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January 19, 2018

  1. English

    Choose the mood of the underlined verb. 1. (Look) out of the window and tell me what you see. (1 point) indicative imperative*** subjunctive 2. Yosemite National Park (is) a national treasure. (1 point) indicative*** imperative subjunctive 3. If I (were)

  2. physics

    A ball of mass 0.2 kg strikes a force sensor and sticks to it. Just before impact the ball is travelling horizontally at a speed of 4.0 m s–1. The graph shows the variation with time t of the force F recorded by the sensor. (plus there is this graph

  3. physics

    A boy jumps from a wall 3m high. What is an estimate of the change in momentum of the boy when he lands without rebounding? the answer is 5x10^2kg/ms, but how?

  4. physics

    Each side of a metal cube is measured to be 2.0 cm ±0.20 cm. What is the absolute uncertainty in the calculated volume of the cube?

  5. Math

    1: Classify the quadrilateral using the name that best describes it I tried posting it but it didn't work 2: which statement is a true statement 3: which statement is a true statement 4: Which property is not a characteristic of a polygon 5: Which figure

  6. physics

    ne kilogram of ice of density 1000 kg m–3 is frozen in the shape of a cube. The diameter of a water molecule is 10–10 m. What is the difference in the orders of magnitude of the length of one side of the ice cube and the diameter of a water molecule?

  7. scince

    which two types of clouds indicate fair weather? A.cirrus and cumulus-My Answer B.cirrus and stratus C.cumulus and stratus D.cumulus and nimostratus

  8. Physics

    A crew team rows a boat at a rate of 20 km/h in still water. In practice on a river, the team rows for 30 minutes up the river (against the current), and then for 30 minutes down the river (with the current). The speed of the river current is 1.5 km/h. How

  9. Art

    1. A museum professional has been working extended hours to remove dirt and grease that a vandal left on a painting. This Professional is most likely an A. Curator B. Conservationist C. Historian D. Archaeologists 2.Pick the statement that best describes

  10. physics

    The efficiency of an electric motor is 20 %. When lifting a body 500 J of energy are wasted. What is the useful work done by the motor? please and thank u!

  11. chemistry

    Sulfur dioxide and oxygen react to form sulfur trioxide as follows 2SO_2(g) + O_2(g) ⇌ 2SO_3(g) 1 mole of sulfur dioxide is mixed with 0.5 moles of oxygen gas in a 1 L container. There is 0.9 mol of SO_3 at equilibrium. Calculate the following. a)

  12. physic

    A race car travels 950 km around a circular sprint track of radius 1.343 km. How many times did it go around the track?

  13. Math

    State the property that justifies the statement: If 3x = 6, then x = 2. A. Subtraction Property of Equality B. Addition Property of Equality C. Division Property of Equality D. Multiplication Property of Equality*** Can you please check my answers?

  14. Social Studies

    What negative impact did gold and silver mining have in the south? a)Tent cities near the mines fostered criminals as long term residents b)Ghost towns were left behind after the mines stopped producing c)Mining camps were sources of many contagious

  15. Science

    Draw an energy level diagram for the combustion of methane

  16. Math!

    Help would be highly appreciated! Thank you. What number is 73% of 215? A. 215 = 0.73n B. n = 0.73 x 215** C. 0.73 = n x 215 D. 215 = 73n What percent of 94 is 23? A. n/94 = 23/100 B. 23/94 = n/100** C. 94/n = 23/100 D. 23/94 = 100/n 85 is 40% of what

  17. Science

    7. Which degree of tilt produced light similar to what North America experiences in summer? Explain your answer *Based on the four seasons portfolio I need help with this bevause I dont understand what it is asking. Is it asking for the areas or the

  18. Math

    A curve is such that dy/dx=2-8(3x+4)^-0.5 The curve intersects the y-axis where y=4/3 Find the equation of the cure.

  19. Science

    If a real frog was being dissected and the stomach has food in it, would any of it be identified?

  20. Science

    How much energy is given out whwn 1g of methane burns

  21. math

    A study of a population of 1,200 frogs revealed that 12 out of every 180 frogs in the population have spots on their back. Based on the results of this study, how many frogs in the population do NOT have spots on their back? a.80 b.168 c.1,280 d.1,120

  22. biochem

    you want to make a 0.5 m acetate buffer at a ph = 5.5. how much acetic acid and base should you mix

  23. math

    Determine whether ∆QRS is a right triangle for the given vertices. Explain. Q(18, 13), R(17, –3), S(–18, 12)

  24. History

    Why was the cowboy more of a legend than a reality. I think it's cowboys were typically low paid young people who needed a job Can you please check my answer.

  25. science

    what is an example of mutualism in a cave dwelling?

  26. physic

    unit of distance used in astronomy is the parsec (pc): 1 pc = 3.26 ly. The distance to the Earth's next-nearest star, α-Centauri, is 1.3 pc. Find the distance d to α-Centauri in light-years and in meters.

  27. Physics

    Carbon-15 has a half-life of 5730 years. As observed from Earth, what would the half-life of carbon-15 be if it traveled through space at 25% of the speed of light, relative to Earth?

  28. MS.SUE PLZ HELP!!!

    For Questions 1-5, solve the equation... 1. -9x -5 = -95 a:17 b:11 c:10*** d:-10 2. x/4 -5 = -8 a:-27 b:-12 *** c:-7 d:12 3. d/3+10 = 7 a:51 b:20 c:0 d:-9 *** 4. 3(4-2x)= -2x a:-1 b:1 c:2 d:3*** 5. 2.9n +1.7=3.5 +2.3n a:3 *** b:-3 c:.3 d:1 Thank you for

  29. Math 6th Grade

    2 1/4 r = 10 A. 4 3/4 B. 4 2/5 C. 4 4/9 I having a little bit of trouble on this problem. Can you show me how to solve the problem?

  30. Personal Fiance

    You think that in 8 years it will cost $247,000 to provide your child a 4-year college education. Will you have enough if you take $77,000 today and invest it for the next 8 years at 8 percent? Round the answer to the nearest cent. Round FV-factor and

  31. physics

    A ball is tossed vertically upwards with a speed of 5.0 m s–1. After how many seconds will the ball return to its initial position? plz help !

  32. algebra 2

    PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS QUESTION I DONT WANT TO FAIL AND I FEEL AS IF IM WRONG! The average daily minimum temperature for Pablo’s hometown can be modeled by the function f(x)=15.3sin(πx6)+44.1 , where f(x) is the temperature in °F and x is the month.

  33. math

    Cathy sells twice as many pink sweaters as green sweaters each month. She averages 20 less green sweaters than pink sweaters each month. How many of each color sweater did Cathy sell?

  34. Educational Technology and Online Learning 7

    If my neighbor that I am friends with in real life wants to be my friend online, is that OK? WHy? Yes, because you know them. Am I right?

  35. Social Studies

    Should the U.S. have annexed Hawaii?

  36. Chemistry

    Research the contributions from these two scientists and read about how Avogadro’s number got its name. Briefly state what you think this number should be called, providing key details of each scientist’s contributions to this concept and a solid

  37. History

    1. Where did the culture of the cattle rancher and cowboy originate. A from Texas after the buffalo was over hunted B from the Comanche C from the need to move cattle nearer the Mississippi River D from spain

  38. pre algebra

    can you please tell me if my answers are correct? For questions 1-5 solve the equations -9x-5=-95 A 17 B 11 c 10 d -10** x/3-10= -12 A -6 B -66 C 6 D 66** d/3 + 10= -12 A 51 B 20 C 0 D -9** 2(2-2x)= -3x A -4 B 4 C 6** D 0 2.9n + 1.7= 3.5 + 2.3n A 3 B -3 C

  39. Extra Credit

    This isn't really a question most people ask, but I have to! There is this extra credit for each subject Social Studies, math, Science, LA, etc. The one's I don't have good grades on are Math and Language Arts. My father is leaving on a trip tomorrow, so I

  40. math

    point r has coordinates (a,b). the point is reflected across the x axis and then translated 5 points to the right to create point s. Create an expression that represent the y coordinates of point s

  41. MATH

    Which ordered pairs are on the line ​ 4x−3y=84x−3y=8 ​? Select each correct answer. ​ (−1,4) ​ (1,−4/3) ​ ​ (3/2,−2/3)​ ​ (−4,−8) ​I know that one is (1,4/3) but I thought the other was (2,0) and it is not up their. Help

  42. Math 6

    Can someone check my answer? Q:r. Harry rides his bike 25 3/8 miles. Karen rides her bike 25 2/8 miles. Who rides farther? A:Karen rode farther. This is because 3/8 is about 37/100 and 2/5 is 40/100. Since both fractions have 25 as a mixed number for them,

  43. physics

    There is motion of a straight track between two stations. Average speed: 12m/s Distance between stations: 3600m. Please help how could I find the max speed given these information? and it isn't like the average speed so it confused me

  44. math

    On the surface of the moon, the astronauts weight is 128 newtons. What is the moon's gravitational constant?

  45. Algebra 1 A

    Please help, i need some assistance as i don't understand the material! You are starting a new business in which you have decided to sell two products instead of just one. Determine a business you could start and choose two products that you could sell.

  46. Math

    What is the difference in value between the largest and the smallest 6-digit number formed using the digits 3, 0, 4, 5, 2, 9?

  47. statistics

    When a parachute is inspected, the inspector is looking for anything that might indicate the parachute might not open. - State the null and alternative hypotheses for this situation.

  48. Math 8th

    How could I solve this? Multiple Choice Classify the triangle according to side length and angle measurement. A right triangle A. isosceles; right B. equilateral; obtuse C. scalene; acute D. scalene; right

  49. Pre Calc

    Use the Pythagorean identities rather than reference triangles . Find tanθ and cotθ if secθ = 5/2 and sinθ

  50. world history

    In 1469, Ferdinand and Isabella’s marriage united Spain and established the dynasty of Catholic Monarchs (1). Ferdinand and Isabella enhanced their power by becoming patrons of Rome (2). Their Spanish gold raised numerous buildings in Rome, and their

  51. Pre calc

    Evaluate using the Pythagorean identities. Find sinθ and cosθ if tanθ = 1/4 and sinθ >0

  52. Pre calc

    Use the Pythagorean identities rather than reference triangles. Find tanθ and cotθ if secθ = 3/2 and sinθ

  53. Educational Technology and Online Learning 7

    Which of the following cannot be copyrighted? A.books B.inventions C.videos I think it's Am I right?

  54. science

    Acetic acid (CH_3COOH) is a weak acid. a) Write the symbolic equation showing the ionisation of acetic acid. b)Given that an acetic acid solution of pH 4.8 has a hydrogen ion concentration of 1.58 * 10^-5 mol L^-1, what is the concentration of the acetate

  55. History

    how did women like dora dix and clara barton contribute to the union war effort during the civil war