Questions Asked on
January 25, 2018

  1. history

    Which option accurately describes the impact of Confucianism on Asian cultures? Qin Shi Huang declared Confucianism as the Chinese Empire’s official religion, resulting in a civil war. Confucianism established a governmental model, defined leadership

    asked by kayla
  2. History

    Which best analyzes criticisms of the New Deal? a.The New Deal was seen as promoting American dependency on the federal government. b.The New Deal was widely condemned for decreasing the power of the United States Supreme Court. c.The New Deal was

    asked by Anonymous
  3. History

    Which is a difference between the policies of Hitler and the politics of Mussolini? a.Mussolini aggressively pursued a policy of militarization, while Hitler sought only diplomatic methods of foreign policy. b.Hitler implemented a large-scale hunt to

    asked by Anonymous
  4. History

    Which was a primary motivation for the European extension of influence and control over territories in Asia? to extend the principles of democracy and human rights to push back against the growth of Communist ideology to gain access to raw materials and

    asked by DeafeninGaming
  5. physics

    a bullet of mass 0.01kg and travelling at a speed of 500m/s strikes a block of mass 2kg which is suspended by a string length 5m. the centre of gravity of block is found to rise a vertical distance of 0.1m .Calculate the speed of the bullet when it emerges

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Chemistry

    What is the mass, in grams, of a pure gold cube that has a volume of 3.00 cm3?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. History

    Which describes a military strategy in which two forces simultaneously attack both flanks, or sides, of an enemy formation? a.Fabian strategy b.war of attrition c.scorched earth d.pincer movement d?

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Physics

    Consider a pair of planets for which the distance between them decreases by a factor of 5. Demonstrate that the force between them becomes 25 times greater

    asked by Astro
  9. geometry

    The triangles are similar. What is the value of x? Enter your answer in the box. x = two right triangles. the larger triangle has a long leg of 96 units, short leg of 28 units, and the hypotenuse is labeled 6 x plus 28. the smaller triangle has a long leg

    asked by sombody
  10. History

    How did rearmament impact Germany’s economy and politics? a.It increased production, which led to new jobs, and allowed fascists to rise to power. b.It caused inflation and prompted France and Britain to invade Germany. c.It did not improve the weak

    asked by Anonymous
  11. History

    Which best describes how the United States moved away from isolationism? a.The United States began to sell weapons to the Axis powers after the Soviet Union’s invasion of Poland. b.The United States established military bases throughout Europe to protect

    asked by Bri
  12. Math

    Vidya wants to cover a gift box whose dimensions are 20 cm,30cm and 8cm. She has a piece of paper of area 1 metre square. Will she be able to cover the gift? Explain.

    asked by Harjot
  13. History

    How did Japan’s geography affect its relations with neighboring countries in the 1930s? a.Because it lacked resources, Japan occupied China and Indochina to secure agricultural land, coal, and iron. b.Because of Japan’s rich supply of silkworms, it was

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Science.... PLEASE HELP :(((

    The current atomic model would be revised if _______. :(

    asked by Idk
  15. History

    Where did the Allied forces invade France for a massive liberation of the country on June 6, 1944? a.Normandy b.Verdun c.Versailles d.Paris d?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. math

    In an elevator, you go up 3 floors and down 4 floors. Write an integer that represents the net change in your position.

    asked by Bill
  17. World History

    Which option accurately describes the relationship between the Catholic Church and public literacy prior to the humanist movement? Prior to the humanist movement, the Catholic Church was predominately illiterate except for a few high-ranking bishops. Prior

    asked by kayla
  18. math

    Shannon finances $189,000 with a 20/7 balloon mortgage at 6.25%. How much will she pay for principal and interest over the life of the loan?

    asked by Anonymous
  19. world history

    Which best describes the theory Jean-Jacques Rousseau outlined in The Social Contract? Rousseau theorized that people are born inherently greedy and a large powerful government is needed to counteract such greed to maintain social order. Rousseau theorized

    asked by kayla
  20. History

    Which describes the necessity of American intervention in World War II that benefited the Soviet Union? a.The onset of winter in Russia would decrease Soviet military production and lead to an onslaught by the Nazi army. b.The Soviet Union needed the

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Geometry

    1. A conditional can have a ____ of true or false. (1 point) a) hypothesis b) truth value *** c) counterexample d) conclusion Am I right? Thank you!

    asked by ρσяк
  22. Algebra II

    Subtract (2)/(4+sqrt6) - (2)/(4-sqrt6). Can someone explain how to do this to me?

    asked by Nickie
  23. Math

    Which of the following functions grows the fastest as x grows without bound? f(x) = x10 g(x) = ln(x10) h(x) = 10x They all grow at the same rate.

    asked by Youngin
  24. E tech

    What is a multiple source test Checking to make sure that information can be found in more than one place A fact checking software that test information found on the Internet And a amendment that states that all information must be multiple locations A

    asked by Anonymous
  25. History

    How did the Great Depression affect politics in Japan? a.When unemployment increased, a worker revolt overthrew the government and instituted a Communist regime. b.When farmers defaulted on their loans, socialist forces in Parliament gained a majority and

    asked by Bri
  26. Science

    The height of a plant is dependent upon? 1)it's genes 2)it's environment 3)both it's genes and it's environment 4)neither it's genes nor it's environment I think #1 In humans, the allele for curly hair and the allele for straight hair show incomplete

    asked by Jamie
  27. Chemistry

    Assuming there are 20 drops in 1.0 ml, how many drops are there in 2.00 gal. Remember there are 1000 ml in a liter and .946 in a qt

    asked by Bre
  28. History

    When the stock market crashed in 1929, it had a ripple effect that impacted European nations, among others. In what specific way were European economies tied to the US economy? a.They all adhered to the gold standard. b.All were awaiting repayment by

    asked by Bri
  29. History

    Which identifies the significance of the Nuremberg trials? a.ensured the execution of every high-ranking Nazi official b.created four Allied occupation zones in postwar Germany c.provided a precedent for international cooperation and justice for all war

    asked by Bri
  30. Math

    A submarine is positioned at 300 feet below sea level. A bird is flying 100 feet above sea level. How many feet above the submarine is the bird.

    asked by Anonymous
  31. physic

    Vector A,with a magnitude of 23 units, points in the positive x direction. Adding vector B to vector A yields a resultant vector that points in the negative x direction with a magnitude of 8 units. What are the magnitude and direction of vector B?

    asked by joy
  32. Calculus help

    f is a function that is differentiable for all reals. The value of f ′(x) is given for several values of x in the table below. x –8 –3 0 3 8 f ′(x) 5 4 0 –2 –4 If f ′(x) is always decreasing, which statement about f(x) must be true?

    asked by Rich boi
  33. History

    1:What was the primary purpose of the Three-Fifths Compromise? A:To provide a balance between small and large states. B:To satisfy slave states in order to secure ratification.*** C:To limit the length of the presidential term. D:To determine the

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Math

    Which if the following is equivalent to 12/20. A. 3/10. B 5:3. C 120 to 200. D 60

    asked by Help
  35. Science

    A gene is to a chromosome as ? 1) a pea is to a pod 2)a front is to a back 3)a bike is to a car 4)a building is to a window I think # 1 Thanks.

    asked by Jamie
  36. Algebra II

    What is the solution of the equation? 1+sqrt(3x+3) = sqrt(7x+2)

    asked by Nickie
  37. Calculus help

    Use the graph of f(t) = 2t + 2 on the interval [–1, 4] to write the function F(x), where f of x equals the integral from 1 to x of f of t dt. F(x) = x2 + 3x F(x) = x2 + 2x – 12 F(x) = x2 + 2x – 3 F(x) = x2 + 4x – 8

    asked by Rich boi
  38. History

    The Weimar Republic’s inability to deal with economic issues caused by __________ led to the rise of extremist groups like the Nazis. Which best completes the sentence? a.hyperinflation and the Great Depression b.unemployment during World War I c.a drop

    asked by Anonymous
  39. science

    Which gas is formed when a hydrogen bomb is detonated?

    asked by lisa
  40. physics

    In a canyon between two mountains, a spherical boulder with a radius of 1.4 m is just set in motion by a force of 230 N. The force is applied at an angle of 73.9 ◦ measured with respect to the radius of the boulder. What is the magnitude of the torque on

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Math (pre-calc)

    log2(log4x) = 1 Solve the equation The bases are 2 and 4 respectively, I'm just not sure how to signify that on the keyboard. Thank you so much, help is really appreciated.

    asked by Laura
  42. Math

    The sum of three times a number and 2 less than 4 times that same number is 15. Which of the following equations could be used to find the value of the number , n? 1. 3n + 4n-2=15 2. 3n t 4(n-2)=15 3. 4n +3(n-2)=15 4. 3n - 4(n-2) = 15 I pick 3.

    asked by Jimmy
  43. meteorology

    Compared to the planet's average radius (6371 km or 3959 mi), the atmosphere is like the thin skin of an apple. About 99% of the atmosphere's mass occurs within about 32 km (20 mi) of Earth's surface. Hence, the thickness of the atmosphere represents only

    asked by Anonymous
  44. algebra

    An angle is 24 degrees greater than the measure of its complement. What is the measure of the larger of the two angles?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Math

    a rope dancer was walking on a loose rope tied to the top of two equal post of height 9m. when he was 3m above the ground, it was found that stretched pieces of roop made angle of 30 degree and 60 degree with the horizontal line parallel to the ground.

    asked by Akash
  46. Physics

    Many people mistakenly believe that astronauts who orbit the Earth are "above gravity." The mass of the Earth is 6x10 ^ 34 kg and radius is 6.38x10 ^ 6 m (6380 km) Use Newton's law to show that in the territory of the special ferry, 200 km above the

    asked by Dunn
  47. Math

    What is the range of 34, 56,19,98 and 75? A:23 B:85 C:56 D:55.2 please help me! I need to finish this by today! If not, i wont be able to have a day with my dad!

    asked by Candy Candy
  48. math

    Given a polynomial equation p(x)=0, which expressions could be a pair of irrational roots of the equation? please help I don't know how to solve this

    asked by kayla
  49. Math

    Raimo borrowed $940 from Chris on October 21 and agreed to repay the debt with simple interest at the rate of 3.8% on May 29.

    asked by Anton
  50. LA

    Witch sectence uses italicized word corrrectly? A. The dismal news was welcomed by everyone B. the judges deem her poems to be the best C. the oysters beseech the walrus to stop D.i sympathize with the lost child italicized words for 1 dismal for 2 deem

    asked by mr. e
  51. algebra

    Swiss cheese and Limburger cheese cost different amounts per pound, but you do not know how much. A box containing 3 pounds of Swiss and 2 pounds of limburger costs 24.40 dollar. Another box containing 4 pounds of Swiss and 5 pounds of Limburger costs

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Social studies

    What geographic feature of the Ozarks is not also a feature of the Ouachita mountains a-plane techniques ...b-alluvial Plains C-rolling plains d-plateau

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Physics

    A 32.0 resistor is connected in parallel to a 18.0 resistor. These are joined in series to a 3.0 resistor and a source with a potential difference of 30.0 V. (c) Calculate the current in each resistor. A (32.0 resistor) A (18.0 resistor) Calculate the

    asked by Potato
  54. Language Arts

    I need help with 2 questions.. Im not very good at grammar..... XD im sure I have mistakes in this. 1) Which sentence contains a coordinating conjunction? A: Although the road was rough, we could drive on it. B: We drove along the rough, passable road. C:

    asked by MrKaleChips
  55. help with utahs physical regions

    3. Utah is in earths temperate climate zone because of its (1 point) A. altitude B. elevation C. latitude D. longitude

    asked by hi
  56. help with utahs physical regions

    3. Utah is in earths temperate climate zone because of its (1 point) A. altitude B. elevation*** C. latitude D. longitude I think its B can you guys check it

    asked by hi
  57. History

    If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on the government would be necessary.-Federalist Papers No.51 1:Which of the following supports Madison's belief that internal and external controls on government are necessary? A:The

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Science

    I'm having trouble with this question, can someone help? Which of the following is the BEST description of forest soil? thin humus layer, minerals deep beneath the surface thin humus layer, minerals close to the surface very little humus, rich in minerals

    asked by Anna-Belle
  59. ela

    Bart's class is studying a unit on nutrition. Each student has chosen a topic on which to write a short essay. Bart wants to write about the benefits of eating certain types of chocolate. Which of these would make the best thesis statement for his paper?

    asked by mr. e
  60. Math

    You are making cookies. One recipe calls for 4 cups of chocolate morsels for 3 batches of cookies.. A second recipe calls for 5 cups of chocolate morsels for 4 batches of cookies. Which cookies will contain more chocolate morsels?

    asked by AJ
  61. Physics

    A golfer takes two strokes to putt a golf ball into a hole. On the first stroke, the ball moves 4.0m at an angle 60◦ East of North. On the second, it moves 3.0m at an angle 70◦ South of East. If the golfer had instead hit the ball directly into the

    asked by vanessa
  62. Math

    Rob made a 8 three -point basket and 24 two point baskets durning basketball practice The Number of two point basket rob made is how many times as much as the number of three point baskets made. I need help with the four steps I’m supposed to do I

    asked by JAsriel
  63. algebra

    After an increase of 8½% the new Icall costs $38.76. How much did it cost before the price increase?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. algebra 2

    What is the number of distinct possible rational roots of p(x)=2x2+7x+6? I need help on how to solve this

    asked by kayla
  65. math

    The following four numbers are listed in ascending order: 7, x, 24, y. the median of the four numbers is 18 and the mean is 61. Find y x=12

    asked by Anonymous
  66. ELA

    While browsing the local library's bulletin board, Sophia read the following announcement: You must be fond of Narnia, hobbits, and Harry Potter. If you pore over Dr. Seuss, then you need not bother. Please come to Weldon Hall on Saturday morning. There

    asked by mr. e
  67. math

    A regular hexagon is inscribed inside a circle. The circle has a radius of 12 units. A: What is the approximate measure of the apothem of the hexagon? B: What is the approximate area of the hexagon? Can someone help me?

    asked by Kennedy
  68. Math (pre-calc)

    36^(2x+4) = (square root of 1296)^x Solve for x I'm really stuck on this one too, thank you for your help

    asked by Laura
  69. music

    Shostakovich's Symphony No. 7 is a musical tribute to which battle of World War 2?

    asked by lisa
  70. Physics

    A 8.9 kg bowling ball traveling at 16.7 m/s strikes a 1.1 kg bowling pin. The impact slows the bowling ball to 11.4 m/s. Determine the velocity given to the pin.

    asked by Rm
  71. Business math

    Jeff Edsell owes $5,000 on a 4%, 90-day note. On day 50, Jeff pays $600 on the note. On day 80, Jeff makes an $800 additional payment. Assume a 360-day year. What is Jeff’s adjusted balance after day 50 and after day 80? What is the ending balance due?

    asked by Anooo
  72. Math

    Every day when Lisa returns from school, she puts her change from buying lunch into a jar on her dresser. This weekend she decided to count her savings. She found that she had 72 coins, all nickels and dimes. The total amount was $4.95. How many coins of

    asked by Anonymous
  73. ELA

    Pablo is writing a research paper about Roald Dahl, a famous children's book author. His teacher told him to include at least one primary source in his research. Which of the following is an example of a primary source? A. an interview with Roald Dahl by a

    asked by ej
  74. algebra 2

    Suppose the polynomial f(x) has the following roots: 1+6sqrt2, 2−sqrt6, and 6+sqrt2. If f(x) has only rational coefficients, the Irrational Root Theorem indicates that f(x) has at least three more roots. What are the three additional roots that f(x) must

    asked by kayla
  75. Physics

    1. A cylinder has a charge Q placed on it; the charge is distributed uniformly throughout the cylinder. If we examine the electric field E outside of the cylinder, which of the following is true? Assume that r represents the distance from the central axis

    asked by Mit
  76. Ap Chemistry

    What is the difference between the ionization energy of inner-shell electrons and the ionization energy of outer-shell electrons? A. The ionization energy of inner-shell electrons changes with respect to the ionization energy of outer-shell electrons. B.

    asked by Damien
  77. Geometry

    How do I figure out what comes first? example: the perimeter of JKLM is 72 The perimeter of PQRS is 58. The ratio of the perimeters is 4/5 but is it PQRS to JKLM, or JKLM to PQRS?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. English

    Is this the correct way to mark the stressed and unstressed syllables with the stressed syllables being the capital letters? upON the STRAITS on the FRENCH coast the LIGHT

    asked by Anonymous
  79. English

    Decide if the underlined pronoun in the sentences below is being used as a subject, predicate nominative or an appositive. 1:(He) and Bev are using the new computer......Subject 2:The dancers on the floor are Toni and (he)......predicate nominative 3:(We)

    asked by Anonymous
  80. History

    Where did the Mexican-American War take place? I want to say near the Rio Grande

    asked by Baby_Banana
  81. English

    The baby went on sleeping peacefully, unware of any danger, but the two creatures fought savagely, Gelert to protect the infant and the wolf to devour it, for it was ravenously hungry after days of futile roaming the hills and forests. what does 'for it

    asked by dallas
  82. Science

    Mr. Belvedere designs an experiment to test the effect of different colored light on the rate of photosynthesis. He sets up his experiment using elodea, 25watt bulbs, 30mL of distilled water, and 5g of sodium bicarbonate. Plant 1 is exposed to no light.

    asked by Anonymous
  83. English

    Should I add a hyphen? Rhonda kept a daily journal in the lime colored notebook she bought at the discount store. daily-journal lime-colored discount-store Leave as is

    asked by Clueless
  84. Precalculus

    Evaluate for the quadrantal angle cos17(pie)? ( don't have the pie sign) Is -1 correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. chemistry

    please why Na2Co3 is called sodium carbonate (iv).i do not understand why the (iv) is mention and also H2So4,how come about the (vi) in the name (tetraoxosulphte (vi) acid

    asked by uluubi
  86. Alegbra 1

    The following four numbers are listed in ascending order: 7, x, 24, y. the median of the four numbers is 18 and the mean is 61. Find x.

    asked by Bill
  87. algebra

    What is the surface area to volume ratio for a cube with the length of 4cm? (Area = L x W x 6, Volume = L x W x H

    asked by Anonymous
  88. engineering

    How do i work out the mass of a flywheel. I am given the density as 7800kg/m3, a 760mm diameter and a 180mm width. Please help

    asked by simon
  89. APUSH

    How have perspectives about health and conservation changed since the late 1800s?

    asked by allen
  90. math

    How do i work out the mass of a flywheel. I am given the density as 7800kg/m3, a 760mm diameter and a 180mm width. Please help

    asked by simon
  91. CHM

    Calculate the heat absorbed by 125 g of water (SH = 1.00 cal/g°C) when the temperature rises from 21.0°C to 35.0°C.

    asked by Christy
  92. Physics

    What point on the x-y plane does theta = 0 describe? I tried doing: tan(theta) = y/x tan(0rad) = y/x 0 = y/x So y is definitely 0. y = rsin(theta) r = y/sin(theta) = 0/sin(0rad) = 0/0 ... I highly doubt that this problem was meant for having to do

    asked by Kid
  93. Calc III

    find a vector that makes the same angle with respect to the y-axis that vector i + 3k makes with respect to the x-axis

    asked by David
  94. Physics

    a uniform magnetic field equal to 4 T is in the +Z direction. find the force exrted by the field on a proton if the velocity of the proton is 7km/s in the i direction

    asked by Hizkel
  95. ELA

    Jackie was asked to present to the members of the Outdoors Club about the impact that Theodore Roosevelt had on U.S. National Parks. While doing research on her topic, she found a few sources to help her to get started on her presentation. Which source is

    asked by mr. e
  96. Biology

    A hawk needs 2 snakes a week to survive. A snake needs 2 mice a week to survive. A mouse needs 50 berries a week to survive. How many berries are needed a week to support a hawk?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. economics

    From the article “to understand a tax on Mexican imports consider the avocado” The article insinuates that domestic (U.S. based) Avocado producers will plant more trees after a tax is implemented. Why would this be true? How does a price change impact

    asked by Anonymous
  98. calculus

    A research chemist has two different salt water solutions. Solution 1 is 25% salt and solution 2 is 20% salt. She wants to have 1 liter of 22% solution. How much of each solution should she mix together to get the desired solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Science

    Hey can anyone help? I am having trouble with one question, and I need someone to check my answer for a different one. Which of the following is a living renewable resource? trees*** water sunlight wind This is one I am having trouble with: Which of the

    asked by Anna-Belle
  100. Math

    The cost of lunch is $45.00. Tax is 8.75 percent. Tip is 20 percent. What is the total amount?

    asked by Barbara
  101. Physics

    Vector has a magnitude of 12.5 units and points due west. Vector points due north. (a) What is the magnitude of if + has a magnitude of 17.7 units?

    asked by vanessa
  102. Science

    How are some ways you can compare the visible spectrum with the rest of the elctromagnetic spectrum.

    asked by Adonis
  103. bioloogy

    What are the major aquatic biomes

    asked by Anonymous
  104. Math

    &39.50 added 5% sales tax? I need help to this question. I keep getting $19.75, but none of my multi-choice question have that as an answer! :( A.)$37.95 B.)$40.95 C.)$41.48 D.)$1.98 I want to say $37.95, but I reeeeeally keep getting $19.75! Help me

    asked by Halp Me
  105. Math help please?

    I have a hard time understanding the process of adding fractions with unlike denominators, and I usually will go on Khan Academy to look at tutorials and walkthroughs but I can't do that during school (only when I'm doing my homework @ home). Can somebody

    asked by min yoonghy
  106. Linear Algebra (Vector Spaces)

    Find the basis of M2={(a,b,c,d):a,b,c,d ∈ R}

    asked by Learner
  107. Intro to Java

    The Daily Gazette accepts classified ads in several categories. For most ads, the newspaper charges 10 cents per word for the first 50 words, and 8 cents per word for every word after that. Design a java script for a program that accepts data about an ad:

    asked by Alex
  108. trig transformations

    transformations in this function y= sin (X/9) it is 1/9 but that is not the transformation right? Is it a horizontal stretch of 9 because you flip it over, since it is horizontal ?

    asked by Anonymous
  109. science

    How do i work out the mass of a flywheel. I am given the density as 7800kg/m3, a 760mm diameter and a 180mm width. Please help

    asked by simon
  110. chemistry

    Rounding .8635 to 1 significant number? Is it .8?

    asked by Anonymous
  111. BIOLOGY

    Explain the how energy is being transferred in the following relationship: Berries -> Squirrel

    asked by help !! finals tomorrow
  112. Math

    Write 4/27(2^((3+m)/3)+2^(m/3)^3 as a power of 2

    asked by Alexander
  113. Science

    How do people benefit from coastline?

    asked by Maria
  114. maths

    find the are of the field whos sides hace semicircular flowerbeds with diameter 42cm and 30cm

    asked by r usha
  115. math

    Show using an example the effect, if any, on the standard deviation of adding a data value to a set of data that is equivalent to the mean. Not quite sure what "standard deviation of adding a data value to a set of data that is equivalent to the mean,"

    asked by anonymous
  116. Reading

    I have a journal that I have to do called "Life in Camps", it's about the holocaust. Why can I write in the journal?

    asked by Marcus
  117. science

    How do the secretions from the liver and pancreas interact with each other in the small intestine?

    asked by Ann
  118. Need Help Ed Tec

    thanks ms sue you are the best and best teacher helper ever

    asked by Rumble
  119. English

    1. Get out of here! 2. Go out of here! [Can we use both 'get' and 'go'? Are both the same? Or do we have to use 'get' here?] 3. He decided to get over his limitations. 4. He decided to go over his limitations. [#3 is correct. What about #4? Can we use 'go'

    asked by rfvv
  120. English

    The CEO could not confirm the rumors. The CEO could not deny the rumors. The CEO could neither confirm nor deny the rumors. The CEO could confirm neither deny nor the rumors. The CEO neither could confirm nor deny the rumors. Neither the CEO could confirm

    asked by My Name is...