Questions Asked on
January 17, 2018

  1. History

    How did Napoleon’s conquest impact Europe? a.The French conquest of Austria led to a reduction of the Ottoman Empire. b.Napoleon’s invasion of Great Britain led France to gain international territories. c.Many Germanic territories were united for the

    asked by Bri
  2. History

    Which identifies the conflict that arose over rubber production in the Belgian Congo? A.The establishment of a company town by the Belgian Stock Company led to a riot by the unionized workers of the Congo. B.Demand for rubber and Belgian debts led to the

    asked by Bri
  3. History

    How did Europeans justify controlling territory around the world? A.Europeans believed they needed international ports to transport goods. B.Europeans believed other territories wanted to be conquered. C.Europeans believed new territories were needed as

    asked by Bri
  4. History

    Which explains the decline of Japan’s isolationism? a.The elimination of isolationist policies in Japan was caused by the need to raise money through tariffs on imports. b,Limited natural resources on the islands of Japan led to the end of isolationism

    asked by Bri
  5. History

    Which option evaluates how imperialism influenced Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America? a.European powers took local resources from colonies and created a system of communism in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. b.The spread of European

    asked by Bri
  6. History

    Which identifies the impact that Napoleon had on history? A.Napoleon’s withdrawal of civil liberties led to laws that promoted minorities’ rights for citizens throughout Europe. B.Napoleon’s expanded empire led to the adoption of the French language

    asked by Bri
  7. chemistry

    35.8g of a mixture of potassium chloride and potassium trioxochlorate(v), we're heated to a constant mass. If the residue weighs 24.9g.what was the percentage mass of the potassium chloride in the mixture (k=39, cl=35.5, o=16)

    asked by Anu
  8. History

    Which identifies the conflict that arose over rubber production in the Belgian Congo? A.The establishment of a company town by the Belgian Stock Company led to a riot by the unionized workers of the Congo. B.Demand for rubber and Belgian debts led to the

    asked by Bri
  9. Chemistry

    Room temperature is often assumed to be 25 Celsius. Calculate the molar volume of an ideal gas at 25 Celsius and 1 atm pressure. Answer is 24.5L, Im trying to figure out how they got the answer. Help??

    asked by Ry
  10. Art

    Match the image with the appropriate descriptive statement about cultural function.

    asked by Jasmine
  11. Chemistry

    Gallium melts just above room temperature and is liquid over a very wide temperature range (30-2204 °C), which means it would be a suitable fluid for a high-temperature barometer. Given its density, daa = 6.0 g/cm, what would be the height of the column

    asked by lala
  12. simple algebra

    Re arrange this to isolate A H=K+log(A/C) Thank you

    asked by Danielle
  13. Government

    True or False 1: The governor is the chief executive of the state. 2: The governor commands the militia. If I could have help on The Executive Branch in Georgia's State Government Practice that'd be great.

    asked by Werr werr
  14. Math

    If the two parabolas y^2=4x and y2=(x -k) have a common normal other than the x-axis then k can be equal to

    asked by Jatin
  15. L.A 8TH

    For each pair of shapes, decide whether they are congruent, similar, or neither. Choose the best answer. Congruent Similar Neither Two side-side-side triangles are shown. Each side of one triangle is equivalent to the corresponding side of the other

    asked by BruteForce
  16. Geometry

    I have two questions Given) MON= PQR, with MO= 20, MN= 32, and PR= 3x-10, find the value of x Given) WIN= LUV, with m

    asked by Karissa
  17. History

    What was the British Raj? a.the British government that controlled India until the end of World War II b.the stock company created by the British Crown to control trade in India c.the military force established by Great Britain in India to ward off other

    asked by Bri
  18. Science

    An open tank holds water 1.25m deep. If a small hole of cross section area 3cm^2 is made at the bottom of the tank, calculate the mass of water per second initially flowing out of the hole. (g=10m/s^2, density of water= 1000kg/m^3)

    asked by Magdalena
  19. math need help

    which of the following is ratios are equivilent to 6:9? choose all that apply . A. 3:2 B. 18/27 C. 30:45 D. 24/32 please help i completely forgot how to do this over christmas break

    asked by randomgirl
  20. Chemistry

    If the pressure of the gas inside the flask were increased and the height of the column in the open-ended arm went up by 0.5mm, what would be the new pressure of the gas in the flask, in torr? ANSWER IS 807.3 TORR

    asked by Kay
  21. History

    How did joint-stock companies lead to the development of one-crop economies in the colonies? a.Many joint-stock companies established a monopoly on one cash crop in order to become profitable. b.Many colonies sought to create one-crop economies because

    asked by Bri
  22. performance management

    hello, i am a fresh graduate of finance, i was hired by a company, the manager put me on the position of performance management , which i have no idea. later we will have a first meeting, and my boss ask me to present my work plan/ideas for performance

    asked by fresh grad
  23. thermodynamics (dont know what to do)

    0.05 kg of carbon dioxide (molecular weight = 44) is compressed from 1 bar, 15°!@#$%^&il the pressure is 8.3 bar, and the volume is then 0.004 m3. Calculate the change of entropy. Take cp for carbon dioxide as 1.0 kJ/kg K, and assume carbon dioxide to be

    asked by adrian
  24. math

    solve log9(x-y)=log3(x+y

    asked by kelly
  25. Social studies help please

    Why did the United States become involved in Mexico’s civil war (select 2 answers) -Relations had weakened between United States and the new government**** -Mexico was unable to end war without US intervention*** -the United States provides troops to

    asked by Meg
  26. Intro To Law

    Can someone please help me with my answers? 1. Most states do not hold strict laws related to the licensing of A- Attorneys B- Judges C- Counsel D- Paralegals** 2. A person who offers law-related advice without the appropriate licensing is committing A-

    asked by FMSLION
  27. MATHS

    Problem 1. [24 points] Translate the following sentences from English to predicate logic. The domain that you are working over is X, the set of people. You may use the functions S(x), meaning that “x has been a student of 6.042,” A(x), meaning that

  28. Algebra 1

    For the function y=15-6x, suppose the domain is only values of x from 10 to 20. What is the range of the function?

    asked by Ian
  29. Middle school digital art and design question

    Hi! So, I need to check just a few MS digital art and design questions (If thats Ok) 1) Which of the following is true of Vincent van gogh A) He was a wealthy artist*** B) Very few people study his work today C) He choose very traditional methods of

    asked by Elizabeth
  30. History

    How did Europeans use the idea of eugenics to justify colonization and imperialism? a.Europeans thought that their scientific superiority supported their claim to the world’s natural resources for the advancement of mankind. b.Europeans believed they

    asked by Bri
  31. math

    the art museum charges an initial membership fee of $50.00. for each visit the museum charges $15.00. Write a function f(x) for the total amount charged for x trips to the museum.

    asked by Anonymous
  32. History

    how did the Enlightenment influence the American and French Revolutions? a.Enlightenment philosophers published pamphlets in favor of monarchs’ divine right to rule, angering people into revolution. b.Ideas about natural rights philosophy caused people

    asked by Bri
  33. Maths

    Find how many integers between 200 and 500 are divisible by 8

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Game Design

    Real-time strategy games, as a gene, often emphasize spatial immersion True **** False

    asked by Mal
  35. science

    The magnitude of the force that a baseball bat exerts on a ball is 50. newtons. What is the magnitude of the force that the ball exerts on the bat? a 250 N b 5.0 N c 50. N d 10. N

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Math / Algebra

    Factor: 8ab - 16ac + 12a anyone wanna help me out with this, i know how to normally work out problems like this but for some reason im not getting the correct answer when i work it out...

    asked by Kiana T.
  37. geography

    the ground distance between two places is 100 K.M if this distance is represented by 5C.M on a map, what is the scale of the map?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. English

    From the story "The Lemon Tree Billiards House", provide 2 examples of a humorous tone and explain why/how this is funny.

    asked by Sarah
  39. English

    In the story "The Lemon Tree Billiards House" Is the narrator trustworthy? Can we believe his story? Explain.

    asked by Sarah
  40. Math

    Paul Carr will go 49 km in 7 tanks but wants to know how fuel efficient the car is please help by completing the ratio round to two decimal places

    asked by Sunji
  41. math

    Peter collected soup for the food pantry. He packed 6 small boxes with n cans of soup in each box. He packed 4 boxes with twice as many cans as in the small boxes. *Write and simplify an expression for the number of cans that Peter packed.

    asked by Dog
  42. Physics/electricity

    Suppose an object has a charge of 1 C and gains 6.88 * 10^18 electrons. What will the net charge of the object be in C? Give the answer in absolute value. It gains a charge of 1.102 coulomb, so shouldn't the net charge be 2.102 coulombs?

    asked by anonymous
  43. Physics

    explain how the frequency of the oscillating particle particle can affect the type of EM Wave.

    asked by Bill
  44. History

    what does the root distribution within the prairie ecosystem cause? A. The fertile soil underground. B. food for bacteria and organisms C. The variety of grass species D. All of the Above PLEASE HELP Me Connexus quiz

    asked by @HELPME
  45. math

    The half life of the radio active substance is the time require the half the substance to decay. the mount A ( in grams) of 100 gram sample of a radio active substance remaining after t half lives by A equals to 100 (0.5) t. suppose the substance has a

    asked by sai
  46. Chemistry

    I need help filling in the blanks! Still cant get the ideal gas equation down.. (P) (V) (n) (T) 2.00 atm 1.00L 0.500mol ? K

    asked by Molly
  47. History

    Which qualifications for service in the Senate demonstrate the Senate's increased political power? Select all that apply (2 points) A:Salary B:Age requirements*** C:Length of term*** D:Legal education E:Political background Is this correct? I'm am torn

    asked by Anonymous

    The 5th term of an A.P is 3times the first.find the sum of the first 8 term of progression.given that 1/4 of 5th termis9

    asked by FADIPE JANET
  49. Calculus

    The position of a particle at any time t >= 0 is given by p(t) = -t^3 + t^2 + 5t + 3. How far does the particle travel during the first six seconds? I calculated the distance traveled between the endpoints of the interval and the points at which the

    asked by Anonymous
  50. lagauge arts

    in which sentence is the italicized word a adjective. 1. evening bats feed ( greedily ) on insects. 2. they apear in the sky just ( after ) the sunset. 3. these bats are among the ( smallest ) species. 4. their fingers ( resemble ) those of human hands.

    asked by please help ms. sue
  51. chemistry

    calculate the volume occupied by 30.5grams of ammonia gas at s.t.p. (N=14,H=1)

    asked by gbadamosi
  52. basic chem

    Suppose you have a box that holds P pencils when full.THe full box weighs f and the empty box weighs e. what is the weight of 2 pencils. I dont even know how to start this please help

    asked by denice
  53. Language Arts 6th grade

    Which of the following events from the the cay has the greatest impact on the development of the plot of the first section of The Cay? Plz I need answers for the quiz.

    asked by William Tran from Connexus
  54. Individuals And Societies

    How Is Russia Preserving Its Eastern Culture While Adapting To Western Infulences

    asked by 9LilG
  55. chemistry

    The material Magnesium Sulfate What mass of dry material would be needed to make an aqueous solution with a molality of 4 moles/kg solution ? What mass of water is needed? 4 (24.305+ 32.065+ (4 x 15.999)) =481.5 ?Not sure where to go from here or if the

    asked by Naomi
  56. Physics

    The ink drops have a radius of 18.0 μm and leave the nozzle and travel toward the paper at a velocity of 20.0 m/s . The drops pass through a charging unit that gives each drop a positive charge q by causing it to lose some electrons. The drops then pass

    asked by Kyle
  57. biology

    does 1 gene code for 1 trait? explain

    asked by james
  58. History

    Question: How did the policies of the Napoleonic Empire change Europe? A. Napoleon’s expansion policies led to a desire for self-rule throughout Europe. B. Policies of the Napoleonic Empire elevated the education system throughout Europe, which led to

    asked by Bri
  59. History

    How did the policies of the Napoleonic Empire change Europe? a. Napoleon’s expansion policies led to a desire for self-rule throughout Europe. b. Policies of the Napoleonic Empire elevated the education system throughout Europe, which led to local

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Math

    Find the coordinates of the point which divides internally the line joining the points of (8.9) and (-7,4) in the ratio 2:3

    asked by Oludayo Kayode
  61. History

    What were some effects of the Seven Years’ War? (Select all that apply.) A.France surrendered Canada to Britain through the Treaty of Paris. B.France’s Caribbean colonies rose up in rebellion and gained independence. C.Britain lost all of its North

    asked by Anonymous
  62. History

    Which was an effect of Russia’s desire for increased control of warm-water ports in the mid-19th century? A.Russian conquest of Siberia and Central Asia in order to gain access to Silk Road trade routes B.the scheduling of the Berlin Conference by Otto

    asked by Anonymous
  63. History

    Which evaluates the economic dependence that occurred between imperial governments and their colonies? a.The collaborative relationship between colonies and imperial governments established an interdependence that stifled economic growth. b.The parasitic

    asked by Bri
  64. Math

    Help! It say that the circumference is equal to π over 2 and i have to find the area HOW DO YOU DO THAT???? C=π/2

    asked by Michelle
  65. Math Circumference to Area???

    Help! It say that the circumference is equal to π over 2 and i have to find the area HOW DO YOU DO THAT???? C=π/2

    asked by Michelle
  66. History

    Which examines the impact of Napoleon’s territorial conquest on the world? a.Napoleon's conquest of Spain led to independence movements in Spain's colonial holdings in the Americas. b.The establishment of the Napoleonic code allowed for the codification

    asked by Bri
  67. math

    Simone claims that the slope of a line through (-2,7) and (3,0) is the same as the slope of the line through (2,1) and (12,-13) Prove or disapprove Simone's claim.

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Physics

    A Styrofoam bucket of negligible mass contains 1.75 kg of water and 0.450 kg of ice. More ice, from a refrigerator at -15.0 ∘C, is added to the mixture in the bucket, and when thermal equilibrium has been reached, the total mass of ice in the bucket is

    asked by Marthin
  69. Physics

    At a chemical plant where you are an engineer, a tank contains an unknown liquid. You must determine the liquids specific heat capacity. You put 0.500 kg of the liquid into an insulated metal cup of mass 0.200 kg. Initially the liquid and cup are at 20

    asked by Marthin
  70. Physics

    A laser is aimed at the moon. The spot of light is seen on the lunar surface 2.37 s later. What is the distance from Earth to the mooon

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Math

    The area of the rhombus formed by points of intersection of parabolas y=x^2 −b and y=−x^2 +b and their vertices is 54. Find b.

    asked by Please be serious here
  72. History

    How did the negative impact of European colonization outweigh the positive effects? a.The poor treatment of native cultures eclipsed the economic improvements brought by European colonization. b.The inclusion of indigenous peoples into a new national

    asked by Bri
  73. Calculus

    find a Riemann Sum formula for evaluation points that are one-third of the way from the left endpoint to the right endpoint.

    asked by Penny
  74. math

    what are the equivalent fraction and decimal for 33 1/3%?

    asked by sir
  75. chemistry

    chemistry posted by Naomi today at 8:03pm. The material Magnesium Sulfate What mass of dry material would be needed to make an aqueous solution with a molality of 4 moles/kg solution ? What mass of water is needed? 4 (24.305+ 32.065+ (4 x 15.999)) =481.5

    asked by Confused!(Naomi)
  76. Calculus

    Score for Question 2: ___ of 40 points) For the polynomial (x)=x^5-5x^4+12x^3-24x^2+32x-16 , answer the following questions. Show all of your work. How many zeros does the function have over the set of complex numbers? What is the maximum number of local

    asked by Kat
  77. Geomtry

    In ΔABC, m∠ACB = 90°, and m∠ACD = 45°. Find AC, if CD = 6 2 in. How do I know the lengths of the sides if I only know the altitude?

    asked by Max
  78. science

    how do we make Static Change?

    asked by hi
  79. world history

    how did european contact with china and japan in the sixteenth century differ from european contact with the americas and africa?

    asked by aimee
  80. math

    Gini's test scores in Biology 30 are 95, 82, 76, and 88. What score must she get on the fifth test in order to achieve an average of 84 on all five tests?

    asked by chase
  81. math

    The table below shows the temperature in degrees for eight consecutive days as well as the respective number of ice cream cones an ice cream shop sold on each of these days. what is the correlation coefficient of the set of data? tempurature=

    asked by checkmywork
  82. Math

    There are 12 students interested in creating a shoe shining club. There will be a president, a vice-president, 2 shoe shiners, 2 polish selectors, and the rest will work on advertising. How many ways can these positions be filled? I did:

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Government

    1. compare the following styles of democratic government: federal, confederal, and unitary. describe where they derive their power and where the power is located in each of the three styles?? I am stuck on this question, could I get some help?

    asked by Bor
  84. Math

    Jim had three waffles. He ate 1/6 of one waffle, and 2/3 of another waffle. How many waffles were left?

    asked by Jamiya
  85. Math

    the perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 73 cm. the base measures 3 cm more than one half the measure of a leg. what is the measure of each side of the triangle

    asked by Kj
  86. Math

    Perfect Solo Problem: Clara Nett plays a musical solo. She is quite good and guesses that her probability of playing any one note right is 99%. The solo has 60 notes. a. Find the probability that i. She plays every note right ii. She makes exactly one

    asked by Kodak Black
  87. Math

    Airplane Engine Problem: One reason commercial airplanes have more than one engine is to reduce the consequences should an engine fail during flight (Figure 9-7c). Under certain circumstances, some counterintuitive things happen when the number of engines

    asked by Kodak Black
  88. Math

    Mike, Mo, and Jo want to sit together, in any order, to watch the basketball game with their 3 other friends. The other friends don't care where they sit. How many ways can this group sit along a bench? I did: (3!)(3!)(4)=144. Would this be correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  89. math - probability

    With the use of diagrams, show that P(A′∩B′) = P(A∪B)' I just need help with understanding how these two equal each other so that i'm able to show it with diagrams. Also don't understand why the apostrophes are there :L, thanks.

    asked by anonymous
  90. Math

    The area of the rhombus formed by points of intersection of parabolas y=x^2−b and y=−x^2+b and their vertices is 54. Find b.

    asked by Please answer this problem
  91. History

    Is this statement true or false? Europeans theorized that their economic superiority justified their claim to foreign resources for technological advancement. false??

    asked by Bri
  92. thermodynamics (dont know what to do)

    a piston cylinder device initially contains 10lb of acetylene at 70F. the piston is free to move to maintain 1000 psia on the gas. how much WORK is done by the gas as it is headed to 300F. (draw pv diagram)

    asked by adrian
  93. Math

    A square is dilated by a scale factor of 3/4 to create a new square. The area of the new square is...

    asked by Kenneth
  94. Math

    Find the remainder when 14! is divided by 323?

    asked by MATH WIZARD
  95. Calculus

    The position of a particle at any time t >= 0 is given by p(t) = -t^3 + t^2 + 5t + 3. What is the displacement of the particle during the first four seconds? I think this is just p(4) - p(0) = -25 - 3 = -28.

    asked by Anonymous
  96. Social Studies

    1) This image shows a crowd in Boston protesting the return of an enslaved person to Virginia. What opinion did members of this crowd most likely share? They supported slavery in Virginia. They believed slavery should be expanded to the West. They opposed

    asked by checkmywork
  97. History

    Who were the buffalo soldures.

    asked by Anonymous
  98. math

    how to solve 1/2.5 = 15/ x

    asked by help for math
  99. English

    What is the noun clause in this sentence:I like what I see

    asked by Destiny
  100. ELA

    What are some ways that equality can exist in a society where people do not have equal talents and abilities?

    asked by Help i need somebody not just anybody
  101. math

    A spider has eight legs in all. If a boy in a class three was asked by his elder brother to count the total number of legs of seven goats, thirteen fowls and four spiders, how many is he supposed to get after counting?

    asked by Thomas
  102. History

    What drove Qanah Parker to fight so hard against the United States.

    asked by Anonymous
  103. health

    In plain English what does this mean? Thank you, There are two confidentiality rules (and their respective settings) in MICA. The first confidentiality rule affects suppression of the display of the entire inner table (i.e., the individual cells) of a

    asked by sofia
  104. Math

    A recipe that makes 10 mini loaves of banana bread calls for 1 1/4 cups flour. How much flour is needed to make 2 dozen

    asked by Kevin