Questions Asked on
January 22, 2018

  1. Physics

    A 57.4-kg skateboarder starts out with a speed of 2.46 m/s. He does 114 J of work on himself by pushing with his feet against the ground. In addition, friction does -248 J of work on him. In both cases, the forces doing the work are non-conservative. The

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Science, please help!

    Please check my answer! Fill in the blank for below: Resources that cannot be replaced in the environment once they are used are _____. renewable resources compost nonrenewable resources I think the answer is nonrenewable resources.I might be incorrect, so

    asked by Nora
  3. 4 Calculus Related-Rates Problems

    1. How fast does the radius of a spherical soap bubble change when you blow air into it at the rate of 15 cubic centimeters per second? Our known rate is dV/dt, the change in volume with respect to time, which is 15 cubic centimeters per second. The rate

    asked by Angela
  4. Small changes differentiation

    the time period T for a simple pendulum of length l is given by T=2π⋅√(l/g) where g is a constant. find the percentage change in T when l changes by 6%

    asked by I
  5. Physics

    A ball of mass 0.2 kg tied to string and whirled in a chorizontal circle of radius 0.4 m if ball makes 10 complete revolution in 4secs determine linear speed centripetal acceleration and centripetL force??

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Math

    A rectangular prism as a volume of 120 cubic feet. What are the dimensions of 2 different possible rectangular prisms with a volume of 120 cubic feet?

    asked by Toby
  7. calculus

    Find the area of the region that lies inside the first curve and outside the second curve. r = 1 + cos(θ), r = 2 − cos(θ)

    asked by Tayb
  8. chem

    The dibasic compound B (pKb1 = 4.00, pKb2 = 8.00) was titrated with 1.00 M HCl. The initial solution of B was 0.100 M and had a volume of 100.0 mL. Find the pH at the following volumes of acid added and make a graph of pH versus Va; Va=0, 1, 5, 9, 10, 11,

    asked by joshua
  9. Logic

    What could be the answer? Write with reason "The great power passing through genes, The current bearer the oldest that ever been, Without any darkness in the reign Which extends to sixteen now, not to anyone's disdain, Identify the date when the idiot box,

    asked by Ekta
  10. Chemistry

    5.30g of pure anhydrous sodium carbonate, na2co3 was weighed and dissolved in a 250cm³ standard flask.The solution was made up to the etched mark with distilled water, calculate the number of moles of na2co3 in the solution.

    asked by Bello
  11. Math

    The Coffee Counter charges ​$11.00 per pound for Kenyan French Roast coffee and ​$15.00 per pound for Sumatran coffee. How much of each type should be used to make aa 24 pound blend that sells for ​$13.00 per​ pound?

    asked by Erin
  12. Science

    Nobelium -259 has a half life of 58 min? How much remains of 1kg sample after 1 day? Use the formula. A= Aö (1/2) t/h

    asked by Marianne
  13. Math

    Question Marks: 3 Check whether it is Regular or Irregular singular point of the equation

    asked by ALI AHMAD
  14. Algebra 2 Sine Function

    A power outage occurs 6 min after the ride started passengers must wait for their cage to be manually cranked into the lowest position in order to exit the ride. Sine function model: 82.5 sin 3 pi (t+0.5)+97.5 where h is the height of the last passenger

    asked by Gina Marie

    original length=2.0m, linear expansivity=25(10'-6 k'-1),rise in temp=?,increase in length=3.0 (cal the rise in temp)

    asked by ABEL
  16. math

    Mrs. Smith has 4 fewer kids in her class than Mr. Jones has in his class. If Mr. Jones has Δ kids in his class, write an expression that describes how many kids Mrs. Smith has in her class.

    asked by shaliah johnson

    formula for calculating linear expansivity

    asked by ABEL
  18. Math

    A Frisbee is thrown horizontally with a speed of 125m/s if the Frisbee moves a horizontal distance of 15m how long will it stay in the air.

    asked by Jean Silvwrio
  19. Math Algebra 2

    whobatman Please Help?! It might be a little hard but I will upvote if it's right!! The Colossus Ferris wheel debuted at the 1984 New Orleans World’s Fair. The ride is 180 ft tall, and passengers board the ride at an initial height of 15 ft above the

    asked by ImJUStin
  20. Science

    How are fossil fuels formed

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Math

    A pears rolls across a table with a speed of 0,5 m/s and falls off the edge, if it lands 3m from the edge of the table from what height does it fall

    asked by Ann
  22. Math

    A gardener holds a hose 0,75m above the ground such that the waterfront out horizontally and hits the ground at a point 2 meters away, what is the speed with which the water leaves the hose.

    asked by Russell
  23. clinical chem

    How many grams of hydrated MgSO4 ⋅ 5 H20 (M.W.: MgSO4 = 119, H20 = 18) are required to make a 10% solution of MgS04

    asked by Bridget
  24. Calculus (Motion with Vector functions)

    1. What are the magnitude and direction angle for the vector u= 2. Calculate the speed of a particle in the xy-plane with positive vector r(t)=(4-t^2, 6t) at the point (0,12).

    asked by Angela
  25. English

    In the blank space after each sentence, identify the underlined verb as active(A) or passive(P) 1:An interesting novel(was given)to my class by our literature teacher.P*** 2:Robinson Crusoe (was written)by Daniel Defoe.P*** 3:In the story, Robinson Crusoe

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Math

    Find the length of the right triangle's other leg. Round to the nearest tenth. SHOW YOUR WORK. LEG=9ft HYPOTENUSE=12ft

    asked by dani
  27. Calculus (Motion with Vector functions)

    3. What are the velocity and acceleration function vectors for a particle traveling in the xy-plane with position vector r(t)=(2+t^2, 3t)? a)v(t)=(2t^2, 3t) ; a(t)=(2t, 3) b)v(t)=(2t, 3) ; a(t)=(2, 0) c)v(t)=(2t, 3t) ; a(t)=(2, 3t) d)v(t)=(2+2t, 3) ;

    asked by Angela
  28. Calculus (Motion with Vector functions)

    For the position function r(t)= (2+t^2,3t), determine the approximate angle between the acceleration and velocity vectors at (3,3). a)45.7 b)56.3 c)71.7 d)44.9 e)58.2

    asked by Angela
  29. Physics

    A small block with mass 'm' is placed inside an inverted cone that is rotating about a vertical axis such that the time for one revolution of the cone is 'T'. The walls of the cone make an angle 'b' with the horizontal. The coefficient of static friction

    asked by Mr. Someone
  30. Social Studies

    In what way did the nation's transportation system help promote economic growth? a)It made it easier for Native Americans and freed African Americans to obtain the same goods as white people, boosting demand b)Because it added costs for delivery of goods,

    asked by anonymous101
  31. business

    PLEASE HELP, NEED PEOPLE WHO KNOW ABOUT BUSINESS. For questions 1-10, fill in the blank with the letter of the description that best matches the term. A,most important part of a savings plan b. Allows for a more secure future c. Keeps you from overspending

    asked by yee
  32. Language Arts 6th grade

    Choose the meaning that best matches the word italics. After disturbing the wasp's, the girl began (flailing) her arms in a attempt to swat away the swarming insects A. Thrashing wildly B. Beating in time C. Moving in a pattern D. Flapping up and down***

    asked by William Tran from Connexus
  33. History

    Both the Senate and the House of Representatives have formal and informal qualifications for membership. 1:What is the main difference between formal and informal qualifications? A:Formal qualifications are outlined in the Constitution.*** B:Formal

    asked by Anonymous
  34. biology

    1. Which sentence from the section "Line Graphs" BEST introduces when to use a line graph to display information to the reader? A line graph uses dots connected by lines to show how amounts change over time. A dot over each month would represent the

    asked by person
  35. Math

    What is a median?

    asked by Ar
  36. social studies

    what was the purpose freedman's bureau

    asked by marya
  37. Algebra Readiness

    1) Write the ration in simplest form 50:10 A)25:2 B)10:2 C)5:1 D)1:5 2) Solve the following proportion. r/5=9/21

    asked by SomeOneUnTraceable
  38. Social Studies

    What is the connection among sectionalism, slavery, and states’ rights as causes of the Civil War? How did the southern response to the 1860 election results demonstrate this connection? ///I’m not looking for an answer I just want someone to explain

    asked by Bob the builder
  39. Social Studies

    Why were settlers attracted to the Oregon Country? Select all that apply. A. The Oregon Country offered an abundance of open fields for farming. B. The Oregon Country was dryer than the East Coast and Pacific coast. C. The Oregon Country offered fertile

    asked by Baby_Banana
  40. math

    21. Your class hopes to collect at least 415 cans of food for the annual food drive. There were 99 cans donated the first week and 112 more the second week. Write an inequality that describes this situation. Let c represent the number of cans of food that

    asked by Ty
  41. Social Studies

    Which was the major result of the Homestead Act of 1862? A)increased public awareness of the need for conservation of natural resources B)increased development of Western Lands C)decreased conflicts between Native Americans and white settlers D)decreased

    asked by Nawa101
  42. Algebra

    Rose was buying fruit at the local market to make a fruit cake for Christmas. The recipe calls for plums, apples, and oranges. She needed 3 more oranges than plums and three times as many apples than plums. If she bought 28 pieces of fruit, how many

    asked by samay
  43. Math

    A tool shed 250cm high and 100 cm deep is built against a wall. Calculate the shortest ladder that can reach from the ground, over the shed, to the wall behind. How can I solve this?

    asked by Jacob
  44. algebra

    Solve the following system of equations. You will type your x value in the first part and the y value in the second part of the question. If the answer if no solution then type NS in both parts and if the the answer is infinite solutions then type I in

    asked by samay
  45. Science

    Help please! Nitrogen-fixing bacteria in soil turns nitrogen gas into _____. ammonia oxygen water carbon dioxide Please help!

    asked by Layla
  46. Algebra 1

    Please, I am very confused in the Systems of Equations and Inequalities Unit Test that is only 27 questions. The test starts with: 1.Which graph represents the solution to the given system? y = –x + 2 and y = 3x – 1 I am in 8th grade but take 9th grade

    asked by kachow
  47. english

    "Borders" 1. What does the mother's refusal to state her nationality as Canadian or American signify? (1 point) that she resents govenmental interference in her life the she identifies with neither country that she comes from somewhere else that she is

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Physics

    A bucket containing water of depth of 10cm is kept in a lift which is vertically upwards with an acceleration which is eaqual to 1½ times of acceleration due to gravity. Then pressure intensity at bottom of the bucket is? Ans:250kg/sqcm

    asked by Thousif
  49. adjustable rate check answer?

    Fiona is purchasing a condominium and is financing $305,000 with a 30-year 5/1 ARM at 4.65% with a 1/12 cap structure. What will her payments be at the beginning of year 6? $1436.86 $1572.69 $1608.51 $1736.26 I think its $1572.69 just want to know if I'm

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Social Studies

    Which of the following did the populist party believe would solve U.S economic problems? A)currency reform*** B)saving Banks C)new policies on Native Americans D)renewed immigration policies ~I can't really type this because passage but the next thing it

    asked by Nawa101 (ANYONE HELP) The Labor Movement Quiz
  51. Science ( just a little bit)

    Which of the following characteristics of the arctic rabbit is specifically an adaption to the living in the tundra? ( my answer) B A) Small size B) Keen eyesight ***** C) Strong legs D) White fur do you think i can get the answers? according to the

    asked by Minato Namakaze
  52. English

    "...A charge of snuff the wily virgin threw;/The gnomes direct, to every atom just./The pungent grains of titillating dust./Sudden with starting with tears each eye O'erflows./And the high dome re-echoes to his nose." This account of the conflict between

    asked by Anonymous
  53. History

    How did events of the Protestant Reformation motivate religious groups to migrate to the New World? (Select all that apply.) A. Pope Innocent III launched Crusades against English Pilgrims that caused them to flee to the New World. B. French Huguenots fled

    asked by Michael
  54. Math

    Nicholas and Millah are comparing results from a 2-day lab experiment. On monday Nicholas' results showed that 0.917 of the particles were charged while Millas results showed that 85% of the particles were charged. On Tuesday Nicholas's results showed that

    asked by Raelyn
  55. Math / geometery

    The area of a right triangle is 336 cm². The base of the right triangle is 48 cm. What is the length of the hypotenuse of the right triangle? Enter your answer in the box.

    asked by kora
  56. History

    Which option accurately describes events of the Industrial Revolution and subsequent emergence of capitalism? A. The Industrial Revolution resulted in the reemergence of the Catholic Church’s oversight of European monarchs and capitalist opportunities.

    asked by Michael
  57. Health

    Your Health Is Your Responsibility Unit 1 Lesson 3 1. It is important to learn, practice, and master the skills of good health. Four of the key skills include (1 point) A. advocacy, asking key questions, communicating, and making decisions. B. advocacy,

    asked by Swimmer
  58. math

    Suppose that the population of deer in a state is 1,500 and is growing 2% each year. Predict the population after 4 years.

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Grade11 Physical Sciences

    Draw a diagram to show the maximum and minimum resultants.

    asked by Refilwe
  60. English

    1. Which line from the poem “Wave” best develops its tone? Wave My child (line 1) Born to me by water (line 2) And by water (line 3) Swept away. (line 4) (1 point) a) line one b) line two c) line four d) line three My Answer: B Could someone please

    asked by ρσяк
  61. History

    Which option accurately describes events of the Haitian Slave Revolt on the island of Hispaniola (formerly Saint-Domingue)? A. Aztec and Incan slaves revolted against the English under the leadership Hernán Cortés to win their independence. B.

    asked by Michael
  62. Physics

    Three point charges are placed on the x-y plane as follows: Q1=-1.2nC at ( 3,4)cm, Q2=2.3nC at (0,0)cm and Q3=-3.7nC at (5,0)cm. What is the net force exerted by the two point charges on Q2?

    asked by Stephen
  63. Trigonometry

    I'm supposed to find the angle reference for a degree of 0. I think the answer is 180 degrees. Is that correct?

    asked by Ineedhelp
  64. math

    A study of a population of 1,200 frogs revealed that 12 out of every 180 frogs in the population have spots on their back. Based on the results of this study, how many frogs in the population do NOT have spots on their back? A 80 B 168 C 1,280 D 1,120**

    asked by Isaac
  65. history

    Select one civilization you learned about during the semester. Write an essay in which you explain how the structure and nature of government in that civilization a) developed, b) responded to needs within society, and c) succeeded or failed. Be sure to

    asked by nojit
  66. English

    The Gettysburg Address The phrase "The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here" is ironic because a. everyone has forgotten the speech. b. the speech is famous and people have not forgotten what

    asked by Max
  67. Ap Chemistry

    Two objects A and B of different size are both at a temperature of 500 K and are connected by a rod (A looks four times larger than b). What will be the nature of transmission of heat? A. Gradual transmission from B to A B. No transmission of heat will

    asked by Damien
  68. History

    1:The Department of Defense is responsible for which of the following? (2 points)Select all that apply. A:Declaring war B:Advising the President*** C:The armed forces*** D:Creating foreign policy 2:The Executive Office of the President is a bureaucracy.

    asked by Anonymous
  69. History

    Why did the chisholm trail end in abilene, kansas? plz help i read the text it gave me and i still can't find the answer.

    asked by Isaac
  70. Math

    The width of a rectangular prism is 30 cm. This is 12 more than one-fourth of the length. Find the volume of the prism, given the height, is 20 cm. P.S. I need this question by 01-26-18

    asked by Lexi
  71. pre algebra

    can i please have the answers for these and why they are that answer? cause im stuck on these and it's very important. #1 -9p - 17 = 10 A -3 B 16 C 18 D -16 #2 w/4 - 4 =3 A -4 B 28 C 3 D 11 #3 x/5 + 6= 10 A 44 B 30 C 20 D -20 #4 -2(m-30)= -6m A -15 B -13 C

    asked by Damien
  72. Chemistry

    Initial[A] Initial [B] Initial Rate, M/s .740 M .010 M 3.00e-10 .740 M .030 M 8.09e-9 .740 M .060 M 6.46e-8 .740 M .070 M 1.03e-7 What is the order of the reaction with respect to the concentration of B?

    asked by Annie
  73. History

    Which most accurately describes consequences of the Renaissance in Europe? 1.) the Renaissance led to the Catholic church having a monopoly on literacy and interpretation of the bible 2.) the Renaissance gave rise to the protestant reforming and reduced

    asked by Keith T.
  74. History

    Which option accurately describes the impact the Columbian Exchange had on the indigenous people of the Americas? A. The Columbian Exchange enabled the trade of the coca plant, which was later made into an early form of cocaine. B. Europeans brought

    asked by Kennedy
  75. History

    Which most accurately describes consequences of the Renaissance in Europe? The Renaissance led to the Catholic church having a monopoly on literacy and interpretation of the bible The Renaissance gave rise to the protestant reforming and reduced the power

    asked by Keith T.
  76. Algebra

    Eight roses and 9 Carnations cost $50. One dozen roses and find carnations cost $70. What is the cost of one rose and one Carnation each?

    asked by Nidia
  77. History

    How did the French and Indian War contribute to new taxation policies in the American colonies? A. The French government imposed higher taxes on the American colonists in order to stockpile an artillery and defeat the British army. B. The American

    asked by Michael
  78. Math?

    a △ b means (7-a)*(3+b). Find c if 3 △ 1=5 △ c Please help. Ms.Sue possible to answer??

    asked by Grace
  79. Math?

    Mrs. Porter purchased 10 grapefruit and 20 plums. One grapefruit weighs the same as 3 plums. The weight of all 30 pieces of fruit is 175 ounces. The total weight of 2 grapefruits and 8 plums is (blank) ounces. Please help.

    asked by Grace
  80. History

    1:Why did the Framers decide that federal judges should be appointed for life rather than elected every few years? A:Appointed judges are not swayed by public opinion.*** B:Appointed judges follow the president's goals for the country. C:Appointed judges

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Please Help! Calculus

    Calculate the speed of a particle traveling in the xy-plane with position vector r(t)=(4-t^2,6t) at the point (0,12). a)2(sqrt13) b)6 c)4(sqrt13) d)52 e)sqrt2

    asked by Tony
  82. History

    How did the decline of the Roman Empire impact the rise of the Arab Empire in Spain? A. Huns ruled Spain after the Roman Empire fell, and they were easily defeated by the Umayyads for control of Spain. B. Visigoths ruled Spain after the Roman Empire fell,

    asked by Michael
  83. Math

    Mrs. Porter purchased 10 grapefruit and 20 plums. One grapefruit weighs the same as 3 plums. The weight of all 30 pieces of fruit is 175 ounces. The total weight of 2 grapefruits and 8 plums is (blank) ounces. Please help, fast!

    asked by Grace
  84. History

    Which of the following became a valid criticism of the Electoral College system after the 2000 Bush v. Gore presidential elections? A:The election had to be decided in the Senate. B:The winner of the popular vote was not guaranteed the presidency.*** C:The

    asked by Anonymous
  85. math

    a model of a rocket is 1.77 m high.This height is 1.6% of the actual height of the rocket. what is the usual height of the rocket?

    asked by nikki
  86. History

    Can someone please help me find a site to explain the Federal Papers and their effect on the American founding documents?

    asked by Anonymous
  87. AP Calculus Help

    The position of a particle is given by r(t)=(t+cos(t/2), -3sint). What is the particles velocity vector when t=pi? a)v= b)v= c)v= d)v= e)v= Thank you so much!!

    asked by Kelly
  88. History

    Which option accurately describes Chinese culture’s motivation to sail vast oceans during the Age of Discovery? A. The Chinese sailed vast oceans to find a lost city of gold in South America. B. The Chinese sailed vast oceans to spread their culture

    asked by Michael
  89. Math

    Lewis is putting 74 cans into cartons each carton holds 8 cans how many cans will be in the unfilled carton

    asked by Mia
  90. Calculus

    The velocity of a particle at time t is v(t)=t^3. When t=0, the particle is at position x=3. Determine the location of the particle at time t=2. A)x=4 B)x=7 C)x=8 D)x=16 E)x=19

    asked by Katey
  91. History

    Which options accurately describe ancient Greece’s influence on later civilizations? (Select all that apply.) A. Ancient Greece developed the Latin language, which later influenced all of the Romance languages. B. Ancient Greece developed gunpowder,

    asked by Michael
  92. Calculus

    The function g(x)=12x^2-sinx is the first derivative of f(x). If f(0)=-2, what is the value of f(2pi)? a)30pi+2 b)8pi^2-2 c)4pi^3+8 d)32pi^3-2 e)2pi^2+5

    asked by Jillian
  93. Biochemistry

    What volume (in milliliters) of 0.180 M NaOH should be added to a 0.135 L solution of 0.0230 M glycine hydrochloride (pKa1 = 2.350, pKa2 = 9.778) to adjust the pH to 2.73? Plz help, I'm not sure how to answer the question! Thank you!!

    asked by Deena12
  94. History

    Which option accurately describes the impact the Columbian Exchange had on the indigenous people of the Americas? A. The Columbian Exchange was a barter system between European explorers and the indigenous people, who exchanged gold for rum and spices. B.

    asked by Michael
  95. Calculus!!!!

    The velocity of a particle at time t is v(t)=t^3. When t=0, the particle is at position x=3. Determine the location of the particle at time t=2 A)x=4 B)x=7 C)x=8 d)x=16 e)x=19

    asked by Katey
  96. English

    I'm doing a paper on Fear. My thesis is that the root of fear is that we've been forced to deny who we are. Would I be able to get any quotes from a non-smoker with a smoker by Phillip Lopate to help support my thesis?

    asked by Sarah R
  97. Math

    How do you do proportion relationships

    asked by Stacey
  98. biology

    can someone from connexus in the 10th grade help me with the biology final exam? I just want to make sure my answers are right.

    asked by Salem
  99. English

    2. Choose the term that describes the underlined part of the sentence. Although it was raining fairly hard, the team played its best game ever. (1 point) noun clause adjective clause adverb clause independent clause My Answer: "noun clause" Can someone

    asked by ρσяк
  100. History

    What led to the viability of the Jamestown colony? A. Trading for furs with the Cherokee tribes to the south led to an increase in revenue. B. The acquisition of gold held by the Powhatan tribe improved the viability of the colony. C. The production of

    asked by Michael
  101. Math

    What are somewhat websites that I can use for graphs?

    asked by Alex
  102. Math Mysteries....

    I need some help on some of these, finding which fraction it would be with clues. I answered some, but some I need help on: 1. My numerator is 6 less than my denominator I am equivalent to 3/4. My answer to number 1: 6/12 2. My denominator is 5 more than

    asked by Grace
  103. math

    there are 600 children on a field. 30% of them were boys. after 5 teams of boys join the children on the field, the percentage of children who were boys increaseto 40%. how many boys were there in the 5 teams altogether?

    asked by Student
  104. Math

    How do you solve proportional relationships? Problem: A gym employee is paid monthly. After working for three months, he had earned $4,500. To determine how much money he will make over a six-month period. 1. He continue to earn the same rate how much will

    asked by Stacey
  105. Math?

    There are clues and a fraction you have to figure out which: My denominator is 5 more than twice my numerator. I am equivalent to 1/3. What is my fraction??

    asked by Grace
  106. Math

    A bag of marbles containing yellow, blessed, red and purple marbles. There are a total of 24 marbles in the bag. you randomly selected a marble from the bag and then put it back. Repeat the process 15 times. If you select a yellow marble 5 times,how many

    asked by Debbie
  107. Math

    A scale drawing of a mural is 15 inches by 30 inches. The scale of the drawing is 1in:4ft. What is the ratio of the drawing's area to the mural area?

    asked by someone living the dream
  108. Reading

    You are writing to a teacher or an administrator at Edwards school. The context of your letter should state the reason why it is important to teach the Holocaust. Today, you are to write your first paragraph stating your main reason. Please do not simply

    asked by Matthew
  109. math

    The sum of two numbers is eight. Four less than five times the smaller is equal to the larger.

    asked by Diarmere
  110. Math

    3. x(5,-8) Go down 5, left 7, and down 6 more quadrant:_________;point:x(___,____) Plz help

    asked by Paige
  111. math

    Don had 3 quarters, 2 dimes, and 1 nickel. Phil had 2 quarters and 1 dime. After Don gave Phil 3 of his coins, they both had the same amount of money. What 3 coins did Don give to Phil?

    asked by hola
  112. science

    What are the major physical differences between the respiratory system of a human and the respiratory system of a frog?

    asked by Ava
  113. math

    The middle bead in a string of 17 beads was the largest and most expensive. Starting from each end, the end beads were $1 each and each bead is $1 more that the one before it, up the middle. If the string beads is worth $100, what is the middle bead worth?

    asked by Anonymous
  114. Math

    Hello! The question I'd like someone to check is, A teacher brings 3 gallons of juice on a field trip. There are 36 students on the trip. a. How many fluid ounces of juice does the teacher bring? Show your work. There is a part b, but I'm only working on

    asked by Pepsi
  115. Math, algebra, geometry

    John Anderson knows that the pizza pipeline charges its customers a certain amount per one topping pizza, plus a fixed price for delivery. The checks that John wrote for the last two deliveries were $17 for two pizzas and $31 for four pizzas. How much

    asked by Kate
  116. communication task

    Can u plz help me read my letter to the MP requesting a security guards

    asked by ms suzie
  117. Math/ compound interest

    A scale of one to ten is

    asked by ms suzie
  118. English

    I'm having trouble trying to find the main message or theme of this poem. When I read it I'm just left confused as to what the poem was trying to convey. Any help would be appreciated. The sounds Of the Harlem night Drop one by one into stillness. The last

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Language arts

    Dreams by Langston Hughes: Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams for when dreams go life is a barren field Frozen with snow. How do this metaphor Works in relation to the poems title

    asked by Sunji
  120. physics

    Sitting in a chairlift, Rebecca has a gravitational potential energy of 5,997.6 J. If Rebecca has a mass of 51 kg, how high off the ground is the lift?

    asked by angie
  121. Math

    Lindsey read 2/5 of a book on Monday. She read 12 pages on Tuesday. If she still had 1/2 of the book to read, how many pages were therein the book?

    asked by sam
  122. Math


    asked by Sunji
  123. physics

    Stuck on this problem: A train car (mass 15,000 kg) moving right with a velocity of 4.0 m/s collides with a train car (mass 14,000 kg) moving right with a velocity of 0.5m/s. They couple or get stuck together. What is the final velocity

    asked by daemon
  124. Math

    a dog kennel charges $40 to board a dog for one night and $35 per night each night after that. Henry paid a total of 215 for dog boarding. for how many nights did henry board his dog?

    asked by Anonymous
  125. Math


    asked by Deywone Davidson
  126. math

    A right rectangular pryamid has a height of 27 feet and a base length 20 feet and width 8 feet. Courtney said a rectangle that has a length of 25 feet and a width of 10 feet is a possible horizontal cross section of this right rectangular pryamid. Is

    asked by Anonymous
  127. Algebra

    Jan's pay is in direction variation to t he hours she works. Jan earns $54 for 12 hours of work. How much will she earn for 18 hours work?

    asked by Direction Variation
  128. Economics

    A firm produces 10 units of output at a market price of ​$7​, a marginal cost of ​$7​, and an average cost of ​$5. The​ firm's economic profit is

    asked by Tee
  129. Gov

    1. Speedy and public trials can go to fast or to public, Why is this a problem? 2. When would it happen? My answer: 1. The criminal is tried for the alleged crimes within a reasonable time after being arrested. They should be able to have more time, and it

    asked by Bor
  130. history

    Which of the following best applies to religion in the High Middle Ages? 1. Pilgrimages to holy shrines declined as the practice of indulgences increased 2. The Bible was translated and widely read in the vernacular (every day, spoken) languages 3. The

    asked by Sara
  131. Algebra

    find the missing number in the following sequence 13,7,18,10,5 -9,1,12,6?

    asked by Preya G
  132. Math

    Adam used three fractions to make a circle graph and colored each a different color. What fraction of the graph is not colored? Explain your answer.

    asked by Monica
  133. Science

    In the system shown above m1 = 9.5kg and m2 = 2.6kg. If the coefficient of kinetic friction UK = 0.15 and the system is released from rest

    asked by John
  134. communication task

    What is a buisness letter

    asked by ms suzie
  135. Language Arts 6th grade

    Which of the following passages from the Cay best illustrates Philip's determination? A. Wondering what had caused the birds to attack me, I felt around the sand B. I realized then why he had used our rope sparingly; why he made our guideline down to east

    asked by William Tran from Connexus
  136. Physics

    Consider a lever rod of length 7.96 m, weight 71 N and uniform density. The lever rod is pivoted on one end and is supported by a cable attached at a point 1.74 m from the other end:  The lever rod is in equilibrium at angle of

    asked by c
  137. Language Arts 6th grade

    Which of the following events from the cay best indicates that Phillip will be rescued? A. Phillip realizes the signal fire must produce darker smoke***** B. Phillip accepts that he cannot live alone forever on the cay C. Phillip begins to rebuild the

    asked by William Tran from Connexus
  138. Language Arts 6th grade

    Timothy most likely warns Phillip to avoid swimming in the water because ____. A. He sees sharks swimming very close to the shoreline B. He knows that there are moray eels living in the crevices C. German submarines may detect they are on the island*****

    asked by William Tran from Connexus
  139. Early Childhood Education

    Substance abuse during pregnancy Emotional and behavior disorders Write a two-page double-spaced paper describing the risk factors involved and the possible outcomes for the child who is exposed to this particular type of risk. How might this risk factor

    asked by Betty
  140. Language Arts 6th grade

    What does Taylor want young people to know and understand? How will this help Dr. King's dream to come true? Explain what the dedication means and how the message of the book is connected to Dr. Kings dream.

    asked by William Tran from Connexus
  141. Algrithms

    Consider a very large undirected graph of Email Networks. The nodes (or vertices) represent email addresses, and an edge represents the fact that there was at least one email in at least one direction between the two addresses. Which technique will you use

    asked by Amd
  142. Math

    one of the valves on the hoover dam releases 40,000 gallons of water per second. what is the rate in gallons per minute?

    asked by Xavier
  143. physics

    a child sees an empty soda can resting on the icy surface of a frozen pond and throws a stone at it the stone hits the can which then slides across the ice decreasing in speed as it does so at the edge of the pond the can hits a pile of snow and stops

    asked by neloum
  144. Government HELP

    How are the first amendment rights seen in the constitution? Like how congress can't change religion

    asked by K
  145. physics

    a child sees an empty soda can resting on the icy surface of a frozen pond and throws a stone at it the stone hits the can which then slides across the ice decreasing in speed as it does so at the edge of the pond the can hits a pile of snow and stops.

    asked by neloum