Questions Asked on
January 20, 2018

  1. maths

    Find the equation to the cone whose vertex is the point (a,b,c) and whose generating lines intersects the conic px2 + qy2 = 1, z = 0.

    asked by mukesh
  2. LA

    Which of he following answer choices contains a metaphor? •his skin was sandpaper •The sun sparkled like a diamond •She wanted to be like the birds and fly away •they felt free when they ran through the doors

    asked by Papaya
  3. Chemistry

    A 35.1g sample of solid CO2 (dry ice) is added to a container at a temperature of 100k with a volume of 4.0L. If the container is evacuated (all of the gas removed), sealed and then allowed to warm to room temperature (T=298K) so that all of the solid CO2

    asked by Ricky
  4. Chemistry

    (A) calculate the density of NO2 gas at 0.970atm and 35 Celsius. (B) calculate the molar mass of a gas if 2.50g occupies 0.875L at 685torr and 35 Celsius. Answers are 1.77g/L 80.1g/mol

    asked by Kate
  5. Chemistry

    Rank the following gases from least dense to most dense at 1.00atm and 298 K:CO, N20, Cl2, HF.

    asked by Leonard
  6. Chemistry

    Which equation will you use to calculate the volume of a 5.00-liter sample of air at 50°C when it is warmed to 100°C at constant pressure?

    asked by HS Student
  7. Physics

    A charge +q is at the origin. A charge -2q is at x = 6.30 m on the +x axis. (a) For what finite value of x is the electric field zero? (b)or what finite values of x is the electric potential zero? (Note: Assume a reference level of potential V = 0 at r =

    asked by Angel
  8. Physics

    The readings on a high resistance voltmeter, when a cell is connected across it, is 2.2 V . When the terminals of cell are also connected to a resistance of 5 ohm the voltmeter reading drops the 1.8 V. Calculate the internal resistance of cell

    asked by Hrishav
  9. math

    I NEED HELP In a survey four out of the seven people named blue as their favorite color one out of three named red. If 1092 people were included in the survey how many named neither blue nor red as their favorite color A)192 B)104 C)148 D)212

    asked by Cute min
  10. history

    What did Simón Bolívar promise Alexandre Pétion in exchange for weapons and Haitian troops? promote international trade with Haiti end slavery in Venezuela support Pétion’s bid for reelection in Haiti invade the Dominican Republic

    asked by Adam
  11. Physics

    A fisherman's scale stretches 3.6 cm when a 2.7-kg fish hangs from it. (A) What is the spring stiffness constant? (B) What will be the amplitude and frequency of vibration if the fish is pulled down 2.5 cm more and released so that it vibrates up and down?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. English

    Which of the following sentences contains a verb in the subjunctive mood? A:All me to introduce myself B:If water reaches 32 degrees, it turns to ice. C:I wish you had more confidence in yourself*** Which of the following sentences contains a verb in the

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Chemistry

    What change would occur in the kinetic energy of vapor if a container of vapor is placed at 0 Kelvin? A.The kinetic energy of gas particles will increase. B.The kinetic energy of gas particles will decrease. C.The kinetic energy of gas particles will

    asked by HS Student
  14. Math (please help asap)

    Jacque's clock strikes every 15 minutes. how many times does it strike in a week? A: 96* B: 28 C: 2,250 D: 672 I'm pretty sure its A, but i'm not sure how to do the problem. Can someone tell me if its right or point me in the right direction?

    asked by Ace
  15. Math

    If you toss a fair coin and you toss until a head is followed by a tail. What is the probability that at least 5 tosses are needed for this to occur?

    asked by John
  16. Maths

    Minah and rohana had a total of $338 at first. After minah’s mother gave her another $49 and rohana spent half of her money, they both had the same amount of money. How much did Minah have at first?

    asked by Dani
  17. Science

    Determine the mass of lead chloride precipitated when 5g of sodium chloride solution reacts with lead trioxonitrate v.

    asked by Ayo
  18. Maths

    A man spent one fourth of his monthly salary on rent, two fifth of the remaining on food and one sixth of still remained on drinks. What fraction did he spent on drinks

    asked by Victor
  19. Geometry

    A circle has a 3cm radius. 1. By what factor does the circumference change if the radius is tripled? Explain. 2. By what factor does the area change if the radius is doubled? Explain.

    asked by Anonymous
  20. geometry

    I need help with figure E Find the areas of the following figures. FIGURE A = 24? a rhombus with a perimeter of 20 meters and a diagonal of 8 meters FIGURE B = 120? a rhombus with a perimeter of 52 meters and a diagonal of 24 meters FIGURE C = 10.83? an

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Math

    on a map whose scale is 1:50000 a piece of land is represented by a rectangle measuring 3 cm by 2 cm. What is the actual size of this land in hectares?

    asked by Matt
  22. Statistics and Probability

    A box contains 4 red and 5 blue marbles. Michele picks three marbles at random from this box. If Z is a random variable representing the # of blue marbles picked from the box, do the following. a. Express the probability mass function of Z in tabular form.

    asked by Joanna
  23. Physics

    The speed of the tip of a second hand of length 5 cm of a clock is m/s

    asked by Rahul
  24. Chemistry

    C3H8 +________O2 ---------3CO+4H2O . Which is the balance the reaction A. 1 B. 7 C. 5 D.3

    asked by Janet
  25. Chemistry

    'Would the probability factor in the rate equation be greater or lower if the particles colliding were individual atoms instead of molecules? ' I want to say it would be lower because atoms have less kinetic energy than molecules due to their lesser mass,

    asked by SarahF275
  26. English

    Which would best describe Gray's feeling's about death?(Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard) A:Death is incredibly sad. B:Death is not concerned with a man's wealth.*** C:Death is not something to give much thought to. D:Death is of greater concern to

    asked by Anonymous
  27. math

    The triangles below are similar. Find the value of x. The first triangle has 5 on the right and left side and 4 on the bottom. The second triangle has 9 on the right and on the left side and x is at the bottom. A)8.2 B)7.8 C)7.2 D)6.8

    asked by Cute min
  28. Science

    How are frogs able to alter the amount of cutaneous respiration that occurs?

    asked by Ava
  29. maths

    Find the projection of the line 3x – y +2z – 1 = 0, x +2y – z = 2 on the plane 3x + 2y +z = 0.

    asked by mukesh
  30. Math

    How many prizes are there if 120 tickets are sold

    asked by Ratio
  31. Chemistry

    Which of the following is NOT an assumption about an ideal gas? A. There are no intermolecular forces of attraction. B. The molecules do not collide with each other. C. The molecules have no kinetic energy. D. The molecules occupy no volume.

    asked by Student
  32. Chemistry

    What is the concentration in %m/m if 3.6g of NaCl dissolved in 400mL of water?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Statistics

    In a village with a population of 1500,the probability of a person falling sick is 0.002. Find the probability that a)3people fall sick in a week b)less than 3 fall sick in a week c)at most 3 fall sick in a week d)more than 2 fall sick in a week

    asked by Auma Stephen Onyango
  34. Physiology

    1.During which stage of cellular respiration is most ATP made? C A. Glycolysis B. Chemiosmosis C. Electron Transport Chain D. Citric acid Cycle 2. The anticodon is part of a(n) ____ molecule and the codon is part of a(n) ___ molecule? B A. tRNA...rRNA B.

    asked by Hayley
  35. History

    I'm currently writing a presentation on Joe Foss, in my presentations are bullet points of accomplishments and his basic information. I was wondering how i would make the summary, would I use bullet points of the same information or would I write a

    asked by Henry
  36. English

    I'm writing a personal essay about a novel. Every time I use the title of my novel in the my essay my teacher wants me to underline it. For one part of the essay I'm supposed to talk about if the author has published any other novels. I was just wondering

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Biology

    1% of sloths within a population show the recessive trait of a certain characteristic. This population is in HW Equilibrium. What is the value of p if p represents the dominant allele? a)0.99 b)0.9 c)0.81 d)0.18 I know the answer is B, but why? 0.09

    asked by ccj
  38. Geography

    Wat is d full meaning of CRC and define plszzz

  39. Physiology

    1. Atp synthase is an enzyme in the. C A. NUCLEUS B. CELL MEMBRANE C. MITOCHONDRIAL MEMBRANE D. MITOCHONDRIAL MATRIX 2. Each condon on a(n) ____ molecule encodes for ___ amino acids. B A. B. mRNA....three C. tRNA...three D. 3. Two

    asked by Hayley
  40. Social Studies

    Can anyone give me a link to a short article on immigration from Latin America. Whenever I search for one I only find really long articles. I need to easily summarize the article.

    asked by huncho jack
  41. MATH8

    cost price of an article is rupees500 it is sold at 25/2% gain. sales tax charged is 15%what amount is payable by customer.

    asked by DEEPI
  42. math

    Miniature cactuses usually cost £25 but have a sale price of £20. what is the percentage decrease in the price of miniature cactuses?

    asked by ash
  43. English

    I really needed help to find an academic journal (not website) based on Marxist theory specifically something talking about money. I looked through tremendous amounts of pdf's so I really need help now.

    asked by S.S
  44. Math

    Find A.P which fifth terms are 5 and common difference is -3

    asked by Eshwari