Questions Asked on
January 18, 2018

  1. math

    A museum professional has been working extended hours to remove dirt and grease that a vandal left on a painting. This professional is most likely an? There's actually 10 question so if someone could answer them.

    asked by please help connexus
  2. Chemistry

    A scuba diver’s tank contains 0.29 kg of O2 compressed into a volume of 2.3L. A)calculate the gas pressure inside the tank at 9 Celsius. B) what volume would this oxygen occupy at 26 Celsius and 0.95atm? Answer is a)91atm B) 2.3 x 10^2 L Trying to find

    asked by Lala
  3. Science

    A volleyball is served at the speed of 8.0 m/s at an angle 35° above the horizontal. What is the speed of the ball when received by the opponent at the same height

    asked by Kate
  4. Language Arts Help me!!

    The "trouble with television" Robert Mac Neil voices a strong opinion about television in a paragraph explain his opinion. then tell whether you agree or disagree with him. Support your view with at least two pieces of evidence from Mac Neil's essay or

    asked by Marie
  5. physic

    During a visit to New York City, Lil decides to estimate the height of the Empire State Building (see figure below). She measures the angle θ of elevation of the spire atop the building as 17°. After walking x = 9.28 ✕ 102 ft closer to the iconic

    asked by joy
  6. Science

    thermal energy is cause by the motion of ?

    asked by KAITLYN
  7. Maths

    Mr lee is 56 years old. His nephew, sam, is 4 years old. In how maby years’ time will mr lee be 5 times as old as his nephew

    asked by Dani
  8. algebra 1

    1. Which of the following is equivalent to x^5y^2/xy^2 when x not= 0 and y not= 0? a. x^6y^5 b. x^5y c. x^4y d. x^4

    asked by alexis
  9. math

    I need some help with this.. The swim team is selling key chains as a fundraiser. If its goal is to raise at least $180, how many key chains must it sell at $1.50 each to meet that goal? Write and solve an inequality.

    asked by Ty
  10. Algebra 1

    Is the following statement always, never, or sometimes true? A number raised to a negative exponent is negative. always never** sometimes

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Honors English 10A

    Last 2 Questions! The primary means of character development in "The Last Judgement" is ______________. A. allusion B. imagery C. metaphor D. dialogue In "The Rhinoceros," the transformation of the inhabitants is an allegory for ________________________.

    asked by Help Me Please!
  12. Physics

    A man holds a child on his shoulder while watching a football much work is done if the game lasts for 2hours

    asked by David
  13. Chemistry

    The adult blue whale has a lung capacity of 5.0 x 10^3L. Calculate the mass of air (assume an average molar mass of 28.98g/mol) contained in an adult blue whales lungs at 0.0 Celsius and 1.00atm, assuming the air behaves ideally. I have the answer but

    asked by Kayla
  14. science

    What are the most important events in the history of animal life that occurred at the beginning and at the end of the paleozoic

    asked by Anna
  15. accounting

    The ABC Company has a policy to capitalize an asset with a threshold of $5,000 per item or a project/program. The ABC Company has an ongoing rolling replacement project/program to replace 20% of all computers annually. In addition, the ABC Company uses

    asked by kim
  16. Language Arts 6th grade

    Which of the following events from the story has the greatest impact of the plot in the first section of the novel? A. Timothy rescues Stew Cat from the wreckage of SS Hato. B. Philip receives a blow to the head as he attempts to abandon the SS Hato. C.

    asked by William Tran from Connexus
  17. Educational Technology

    1. Why is it important to have good study skills? (A)You will sleep better (B)You will learn more efficiently---- (C)You will have less free time (D)You will impress your parents 2. Why is it important to know how much time you spend on tasks? (A)so you

    asked by Rose
  18. Honors English 10A

    Can you please help me with these questions? After reading "The Olympic Swimmer," the reader can conclude that the speaker is most likely _____________. A. a competitive swimmer B. a participant in the Olympics C. a coach at the swim meet D. a dedicated

    asked by Help Me Please!
  19. Math

    Solve the equation. Explain each step and identify the property usedbto reach each step. 0.6x + 0.8 = 1.4

    asked by Darkdream
  20. Math plz help fast

    The figure shows the shadows created by the sun when Cindy stands near the flagpole. Cindy on the left, she’s ACTUALLY 5 ft and her SHADOW is 4 ft. The flagpole is on the right, we don’t know what the ACTUAL height is but the SHADOW is 10 ft. What is

    asked by Harley
  21. Geometry

    I need help on lesson 1 unit 1 pairs of angles plzzzz help!!!!

    asked by Chelsey
  22. Calc 3

    Two ropes are attached to the bumper of a car. Rope A is pulled with a force of 60 pounds at an angle of 30° to the horizontal ground, and rope B is pulled with a force of 80 pounds at an angle of 15° to the horizontal ground. The same effect can be

    asked by Mitchel
  23. Chemistry

    What is [Al(H2 O)5(OH)2+] in a 0.15-M solution of Al(NO3)3 that contains enough of the strong acid HNO3 to bring [H3O+] to 0.10 M?

    asked by Grant
  24. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of molecules in a deep breath of air whose volume is 2.25L at body temperature, 37 Celsius, and a pressure of 735 torr. Answer is 5.15 x 10^22 molecules. Help me!

    asked by Fred
  25. Physics

    Which of the following is true about electric field lines? A) They point tangentially around a circle centered on a charge. B) They point away from positive charges and towards negative charges. C) They point away from negative charges and towards positive

    asked by Anon
  26. Math

    Use inverse operations to solve each equation. Explain each step and identify the property used to reach step. 19 = h/3 - 8

    asked by Darkdream
  27. Honors English 10A

    Can you please help me with a few more Ms. Sue? Read lines 5-9 from "The Olympic Swimmer." Swimmers swivel, splash, and kick Back and forth in a clear, blue pool; Like fish at play in Neptune's sea. Swimming relaxed, and calm, and free. These stars, like

    asked by Help Me Please!
  28. analogy

    what is the analogy flower:rose::tree? begining with the letters scr,spr,str,thr

    asked by isabel
  29. Calc 3

    Suppose you leave home and hike 10 miles due north, then 8 miles in the direction 40° east of north, and then 6 miles due east. (a) How far are you from home? (b) What direction should you hike in order to return home?

    asked by Mitchel
  30. Physics

    A snooker ball with a mass of 0.3kg moving at 2.5m/s collides with another ball of 0.2kg mass and moving in the same direction with a speed of 1.20m/s . Assuming the collision is elastic, calculate the speed and direction of each ball after collision.

    asked by Sarah
  31. Physics

    A ball of mass 1.20kg falls vertically and hits a horizontal floor at 2.50m/s . The ball then rebounds upward at 10.00m/s . If the ball is in contact with the floor for 0.02 seconds, compute the average force exerted on the floor.

    asked by Sarah
  32. Algebra

    After 6 years, an account that earns 4% simple interest has earned $480 in interest. How much was the initial deposit?

    asked by Janna
  33. Chemistry

    How do I find the answer to this?? Cu metal displaces Ag+(aq) from an aqueous solution. Which of the following is correct? Ag is easier to oxidize than Cu Ag is a better reducing agent than Cu Cu2+ is a better oxidizing agent than Ag+ Ag+ is easier to

    asked by Clueless
  34. Physics

    Diffraction grating A has 16 000 lines/cm, and diffraction grating B has 12 000 lines/cm. Light of the same wavelength is sent through both gratings to a screen located a distance L from the gratings. The spacing of the maxima for grating A is 3.46 cm.

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Physics

    A ball is thrown horizontally at 18m/s from the roof of a building lands 28metre from the base of the building. Calculate the height of the building.

    asked by Sarah
  36. algebra

    If m

    asked by kasey
  37. Trigonometry

    Given that cot x = 5/ sqrt 11 find csc x A - 5/6 B - 6/5 C - sqrt11/ 6 D - 6/ sqrt11

    asked by Anonymous
  38. calc 3

    Find the exact length of the curve. x = 1 + 9^t2, y = 7 + 6^t3, 0 ≤ t ≤ 2

    asked by Tayb
  39. chemistry

    Which situation will violate the octet rule? a. 3 bonds to boron b. 3 bonds to and a lone pair on oxygen c. 5 bonds to carbon d. 3 bonds to carbon

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Pre calc

    Perform the indicated operation and simplify the result . Cot x(tan x- sec x) Please help , I am struggling a lot !! Thank you!!!

    asked by Jacob
  41. ELA

    I began a written correspondence with my grandmother when I was a young child. We did not live within visiting distance, and writing was a way for us to “visit” each week. Sunday was the day she would rest from her labors on the farm. Taking her dime

    asked by Help i need somebody not just anybody
  42. mathes

    a farmer wants to make a rectangular pasture with 80000 squre meters. if the pasture lies along a river and he feneces the remaning three sides,what dimension shoud he use to minimize the amount fence needed

    asked by getachew
  43. Physics

    A bullet is fired horizontally and penetrates into a block of wood. The block and bullet then move together after impact. Explain the total linear momentum and total kinetic energy of the system before and after the collision

    asked by Sarah
  44. Math

    Miguel’s math book weighs more than 3.45 kilograms.Which could be the weight of his math book in kilograms?

    asked by INeedHelpWithHomeWoek
  45. Math

    On graph paper, use a table to make a complete graph of y = x2 − 2x − 8. Homework Help ✎ Write the coordinates of the y-intercept. What is the connection between the y‑intercept and the equation y = x2 − 2x − 8? Write the coordinates of the

    asked by Jane
  46. Social Studies

    What are the consequences of the U.S. war on drugs on Mexico? A)Mexican drug cartels no longer risk sending illegal drugs into the U.S.(My Answer) B) The poverty rate in Mexico has decreased significantly. C)Illegal drug use in the U.S. has been

    asked by Jasmine
  47. Social Studies 6

    The word "mechanization" is essential to understanding the history of agriculture. Which sentence from the article BEST helps to explain what "mechanization" means?' 1. "The first successful engine powered by gasoline was developed." 2."Mechanization on

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Physics

    Two vectors have a magnitude of 2.5km and 6.5km . Predict the maximum and minimum magnitude of their resultant vector

    asked by Sarah
  49. science

    What could be some effects of population growth, natural disasters, disease, and advanced technology systems on resource availability?

    asked by Karen smith
  50. Physics

    A projectile is shot horizontally at 34.5m/s from the edge of a 55.0metre building . Determine the height of the projectile from the ground after 2.0seconds .

    asked by sarah
  51. Math

    The side of a square flower bed is 1.5 m long.It is Enlarged by digging around 25 cm wife strip all around outside it . Find the area of the Enlarged flower bed and also the increase in area of the flower bed.

    asked by Rajan
  52. Physics

    For an electric dipole, the electric field lines . . . A) Either start on the negative charge and go off infinitely or arrive from infinity and terminate on the positive charge. B) Either start on the positive charge and go off infinitely or arrive from

    asked by Anon
  53. Physics

    A hair was used to form one end of an air wedge with two glass plates. The glass plates were in contact at the other end. When light of wavelength (4.6x10^-7m) was reflected from the air wedge, the 320th dark fringe coincided with the position of the hair.

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Physics

    The wave crests generated in a ripple tank are 15mm apart and the frequency of the vibrator is 20Hz. If the frequency of the vibrator is trebled what is the spacing between the crest

    asked by Boka
  55. Physics

    Calculate the velocity of a 6kg riffle that shoots a 0.025kg bullet at a speed of 615m/s.

    asked by Sarah
  56. Math

    Rudy has a collection of 24 toy cars. She gives 3/4 of her collection to Ethan. How many toy cars does Ethan get?

    asked by Yoalis
  57. Science

    A ball is dropped from height of 8m above the ground. After striking the ground the ball rebound instantaneously with the same speed it struck the ground. The instant at which ball strike ground, another ball is drop from the same height. Find the height

    asked by Chaitanya
  58. Math (money)

    I spent 35 euros and had 3/8 of my money left. How much money had I at first.

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Algebra

    At the local ballpark, the team charges 4$ for each ticket and expects to make 1200$ in concessions. The team must pay its players 2100$ And pay all other workers 1900$. Each fan gets a free bat that costs the team 3$ per bat. How many tickets must be sold

    asked by Mckayla
  60. Physics

    Light photons with energy 7.3 eV strike a metal surface and eject electrons with energy 2.7 eV. What is the Work Function of the metal?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Physics

    The electric field strength at a particular distance from an electric charge is 2.0 N/C. What is the electric field strength if you are 2 times closer to the same charge?

    asked by Anon
  62. Earth Science

    What instrument records earthquake waves? A.) seismogram B.) seismograph* C.) Ritcher scale D.) barometer

    asked by Dylan
  63. math - probability

    a) What is the probability of obtaining 2 Heads when a coin is tossed twice? b) What is the probability of obtaining 1 Head when a coin is tossed twice? Keep in mind, the coins are not tossed simultaneously.

    asked by anonymous
  64. science

    Which simple machine operated on the same principle as the movements of the arm at the elbow

    asked by cresceen
  65. Pre calc

    Evaluate using the Pythagorean indentities Find sinθ and cosθ if tanθ =1/6 and sinθ >0 Help please ! Thank you !

    asked by Bob
  66. Physics

    Steve can paddle his canoe at 10 km/h in still water. If he paddles directly against a river’s current that is moving at 3 km/h, what is Sam’s velocity relative to the shoreline?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Geography

    What is the capital of the largest (in land area ) island nation of Africa? Madagascar capital Antananarivo? Which continent has more nations, Europe or South America? Europe?

    asked by Nicole
  68. algebra

    move from P1 = 20, Q1 = 14 to P2 = 22 and Q2 = 8, is this a change in demand or a change in quantity demanded also this one: P1 = 22 and Q1 = 13 to P2 = 26 and Q2 = 11

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Math

    A rectangular closet has a perimeter of 10 feet. If the width of the closet is 3 feet. What is the length of the closet

    asked by Jaliyah
  70. math

    write 78 minutes to 2 hours as a ratio reduced in lowest terms

    asked by taylor
  71. Chemistry - Molecular Formula

    A carbohydrate contains 39.56% C, 7.75% H, and 52.70% O by mass. A solution of 11.3 g of this carbohydrate in 375 g of ethanol has a boiling point of 78.49 deg C. The boiling point of ethanol is 78.29 deg C, and Kb for ethanol is 1.23 deg C*kg/mol. What is

    asked by Jamie
  72. physics

    Two military jets are engaged in a dogfight. The US plane is traveling at a velocity of 22 m/s east while the Russian plane is traveling at a velocity of 19.5 m/s west. When the US pilot reports spotting the Russian plane, how fast will it say the Russian

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Math (money)

    I spent 35 euros and had 3/8 of my money left. How much money had I at first

    asked by mary louise sherlock
  74. Math

    Write "3 times the sum of x and 5 is 90" as an equation. You don't have to solve. Thank you in advance!

    asked by Jeffery
  75. Science

    Yes I know this might be easy for some of you, but I have this problem on my homework and I'm confused. Why is water wet?

    asked by Ella
  76. Sociology

    1.) Distinguish between material and nonmaterial culture. What aspect of a whole culture do you think is the most lasting. Explain your answer. 2.) Sometimes subcultures develop countercultural ideas. How important do you believe values and norms are in

    asked by |-/
  77. Science

    How has the number of species becoming extinct changed in the last few centuries?

    asked by Masuma
  78. statistics

    If the critical values of a hypothesis test are +2.58 and -2.58, what would be the critical regions?

    asked by sharon
  79. Physics

    A projectile is shot horizontally at 34.5m/s from the edge of a 55.0metre building a) Determine the height of the projectile from the ground after 2.0 seconds. b) Calculate the velocity of the projectile when the projectile reaches the ground.

    asked by Ara
  80. Geometry

    Is the equation correct? A circle has a diameter of 12 with a center translated 18 units left and 7 units down from the origin. 1. Write an equation for the circle. (x + 18) ^2 + (y + 7)^2

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Science

    __ degrees east or __ degrees west are coordinates for what?

    asked by Jameson
  82. Physics

    vector A is 5.5cm and points 60°above the positive x-axis. Vector B is 6.5cm and points along thr negative x-axis. Calculate the magnitude and direction of the resultant of these two vectors.

    asked by Sarah
  83. Math

    Simplify the expression: x^−11⋅x^5⋅(x/y)^4

    asked by Bri
  84. math

    what total amount is greater: $3.00 tripling each week for 4 weeks or $4.00, quadrupling each week for 3 weeks

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Math

    So I have a problem that is (5.1 x 10^3) x (3.2 x 10^3) can someone explain how the answer would be 1.632 x 10^7?

    asked by Hello
  86. individuals and societies

    How is Russia preserving its Eastern Culture while adapting to Western Influences? I need to write an essay and need three answers for three paragraphs to this question.

    asked by Aiden
  87. Math

    The fastest insect in the world is the dragonfly with an average cruising speed of 4.5 metres per second. Write an equation with two variables describing the relationship between the time taken and the distance travelled. If a dragonfly flies for 3 hours

    asked by !?
  88. Science

    What are the internal structures of a frog's stomach called?

    asked by Ava
  89. science

    A what will the vibration of air mileules produce

    asked by cresceen
  90. Physics

    the mass of an airplane is 1.81x10^5 kg. if the gravitational potential energy is 3.78 x 10^7 J, how high did it fly?

    asked by Xio
  91. math

    2g – 1 = 3g + 6  how do i do this equation?

    asked by jake
  92. math

    Explain why sqrt(a+b) does not equal sqrt a + sqrt b, for a>0 and b>0?

    asked by emily
  93. Physics

    Can acceleration of object have a negative quantity ?

    asked by Sarah
  94. Science

    Does anyone know if there is a toxin in cigarette smoke or from hazardous waste that causes flu-like symptoms, shortness of breath, or swollen nose? Thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  95. trigonometry

    what is the length of the line segment whose endpoints are (2,3) and (6, -7)

    asked by cdb1
  96. Algebra

    Find the constants a and b so that all the four lines whose equation are given by pass through the same point. x + y = -1 -x + 3y =-11 ax + by =4 2a x -by =2

    asked by Taylor
  97. Accounting

    Can equipment, wages payable, and accumulated depreciation be used to prepare adjusting entries?

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Chemistry

    In an experiment,excess 0.50moldm HCL was added to 10grams of granulated zinc in a beaker. How would the reaction rate be affected if the experiment was repeated using 8.0grams of granulated zinc

    asked by Oluchi
  99. Language Arts

    ''You know my whole life changed after I fell in love. It was like the sun started shining on me for the first time, and for the first time in my life I began to smile.'' What does this mean?

    asked by Anonymous