Questions Asked on
February 20, 2018

  1. History

    Essay question: The Equal Protection Clause of the fourteenth amendment prohibits states from denying any persons within its jurisdiction the protection of the laws. How does the language of the equal protection clause show intention to safeguard all

    asked by anonymous
  2. Science need awnsers

    Studies conducted in England during the industrial revolution have shown that children born to poor families were, on average, shorter than those born to wealthier parents. The most likely explanation for this difference in height is a difference in A)

    asked by Need haalpp
  3. Math

    Which equation represents the axis of symmetry of the function y=-2x^2 + 4x -6 ? a. y=1 b. x = 1 *** c. x=3 d. x = -3

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Math < please help >

    What is the volume of the trianglar prism to the nearest whole unit? ( Connexus Unit 2 Lesson 13 grade 8th) Height: 4 ft Base: 14 ft Length : 21 ft A - 392 ft^3 B - 588 ft^3 C - 1176ft^3 D - 2352ft^3 I think it's B. I am right?

    asked by Kitty Kat *^*
  5. algabra

    The sum of ten and the quotient of a number x and 6.

    asked by wyatt
  6. Equalities- SUPER confused

    If a = 3/5, b = 3, c = 1, d = 5, which equality is true? A)d/a = b/c B)a/b = c/d C)b/a = c/d D)a/d = b/c How do I figure this out?

    asked by Maddie
  7. math

    A cheetah traveling at 31 m/s chased its prey for 11 seconds. What distance did the cheetah travel during the chase??

    asked by christian
  8. History

    1:The rational basis test of the Equal Protection Clause would legally permit which of the following? Select all that apply(2 points) A:Not allowing a 10 year old to drive.*** B:Not allowing a woman to be president. C:Not allowing a male to supervise a

    asked by anonymous
  9. History

    The effects of world war 2 are best judged as? A. Very unimportant because the war lasted only a short time B. Somewhat unimportant because the United States and it’s allies won C. Neutral because wars still take place around the world D. Very

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Some help me- Math

    Chris tells Adam that the decimal value of −1/13 is not a repeating decimal. Is Chris correct? A) No, because the fraction has a decimal period of 3 B) No, because the fraction has a decimal period of 6 C) No, because the fraction has a decimal period of

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Science

    Atomic Theory is A. subject to change if new information is discovered*** B. a solution to the problem of differing isotopes. C. unchangeable D. a descriptive table that list all of the elements.

    asked by Helppp
  12. Chemistry

    Can anyone help me check my classifications of these into metallic, ionic, molecular or covalent network, and if I am wrong tell me why Aluminum - Mettalic Ascorbic acid - ionic Graphite - covalent Paraffin - molecular Palmitic acid - ionic Sodium chloride

    asked by Richard
  13. Math help me please

    A tree's root is 13 feet below ground and spans a radius of 8 feet. If the tree's elevation above ground is 28 feet with branches that span a radius of 12 feet, what is the total length of the tree from root tip to top? A) 15 feet B) 35 feet C) 41 feet D)

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Math Im very confused

    How many whole servings of 3/4 cups are in 31/2 cups of ice cream? A) 19 servings B) 20 servings*** C) 21 servings D) 22 servings

    asked by Anonymous
  15. physics

    At the intersection of Texas Avenue and University Drive, a blue, subcompact car with mass 820 kg traveling east on University collides with a maroon pickup truck with mass 2000 kg that is traveling north on Texas and ran a red light. The two vehicles

    asked by help!
  16. Math again sorry

    A roller coaster starts from a deck at an elevation of 20 feet above the ground. On the first hill it climbs 78 feet and then drops 85 feet. On the second hill the coaster climbs 103 feet and then drops 110 feet. How far below or above the deck is the

    asked by Maddie
  17. Math

    Simplify. -2(3)^2 - 8 ÷ 2 + 6 A) -18 B) -16** C) -7 D) 7 Lucy is trying to find a rational number between 3/8 and and 6/7 What would help her to find this number? A)Divide 3/8 by 6/7*** B)Multiply 3/8 by 6/7 C)Convert 3/8 and 6/7 to Fractions with a

    asked by Maddie
  18. World Literature

    Hi I really need help with the following questions. 1. In"My heart leaps up when I behold"Wordsworth says " the child is the father of the man" This is often interpreted to mean that our childhood experiences influence the adults that we become. Explain

    asked by Laura
  19. Math

    At 6:00 A.M. the temperature was 33°F. By noon the temperature had increased by 10°F and by 3:00 P.M. it had increased another 12°F. If at 10:00 P.M. the temperature had decreased by 15°F, how much does the temperature need to rise or fall to return to

    asked by Anonymous
  20. math

    You jogged 11 kilometers at an average speed of 10 kilometers per hour. How long did you jog? I need help please

    asked by christian
  21. Math help me please

    The temperature started at 35°F. If the temperature went down 4°F and then up 2°F, whats is the temperature difference relative to the high temperature? A) -2°!@#$%^& B) -1°F C) 1°F D) 2°F

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Science

    What is the major difference between ectotherms and endotherms? 1)whether or not the animal builds nests on land 2)whether or not the animal has ben found on several continents 3) whether or not the animal maintains a constant body temperature 4) whether

    asked by Jamie M
  23. history

    When people from different regions trade goods with each other, they also exchange ideas. What is the process by which different cultures share ideas and ways of doing things known as?

    asked by Anonymous
  24. mathematics

    x is partly constant and partly varies as y^2 when y =11,x=52.8and when y = 5 and x = 8 find (a) equation connecting x and y (b) y when x = 105.6

    asked by Ahmad
  25. Calc. 3

    Let C be the curve of intersection of the parabolic cylinder x2 = 2y, and the surface 3z = xy. Find the exact length of C from the origin to the point (4,8,32/3).

    asked by Anthony Bruce
  26. Math

    At 6:00 A.M. the temperature was 33°F. By noon the temperature had increased by 10°F and by 3:00 P.M. it had increased another 12°F. If at 10:00 P.M. the temperature had decreased by 15°F, how much does the temperature need to rise or fall to

    asked by Maddie
  27. Chemistry - Equilibrium

    Can anyone find out if I did it right or not? Thanks A 0.682?g sample of ICl(g) is placed in a 625?mL reaction vessel at 682 K. When equilibrium is reached between the ICl(g) and I2(g) and Cl2(g) formed by its dissociation, 0.0383 g I2(g)is present. What

    asked by Jasper
  28. Math - Trigonometry

    Solve for x, correct to one decimal place. It`s a right angle triangle. The height for the triangle is 4 cm with a 48° angle. The bottom of the triangle is an x. I got the answer 3.3 cm, is this correct? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    asked by Ollie
  29. Math

    Myra multiplies 5 integers. The product is negative. AT MOST, how many of the integers could be negative? A) 1 *** B) 3 C) 4 D) 5

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Chemistry

    A sample of gas at 47°C and 1.03 atm occupies a volume of 2.20L. What volume would this gas occupy at 107°C and 0.789 atm?

    asked by Citlali Diaz
  31. Analytical chemistry

    a solution of 0.010M K2Cr2O7 with a volume of 60.00ml reacts in a titration reaction with 20.00ml of FeSO4 in sulphuric acid. Calculate the normality of FeSO4.

    asked by Te'ryam
  32. Math

    China’s population is how much larger than the U.S if China has a population of 1,362,000,000 and the U.S population is 320,000,000

    asked by Hay
  33. Calculus 2

    The region between the graphs of y=x^2 and y=6x is rotated around the line x=8. The volume of the resulting solid is?

    asked by RaShawnya
  34. help

    Draw and use a tape diagram to model and solve the problem below. In a soccer league, the ratio of boys to girls is 4 to 6. There are a total of 50 players in the soccer league. Determine how many girls play in the soccer league. A. 10 B. 20 C. 50 D. 30

    asked by alicia
  35. Calculus 2

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the curves y=cos(X), y=0, x=0, x=pi/2 about the line y=-1 Volume=?

    asked by RaShawnya
  36. History

    Statement 1-Immigrants should make every effort to adapt to their new country, including adopting cultural norms and traditions. Statement 2-Diversity in backgrounds and experience creates a society that teaches tolerance and respect.*** Statement 3-The

    asked by anonymous
  37. science

    Which places the types of clouds in correct order from most thick and puffy, to most thin and wispy?

    asked by Jason
  38. physics

    An archer pulls a bowstring back 0.390 m, and the spring constant of the bow is 675 N/m. a.) Find the amount of work the archer did to draw the bow. b.) Find the speed an arrow of mass 0.075 kg will have when it is shot from the bow. Assume no losses from

    asked by archie
  39. History

    What Canadian landform covers about half of the country?

    asked by need help
  40. Math

    A ladder is placed so that its foot is 2 m from a wall. The ladder touches the top of a 2 m fence that is 1.5 m from the wall. State how you know the two triangles in the diagram are similar. How high up the wall does the ladder reach?

    asked by John
  41. physics

    A 0.300 kg air-track glider moving at 2.20 m/s bumps into a 0.800 kg glider at rest. a.) Find the total kinetic energy after collision if the collision is elastic. b.) Find the total kinetic energy after collision if the collision is completely inelastic.

    asked by zack
  42. math

    Nico is saving money for his college education. He invest some money at 5%, and $1600 less than that amount at 3%. The investments produced a total of $144 interest in 1yr. How much did he invest at each rate?

    asked by noah
  43. math

    team of scientists found that there were 4 oak trees for every 10 pine trees. How many oak trees were there if they counted 36 more pine than oak?

    asked by Billy
  44. pre-alg

    Which of the following equations has an infinite number of solutions? A. 3x – 3 = –4x B. 2y + 4 – y = 16 C. 7x + 5 = 4x + 5 + 3x D. 6y – 2 = 2(y – 1) Is C correct?

    asked by Tazia
  45. Math = please help =

    H t t p s : // w w w . C o n n e x u s .c o m / content / media / 975134-7312013-31730- PM - 451627306. jpg with out the spaces What is the surface area of the given figure? 10 cm 26 cm 36 cm 28 cm Please help -*-

    asked by Kitty Kat *^*
  46. mechanical science

    aminibus of 1500kg moving at velocity of 72km/hr collide with astationary car of mass 900kg determine the common velocity

    asked by erick
  47. Math

    A piece of wire is bent into the shape of an isosceles triangle. The base angles are each 48 degree and the perpendicular height to the base is 6 cm. Calculate the length of the wire.

    asked by Ku
  48. social studies

    which of the following is not a type of hieroglyphic sign? a.)Alphabetic sign b.)word sign c.)number sign d.)syllabic sign

    asked by bob
  49. Math

    David is playing a trivia game where he gains points for correct answers and loses points for incorrect answers. At the start of round 3 his score is −1500 points. During round 3 he answered five 1000 point questions correctly and three 500 points

    asked by Maddie
  50. Math (Word Problems)

    Hello and I’m sorry, I was wondering how to solve this problem, it looked easy at first but it was really difficult to find the answer. Here’s the question: A recipe for 6 quarts of punch calls for 3/4 cups of sugar. How much sugar is needed for 9

    asked by Matthew
  51. history (french revolution)

    Politically inspired the Third Estate demanded popular representation, forming a political body known as____. Answer: National Assembly or could it be deputies This transfer from radicalism to a more moderate from of government is known as____. Not sure.

    asked by nicole
  52. English

    Replace the underlined portion or leave it. PLZ CHECK AN SWERS, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE. Each of the following could replace the underlined portion EXCEPT: a. but b. however, c. or *** d. yet Underlined portion: moreover To some people this seemed to be a

    asked by Please check answers
  53. physics please help

    Which harmonic frequencies can be detected in a tube closed at one end whose fundamental frequency is 200 Hz? 200 Hz 300 Hz 400 hz 600 Hz 1000 Hz It's a select multiple and I said the last three which was wrong.

    asked by tyger2020
  54. Algebra 2

    Rayburn's boat has a speed of 14 mph in still water.The total time required for Rayburn to make a round trip from his home on the river to his favorite fishing hole is 7 hrs. If the speed of the current is 2 mph, what is the distance from Rayburn's home to

    asked by Hailey
  55. law

    This is just a question based on something else that I read. Isn't locking doors to prevent usage illegal? If so, what is the name of the offense that people commit when they do that?

    asked by Layla
  56. mechanical science

    aminibus of mass15Kg travelling at avelocity of 72km/hr collides with astationary car of mss900kg.The impact takes to see see before the two moving at aconstant velocity of20m/s.calculate the;common velocity,distance moved after the impact,the force of

    asked by erick
  57. geometry

    solve for x. file:///Users/macowner/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202018-02-20%20at%201.02.18%20PM.png

    asked by french accent
  58. Maths

    If AC=0.0001q^2-0.02q+5+(5000/q).Find marginal revenue function

    asked by Kenneth Manyokole
  59. Mechanical science

    The table planning machine is driven horizontally by hydraulic pressure on a piston contained in a cylinder 80mm in diameter. The on the cutting tool is 5KN,the Mass of the moving part is 1000kgs and coificient friction is 0.05.calculate pressure required

    asked by Charles waweru
  60. chemistry

    Our bodies bring in carbohydrates, proteins, and fats as fuel and then we exhale carbon dioxide and water. what type of reaction allowed out bodies to turn fuel into energy to support life? What ,if any is the problem with this classification? It is a

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Gudiance and Discipline

    It is important for a child to be able to identify with a role model. Therefore, the best role model for a five-year-old boy would be: a)a female teacher. b)another five-year-old boy. c)a dad who is a room volunteer. d)a fifth grade female peer counselor.

    asked by lomza
  62. Math

    A group of students are selling homemade oatmeal cookies at $3 per bag. The students spent $23 on all the supplies to make the oatmeal cookies. Which expression can be used to find the profit made from selling, w, bags of oatmeal cookies, after accounting

    asked by Jerson
  63. physics

    Can somebody shows me how to get to the answer key? The answer for a) is 1.5, b) rP is 1.34AU and rA is 2.01AU and c) is .335AU Copy and past this link part by part as it is to see the figure: part1: webassign. part2: net part3: /katzpse1/7-p-009.gif

    asked by joy
  64. math

    I'm working on a Venn diagram - would you please check my work? The question is: A group of 95 respondents said they regularly watch Netflix, 60 said they watch Hulu, 20 said they watch neither Netflix or Hulu, and 35 said they watch both Netflix and Hulu.

    asked by carly
  65. english/writing

    Can someone help me formulate a research paper topic about braces?

    asked by Haylie
  66. Physics

    A Tevatron can accelerate particles to energies in the TeV range (1.00 tera −eV = 1.00×10^12 eV ). Its circumference is 6.40 km, and in a certain medical experiment protons will be accelerated to energies of 1.25 MeV and aimed at a tumor to destroy its

    asked by Stesson
  67. Chem

    How do you find the ground state electron configurations of molecules like NO

    asked by Austin
  68. History

    What did the Portuguese trade European goods for in West Africa?????

    asked by Addy
  69. History

    HELPPPPP DUE TOMORROW 1)Compare the different forms of slave protest?? 2) Identify the conditions of slavery that encourage the enslave Africans to resist this system??? 3) Identify the measures used by enslaved females only against enslaved men????

    asked by Shakira
  70. Algebra

    Solve –(5)–1 A. –1/5 B. –5 C. 5 D. 1/5

    asked by Mike
  71. Math

    Alley sold twice as many health bars as Candi but trice as petal. They sold 88 in total. How many did each person sell?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Physics

    For an outdoor lab experiment a car has a loud device attached to the roof. This device emits beeps with a pitch of 400 Hz. The device is set to constantly emit short beeps a rate of twice every second. The car drives at 25 m/s (About 55 mph) on a level

    asked by Anonymous
  73. aljebra

    solve austy is 22 years older than boboy in 2 years austy will be three times as old as she boboy .how old are they now algebra

    asked by abdul fatah
  74. chemistry

    O3 ----> O + O2 Decomposition What is happening as it decomposes to O and O2 instead of O2 that is decomposes to naturally? How might you fix this issue?

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Math

    The density of a substance A rectangular s given as 13.6 g/cm^3 and that of a substance B as 11.3 g/cm^3. Determine the volume of B that would have the same mass as 50 cm^3 of A.

    asked by Ku
  76. Math

    Need a little help. I was asked to find perimeter of a rectangle, which I did and got an answer of 66. Now I have to convert it to feet. That's where I'm stuck. What is the perimeter of the actual patio in feet? 2 cm=1ft P=2(12+21)=66cm

    asked by Steve
  77. Bio

    . which stament is true( more then one can be true) 1) EF-Tu moves the mRNA by one codon 2)EF-G delivers aa-tRNAs to the ribosome 3)Translation initiation occurs by 70S riboosomes binding to mRNAs with fMet-tRNA 4)Translocation refers to the chemical step

    asked by Jeremiah
  78. Social Studies

    (I'm not really sure how to post the picture because links aren't allowed, but it's the one with the elephant, monkey, fish, seal, and dog being asked to climb a tree) How does this source link to liberalism? And does it support modern/classical liberalism

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Calculus

    How do I figure out if the series from 3 to inf of ((1/2)^(n+1))((2/3)^n) converges or diverges? I think it has something to do with the value of r, but this problem is confusing me because it is written as a product.

    asked by Anonymous
  80. math

    56 is 15.625 percent of what number?

    asked by Carl
  81. Science

    How does visible light be made to give off spectral lines?

    asked by Tommy
  82. Culture

    Can you think of some examples of behavior that seem challenginf to you but may be culturally appropriate for a child.

    asked by betty
  83. English

    Diagram sentence I need to wash my dog

    asked by Yashika
  84. algebra 2

    If y = 4x + 14, what is the value of y divided by -4? I'm really confused on this. One way I tried solving it was by making x equal 0. y = 4(0) + 14 y = 14 and then y / -4 14 / -4 which simplifies to -7/2 Is that correct?

    asked by huncho jack