Questions Asked on
January 23, 2018

  1. Science 6B

    1. Which of the following is an example of a competitive relationship in an ecosystem? A)an insect species that captures other insect species by posing as a leaf in a tree B)a bird species that does not build its own nests but uses nests abandoned by other

    asked by Connexus
  2. Socials

    What political group represented the discontent of workers and peasants that led to the fall of the Romanov Dynasty? a.Decembrists b.Siberians c.Capitalists d.Bolsheviks d?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. History

    Why did a stalemate occur along the western front during World War I? a.Development of the tank allowed for Allied forces to stop the German blitzkrieg, leading to a standstill. b.Failure of the Schlieffen Plan led the Russian army to stop the German

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Chemistry

    A 334-mL cylinder for use in chemistry lectures contains 5.225 g of helium at 23 C. How many grams of helium must be releasedto reduce the pressure to 75 atm assuming ideal gas behavior?

    asked by Dre
  5. world history

    How has the Armenian Genocide affected the foreign relations of Turkey and Armenia toward each other in recent decades? a.Turkey and Armenia have never established formal diplomatic relations. b.Turkey and Armenia have been involved in multiple major wars

    asked by Anonymous
  6. History

    What was a main cause of the Italian Independence War in the 1860s? A.opposition of the Italians against King Victor Emmanuel B.Austrian occupation and rule of northern Italy C.Napoleon’s conquest of the Italian peninsula D.a mutiny by Italian soldiers

    asked by Kyle
  7. world history

    Which most accurately examines how the Balkans region factored into the outbreak of World War I? a.The conquest of the region by the Ottoman Empire brought about the alliance system that led to war. b.The unification of Bosnia and Serbia into one nation

    asked by Anonymous
  8. History

    Which country most accurately represents an example of the growth of anti-colonial sentiment after World War I? a.China b.India c.Egypt d.Russia b?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. History

    Which identifies a principle that Leninism opposed? market economy b.nationalization of industries c.dictatorship of the proletariat government c?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. History

    Which accurately describe how perpetrators of Armenian Genocide were dealt with? (Select all that apply.) a.The United Nations placed pressure on Turkey until it held trials for those responsible for the genocide. b.A few of the highest-ranking Turkish

    asked by Anonymous
  11. History

    Which defines the Young Turk Revolution? a.the spread of the industrial revolution to the Ottoman Empire prior to WWI b.the overthrow of the Ottoman government in favor of communism c.the modernization of the Turkish society under Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

    asked by Bri
  12. Language Arts 6th grade

    What effect does Phillip's return have on his family? A. Phillip's mother continues to worry about the safety of her family B. Phillip's parents listen to him but are unable to relate to his experiences on the cay.***** C. Phillip's father leaves his job

    asked by William Tran from Connexus
  13. History

    What impact did technology have during World War I? a.Guerrilla warfare became more prevalent with advances in surveillance technology. b.The use of iron created the first battleships in the history of warfare. c.Military advancement on the western front

    asked by Kyle
  14. World history

    How did the Crusades affect Jewish societies? (Select all that apply) A.) crusaders massacre Jews in France when Pope Eugenius III called for the second Crusade, led by French and German Kings. B.) jsu aligned with the Byzantine empire and helped Eastern

    asked by Kayla
  15. History

    Which event killed 50 million–100 million people worldwide after World War I? a.flu pandemic b.malaria outbreak c.earthquake-triggered tsunamis d.the Bolshevik Revolution a?

    asked by Bri
  16. History

    What impact did World War I have on Russia? a.Russia’s territorial losses in the Baltic region led it to sign the Versailles Treaty to end its involvement. b.Russia’s high casualty rate led Czar Nicholas II to abandon the war effort to save civilian

    asked by Kyle
  17. History

    What effects did imperialism have on World War I? (Select all that apply.) a.Millions of colonial troops served in World War I in Europe and affected the outcome of key battles. b.Indian troops in the British Empire refused to fight and used the war as an

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Lanaguage ( check answers please)

    1 Which of the following statements describes the political climate in Boston after April 20, 1775? A Bostonians find them selves at odds with colonists in the other colonies as a result of the conflict in Lexington. B Despite the loss of life in Lexington

    asked by Minato namakaze the fourth hokage
  19. History

    what efforts did james hogg make to fix the corporate world in Texas? 1 allowed railroads to choose the path of the rail lines 2 created laws against monopolies 3 made his own insurance company 4 made it easier to start companies

    asked by Ray
  20. History

    What was the Battle of the Somme? A.It was the longest battle that occurred during World War I. B.It was a battle that opened a second World War I front in Turkey. C.It was a months-long battle resulting in massive British casualties. D.It was a battle

    asked by Kyle
  21. socail Studies

    Which of the following most contributed to the rise of Sumer? A)agriculture B)trade C)military conquest D)monotheism maybe b

    asked by mr. e
  22. History

    What was the purpose of using culture to spread the message of the Russian Revolution? a.The Nationalists sought to brainwash the Russian people into accepting their authoritarian rule. b.The Stalinists needed to prove that their form of socialism was a

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Algebra 2 Sine Graphing

    A sine function has the following key features: Period=4pi Amplitude: 2 Midline y=3 Y intercept; (0,3) The function is a reflection of its parent function over the x axis.

    asked by Justin
  24. Math

    Suppose Elina used 15 tiles to make the rectangular design. How many different rectangles could she make with the 15 tiles? Write a list or draw a picture to show the number and dimensions of the rectangles she can make.

    asked by Maria
  25. English

    Which excerpt from Robert Burns’s “To a Mouse” best conveys understanding and forgiveness? “…An’ weary winter comin’ fast,/An cozie here, beneath the blast…”

    asked by Steve
  26. History

    How do Armenians view the events that brought about the deaths of over 1.5 million Armenians in 1915? A.The deaths were caused by accidental bombardments of civilian targets. B.The killings were committed by rogue generals who disobeyed orders. C.The

    asked by Bri
  27. English

    Perhaps in this neglected spot is laid Some heart once pregnant with celestial fire; Hands, that the rod of empire might have swayed, Or waked to ecstasy the living lyre. Who is Gray pondering with these lines? A:people who rose from poverty to become

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Trigonometry

    a rope dancer was walking on a loose roop tied to the top of two equal post of height 9m. when he was 3m above the ground, it was found that stretched pieces of roop made angle of 30 degree and 60 degree with the horizontal line parallel to the ground.

    asked by Akash
  29. Chemistry

    If the pressure exerted by ozone, O3, in the stratosphere is 3.0 x 10^-3 atm and the temperature is 250K, how many ozone molecules are in a liter? Please help me.

    asked by Ricky
  30. History

    Who was the German politician who popularized the use of realpolitik? a.Friedrich List b.Wilhelm I c.Giuseppe Garibaldi d. Otto von Bismarck d?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. English

    Which of these does William Wordsworth celebrate in "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud? Nature aloneness the death of reason human companionship My answer is nature

    asked by Steve
  32. ELA

    In "a days wait", how can the fathers reaction to his sons concern best be describe? A. Impatient B. Anger C. Frustrated D. Understanding

    asked by Darkdream
  33. Math

    Joanne buys a rectangular rug with an area of 35/4 square meters. The length of the rug is 7/2 meters. What is the width, in meters, of the rug?

    asked by Aliyah
  34. Science

    A deactivated deadly strain of bacteria was first treated with protease enzyme. It was then mixed with a harmless strain of live bacteria. The live bacteria became deadly. Which of the following statements is a valid conclusion from the experiment above?

    asked by Kaye
  35. Math

    A history quiz consists of 60 points and contains questions that ate either true/false or multiple-choice. If a true/false question is worth 3 points and a multiple-choice question is worth 8 points, and the quiz has at least one question of each type,

    asked by Suzan
  36. Physics

    A bullet with a mass of 28 g is fired from a 2.8-kg gun that is stationary, but free to recoil. After the bullet is fired, the gun is observed to be moving at 1.4 m/s [left]. What is the velocity of the bullet?

    asked by Mike
  37. math

    Danica is arranging flowers for a party. On each table, t, there will be a vase of 9 flowers and 3 bowls of flowers with f flowers inside. Danica needs an additional 12 flowers for a cake topper. This situation can be written as the following expression:

    asked by kenzie
  38. physic

    An electronic line judge camera captures the impact of a 57.0-g tennis ball traveling at 32.8 m/s with the side line of a tennis court. The ball rebounds with a speed of 21.2 m/s and is seen to be in contact with the ground for 4.08 ms. What is the

    asked by joy
  39. physic

    A sounding rocket, launched vertically upward with an initial speed of 79.0 m/s, accelerates away from the launch pad at 5.70 m/s2. The rocket exhausts its fuel, and its engine shuts down at an altitude of 1.15 km, after which it moves freely under the

    asked by joy
  40. History

    Question #8: Which factors made the cattle industry successful? A. All of the Southern plantations went out of business, so cattle came from the West. B. Californians sought cattle from Texas C. The legend of the cowboy was so appealing that everyone

    asked by please help Ms. Sue
  41. Probability

    Suppose that the lifetime of a farm tractor follows a normal distribution with a mean of eight years and a standard deviation of 1.7 years. If the manufacturer is willing to replace only 5% of the tractors that fail within the warranty period, how long

    asked by Angel
  42. Math

    A theatre has 11 rows of seats which have 1 to 10 series. Unmatched numbers have 15 seats and 16 seats have matched numbers . How many sets are there in theatre?

    asked by Anil
  43. Socials

    What was an impact of the United States entry into World War I? a.Tensions developed between American and French troops over who would occupy the best trenches. b.Britain shifted most of its troops to the eastern front because they were no longer needed in

    asked by Anonymous
  44. socail Studies

    in what order did the empires dominate mesopotamia

    asked by ejl
  45. History.

    Name the two factors that give federal courts jurisdiction over a case? (in your own words.) please explain.

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Social studies

    which economic practice helps to keep prices low and keep good quality? Combination** Consolidation Competition Overproduction

    asked by Attic
  47. Maths

    Find the volume of wood required for making the closed box with internal dimensions of 20cm by 12.5cm by 9.5cm;wood 1.25cm thick.

    asked by Priyanka
  48. Language Arts Help me!!

    Think about the work you completed in your reading character role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about Johnny Tremain. Provide an explanation for your choices. How did the role you selected and the work you

    asked by Yes once again another emo girl! That like My chemical Romance!!!!!! </3
  49. English

    Please read the first paragraph of G.K. Chesterton's "The Philosophy of the Schoolroom" and answer the following question. "What modern people want to be made to understand is simply that all argument begins with an assumption; that is, with something that

    asked by Max
  50. Math

    ax+by=16 3x+2y=64 In the system of equations above, a and b are constants. If the system has infinitely many solutions, what is the value of ab?

    asked by Suzan
  51. Early Childhood Education

    I am writing a paper about Emotional and behavior disorders I am not sure the website in my paper. I would be good ones to use my the possible outcomes for the child who is exposed to this particular type of risk. How might this risk factor impact the

    asked by Betty
  52. math

    if a wire 20 inches long is to be cut so that one piece is 2/5 as long as the other piece, how many inches long must the shorter piece be?

    asked by helen grace
  53. Math

    Tina completed 2/3 of her homework before dinner. George completed 5/8 of his homework before dinner. Who completed a greater fraction of homework

    asked by Makayla banks
  54. physic

    Crall and Whipple attached a fan to a cart placed on a level track and then released the cart. They made a position-versus-time graph (see figure below) and fit a curve to these data such that x = 0.036 m + (0.0080 m/s)t + (0.10 m/s2)t2. (a) Find the

    asked by joy
  55. Math trigonometry

    a rope dancer was walking on a loose roop tied to the top of two equal post of height 9m. when he was 3m above the ground, it was found that stretched pieces of roop made angle of 30 degree and 60 degree with the horizontal line parallel to the ground.

    asked by Akaash
  56. math

    if milk costs 3.45 per gallon how much does it cost per ounce

    asked by max
  57. Biology

    One benefit of the Human Genome Project is that it __________. A>significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to identify genetic factors for disease B>provides a way to map all the cells of the body C>increases the amount of work required to identify

    asked by Rylee
  58. math

    Three more than the product of 7 and Vanessa's savings

    asked by arturo
  59. Math

    Allie plant has a height of 6 metres.rajon plant grows 3/10 metre higher. How high does rajon plant grow ?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Physics

    An arrow slows down from 43 m/s to 28 m/s as it passes through an apple. If the 493 g apple was originally at rest and sped up to 0.44 m/s, what is the mass of the arrow?

    asked by Mike
  61. English

    He had a choice. He could be either happy or angry with his life. [This will be the answer to the questions below. Which question is suitable? 1. What choice did he have? 2. What options did he have? 3. What did he have to choose in the situation. 4.

    asked by rfvv
  62. Probability

    Gani, a regular coffee drinker, goes to his favorite coffee shop every night for a cup of hot cappuccino. The amount of time that he stays in his favorite spot is normally distributed with a mean of 45 minutes and a standard deviation of 5 minutes. Above

    asked by Angel
  63. Science

    Cutting of trees on large scale is called

    asked by Jyoti
  64. Biology

    OPEN ENDED: In a laboratory a scientist is experimenting with a synthetic enzyme called “hydrolase”. The goal of this enzyme is to bind to intracellular water and speed up hydrolysis RXNs within the cell, so that cells can break apart any polymer at a

    asked by Salem
  65. math

    veggie patties are sold in packages of 5. burn are sold in packages of 8. you need about 125 veggie burgers for a school Barbecue. you do not want any patties or burn left over. how many packages of each should you buy?

    asked by rinu
  66. Math

    Afsana had 5/6 of a cake.she ate 2/3 of it. What part of the cake did she eat

    asked by Zeeshan
  67. math ratio's

    9/36 and x/4 a 1 b 4 c 9 my answer b-4

    asked by ejl
  68. English

    Thank you for your help. I'd like to ask one more similar question as follows. 1. He bought a cake for poor children. [In this sentence, is 'for poor children' an adjective phrase, which modifies 'cake'. Or is 'for poor children' an adverb phrase, which

    asked by rfvv
  69. math

    a man of height 2 meter walk at a uniform speed of 5km/hr away from a lamp post which is 6 meter high find the rate at which length of his shadow increase

    asked by ashish
  70. Math

    A concrete tank is having external measurement of 3m by 2m by 1m.if the concrete is 0.25m thick. Find the a. Capacity of the tank b. Volume of the concrete used in making the tank if air closed.

    asked by David Emmanuel
  71. math help

    The price for an adult carnival ticket is 6.5 more than a carnival ticket for a child. Bob takes his son to the carnival. He buys cotton candy for $10.25, and spends $55. Write and solve a linear equation to find the prices for each of their carnival

    asked by kora
  72. Algebra

    the area of a rectangle painting is given by the trinomial a^2-14a+45. the painting length is (a+2). what is the painting width?

    asked by Cam
  73. Math

    What do you notice about the solution of the compound inequality x+3>3 or x+3< (or equal) 3? I don't understand what the question is asking. Some please help.

    asked by Floyd
  74. Math

    An angle opposite of a leg of a right triangle measures w, and tan(w)= 3/4. What is sin(90-w)?

    asked by Suzan
  75. American Gov.

    I am writing a letter to the president on helping the victims of Hurricane Maria. What are two cabinet Departments that I should mention?

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Probability

    Based on experience, the manager of a credit card company reports that three out of every ten credit card applications are disapproved. Use the normal approximation to determine the probability that at most 50 of 200 new credit applications will be

    asked by Angel
  77. Chemistry

    1. What would happen if acid was added to this buffering system? HAH+ + A- The acid shift to the right, producing H+ so the pH is maintained. Is my answer correct? 2. Hydrocarbonate exists in equilibrium with carbon dioxide and water inside of a soda can.

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Physics

    A toboggan, with rider, has a combined mass of 60kg at the top of a 5.0m hill. They are given an initial push of 2.0m/s. The distance down the hill was 20m. The velocity at the bottom of the hill is 10m/s. If the actual speed at the bottom was 9m/s, what

    asked by Mike
  79. Mathematics

    The price for an adult carnival ticket is 6.5 more than a carnival ticket for a child. Bob takes his son to the carnival. He buys cotton candy for $10.25, and spends $55. Write and solve a linear equation to find the prices for each of their carnival

    asked by Austin
  80. Probability

    Suppose that a drug is known to be 90% effective in treating a certain disease. What is the probability that it will be successful in treating seven to ten out of 12 patients with the disease?

    asked by Angel
  81. math

    If given a map that has a scale factor of 5 in. equals 29 mi., how far apart on the map are two cities that are 87 miles apart in distance? I don't even know a thing –_–

    asked by Zoe
  82. History

    what does the root distribution within the prairie ecosystem cause? A. The fertile soil underground. B. food for bacteria and organisms C. The variety of grass species D. All of the Above PLEASE HELP Me Connexus quiz My answer is D tell me if im wrong let

    asked by @HELPME
  83. maths

    Graham is serving pizzaat a party. Each person is given 3/4 of a pizza. Graham has 6 pizzas. How many people can he serve?

    asked by dora
  84. Riddle

    Think outside the box but the box is the wrong shape. Let's get this cylinder poppin with some music. I have said her exact name 16 times indirectly. Tell me a girl's name that can come from that.

    asked by Nathan
  85. English

    1. Which party will they hold? 2. They will hold a party for their teacher's birthday. [#2 is the answer to #1. 'For their teacher's birthday' is an adjective phrase, which modifies 'party.'] 3. Why will they hold a party? 4. They will hold a party for

    asked by rfvv
  86. social studies

    what do grass lands of north america and Africa have in common describe their biodiversity and one of the physical processes that shapes their geography

    asked by please help me!!!!!
  87. electricity?

    Two particles with charges +2q and +q are separated by a distance r. The +2q particle has an electric field E at distance r and exerts a force F on the +q particle. What is the electric field of the +q particle at the same distance and what force does it

    asked by anonymous
  88. math

    Solve the following system of equations. You will type your x value in the first part and the y value in the second part of the question. If the answer if no solution then type NS in both parts and if the the answer is infinite solutions then type I in

    asked by Anonymous
  89. English

    Does anyone know the poem "To a Fat Lady Seen from a Train" by Frances Cornford???? If you do how does repetition makes the poem more effective??

    asked by Ava
  90. Physics

    An arrow slows down from 43 m/s to 28 m/s as it passes through an apple. If the 493 g apple was originally at rest and sped up to 0.44, what must be the mass of the arrow?

    asked by Mike
  91. Science

    Can someone check my answer? The deepest parts of the ocean floor are called ____. ridges sea mounts trenches abyssal plains My answer is abyssal plains. Am I correct?

    asked by Nicky
  92. Alegebra

    Help me! a food manufactorer donates moneys to schools based on the number of its product labels the school collects. The students at one school collected 2,100 product labels in 3 months. the number of labels collected in the first 2 months was 3 times

    asked by COW
  93. I don't get what you wrotegeometry

    A solid die used for some games is made up of two square pyramids put together sharing a common base. a) How many faces does the die have? b) How many edges does the die have? c) How many vertices does the die have? Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

    asked by Marilyn
  94. Science

    What are some PQS' that I can give to a project right now?

    asked by Chirstine
  95. Calc

    how do you graph a peace wise that has one of its parameters stating 2 if x=1 (just how would you sketch that specific part)

    asked by Anonymous
  96. Science

    Mass=48; volume=24cm³. What is the density of this substance?

    asked by Miracle
  97. American Government

    What is your opinion on whether illegal immigrants who have jobs should be given legal status or not? (I need to record other's opinions)

    asked by huncho jack
  98. Math

    The angle "a" on the unit circle, formed when the segment that connects the origin to point P ( square root of 2 / -2; square root of 2 / -2) meets the positive x axis, can be written as 10P/a radians. What is the value of a?

    asked by Suzan
  99. plz help! history!

    Who works with the governor and lieutenant governor to enforce laws and administer programs like education, public safety, transportation, economic development and natural resource

    asked by some girl
  100. Math

    Suppose a South Korean inspirational speaker speaks from a rectangular stage measuring 30 feet by 70 feet. Find the area of the stage.

    asked by Chirstine
  101. Math

    If 2b^2 - 12 = 60 and b > 0, what is the value of b?

    asked by Suzan
  102. Science

    Which of the following quicjly changes the land when gravety pullsloose rocks and soil down the side of a hill

    asked by Wooldrdidge
  103. Math

    A balloon has a diameter of 10 inches and a height of 20 inches. How much helium will it take to fill the balloon in inches cubed

    asked by Amy
  104. math

    There is a 25% discount on a 50-inch TV that sells for $349. Sales tax is 4%. How much is the total cost after tax?

    asked by Zoe
  105. Math

    The temperatures at 10pm were 58f outside and 67f inside. At 4am they were 48f outside and 62f inside. Draw a graph of these data points and calculate slope of the line connecting them.

    asked by Jacob
  106. Math

    A carpet is thrown upwards and its height h metres after t seconds is given by the formula h=35r-5r^2. How long does it take to reach a height of 50m? Explain the meaning of the double answer

    asked by Blissful
  107. Math

    -x+5 < 1/x+3 The solution manual is my book shows this -x+5 - 1/x+3 < 0 -x^2 + 2x + 14/x + 3 < 0 (x+2.873)(x-4.873)/x+3 < 0 I understand everything except how the (-) sign from the -x^2 in the -x^2 + 2x + 14/x + 3 < 0 step disappeared in the

    asked by Anonymous
  108. English

    1. Which fund-raising event did he hold? 2. He held a fund-raising event for poor children? [#2 is the answer to #1. 'For poor children' is an adjective phrase, which modifies 'event.'] 3. Why did he hold a fund-raising event? 4. He held a fund-raising

    asked by rfvv
  109. Math

    If 56 percent of balloons are red, how many are not red?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. maths


    asked by sanmi