Questions Asked on
February 11, 2018

  1. History

    What impact did the collapse of the Napoleonic Empire have on Europe? The collapse of Napoleon's empire promoted international trade and led to the rise of the European Union The fall of Napoleon and the spread of ideas from the French Revolution led to a

    asked by Quinn
  2. History

    What impact did the Battle of Waterloo have on the world? The defeat of Napoleon promoted Nationalism in Italy and the unification of the territory Great Britain became the world's sole superpower after the defeat of Napoleon France's territorial control

    asked by Quinn
  3. Maths

    Mrs jasmine Invested $4000 in a building society which paid simple interest at a rate of 7.25% per annum to its investors. After 2 years, the rate was increased to 7.6% per annum. Find the amount she had T the end of 7 years

    asked by Ranya
  4. Science/Astronomy

    Choose a time period from history. Which one of the four solstice/equinoxes would have been the most important to this time period? Why?

    asked by student that needs help asap
  5. Math

    A density graph for all of the possible temperatures from 60 degrees to 260 degrees can be used to find which of the following? a. The probability of a temperature from 90 degrees to 180 degrees b.The probability of a temperature from 30 degrees to 180

    asked by Anonymous
  6. physics

    A child of mass 20.2 kg takes a ride on an irregularly curved slide of height 6.12 m. The child starts from rest at the top. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . If a frictional force acts on the child, what is the magnitude of the mechanical energy

    asked by jay
  7. Chem

    How many grams of Cl are in 365 g of CaCl2?

    asked by sarah
  8. math

    Determine whether a figure with the given vertices is a parallelogram. Use the method indicated. A(3, − 9), B(10, 1), C(4, 10), D(−9, 3); Distance and Slope Formulas

    asked by Scott
  9. science

    How do the Sun, Earth, and Moon depend on each other?

    asked by emma
  10. Opt math

    A flagstaff is placed one corner of a level rectangular playground 40m and 30m wide. If the angle of elevation of the top of the flagstaff from the opposite corner of the ground is 45°.calculate the height of the flagstaff.

    asked by Anonymous

    The fundamental frequency of a standing wave on a 1.0 m long string is 440 Hz. What would be the wave speed of a pulse moving along the string

    asked by Anonymous
  12. chem

    drawing Lewis structure 1. NH2 || CH3-CH2-CH2-CH-CH2-CH3 2. O || CH3-CH2_C-CH2-CH2-OCH2-CH circle around the hydrophilic regions in each structure that

    asked by shornora
  13. History

    1. Which of the following is true about the Puget Sound Lowlands? A. This region is scarcely populated and is mostly covered with protected lands and wildlife. B. It is the driest region in Washington with fewer than 22 inches of rainfall a year. C. The

    asked by Blaze
  14. Chemistry

    Lead(II) chromate (PbCrO4) is used as a yellow pigment to designate traffic lanes, but has been banned from house paint because of the potential for lead poisoning. The compound is produced from chromite (FeCr2O4), an ore of chromium: FeCr2O4 + K2CO3 + O2

    asked by Kid
  15. Physics

    What is the magnitude of the electric field at a point midway between a −8.3μC and a +5.4μC charge 10cm apart? Assume no other charges are nearby.

    asked by Jeff
  16. Math

    A density graph for all of the possible times from 50 seconds to 200 seconds can be used to find which of the following? A. The probability of a time from 75 seconds to 250 seconds B. The probability of a time from 75 seconds to 150 seconds C. The

    asked by Anonymous
  17. math

    find all pairs of three-digit numbers such that reversing the order of the digits of one number gives the second number, and where the two numbers add up to 969

    asked by anonymous
  18. Enlish

    Which of the following sentences contains a correlative conjunction? A. Scotland may vote to break away from the United Kingdom, or it will remain within the union. B. Either Maria will pick up the birthday cake, or her brother Shawn will stop by the

    asked by feecan
  19. Chem

    A reaction of 48.5 g of Na and 53.7 g of Br2 yields 55.4 g of NaBr. What is the percent yield? 2Na(s)+Br2(g)--->2NaBr(s)

    asked by sarah
  20. Formatting text on Jiskha

    I saw a post by Ms. Sue 8 years ago where she used bold text. I'm quite curious how we can do that!

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Physic

    A blue ball is thrown upward with an initial speed of 21.0 m/s, from a height of 0.8 meters above the ground. 2.6 seconds after the blue ball is thrown, a red ball is thrown down with an initial speed of 8.3 m/s from a height of 24.6 meters above the

    asked by First name
  22. math

    13/6-11/15x=0.15 x=

    asked by john
  23. math

    0.25x-7/6=7/3 x=

    asked by john
  24. physical sciences

    dertimine the magnitudes of the tensions t1 and t2

    asked by lindokuhle
  25. Math calculus 2

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by revolving the region bounded by y=22*x−22*(x^2) and the x-axis around the x-axis.

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Enlish

    In revising his essay, Silvio realizes that there are some paragraphs in which the topic sentence doesn't support the thesis. What can he do to correct this? A. Add transitions where needed B. Revise his thesis to include all the points made by the

    asked by feecan
  27. Physics

    reword each statement about friction to make it true. For very small objects, the friction from the object to the surface is less than the friction from the surface to the object. If the mass of an object increases, the kinetic friction on the object will

    asked by johnw
  28. physics

    Somebody please shows me how to solve for b) and c)step by step. I found a)=2.27s but stuck there. A 1.49-kg particle initially at rest and at the origin of an x-y coordinate system is subjected to a time-dependent force of F(t) = (4.00ti − 8.00j) Nwith

    asked by joy
  29. Calculus

    Let (a, b) be any point on the graph of Prove that the area of the triangle formed by the tangent through (a, b) and the coordinate axes is 2. This is the solution from the solution manual The coordinates of the point are (a,1/a). The slope of the tangent

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Calculus

    What do you think the appropriate limit is of this sequence? 0.7, 0.72, 0.727, 0.7272,... The answer my textbook gives is 27/99. I have no idea how they got that answer. How do I solve this question?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Chem

    Suppose that 16.07 mL of 0.0512 M NaOH were required to titrate a sample of unknown acid. How many moles of NaOH were used? Assuming that the unknown acid sample in question 1 had a mass of 0.177 g, what is the molar mass of the unknown acid?

    asked by Tiauna
  32. chemistry (need help)

    From the standpoint of solutions what processes lead to rainfall or other forms of atmospheric precipitation? I don't know because I understand they water cycle but this doesn't really have much to do with from the standpoint of solutions.

    asked by Kinley
  33. physics

    A blue ball is thrown upward with an initial speed of 21.0 m/s, from a height of 0.8 meters above the ground. 2.6 seconds after the blue ball is thrown, a red ball is thrown down with an initial speed of 8.3 m/s from a height of 24.6 meters above the

    asked by amanda
  34. math

    1) If 9 and 12 each divide Q without remainder, which of the following must Q divide without remainder? A)1 B)3 C)36 D)72 E)The answer can't be determined from the given info ^I got B 2) If mn does not equal 0, then 1/n^2 times (m^5n^3/m^3)^2 A)mn^4

    asked by Aline
  35. AP Chemistry

    Determine a pH range for which a buffer system containing benzoic acid would be appropriate. Devise a recipe for preparing 1.0 L of buffer solution that contains a total of 0.150 mol of buffer components (acid plus conjugate base) and has a pH of 4.48. The

    asked by Kelly
  36. Astronomy

    What would you say is the strongest force in our universe: the Sun, the Moon, or Earth? Support your answer with at least two facts.

    asked by student that needs help asap
  37. Chemistry

    How many grams of Na2SO3 (Sodium Sulfite) must be added to 225 mL of 0.0777 M sulfurous acid (H2SO3) to prepare a buffer at pH = 7.4000? H2SO3 has a pKa1 = 1.857 and pKa2 = 7.172.

    asked by James
  38. math

    Ms Johnson gives one eighth of a pizza to each of her 24 students. Write a multiplication expression and a pictorial representation

    asked by joe
  39. chemistry

    If delta G (Gibbs) is positive and you are trying to find at what temperature the reaction is spontaneous would the formula be: T< H/S ? G=H-TS H-TS>0 T< H/S then the temperature found would be the temp at which the reaction is spontaneous?

    asked by alice
  40. Chemistry

    What volume of concentrated sulfuric acid (20% weight/weight, density = 1.14) is needed to prepare 1 L of a 0.5 N solution of sulfuric acid?

    asked by Caroline
  41. Biology

    Describe the various shapes of bacteria HELLPP I NEED ANSWER QUICK ENGLISH BAD

    asked by Koral
  42. English

    Hi Can someone please help me for an introduction on the topic of Gods existence being real . so Far all i have is God's existence has been an ongoing debate probably for centuries.

    asked by Lauren
  43. Social Studies

    I am tired of fighting . . . It is cold and we have no blankets. The little children are freezing to death. My people, some of them, have run away to the hills and have no blankets, no food. No one knows where they are—perhaps freezing to death. I want

    asked by Cole
  44. chem

    How many moles of N are in 0.223 g of N2O? I have tried the answers 0.01508 but it is wrong I dont know what I am doing incorrectly plz help Thank You

    asked by sarah
  45. English

    Is it possible to be both a rebel and a conformist? or neither a rebel nor a conformist?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. MATH

    how do I get to the answer 2.49 from (2.279x^2)^2 +(5.096x)^2 = 19^2? x = 2.49

    asked by Anonymous
  47. math

    Solve the problem by making up an equation. A child is 12 years old, and his father is 32 years older. In how many years will the age of the father be 3 times the age of the child? Just tell me the equation.

    asked by john
  48. math

    7/x=12/14 x=

    asked by john
  49. math

    3/x=x/12 x=

    asked by john
  50. physics

    1) The figure below shows the position of a particle versus time, with each line on the vertical axis representing 4.6 m. Find the average velocities for the time intervals a, b, c, and d indicated in the figure. 1. ___________ m/s (time interval a) 2)

    asked by amanda
  51. math

    144/25=x/5 x=

    asked by john
  52. math

    5/9 divided by x=15/4 x=

    asked by john
  53. math

    11/2+0.6x=16 x=

    asked by john
  54. math

    A salvage ship's sonar locates wreckage at a 12 angle of depression. A driver is lowered 40m to the ocean floor. How far does the driver need to walk along the ocean floor to the wreckage?

    asked by HOney Galo
  55. math

    A salvage ship's sonar locates wreckage at a 12 angle of depression. A driver is lowered 40m to the ocean floor. How far does the driver need to walk along the ocean floor to the wreckage? draw a picture

    asked by HOney Galo
  56. Maths

    Factorise 8x^2 - 1/8

    asked by Fred
  57. Physics

    An iceberg has specific weight of 9000 N/m^3 in n ocean, which has a specific weight of 1000 N/m^3. Above the water surface, it was observed that a volume of 2800 m^3 of the iceberg protruded. Determine the volume of the iceberg below the free surface of

    asked by Alex
  58. English

    in the book: One flew over the cuckoo's nest What is McMurphy's type of conflict?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    A small rug is 36 inch. long. It's width is 2/3 of it's length. What is the width of the rug in feet?

    asked by Student
  60. Physics

    How much work is done when a force of 70.1 N moves an object a distance of 64.4 m?

    asked by Yolanda Gomez
  61. Math

    Yin's average call lasted 3.25 minutes. How much did an average call cost? (Background info: cellphone plan: 30 a month.)

    asked by Student
  62. Calculus

    Find all points of intersection (r,theta) of the curves r=4cos(theta), r=1sin(theta). Next find the area inclosed in the intersection of the two graphs.

    asked by Nat
  63. math

    An L-shaped concrete slab being prepared for the foundation of a new house is made up of two rectangles with dimensions 3 m by 2 m and 10 m by 6 m. a) Find the total area of the concrete slab. Total area = (3*2) + (10*6) = 66m^2 b) If two bags of cement

    asked by anonymous
  64. English

    does this sentence make sense? He had to leave the park soon because he left his three cars' engines running.

    asked by Aaron
  65. pre-calculus

    A pilot wishes to fly on course 290 with an air speed of 300 knots when the wind blows from 224 at 18 knots. Find the drift angle to the nearest hundredth of a degree.

    asked by amanda
  66. physics

    A blue ball is thrown upward with an initial speed of 21.0 m/s, from a height of 0.8 meters above the ground. 2.6 seconds after the blue ball is thrown, a red ball is thrown down with an initial speed of 8.3 m/s from a height of 24.6 meters above the

    asked by katie
  67. Enlish

    In which of the following sentences does the use of prepositional phrases make it harder for readers to find the main point of the sentence? A. The senator chose to run on a platform that cut taxes for the wealthy. B. In what way is a political group

    asked by feecan
  68. AP Chemistry

    How many g of C2H5NH3Cl will be needed to combine with 4.7 g of C2H5NH2 to produce 0.250 L of buffer solution at a pH of 10.00? I can do this problem with mL and M but not w/out

    asked by Kelly
  69. biology

    1. We share certain cells with other animals. In birds, these cells are formed in the bursa of Fabricius. Name these cells. 2. Differentiate between plasma and serum. 3. State the different proportions (in %) that each neutrophil is present in the blood.

    asked by gella
  70. math

    Given the set of vertices, determine whether parallelogram ABCD is a rhombus, a rectangle, or a square. List all that apply. A(5, 10), B(4, 10), C(4, 9), D(5, 9)

    asked by Scott
  71. English

    I was ask to write an essay about Nigeria a United Country in not less than 400.

    asked by Martins Abigail
  72. math

    How do you construct a segment that is the square root of 7 inches long since there are no two numbers that you can add together that equal 7 that have equal square. Would one side of the triangle equal 2 and the other the square root of 9?

    asked by kelley
  73. English

    How do I write my life story? My teacher said it should be atleast 2 pages long telling my life story and how I got to this school. I really don’t feel comfortable sharing personal details so how do I make it less specific? Is there some sort of template

    asked by Clueless
  74. Enlish

    Which of the following sentences uses concrete language? A. Jerry saw that the glass was really dirty. B. Danny's Labrador Retriever eagerly chases tennis balls. C. When I saw Susan, she was reading a book. D. I met Cathy at a store on a street near the

    asked by feecan
  75. Maths,variation

    the distance covered by a falling ball varies as the square of the time taken. If a ball falls through 1800m in 15seconds,calculate the distance when the time taken is 15seconds and the time taken for is distance of 648m.solve using variation

    asked by Gift