to militarily prevent Hitler from marching into the Sudetenland. B. The United States did not participate. C. The Pact could only be enacted under an official

    asked by no
  15. Physics

    A many Mass 90kg is moving at a constant velocity,he has kinetic energy of 2205j.calculate his velocity

    asked by Love
  16. Science

    Why does methylated spirit evaporates faster than water

    asked by Dolly
  17. Math

    Find the missing length for a right triangle with a hypotenuse of 18 and a leg length of 6. Round to the nearest whole number if necessary. 17 324 19 36

    asked by TheVroomin
  18. math

    a parallelogram and a triangle both have a base of eight inches the height of a parallelogram is four inches what is the height of the triangle if both of the shapes have the same area? a. 2 in b. 4 in c. 8 in d. 10 in

    asked by not important
  19. math

    the dimensions of a triangle are shown below. if the height of the triangle is increased by a factor of 4, which statement will be true about the area of the triangle? a. the area will increase by the factor of 2 b. the area will increase by a factor of 4

    asked by Ryland
  20. MATHS

    A MAP HAS A SCALE OF 1 CM = 5 KM On a map, a forest is shown as a rectangle measuring 2 cm by 1.5 cm what is the real area of the forest

    asked by STEVE
  21. Math

    Two number cubes are rolled- one blue and one yellow. Find the probability that the blue cube is less than 3 and the product is 8. a) Is this event independent or dependent? Explain why. b) Find the probability that the blue cube is less than 3 and the

    asked by David
  22. Math

    A carpenter sawed a piece of wood into 3 pieces of wood into 3 pieces. The ratio of wood pieces is 1:3:6. The longest piece is 2.5 feet longer than the shortest piece. Use the draw a diagram strategy to find the length of the original piece.

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Algebra

    Gayle starts to save at age 20 for an extended vacation around the world that she will take on her 45th birthday. She will contribute $1000 each year to the account, which earns 1.65% annual interest, compounded quarterly. What is the future value of this

    asked by Steve
  24. Math

    Could someone please tell me what the surface area formula is for cylinders and rectangular prisms thanks

    asked by NEED HELP ASAP
  25. Chemistry

    'Is the amphoteric substance C2O4H- more likely to act as an acid or a base, and why?' I was given the Ka of C2O4H- as 6.4 x 10^-5, so I calculated its pKa as about 4.19. Then I found its pKb as about 9.80, which makes its Kb about 1.56 x 10^-10. Thus, I

    asked by SarahF275
  26. economics

    In which phase of the business cycle will the economy most likely experience rising real output and falling unemployment rates? A. Peak B. Recession C. Expansion*** is my answer D. Trough

    asked by fatima
  27. MATh Methods

    1. The cost of producing x hundred litres of olive oil is 20 + 5x dollars. If the revenue from the sale of x hundred litres of the oil is 1.5x2 dollars, calculate to the nearest litre, the number of litres that must be sold to make a profit of $800. 2. The

    asked by Aaa
  28. Sign Language

    When you are signing a comparative adjective, do you add the sign for the suffix “-ER” after or before the descriptive word is signed?

    asked by deedee
  29. Physics

    An elastic chord can be stretched to its elastic limit by a load of 8.0N. Assuming it gives an extension 250cm when a load of 0.4N is hung. What would be the chord length when a force of 2.8N is applied?

    asked by Josh
  30. Math - Algebra

    Need help understanding this problem. Looks like an exponential growth/decay. Magnesium-27 has a half life of 9.45 minutes and can be described by using the equation “y=ae^-kt . What is the decay constant (k) for Magnesium-27? How many mg of Magnesium-27

    asked by Mitchel
  31. Math

    Does the table represent an exponential function? x 1 2 3 4 y –1 –8 –27 –64, I think it does.

    asked by Ally
  32. please check--intro to finance

    ______ is the price a firm paid to acquire an asset. a) book value b) market value c) markup price d) fair value --------- My answer is B. market value

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Chemistry

    Need help, please. A copper wire (density = 8.96 g/cm^3) has a diameter of 0.25 mm. If a sample of this copper wire has a mass of 22 g, how long is the wire? Thank you.

    asked by Dalal
  34. physics

    A balloon rubbed against denim gains a charge of -8.45µC. What is the electric force between the balloon and the denim when the two are separated by a distance of 4.7cm? (Assume the charges are located at a point)

    asked by marcus
  35. geometry

    if x+3/3 = y+2/2, then x/3 = ____.

    asked by french accent
  36. electrical trade theory N2

    what is the main composition of the brushes of the dc motor?

    asked by tumelo
  37. math

    A little help please, thanks. Kelly conducted an experiment. In each trial she flipped a coin and rolled a number cube that has sides labled 1 to 6. The results are shown above. What is the experiementl probability that her next flip will be tails? Trial

    asked by Mark
  38. math

    Find the probability of rolling an even number and then rolling a 6 when a number cube is rolled twice. Express the probability as percent rounded to 1 decimal place. P(even and then a 6) =

    asked by oli
  39. physics

    1) A balloon rubbed against denim gains a charge of -8.45µC. What is the electric force between the balloon and the denim when the two are separated by a distance of 4.7cm? (Assume the charges are located at a point) 2)Two identical conducting spheres are

    asked by marcus
  40. Music

    use the following notation to answer questions 1-3 1. what kind o triad i this? a. major b. minor C. augmented d. diminished 2. What position is the triad in A. root B. first inveirsion C second inversion D. third inversion 3. What is the root of the

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Math

    **The topic is exponents** A candy maker is making taffy. He starts with one long piece of taffy and cuts it into 3 pieces. He then takes each resulting piece and cuts it into three pieces. He then takes each of these resulting pieces and cuts it into

    asked by Nikko
  42. English

    What are the nouns in the sentence Reggie bought a computer today at the store for$700.

    asked by Verran Jackson
  43. Vocabulary

    Which is the closest synonym for the word aficionado? A. Fancier B. Spinster C. Financier D. Scavenger I think is b or d

    asked by JImmy
  44. Math

    A bakery used 9 cups of flour to make a full size cake. If they wanted to make a cake that was 1/10 the size, how many cups of flour would they use?

    asked by Leesha
  45. physic

    Two spheres of mass M1 = 810 kg and M2 = 390 kg are placed 4.80 m apart. A particle of mass m = 12.0 kg is now placed midway between the two spheres. (a) What is the net gravitational force on the particle due to the two spheres? N toward the sphere of M1

    asked by joy
  46. math

    how do i estimate a square root of a number thats not a perfect square? Without using a calculator. Also, what are square roots? Im really confused

    asked by ShannonPanda
  47. science

    how does subduction change the ocean floor

    asked by maddzz
  48. Chemistry

    Classify as acidic base or neutral [H+]= 6.0*10^-10M

    asked by Lexi
  49. Honors Geometry

    The diagonals of a kite are 21 and 24 and the shorter diagonal bisects the longer. If the kite has exactly one right angle, what are the side lengths of the kite?

    asked by Ben
  50. Math

    List 12pt 3gal and 16c from least to greatest

    asked by Jessica
  51. maths

    work out 20 +(17.5-6.5) sqaured

    asked by syrone
  52. physics

    A block of mass 20kg is at rest on a rough horizontal ground,the coefficient of friction between the block and the ground is 0.3.A horizontal force is applied steadily to the block according to the law,F= t^2-t+4.calculate the time it takes the block to

    asked by praise
  53. physics please help!!

    Two balls have 3 nC of excess charge and are 10cm apart. What is the magnitude of the repulsive force on each? Electric field = 27,000 Charge = 3e-8 Coulombs F = EQ = 8.1e-4 ...which is wrong.

    asked by tyger2020
  54. Physics

    A 6.50 horsepower self propelled lawn mower is able to travel at 0.56 m/s, starting from rest, in 0.050 s. If the lawn mower has a mass of 48.0 kg, what distance does the lawnmower travel in that time? (1 hp = 746 W)

    asked by Anon
  55. Calculus 2

    Calculate the arc length of y= 1/4x^2−1/2ln(x) over the interval [1,6e]

    asked by RaShawnya
  56. maths

    a map has a scale of 1cm:4km if one measurement of the distance of the room on your map is 8 km what measurement will it be according to the scale of the map

    asked by jayden
  57. crime

    Did the individuals involved follow the legal guidelines for searches? Why or why not? Did the exclusionary rule apply in this situation? Why or why not? Provide one example in which the exclusionary rule would apply if the individuals involved had done

    asked by anna
  58. geometry

    Find the sum of the measures of the intieior angles of each polygon. -hexagon -pentagon -quadrilateral -octagon -16-gon -27-gon please

    asked by hello
  59. Introduction to Finance

    I just need help with these two questions: 1. The difference between the historic price a firm paid and its going price among current buyers and sellers is the difference between its a) market value and depreciation b) book value and depreciation c) market

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Physics

    I'm lost on this problem too! A 70kg stunt driver rounds a circular corner at 96km/hr (convert to m/s). The centripetal force on the driver is 856N. Calculate the radius in meters of the path that the driver took around the circular corner.

    asked by Mariam
  61. spanish

    how to correctly answer ?Cuantas personas viven en tu casa?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. physics

    Two stationary point charges of +61.0µC and +0.48µC exert a repulsive force on each other of 172N. What is the distance between the two charges?

    asked by marcus
  63. Algebra

    5. What is the inverse of f if f(x) = ^3√x-7 8. Multiply and simplify if possible. √5x(√x-5√5) 10. 7^1/3 * 7^2/3

    asked by |-/
  64. Physics

    An electron oscillates one thousand million times per second along the z-axis with a displacement z(t)=sin(ωt) mm. What is the value of the electric fie ld E(t) produced at a distance r of ten meters (x=10m, y=0, z=0)?

    asked by AEC
  65. Science

    Which of the following does not change when a car keeps a constant speed, but changes direction? a.Acceleration b.Velocity c.Momentum d.Mass*** Can someone review my answer and make sure that I'm right?

    asked by Dude
  66. Physics

    I don't understand this. A can filled with sand has a mass of 0.45kg is swung overhead in a horizontal circle of radius 0.6m at a constant rate of 2.5 revolutions per second. Find the angular momentum of the rock.

    asked by Mariam
  67. Chemistry

    'A solution is prepared by titrating a 100.0 mL sample of 0.10 M HF (Ka = 7.2 x 10^-4) with 0.1 M NaOH. What is the pH after 20.0 mL of the 0.10 M NaOH is added?' I'm a little bit confused but here's my ICE chart (in moles): HF________OH-_____F-

    asked by SarahF275
  68. logical reasoning

    You are asked to guess an integer between 1 and N inclusive. Each time you make a guess, you are told either: (a) you are too high, (b) you are too low, or (c) you got it! You can guess as many times as you like, but are only allowed to guess too high 10

    asked by unowen
  69. math

    if charlie can type 75 words in 100 seconds, how many words can he type in 5 minutes

    asked by Anonymous
  70. algebra

    find the rule of the table. 1= 8 2= 64 3= 512 4= 4096 5= 32786 pls i have no idea what i’m doing

    asked by carson
  71. Math

    For a constant area, the length of a rectangle varies inversely as its width. The length of a rectangle is 27 ft when the width is 10 ft. Find the width of a rectangle with the same area if the length is 18 ft.

    asked by James
  72. Math

    How tall is a stack of 16 nickels

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Physics

    A thunderstorm with a potential difference of ten million Volts between two clouds produces a lightning stroke of ten thousand Amperes at its peak with a rise time of tenmicroseconds and a fall time of one hundred microseconds. How many Coulombs does it

    asked by AEC
  74. Physics

    In an atomic nucleus what holds the protons together: the electrons, nuclear forces or gravitation? Which force is stronger?: neutron-neutron, neutron-proton or proton-proton?

    asked by AEC
  75. math

    John is buying floor tile to put in a room that is 10 ft by 15 ft. He has chosen tiles that are 18 in by 18 in. Assuming that he needs to buy 10% extra to be safe, how many tiles would he need to buy. I know that I need to buy enough for 150 square feet,

    asked by carly
  76. World history

    What type of government was France while Napolean was emperor? A republic?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Science

    CASE STUDY HYPOTHESES: Circumstantial evidence is adequate or inadequate demonstrate racial profiling. Questions: Anecdotal (circumstantial) evidence may be discounted by some but not others. Anecdotal, circumstantial, evidence that can easily be

    asked by Tupac
  78. Math

    I am a bit confused. I have to find the volume of a triangular prism. B=1/2bh=1/2 (8x3)=12ft Now I have to find the volume how would I do this with the numbers provided

    asked by Patrick
  79. programming

    Java Programming Build 3 methods(no arguments) that will do the work (input, calculations and output) for each of the 3 different figures. Then in the 3 “if” statements (or Switch stmt) that you have to determine which figure was selected, you should

    asked by erik
  80. Research Questions on Racial Profilig?

    My assignment is to write a case study, I plan on writing about racial profiling. Are these questions workable? 1. What can the legal evidence collection process learn from the strength and weaknesses of the ethnographic research method? What can

    asked by Tupac
  81. world history

    What definition of "reason" would apply to the French Revolution?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Science

    1. What do we call the small wavelength that we can see? 2. How does light travel? 3. What type of lenses are used in a refracting telescope?

    asked by Javier
  83. math

    pb is a line segment on a number line. it has endpoint at -2 and 12. what is the coordinate of it's midpoint? Show your work so that way i can understand it

    asked by Hannah
  84. Health- Diseases

    Is there a cure for bacterial meningitis? Why or Why not? I have to answer the above question for homework tonight, but I am not sure about why bacterial meningitis doesn't have a cure I know there is no cure for bacterial meningitis, but why? Is it

    asked by Anonymous
  85. math

    Blake and Luke can paint a room in 15 hours. Luke can paint the room by himself in 25 hours. How long does it take Blake to paint?

    asked by James
  86. Physics

    Speed of the bus is 72 km per hour speed of the car is 15.5 meter per second which moves fast??

    asked by SRIVIDYA
  87. Physics

    Compare your weight with the attraction ( or repulsion) force of two One Coulomb charges separated one kilometer. Is it larger, smaller or similar?

    asked by AEC

    CASE STUDY HPOTHESES? Is it logically inconsistent to use statistics to illustrate white privilege, but not to support racial profiling? What can the legal evidence collection process learn from the strength and weaknesses of the ethnographic research

    asked by Tupac
  89. LAW

    CASE STUDY HYPOTHESES: Circumstantial evidence is adequate or inadequate demonstrate racial profiling. Questions: Anecdotal (circumstantial) evidence may be discounted by some but not others. Anecdotal, circumstantial, evidence that can easily be

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Math

    All straight lines measure 180 degrees. In the diagram below, the straight line EF contains three angles, < 3,

    asked by Sammy
  91. English

    Replace the underlined portion or leave it. 1. The study of Kenya's history as a colony will help you see how colonialism works and thus understand how destructive it was to the people were colonized. Underlined portion: people were a. no change b. people

    asked by Please check answers thank you
  92. Chemistry

    [oh-]=3.0*10^-2M Is it a base neutral or acidic

    asked by Lexi
  93. Physics

    We are made of atoms that contain electric charges. Why we do not feel any electric force in our daily life?

    asked by AEC
  94. Physics

    Does angular acceleration on a spinning disk increase centrifugal force?

    asked by Anonymous
  95. maths


    asked by kashif
  96. Math

    Quadratic equations in problems: "The sides of a right triangle are (x+1)cm, (x+3)cm and (x+5)cm. find the length of each side." i need help asap

    asked by b
  97. maths

    a point lies on the line y= 3x-2 its x-coordinate is 4 tell me the coordinate of this point

    asked by hidah