Questions Asked on
February 14, 2018

  1. Science

    The diver has the least gravitational potential energy at position A-1 B-2 C-3 D-4

    asked by Anonymous
  2. help with language arts

    1. read the following sentence: The reporter is heading to the marketplace to cry the news about the election results. Use the dictionary definition to determine the best meaning of cry as it used in this sentence. A. to call out for help B. to announce in

    asked by hay what doing
  3. Algebra

    What are the next three terms in the sequence? -3 6 15 24 Geoff planted dahlias in his garden... please help with Lesson 13 Functions Unit Test Algebra for Connections Academy!

    asked by Loki
  4. 100th day of school work

    If you made a stack of nickels 100 inches tall, how many nickels will you need????????????? ARRRRRRRR! Math is soooo hard! Especially without a calculator!

    asked by Kathleen
  5. Math

    An airplane traveled 1,991.25 kilometers at an average speed of 885 kilometers per hour. How long did it take for the airplane to travel this distance?

    asked by PrincessLeaya
  6. math

    A parking lot space is in the shape of a rectangle. If the space has a length of 23 feet and a width of 12 feet, what is the area of the parking space?

    asked by a
  7. government

    How does the recent use of the filibuster compare to how it used in the past? How might it be used in the future? Use details from the textbook to support your answer.

    asked by winnie
  8. world history

    How did Soviet realism uplift the ideals of communism? a. by depicting lenin as the savior of the russian people b. by depicting dead and injured russian soldiers c. by removing all references to socialism d. by highlighting the lives of peasants and

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Math please help !!!!!!!!

    1. similar polygons are .... different shapes. 1.always 2.sometimes 3.never 2. how many lines of symmetry could an isosceles trapezoid have? 1. 0 2. 1 3. 2 4. 3 I'm from connexus and I'm taking the tools of geometry math test .

    asked by 6ix9ine
  10. Literature

    A narrative poem tells a story in verse and contains elements of a short story. In a paragraph explain why paul revere's ride is a narrative poem. Sum up the events tell where and when they take place and explain who the characters are. Include details

    asked by Loki
  11. world history

    which most accurately indentifies an aspect of Leninism? a. multiparty political structure b. capitalist economic policies c. government control of major industries d. abolition of all religious influence in society A?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. math

    The previous diagram represents a scale drawing of a hexagonal garden. The scale factor is 1 cm = 0.5 m. What is the area of the garden?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. physics

    A 0.5 kg object is given an initial velocity of 3 m/s after which it slides a distance of 8 m across a level floor. What is the coefficient of kinetic friction between the object and the floor?

    asked by Hussein
  14. Algebra 1

    Determine if the number is written in scientific notation. 4.8 * 100^7 A.) No, it is not written as a number times a power of 10.* B.) Yes, the number is written in scientific notation. C.) No, the first factor is not a number between 1 and 10. 5.1 * 10^-8

    asked by Dylan
  15. Math

    A fuel oil tank is an upright cylinder, buried so that its circular top 12 feet beneath ground level. The tank has a radius of 6 feet and is 18 feet high, although the current oil level is only 13 feet deep. Calculate the work required to pump all of the

    asked by Daniel
  16. Math

    On Saturday, you spend $33, give $15 to a friend, and receive $20 for mowing your neighbor’s lawn. You have $21 left. Use two methods to find how much money you started with that day. You started with $ that day.

    asked by Stella
  17. chem

    How many moles of S are needed to combine with 0.208 mol Al to give Al2S3? break it down thanks

    asked by jack
  18. Math

    Find the constant of proportionality and the unit rate for the data in the table then write an equation to represent the relationship between time tea and distance D.

    asked by Help please
  19. Math

    A baker is decorating the top of around cake with cherries. The diameter of the cake is 9.5 inches. Each cherry is 0.75 inches in diameter. About how many cherries will the baker need to decorate the perimeter of the top of the cake?

    asked by David
  20. History

    Jews were persecuted in Europe for hundreds of years even before the 20th century (1). Thousands were massacred by crusading knights on their way to the Holy Land (2). Another common practice was to force Jews into sections of town called ghettos (3). In

    asked by DeafeninGaming
  21. Physics

    A force of 9.0N is applied to a body at rest on a smooth horizontal surface. If the body has a mass of 18.0kg and it moves in the direction of the force, find the work done in. a. The first four second. b. The fourth second ? Urgent answers pls

    asked by Simon
  22. Physics

    You are traveling on an airplane. The velocity of the plane with respect to the air is 140 m/s due east. The velocity of the air with respect to the ground is 34 m/s at an angle of 30° west of due north. 1)What is the speed of the plane with respect to

    asked by Rayan
  23. Math

    Please help! Struggling on these few. Thank you :) 2. Which list has the numbers in order from least to greatest? 9.4 × 102, 4.9 × 102, 9.4 × 103 9.4 × 103, 4.9 × 102, 9.4 × 102 4.9 × 102, 9.4 × 102, 9.4 × 103 4.9 × 102, 9.4 × 103, 9.4 × 102 3.

    asked by Um
  24. Math

    A skydiver jumped out of a plane and descended 0.66 miles in 1.5 minutes. What was the skydiver's average change of altitude per minute?

    asked by Lisa
  25. Math

    How are exponential growth and decay present in the real world? Give at least 2 examples for exponential growth and 2 examples of exponential decay.

    asked by Leppy
  26. Utah state history

    1. The contributions of the mountain men include... A: developing first Anglo- American settlements B: establishing good relations with the Native Americans C: developing local resources D: establishing routes through the region for others to follow

    asked by Sophia
  27. Math

    The volume of a rectangular pyramid is 4,000 cubic feet. The area of the base is 40 square feet. What is the height of the pyramid?

    asked by Scott
  28. Social Studies

    what important feature do Confucianism and filial piety share

    asked by someone
  29. math in society

    You have $400,000 saved for retirement. Your account earns 8% interest. How much will you be able to pull out each month, if you want to be able to take withdrawals for 15 years?

    asked by El
  30. math in society

    You have $400,000 saved for retirement. Your account earns 8% interest. How much will you be able to pull out each month, if you want to be able to take withdrawals for 15 years?

    asked by El
  31. math

    unit 2 lesson 10. three views of an object. pls help

    asked by Anonymous
  32. math

    I need help on unit 2 lesson 10. three views of an object. pls help

    asked by um
  33. Math

    If w is partly constant and partly varies directly as x and w=9 when x=4 w=27 when x= 16 find An equation connection x and w And (b) the value of w when x =8

    asked by Thanakorn
  34. chemistry

    A mixture of 1-butanol and chlorobenzene is heated and the vapours at 115.3 degrees celsius condensed and collected. What is the percent weight composition of this distillate if a careful fractional distillation was performed?

    asked by Julia Mandeljc
  35. Math

    Which expression are equivalent to 5+4.2-(-3)? 5+(-4.2)-3 5-(-4.2)+3 5-4.2-3 5+(-4.2)-3

    asked by Rita
  36. math in society

    You have $400,000 saved for retirement. Your account earns 8% interest. How much will you be able to pull out each month, if you want to be able to take withdrawals for 15 years?

    asked by El
  37. geometry

    For circle R, with point L lying on the circle, determine the circumference if RL = 34 units.

    asked by Peter
  38. Physics

    A tennis ball of mass 58g is thrown 5m into the air before served. Calculate the velocity of the tennis ball just before it is hit with the tennis racket.

    asked by Em
  39. differential Equations

    Find general solution [t - sqrt(ty) ] dy/dt = y

    asked by George
  40. Algebra

    The discount rate on a jacket at West Mug Clothing is 30% off the original price. The sale price is $50.40. What was the original price?

    asked by samay
  41. Algabra

    9-8-2x2=6 were and what symbols do you put in it to make it true

    asked by Bella
  42. Science

    the specific heat capacity of solid copper metal is 0.385 j/g k. Calculate temperature rise of 100g bar of copper when 250J of heat is transferred into it?

    asked by Sanjana
  43. Calculus

    For what value of the constant c is the function f continuous on (−∞, ∞)? f(x) = cx2 + 4x if x < 3 x3 − cx if x ≥ 3

    asked by Anonymous
  44. basic chem

    The radius of a single atom of a genenric element x is 197 pm and a crystal of x has a unit cell that is face centered cubic. calc the volume of the unite cell. superr confused can you please show all work along with the answer Thank you

    asked by Lauren
  45. social studies

    How did Russian settlers change Canada's Prairie Provinces? 1)by bring cooking pots 2)by inventing tools 3)by bringing hardy wheat from their homeland 4)by developing a new language I think 3 Thanks

    asked by Jamie
  46. Math

    For a field trip, a bus company charges a flat fee plus an additional fee per student. For 25 students, the total cost is $167.50. If there are 70 students, the total cost is $370.00. Write an equation that represents the total cost y of the field trip for

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Social studies

    How did Native Americans Groups influence each other's cultures? A.) By trading with each other and sharing ideas. B.) By growing crops.*** C.) By living in different areas of the country. D.) By sharing weapons. The *'s mean my answer.

    asked by HELP PLEASE IMPORTED!!!
  48. ela

    Paloma learned to listen to the sounds her dog made so that she would know what her dog wanted. What is the infinitive in the sentence above?

    asked by isaiah_lange13
  49. Math

    Jackie buys a basket for $6, 2 pounds of apples for $3.50 per pound, and 2 pounds of oranges for $3.50 each per pound. The tax for the whole purchase is $1. Express the tax as a percentage.

    asked by The Devil Cat
  50. Pre-Algebra

    If you used the rule (3x + 1, 3y – 4) to transform Mug into a new figure: How would the angles of the new figure compare to Mug’s angles?

    asked by Miles
  51. Can I publish a book?

    I've been writing lately, and it's about time that I've gotten a job. So, my question is, if I want t publish and sell the stories I write in my free time, would I have to go to a company to have it published, or can I just make my own cover and publish

    asked by Rylee
  52. Geometry (trig part)

    How far apart would the top of the drawbridge be when both sides are open, if the angle of elevation of the drawbridge was 20°, to the nearest hundredth? (Extra info: distance inbetween is labeled "x")

    asked by C
  53. Math

    Jasmine paid $25 for two binders and one pack of pends. The pack of pens cost $5. What is an equation you can use to find the price of each binder? I came up with 2x+5=25. My math teacher wrote y=____x + _____.

    asked by Dallas
  54. Math

    When factor pairs begin repaying, I have found all the pairs for a number.

    asked by Emily
  55. Math

    How much work is required to lift a 700kg satellite to an altitude of 1x10^6m above the surface of the earth? The gravitation force is F=GMm/r^2, where M is the mass of the earth, m is the mass of the satellite, and r is the distance between them. The

    asked by Daniel
  56. Physics

    I am taking an online course in physics and I need to write a short paper on Analog and digital information. Below are the questions that guide me through the paper. I am having a hard time finding a website that can explain this to me. There is no text

    asked by daisy
  57. physics

    Two blocks of 10kg and 4 kg ,respectively, are in contact with each other on frictionless,horizontal plane.They are moving at 20 metre per second.A 28N force is now applied horizontally to the opposite direction.Draw separate force diagrams for the two

    asked by mothusi
  58. Biology A

    Which is a treatment for cancer? (Select all that apply.) 1) radiation 2)surgery 3) chemotherapy 4)ultraviolet light I know option 3) is an answer, but I can't decide between 1) and 2), I know people CAN operate on cancer, but the cells could explode and

    asked by Rylee
  59. Chemistry

    How many moles of H2SO4 are present in 250 g of an aqueous solution that is 4.8 m (molal)? The density of the solution is1.58 g/mL.

    asked by TP
  60. Literature

    Hi, please read the short story the hitman by T C Boyle. I need to know what he means in the part where he talkes about the three headed dog. And also I don’t understand the last part the retirement. Please give me an analysis or explain. Is he using

    asked by Milo
  61. Maths

    Evaluate the expression √−7/√ −6√−5 and write the result in the form a+bi. I keep getting b as 0.483i but apparently its wrong?

    asked by Amelia
  62. math

    Which is a better shape for an icecube; a cube, sphere, or cylinder? im thinking cube because then its harder for the sun to get on all sides of it, which would make it melt faster. Does that make any sense?

    asked by .
  63. Math

    Ali reads a story and a play. The play has 165 pages, which is 5 times as many pages as the story. Which equation could you use to find s, the number of pages in the story?

    asked by Von
  64. basic electronics

    A full-wave rectifier circuit is driven by a sinusoidal input voltage with Vrms=15V and frequency 50Hz. If the load resistance is 100Ω, with a filter capacitance of 1.5mF? (Assume the diodes to be ideal, with Von=0V.) what is the maximum instantaneous

    asked by nithya
  65. English

    Romeo and Juliet! Explain and evaluate the literary device- I have chosen the quote “Indeed, I never shall be satisfied With Romeo, till I behold him—dead— Is my poor heart for a kinsman vexed. Madam, if you could find out but a man to bear a poison,

    asked by Um
  66. Social Studies

    Why couldn't women own property?

    asked by :)
  67. Math

    Solve: ((3/n)-(2/m)) ------------------------ (9m^2)-(4n^2) ----------------- mn ----- AND / = fraction bars

    asked by James
  68. Chemistry

    what is ethanol’s polarity? None, polar, partial or both polar and nonpolar. Would it be both polar and nonpolar

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Math

    Marissa and her friend walked to the park on Saturday. the park was 600 meters away from marissa's house. how far did the girls walk in kilometers?

    asked by Maria
  70. off subject

    okay, I have a lot of job ideas for before I am able to start a business, but I would like to know if anyone has advice for getting into acting?

    asked by Rylee
  71. interpersonal communications

    ssignment 2: LASA 1: Design Communications Manual You have been appointed the vice president of the human resources department at a fictional multinational organization. It is your job to design the framework for a communications manual for this

    asked by Bojangles 1987
  72. Differential Equations

    Find general solution. 2ty dy/dt = 3y^2 - t^2

    asked by George
  73. Math

    A trough has width w=4ft, length L=19ft, and height h=7ft. Find the work to pump all of the water over the top of the trough with units.

    asked by Nat
  74. math

    the temperature decreases by 2 degrees celcius every hour for 8 hours. than 4 degrees celcius every hour for 3 hours. what is the overall change in temperature?

    asked by caitlyn
  75. Science

    Show that in a SIGN the phase difference between displacement and velocity is 90°and between displacement and acceleration is 180°

    asked by Riya
  76. for steve

    Steve how does √((1.342t^2)^2 + (6.040t)^2) = 12.0 t = 1.839 I don't get it can you explain further? I took the square root of (1.342t^2)^2+(6.040t)^2 and it gives me 6.19

    asked by joy
  77. math

    Solve: {(3r+s)/(10r^2-3rs-s^2)}+{(2r-s)/(2r^2+rs-s^2)}

    asked by James
  78. Math

    An 8 foot long pole is propped against a fence to hold it up. The pole makes a 60 degree angle with the ground. How far above the ground does the pole come in contact with the fence?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Algebra2

    i need math help is there someone who can help me

    asked by MR.BEAN the 2ND
  80. Math? Algebra?

    Jason set a goal for himself to get a score no higher than 84 on his next round of golf. Write the inequality that represents all the possible scores, x, that Jason could get on his next round of golf.

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Octotarian!

    Wow! Congratulations Ms. Sue! You are sharp as a tack : ) It is exciting that you are still excited to help students understand their studies.

    asked by John
  82. Calculus

    Which of the following series converge? A. 1 + 1/2^2 + 1/3^2 + ... + 1/n^2 + ... B. 1 + 1/2 + 1/3 + ... + 1/n + ... C. 1 - 1/3 + 1/3^2 - ... + ((-1)^(n+1))/(3^(n-1)) + ... I think A and C are the answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Geography

    Name a link canal and explain its pupose

    asked by Jutt
  84. s.s

    According to legend, the Aztec god of war told them to build their capital where they saw "an eagle perched on a cactus and holding a snake in its beak." This image forms part of what modern nation's flag today? (1 point) ColombiaMexicoPanamaPeru 2. The

    asked by ho
  85. Reading

    Can some help me do a thesis on National Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy?

    asked by Marcus
  86. Optics

    A person only reads character when 25cm from her eyes. Calculate the dioptric power of a lens she need so that the characters are clear at 1m distance

    asked by Shin
  87. Science

    Does the tilt of the earth changes throughout the year True or false

    asked by Aye
  88. MATH

    does anybody know how 1.04(cosA)^2 + 0.2(cosA) -0.75 = 0 become (cosA)^2 + 0.192(cosA) - 0.721 = 0

    asked by Anonymous
  89. algebra

    what is( 3^6 /y^-5) ^2 thanks..I think it is 3^12/y^-10

    asked by Marilyn
  90. algebra

    (2^-4 . z^-3)^5 Help is it 2^20 . z^15

    asked by Marilyn
  91. math

    What is the phase shift of y=(3/4)(cos4x-3π)*

    asked by phase shift
  92. Math

    The Mississippi River is about 25/25 the length of the Missouri River is 2540 miles long how long is the Mississippi River

    asked by Will
  93. Economics

    Can anyone walk me through the solution of this problem? 1/2(1600/E)^1/2*50=? Thank You

    asked by Math
  94. Math plz help fast

    1. P(7) (1 point) 1/7 1/8*** 3/8 7/8 2. P(not 7) (1 point) 1/7 1/8 5/8 7/8*** 3. P(a multiple of 2) (1 point) 0.25 0.5*** 0.625 0.75 4. P(a factor of 12) (1 point) 12.5% 25% 50% 62.5%*** 5. Which event has the greatest likelihood? (1 point) spinning 7

    asked by Harley
  95. chemistry

    i need the exat percentage of nitrogen in magnesium nitride

    asked by chitra
  96. Math

    How do they get this answer? What proportion of the students scoring between 292 and 310 in Professor Zangs? ZANG: MEAN: 295 STANDARD DEVIATION: 13 Answer: .4659 or 47%

    asked by Reily