Questions Asked on
February 2, 2018

  1. Language Arts

    which of the following elements should be included in a argumentative essay? select all that apply *you can only choose three* 1.) a clear thesis statement 2.) opinions from various sources *** 3.) evidence and support to address counterarguments 4.) a

    asked by !
  2. Physics (HELP)

    A soccer ball is kicked from the ground and lands 2.2 seconds later. If the ball was kicked at an angle of 55 degrees above horizontal, what was the ball's total initial speed?

    asked by Lance Gladbach
  3. History Test Answer Check

    6th Grade Reconstruction and Economic Growth Unit Test Can you guys please help me I have almost the whole test done these are the question I have doubt about please check, Ms. Sue and Reed "…[The] said Cooper Hughs Freedman with his wife…are to work

    asked by Swimmer
  4. Physics (HELP)

    A soccer ball is kicked from the ground and lands 2.2 seconds later. What is the initial vertical component of the ball's velocity and how high does the ball get above the ground?

    asked by Lance Gladbach
  5. Music

    2. In key signatures with sharps, the key is (1 point) one half step up from the last sharp. the next to last sharp. one half step up from the last flat. one whole step up from the last sharp.***

    asked by Here
  6. math

    if there are 60 sixth graders how many sixth graders owned cats (there is a circle graph showing: Reptiles:5%, Birds:5%, Fish: 10%, Cats: 35%, and dogs: 45%)

    asked by Mr.cullison
  7. Science

    If an atomic nucleus were the size of a dime how far away might one of its electrons be? A. 1 foot B. 1 inch*** C. 1 yard D. 1 mile My answer (***)

    asked by kaz...
  8. Physics

    The speed limit in a school zone is 40km/h. A driver traveling at this speed sees a child run into the road 13m ahead of his car. He applies the breaks, and the car decelerates at uniform rate of 0.8m/s². If the driver's reaction times is 0.25s, will the

    asked by Majiri
  9. math

    a spinner wheel with 3 color choices red, blue, and yellow) is spun and a 4 sided die I rolled. list the possible outcomes described in the situation.

    asked by luke
  10. Language Arts

    I need help please! Compare and contrast two of the following forms of poetry: limerick, haiku, concrete. Give specific examples of each of the poems. Its in a quiz, hurry up please!

    asked by Heeelp!!
  11. Mathematics

    A rare bacterial culture is being grown in a lab. As time passes, the cells multiply in a specific pattern.After 1 day, there is only 1 cell.After 2 days, there are 8 cells.After 3 days, there are 18 cells.After 4 days, there are 31 cells.How many cells

    asked by Lay
  12. Science

    How does DNA determine a trait that determines eye color? 1)DNA codes for proteins that determine eye color. 2)DNA codes for mRSA that determines eye color. 3)DNA interacts with proteins to control eye color. 4) DNA contains pigments which make up eye

    asked by Jamie
  13. math

    toyland is having a sale.all items are 20% much will you save on an item that usually sells for $45?

    asked by Mr.cullison
  14. Language Arts Help!!!

    Choose the best paraphrase of the lines from the limerick. Said the fly “Let us flee.” / “Let us fly.” said the flea. / So they flew through a flaw in the flue. A) The 2 insects had to get out, so they flew through the chimney even though it was

    asked by Brooklyn/Connexus Girl
  15. Texas History

    How is urbanization related to popular culture as seen in Texas in the 1920s?

    asked by Brianna
  16. Math PLZ HALP

    what is p = 3qr solved for q

    asked by Darkdream
  17. Ap Chemistry

    Suppose a galvanic cell contains one nickel electrode and one copper electrode. At 25°C, nickel has a negative reduction potential and copper has a positive reduction potential. At which electrode will reduction occur? - I believe copper will be oxidised

    asked by Damien
  18. Geometry

    I’m trying to the the algebra readiness b unit 1 portfolio item and I’m confused on what I use to do it on

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Physics

    Three point charges are on the x axis: −9 μC at −3 m, 2 μC at the origin, and −5 μC at 3m. Find the force on the first charge. The value of the Coulomb constant is 8.98755 × 109 N · m2/C2. Answer in units of N.

    asked by Lynn
  20. Finance

    Which of the following is not an example of a problem explained by agency theory? a) a manager encounters a conflict of interest between their responsibilities to shareholders and their responsibilities to employees. b)a manager protects her own job rather

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Math

    Does the rule y=-3(4^x) represent an exponential function? a. yes b. no ***

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Just Help- Algebra

    What is the Sum of the interior angles for a pentagon? 900 degrees 540 degrees 720 degrees 108 degrees

    asked by lele
  23. Psy

    An experimenter wants to study the relationship between breast-feeding and Infant Formula X in underdeveloped countries. She randomly assigns 300 infants to Group A or B and weighs the infants every three days for the first four weeks of life. IV: DV: Two

    asked by Ciara
  24. ALGEBRA 2

    The Rattlesnakes football team plays a different opponent every week. So far this season, the Rattlesnakes have won 3 games out of 6. Which equation models the number of consecutive games the Rattlesnakes must win in order to increase their winning

    asked by kayla
  25. Algebra 2

    The sum of two numbers is 8, and the sum of their squares is 34. What is the larger number?

    asked by Alyson
  26. Physics

    A ball is thrown upward with speed 12m/s from the top of a building. How much later must a second ball be dropped. From the same starting point if it is to hit the ground at the same time as the first ball? The initial position is 24m above the ground

    asked by Majiri
  27. Geometry

    1. Let S be between R and T. Use the Segment Addition Postulate to solve for m. RS = 2m + 2 ST = 3m + 3 RT = 15 A. m = 3 B. m = 2 C. m = 9 D. m = 4

    asked by Lauren
  28. PHYSIC

    what are the workings of this question? A brass rod is 2m long at a certain temperature.what is the length for a temperature rise of 100k, if the expansivity of brass is 18x10-6k-1

    asked by TEMMY D
  29. history

    Identify and describe the impact of historical events on the growth of early America Some of the most important events that occurred in America during the 1820's are listed below. Task #1: Research each event and write two or three sentences explaining why

    asked by help
  30. math

    Translate the phrase into an algebraic expression 7 more than the product of 14 and Vanessa's age

    asked by neece
  31. History

    which two early civilizations were located in present-day Mexico? A. Incas and Cuzo B. Mayans and Aztecs*** C. Aztecs and Incas D. Cuzo and Mayas my answer (***)

    asked by kaz...
  32. math

    The cost cc (in dollars) for the fuel and maintenance of a go-cart is given by c=10x+900c=10x+900, where xx is the number of rides. It costs $25 per ride. How many rides does it take to break even?

    asked by jen
  33. Math Geometry square roots no calculator help ASAP

    please some help me I'm stuck on this question describe how to estimate the square root of a number that is not a perfect square without a calculator please make it as simple as possible 7th grade math connections

    asked by FACTS
  34. Algebra I

    Determine if the number is written in scientific notation. 4.8 x 100^7 a. no, it is not written as a number times a power of 10 b. yes, the number is written in scientific notation **** c. no, the first factor is not a number between 1 and 10

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Social Studies

    In the Supreme Court case Worcester v. Georgia (1832), the Court declared that Georgia’s laws _____ within Cherokee territory.

    asked by Einstein
  36. Social Studies

    How did native American groups influence each other‘s cultures

    asked by Joshua
  37. Science

    Which of these is true about water vapor? A. It is water in a gas state. B. It is water in a solid state. C. It is water in a liquid state. D. It is not measurable.

    asked by PETER
  38. Math

    5% of a number is equal ti 25. Would this be 20 A.S.A.P.

    asked by Missy
  39. Maths

    jessie had 7 pets she had horses ducks and spiders altogether they had 30 legs. how many of each pet did she own

    asked by Candice
  40. intro to finance

    which is an example of a n ethical dilemma? an investment bank chooses to earn the biggest profit possible even though it hurts the clients a firm will not hire or retain you unless the value of yoru contributions is greater than your cost an investment

    asked by jimmy cart

    1. 2(x – 3) = 2x one solution no solutions infinitely many solutions 2. 3(y – 3) = 2y – 9 + y one solution no solutions infinitely many solutions 3. 10x – 2 – 6x = 3x – 2 + x one solution no solutions infinitely many solutions 4. 4(x + 3) + 2x

    asked by And Your Welcome
  42. Science

    if an atomic nucleus were the size of a dime how far away might one of its electrons be? A. 1 foot B. 1 inch*** C. 1 yard D. 1 mile My answer (***)

    asked by kaz...
  43. Math

    Jane is 5 years younger than Mary. How old is Jane if Mary is 23 years old? Please show step so I can understand how you get the answer .Because word problem confuse me.Thank you in advance

    asked by Missy
  44. Social Studies Helppp

    In 1832, South Carolina warned the federal government not to use force to impose the tariffs of 1828 and 1832. If it did, South Carolina threatened to _____.

    asked by Lil Uzi
  45. physics

    how can we hear our own voice even after closing our ears

    asked by DEE
  46. science

    What are the differences between aa lava and pahoehoe lava? What are the similarities between these two types of lava?

    asked by Math
  47. math

    You have $2.60 in quarters and dimes. You have five fewer quarters than dimes. What would the associated system of equations look like in augmented matrix form? A |0.25 -5|2.6| |0.1 5| 1 | B |0.25 2.6| 1 | | 1 5 | -1| C |0.1 -1 |2.6| |1 0.25| 5 | D |0.1

    asked by BZG
  48. chemistry

    When two metal atoms are close to each other, their __________ orbitals __________ and they can share __________. help me fill in the blanks please

    asked by kayla
  49. History Essay

    This project is a 5-10 page double spaced paper in which you will critically analyze, using historical evidence, three major turning points in world history from 1500. Your paper should be divided into three sections each of which is devoted to the

    asked by Reily
  50. Science

    Volume of a gas at 27degree centigrade and 760mm pressure is 200cm cube then find the volume of same gas at -3degree centigrade and 760mm pressure

    asked by Neeraj
  51. Physics (HELP)

    Starting from rest, in 10 seconds, a free-falling object will fall a distance of approximately... A. 10 m. B. 50 m. C. 100 m. D. 500 m. E. More than 500 m.

    asked by Lance Gladbach
  52. Math

    Pupils in a school prepared a circular flower garden of diameter 28 meters. They dug holes each 4 meters apart along the circumference for planting flowers. How many holes were dug?

    asked by K
  53. science

    What athena have, you do too You can use it but a little will do Sometimes I'm up Sometimes I'm down You put green living things in me And when I got shattered You don't really give a damn

    asked by lai
  54. Math

    Twenty members of a group contributed sh 80000 each to buy a piece of land. They already had sh 120000 in a bank out of which sh 20000 was to remain in the bank and the rest spent in buying the price of land. How much did the piece of land cost?

    asked by K
  55. math

    The number of children at a film show was 49 more than that of adults . They entry fee for each child was sh 15 while that of each adult was sh 30. The total amount of money paid by the was sh 2055. How much money was paid by the children and the adults

    asked by K
  56. Physics

    Emily rides her horse 48 km in 3 hours.What is her average speed in kilometers per hour?

    asked by Joyce
  57. History

    Find 6 quotes from the book What Went Wrong By Bernard Lewis and explain their significance. Please help! Having trouble finding significant quotes

    asked by Reily
  58. Math

    One endpoint of a line segment is (-7, 2). The midpoint of the line segment is (-1, -2). What are the co-ordinates of the other endpoint?

    asked by anonymous
  59. physics

    The stability of a star is a balancing act between its own internal forces of gravity and the heat energy it produces via fusion reactions. Explain this statement

    asked by anonymous
  60. Applied Math

    How would I set this up to work? When a number is divided by 5 and the quotient is increased by 8, the result is 16. Find the number.

    asked by Ann
  61. Math

    What is 12%of 50 A.6 B.7 C.5 D.24 I NEED HELP NOW PLZ

    asked by Kk
  62. Math

    I'd like to know if I'm understanding how to set up the problem. Mrs. Vasquez selects a marble from a jar containing 6 red marbles and 2 green marbles, and does not replace it. She then selects a second marble and does not replace it. She then selects a

    asked by Dallas
  63. Algebra

    -5+i/2i I’m lost on this question and don’t know how to finish here is what I got -5+i/2i*-3 on both sides?

    asked by Kim
  64. Science

    How to draw spectral curve for an analogous or triadic theme? Using adobe colour cc website Thank you

    asked by Jim
  65. algebra

    Tatiana left the coffee shop traveling 8 mph. Then, 3 hours later, Laura left traveling the same direction at 20 mph. How long until Laura catches up with Tatiana?

    asked by casey
  66. Math

    Hello Ms.Sue So, 0.06% x $75 = to 7500 ? or what did I do wrong?

    asked by Missy
  67. math

    Write an equation for each situation using the two given variables.(a) Gwen received a gift card for $400. She uses it each month to treat herself to a mani-pedi for $35. Let D be the money on her gift card after m months.

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Science

    Why do meteors start to burn in atmosphere?

    asked by Joseph
  69. English

    Im trying to make sure I am using correct grammar and to make it sound on a 5th grade level.See if you can come up with a better heading for this information. Other Information About Mrs. walker. We all have been taught that the hot comb (straighten or

    asked by Angela
  70. Social Studies

    Believing they had no choice, most Native American leaders in the Southeast signed treaties giving up their lands in the 1820s and 1830s. They agreed to move west to what was called the Indian Territory in present-day _____.

    asked by Einstein
  71. HELP Science

    1)What do we mean by opponent processing? (2 marks) How are white and yellow produced by the opponent process? (3 marks) 2)Describe how light is produced in the atom (2 marks.) Why does each atom produce only specific colours? (3 marks) 3)How does the

    asked by Ann
  72. Math

    Twenty members of a group contributed sh 80000 each to buy a piece of land. They already had sh 120000 in a bank out of which sh 20000 was to remain in the bank and the rest spent in buying the price of land. How much did the piece of land cost?

    asked by K
  73. Math

    would I set up this problem and work it this way? (x5) ^8 =16

    asked by Joy