Questions Asked on
February 9, 2018

  1. Math

    Find the probability of drawing a three-card hand that includes two aces from a deck of 52 cards. Write your answer as a fraction.

    asked by Anonymous
  2. History

    what were some effects of the seven years’ war? (select all that apply) -britain gained excusive rights in bengal, india - france’s caribbean colonies rose up in rebellion and gained independence -britain lost all of its north american colonies to

    asked by Anonymous
  3. math

    Laurel appears at Comedy Cafe at a random time between 1:00 and 2:00. Hardy turns up at a random time between 2:00 and 2:30. The probability that Laurel waits for no more than 40 minutes for Hardy can be expressed in the form m/n, where m and n are

    asked by sadness
  4. Maths

    Solve the following equations 4x – 3 = 3x + y = 2y + 5x – 12

    asked by Riliwan
  5. Algebra 2

    According to a survey conducted in 1990 by Independent Sector, the percent of their incomes that Americans give to charities is related to their household incomes. For families with annual incomes between $5000 and $100,000, the percent is modeled by P =

    asked by Liz
  6. history

    How did Europeans use the idea of eugenics to justify colonization and imperialism? a.Europeans thought that their scientific superiority supported their claim to the world’s natural resources for the advancement of mankind. b.Europeans believed they

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Math

    1) After giving $5 to Greg, David has $25. Greg now has 1/5 as much as Davis does. How much did Greg start with? 2) if 3a+4b=4a-4b=21 find the value of a A)3 B)6 C)21 D)42 E) the answer can not be determined from the information given ^ i think it’s C?

    asked by Aline
  8. calculus

    Estimate the area under the curve f(x) = x2 from x = 1 to x = 5 by using four inscribed (under the curve) rectangles. Answer to the nearest integer.

    asked by rae
  9. English

    20. Which of the following is not an objective of synthesizing sources? A. Combining opinions and general statements B. Exploring different points of view C. Reviewing key ideas on a topic D. Understanding the topic in depth 19. Which type of Internet

    asked by Ariel
  10. Maths

    If x is jointly proportional to the cube of y and the fourth power of z. In what ratio is x increased or decreased when y is halved and z is doubled?

    asked by Riliwan
  11. Maths

    A construction company is owned by two partners X and Y and it is agreed that their profit will be divided in the ratio 4:5. at the end of the year. Y received #5,000 more than x. what is the total profit of the company for the year

    asked by Riliwan
  12. art

    Read the statement. Charlene’s perception of the simple vase changed when she learned it had been created as a gift for a deity. Which most accurately defines perception as this word is used in the context of the statement? understanding acceptance

    asked by Bri
  13. art

    If someone knows the context in which Edvard Munch’s The Scream was created, that person can conclude the artist was full of angst. What was Munch anxious about? German Expressionism the middle class modern life abstraction

    asked by Bri
  14. History

    How did Napoleon’s conquests in Europe impact other parts of the world? A. Napoleon's conquest of Spain led to independence movements in the Americas. B. Napoleon’s consolidation of Europe led to the establishment of the League of Nations. C.

    asked by Nathan
  15. Math

    A hotel packed a breakfast for each of three guests. Each breakfast should have consisted of three types of rolls, one each of nut, cheese, and fruit rolls. The preparer wrapped each of the nine rolls, and, once they were wrapped, the rolls were

    asked by sadness
  16. algebra

    factorise 9- a^6+2a^3b^3-b^6

    asked by DEE
  17. Pre-Cal

    Assuming that you invest $12,000 in Japan, how long (to the nearest year) must you wait before your investment is worth $17,000 if the interest is compounded annually? The rate is 0.5%

    asked by Maggie
  18. Math

    If p+pq is 4 Times p-pq, which of the following has exactly one value? Pq does not equal 0 A) p B) q C) pq D) p+pq E) p-pq

    asked by Aline
  19. Language Arts

    I need help with lesson 14 unit 2 What does the speaker in "In Just-"mean when he says that "the world is puddle-wonderful A.)The world is full of puddles. B.)spring is rainy and wet. C.)winter's drought has ended. D.)The balloonmen fell into a puddle. If

    asked by Mystery Girl
  20. math

    Two balanced dice are rolled.Find the probability that the numbers on two dice are equal.

    asked by smita
  21. Math

    Name a pair of complementary angles. (1 point) angle sign1 and angle sign4 angle sign1 and angle sign2 .. angle sign3 and angle sign4 angle sign1 and angle sign6

    asked by Kit-Kat
  22. art

    What are the roles of an art curator? (Select all that apply.) someone who understands the influence of specific works of art someone who might group together artworks or artists by geography someone who organizes exhibits according to a specific time

    asked by Bri
  23. history

    How did Europeans justify controlling territory around the world? A.Europeans believed they needed international ports to transport goods. B.Europeans believed other territories wanted to be conquered. C.Europeans believed new territories were needed as

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Maths

    The lengths ofthe sides of a right-angled triangle at (3x+ 1)cm, (3x - 1)cm and xcm.

    asked by Riliwan
  25. art

    What was the underlying message of Georges Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte? Modern life has united people together. People in cities interact less as a result of modern life. Everyday life is not important. A painting should

    asked by Bri
  26. Math

    water accounts for about 60% of a person's body weight. a. write an equation that represents the water y of a person who weights x pounds. identify the independent variable and the dependent variable. b. make an input-output table for the equation in part

    asked by Jacob
  27. Social Studies

    1.What can be inferred by the passage of the Black Codes A.Many Southerners were willing to allow African-Americans equally B.Many white Southerners wanted African Americans to remain as slaves C.Many white Southerners wanted African Americans to receive

    asked by PLEASE HELP ME
  28. Enlish

    Both Ada and Phil are evaluating their thesis statements, topic sentences, and evidence. If Ada finds that her essay doesn't have a thesis statement identifying the topic of the essay, she will reread the essay to determine the main point of the essay. If

    asked by feecan
  29. Math

    The top of a swimming pool is in the shape of a rectangle measuring 44 feet by 24 feet. Two of the sides of the pool are trapezoids. The water is 9 feet deep in the deep end and 3 feet deep in the shallow end. Find the volume of the water in the pool.

    asked by asuadg31
  30. Maths

    P sold his bicycle to Q at a profit of 10%. Q sold it to R for #209 at a loss of 5%. How much did the bicycle cost P?

    asked by Riliwan
  31. Math

    The generation time G for a particular bacterium is the time it takes for the population to double. The bacteria increase in population is shown by the formula G = t over 3.3log a p, where t is the time period of the population increase, a is the number of

    asked by Confuzzled

    Two loudspeakers are placed above and below each other, as shown in the diagram below. The speakers are driven at a frequency of 4.50 * 10^2 Hz by the same source. An observer is in front of the speakers (to the right) at point O, at the same distance from

    asked by WINNY
  33. English

    "My heart was heavy in my chest" is an example of? A:Simile B:Apostrophe C:Metaphor*** Decide whether the use of each pronoun in relation to its antecedent is correct or incorrect. 1:We gave Fido to Ken when he was very young.....Incorrect 2:Aunt Edith is

    asked by anonymous
  34. algebra

    Which number is in scientific notation A. 3.4 x 100^2 B. -5x10^-12*** C. 0.84x10^6 D. 7.8x10^5

    asked by kaz...
  35. English

    1. Your instructor assigned the class to write an essay about a famous artist. What is the first step you should take to begin this project? A. Construct your thesis statement B. Decide the exact number of sources you will use C. Devise a title for your

    asked by Taj
  36. geography

    What is the name of the island country off the NE coast of Venezuela? Trinidad and Tobago?

    asked by kyle
  37. Physics

    The gravitational force of attraction between two students sitting at their desks in physics class is 2.34 ✕ 10^-8 N. If one student has a mass of 45.0 kg and the other student has a mass of 61.6 kg, how far apart are the students sitting?

    asked by Ana
  38. geometry


    asked by DEEPI
  39. Math

    1) If 2 +1/z =0; then what is the value of 9+9z? A) -9/2 B) -1/2 C) 0 D) 9/2 E) the answer cannot be determined. 2) let wx=y where wxy does not equal 0 If both x and y are multipled by 6, then w is A)multiplied by 1/36 B)multiples by 1/6 C)multipled by 1

    asked by Aline
  40. English

    Each sentence in the following passage contains one mistake in subject-verb agreement. Find and underline the ten verbs that do not agree with their subjects. Then write the correct form of each verb on the lines below. Note To help you learn subject-verb

    asked by Sarah
  41. math

    6 green apples for 75p 10 red apples for 90p Jason bought some bags of green apples and some bags of red apples. He spent £4.20. How many bags of each type of apples did he buy?

    asked by livia
  42. math

    How sensitive to changes in water temperature are coral reefs? To find out, scientists examined data on sea surface temperatures and coral growth per year at locations in the Red Sea. Here are the data: Sea surface temperature 29.71 29.84 30.31 29.66 30.47

    asked by Mike
  43. Enlish

    Which of the following sentences shows correct usage of a comma or commas? A. Claire's plum pudding was mainly distinctive, for its absence of plums. B. Christopher Wren, a contemporary of Isaac Newton and John Locke, was the architect of St. Paul's

    asked by feecan
  44. micro economics

    One type of systematic error arises because people tend to think of benefits in percentage terms rather than in absolute dollar amounts. As an example, Samir is willing to drive 20 minutes out of his way to save $4.00 on a grocery item that costs $10.00 in

    asked by melisa
  45. Social Studies! 4 questions!

    1. Which sector of the Midwest economy is the biggest? A. agriculture B. industry C. services D. transportation ***** 2. Where was the world's first skyscraper located? A. Detroit B. St. Louis C. Minneapolis***** D. Chicago 3. Many Midwestern cities began

    asked by Beautiful Galaxy Girl
  46. Math

    1) After giving $5 to Greg, David has $25. Greg now has 1/5 as much as Davis does. How much did Greg start with? 2) if 3a+4b=4a-4b=21 find the value of a A)3 B)6 C)21 D)42 E) the answer can not be determined from the information given ^ i think it’s C?

    asked by Aline
  47. Math

    This website show the graph just copy and paste Translate triangle ABC 3 units right and 2 units down. A.(-4,-2) B.(0,-2) C.(1,-1) D.(1,3)

    asked by Kit-Kat
  48. Physics

    If the gravitational force between the electron (9.11 ✕ 10-31 kg) and the proton (1.67 ✕ 10-27 kg) in a hydrogen atom is 1.06 ✕ 10-47 N, how far apart are the two particles?

    asked by Ana
  49. Maths

    In a software company 30% workers are BTeach holders 25%are and 20% hold both these degrees. If 325 workers are without any professional degree how many workers are there in the company in all.

    asked by Shehzad
  50. Math

    From the gym Carolyn find's the angle of elevation to the top of 12 joy classroom to be 30°.She walks 105 metres towards the classroom and find's that the angle of elevation to the top is 58°20minutes.Illustrate with a diagram and label the information

    asked by Myra TERINA
  51. Math

    The North Shore news charges $19.50 for a two-line classified ad. Each additional line costs $7. How much does a six-line ad cost?

    asked by Hyacinthe
  52. English

    Hello, I'm supposed to do an essay with the following instructions: 1. An introduction of the issue and its impact on society 2. An outlandish proposal 3. An enumerated list of at least four reasons your proposal will work. 4. A list of practical solutions

    asked by Max
  53. physics

    The radius of circular electron orbits in the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom are given by (5.29 ✕ 10−11 m)n2, where n is the electron's energy level (see figure below). The speed of the electron in each energy level is (c/137n), where c = 3 ✕ 108

    asked by joy
  54. spanish

    what is the formal way to use the plural form for you in most of spain

    asked by Erica McDonnell
  55. Trigonometry

    If sin(a)=x and a∈(π/2,π), find a formula for the following in terms of x: a.) cos(a) b.) cos(3π/2+a) c.) tan(π+a)

    asked by Daniel
  56. Sequences

    Like the Fibonacci sequence, a certain sequence satisfies the recurrence relation an=an−1+an−2. Unlike the Fibonacci sequence, however, the first two terms are a1=4 and a2=1. Find a32.

    asked by Daniel
  57. Function Domain

    Giving your answer in interval notation, find the domain of the function sqrt(((x+4)(x−4))/((x−7)(x−5)))

    asked by Daniel
  58. history

    which offers one reaon for how industrialization led to imperialism? a. british factories eliminated the need for inexpensive human labor b. british factories required the raw materials that could be found overseas. c. british factories eliminated the need

    asked by Anonymous
  59. physics

    A box of mass m rests on a rough, horizontal surface with a coefficient of static friction μs. If a force F with arrowp is applied to the box at an angle θ as shown, what is the minimum value of θ for which the box will not move regardless of the

    asked by joy
  60. Science

    Leroy, who has a mass of 100 kg, is skateboarding at 9.0 m/s when he smacks into a brick wall and comes to a dead stop in 0.2 s.

    asked by Anonymous
  61. math

    identify the decimal and simplify fraction from of %80

    asked by someone
  62. Analytic Geometry

    The midpoint of P(1,2) and A is Q; the midpoint of P and C is S; the midpoint of Q and S is R(5,1.5). Find the coordinates of B, the midpoint of A and C.

    asked by AJ
  63. Chemistry

    Is an ammonium an acid or s base? Is it strong or weak? Is it a weak, acid?

    asked by Avery
  64. Physics

    A body of mass 2kg, moving at 3ms-¹ on a rough horizontal floor is brought to rest after sliding through a distance of 2.5m on the floor. Calculate the coefficient of sliding friction (g=10ms-²). Please I need the full solution.

    asked by Sadiya
  65. Social

    Is Metis nation a distinct nation in canada? and How? Can I please get websites that I can look at? I saw so many but it is so much information and each website has different facts.

    asked by Sarah
  66. Science

    Which of the following is an advantage that a farmer would see when using a genetically-engineered crop? 1.introducing chemicals in the environment 2.increasing an animal’s resistance to antibiotics 3.increasing the amount of crop harvested 4.reducing

    asked by Anonymous
  67. physics

    The radius of circular electron orbits in the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom are given by (5.29 ✕ 10−11 m)n2, where n is the electron's energy level (see figure below). The speed of the electron in each energy level is (c/137n), where c = 3 ✕ 108

    asked by joy
  68. Chemistry/Science

    What is the proper way to dilute 6M HCl to 1 M HCl?

    asked by kail
  69. Enlish

    In revising his essay, Silvio realizes that there are some paragraphs in which the topic sentence doesn't support the thesis. What can he do to correct this? A. Add transitions where needed B. Revise his thesis to include all the points made by the

    asked by feecan
  70. maths

    Find the projection of the line 3x – y +2z – 1 = 0, x +2y – z = 2 on the plane 3x + 2y +z = 0.

    asked by shivraj
  71. MATH plzz help!

    What data are represented by the stem-and-leaf plot below? stem-and-leaf plot 3| 7 8 9 4| 1 3 7 5| 2 4 A. 37, 38, 39, 41, 43, 47, 52, 54 B. 73, 83, 93, 14, 34, 74, 25, 45 C. 7, 8, 9, 1, 3, 7, 2, 4 D. 37, 38, 39, 14, 34, 74, 25, 45

    asked by GrApE
  72. physics

    The handle of a water pump is 90 cm long from its Piston rod if the pivot of handle is at a distance of 15 cm from the Piston rod Calculate: (1) mechanical advantage of the handle. (2) least effort required at its outer and to overcome a resistance of 60

    asked by Anonymous
  73. pre algebra

    matthew mixes pretzels that sell for $1.50 a pound with cereal that sells for $3.00 per pound. he wants to make 12 pounds of mixture to sell for $2.00 a pound. how many pounds of each should he use?

    asked by ken
  74. science

    1) Describe how you would dilute 10mL of concentrated sulfuric acid to 100mL. 2) Describe how you would make 500 mL of 0.1 mol L sulfuric acid form 2 mol L^-1 sulfuric acid.

    asked by anonymous
  75. math

    A rectangular floor 8 feet long and 6 feet wide is to be completely covered with tiles. Each tile is a square with a perimeter of 2 feet. What is the least number of such tiles necessary to cover the floor? A)7 b)12 c)24 d)48 e)192 ^I got C A culture of

    asked by Aline
  76. Pri 5 maths

    Mrs lao bought 5 blouses and 6 skirts for $108. Three skirts cost as much as 2 blouses. How much did she pay for the 6 skirts?

    asked by Dani
  77. geography

    Name the countries that border India? Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, China, Pakistan, and Afghanistan??? Is Afghanistan correct ?

    asked by kyle
  78. Chemistry

    An ancient artifact is found to have a ratio of C-14 to C-12 that is 1/8th the ratio of C-14 to C-12 found in objects today. How old is the artifact of the half like of C-14 is 5715 years?

    asked by Shyann
  79. math

    -x^2 + 4x = 2 do you have to factor out a -1 before you complete the square? and whats the answer in vertex form?

    asked by tom
  80. math

    The angle of elevation of the top of a tower is 45degree from a point 10m above the water level of a lake.From the same point, the angle of depression of its image in the lake is 60degree.Find the height of the t

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Health

    1. Identify a common defense mechanism that protects you from an uncomfortable feeling. A. reaction formation *** My Answer B. abstinence C. mature behaviors D. acceptance 2. Anger is a normal emotion that all humans feel at some time. It is important to

    asked by Angel
  82. Maths

    A man drove for 4hours at a certain speed, he then doubled his speed and drove for another 3 hours. Altogether he covered 600km. At what speed did he drive for the last 3 hours?

    asked by Riliwan
  83. math

    How do I find the average?

    asked by Jeff209
  84. Technology, bro!

    What is an AUP? A) A description of the words that an organization has for acceptable use of computer and internet. B)A document that tells the technology department how to handle the computers. C) A list of user names D) The directions for downloading and

    asked by Rosie
  85. English

    can you write a sentence using the words: bicycle's wheel? thank you.

    asked by Aaron
  86. Language arts, plzz help

    Which themes from Jane Eyre would a feminist critique of the novel most likely explore? Select all that apply. Love Role of women morality independance

    asked by I need help
  87. Physics

    A circular disc is rotating about its own axis at constant angular acceleration. If its angular velocity increases from 210 rpm to 420 rpm during 21 rotations then the angular acceleration of disc is

    asked by Thousif