Questions Asked on
January 15, 2018

  1. Consumer Math

    Weights of the vegetables in a field are normally distributed. From a sample Carl Cornfield determines the mean weight of a box of vegetables to be 180 oz. with a standard deviation of 8 oz. He wonders what percent of the vegetable boxes he has grouped for

    asked by Tana
  2. Algebra

    Terry and Ed start a lawn mowing business and purchase the mowers and equipment for $650. They charge $15 for each lawn and use $2 worth of gas for each job. How many lawns must Terry and Ed mow before breaking even?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Math

    Suppose $p(x)$ is a monic cubic polynomial with real coefficients such that $p(3-2i)=0$ and $p(0)=-52$. Determine $p(x)$ (in expanded form).

    asked by Eka

    The 8th term of a linear sequence is 18 and 12th term is 26.find the first term,common difference and 20th term

    asked by JANET
  5. math

    when adding square root of 9 and -7 which type of number is the sum? irrational whole number radical integer

    asked by me
  6. physics

    The diagram below shows two identical balls A and B on a horizontal surface. Ball B is at rest and ball A is moving with speed V along a line joining the centres of the balls. The mass of each ball is M. (DIAGRAM BEFORE COLLISION: there are 2 balls, first

    asked by pleasehelp
  7. physics

    A toy car moving at constant speed complete one lap around a circular track (a distance of 300m) in 30.0s.if the mass of a car is 1.5kg,what is the magnitude of the force that keeps it in a circle?

    asked by feston junior
  8. physics question

    As denizens of the surface of a spinning planet, we are always in uniform circular motion. Imagine you are in Nairobi (on the Earth's equator) at noon on a Monday. Answer the following questions only considering the rotation of the earth and NOT the

    asked by anonymous
  9. Science

    Which of the following best describes the velocity of an object? 5 m east 28 m/s 5m/s2 35 m/s east****

    asked by M
  10. math

    In a shop, There are 25 bicycles and tricycles. There are 63 wheels in all. Find the number of bicycles in the shop.

    asked by sam
  11. Need Help Math

    5. Based on this pattern, h human years, how old is your dog in dog years? In other words, if given any number to figure out the age in dog years. Hint: (h-2) should be somewhere in your expression. I choose a large dog.

    asked by Rumble
  12. math

    A class of 33 33 students elected a class treasurer. There were 11 11 votes for Candidate A and 15 15 votes for Candidate B. The remaining students did not vote. Which expression gives the percent of voters who voted for Candidate A?

    asked by mckena
  13. Science

    Will squids ink stain our skin?

    asked by Kweava
  14. English

    Which verb tense is represented by the underlined words below? She (has become) an expert in her field over the past five years. A:Past B:Past perfect C:Present perfect*** Is this correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Mathematics

    How many letters in the word MATHEMATICS have more than one line symmetry

    asked by Tessa
  16. Geography

    What mexican peninsula in part separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea? Is the Yucatan Peninsula right?

    asked by Nicole
  17. physics question

    Assume an aluminum platter that is 3.5 inches in diameter, 1mm thick, and spinning at 5400 rpm. Treat the platter as a solid disk. What is its angular momentum in kg-m/s? angular momentum = Iw. However, moment of inertia requires mass, and I am not given

    asked by tyger2020
  18. Biology help plzzz oooh

    Wat is octopoteuthise.diffent btwen octopoteuthise&octopoteuthisdae

  19. math

    Consider the expansion of (x + 2)11. (a) Write down the number of terms in this expansion. (b) Find the term containing x2.

    asked by HELLLP
  20. Math

    The exterior angle at the vertex formed by the equal sides of an isoceles triangle is 140 degrees. Which are the measures of the exterior angles at the other verticies A ) 140 degrees and 80 degrees B ) 110 degrees and 110 degrees C ) 40 degrees and 40

    asked by Silva
  21. Math

    Susan's mother filled her car's gas tank at the gas station. She bought 48.3 L, and her bill was $37.43. What was the price of the gas in cents for each litre? Explain your answer.

    asked by M
  22. Science

    What is “formal science” and how does it relate to natural and social sciences? How does each type of science play a role in environmental sustainability? How does ethical responsibility plan a role in environmental sustainability?

    asked by Malisha
  23. science

    When a space shuttle was launched, the astronauts on board experienced an acceleration of 19.0 m/s2. If one of the astronauts had a mass of 60.0 kg, what net force in newton’s did the astronaut experience? Be sure to include your units.

    asked by M
  24. Chemistry

    Calculate the relative effusion rate of hydrogen and oxygen, given that both the gases are diatomic, with hydrogen having a molar mass of 2 grams and oxygen having a molar mass of 32 grams. Using Graham’s law equation.

    asked by Stephanie
  25. Physics

    A brick is thrown upward from the top of a building at an angle of 19.3◦ above the horizontal and with an initial speed of 22.5 m/s. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . If the brick is in flight for 3.5 s, how tall is the building? Answer in units

    asked by Lyndsay
  26. Chemistry

    Is magnesium Sulfate ionic or covalent and why?

    asked by kelley
  27. Math

    Savings-5% Others-25% Food- 10% Housing- 25% All taxes- 35% The pie chart above shows the Carson family's expenses for 1994. The Carsons had an income of $40,000 in 1994. In 1995 the Carsons income was $10,000 greater than in 1994. The family spent the

    asked by Jessica
  28. English

    Choose the tense that correctly identifies the unlined verb. 1.An underwater archaeologist(studies) shipwrecks and artifacts from watery graves. A:Present*** B:Present perfect C:Past 2.Archaeologists (have found) underwater treasures such as jewels,

    asked by Anonymous
  29. geography

    The red sea separates the continent of Africa from the continent of _______?

    asked by Nicole
  30. Math

    In a cupboard there are pencils, rulers and books. The number of pencils is 15 more than that of rulers. The number of books is three time that of rulers. If the number of pencils is p, which one the total number of items in the cupboard?

    asked by K
  31. Math

    The ratio of girls to boys is 2:1 and that there are 3 boys, what is the number of girls?

    asked by Sunji
  32. Physics help please

    If a 2000kg coaster is moving at 10 m/s on the top of the loop, what is the magnitude of the normal force that the track applies to the coaster? Normal force = mg cos theta But if theta is 90 degrees, in this case (I'm assuming, because the coaster is

    asked by tyger2020
  33. physics - please check my answer?

    A 7kg mass on a 12 N/m spring oscillates with an amplitude of 23cm. What is the frequency of its oscillation in Hz? Find the period - 2pi * sqrt(m/k) = 4.799 frequency = 1 / period = 0.208 Is that right?

    asked by tyger2020
  34. Physics

    Pick whether each statement is true or false. ------------------------------------------- A liquid is more compressible than a gas. -- My Answer: False A fluid can do work on a solid object. -- My Answer: True Both liquids and gasses are fluids. -- My

    asked by Anonymous
  35. statistics

    if you counted 20 colonies from 0.01-ml inoculum of a 1:10 diulation of urine, how many organisms per milliliter of speciman would you report? Is this number significant

    asked by sharon
  36. Math

    In triangle MNP the interior angle at N is 24 degrees and the exterior angle at P is 55 degrees. Which is the measure of the interior angle at M

    asked by Silva
  37. accounting

    what is the journal entry of cash received from a customer on account was recorded(both debit and credit) as birr 1400 instead of birr 1120

    asked by anteneh
  38. Math

    1) Maria is 6 times as old as Tina. In twenty years, Maria will be only twice as old as Tina. How old is Maria now? Please explain how you got your answer. Thanks! 2) Rating. Relative speed of flow 10W. Half as fast as 5W 15W. Half as fast as 10W 20W. Half

    asked by Jessica
  39. Physics

    Calculate the heat energy needed to change the temperature of 2 kg of copper from 10°C to 110°C. I forgot the formula

    asked by joy
  40. Math

    Part A A right rectangular prism has sides lengths of 4 inches, 3 1/2 inches, and 6 1/2 inches. How many 1/2 inch cubes would be needed to fill the prism? Part B What is the volume of the prism in Part A? Explain your answer.

    asked by Esmat
  41. Physics

    If the velocity of an object changes, then 1. its speed must change. 2. None of these 3. it is accelerating. 4. All of these 5. its direction of motion must change.

    asked by john202
  42. accounting

    Assuming in your business, the cost per other for your product is 4000 naira and it carry cost is 400 per unit per annum your business has a demand for 20000 unit per year,1)Calculate the order size 2)total order required during a year 3)total carried cost

    asked by kunfayakun
  43. Chemistry

    If the amount of gas is decreased and the temperature and pressure stay constant, what will be the effect on its volume? The volume will increase. The volume will decrease. The volume will remain the same. The volume will be reduced to zero.

    asked by Jessie
  44. sciencde

    Vector A has a magnitude of 248 N and direction angles of α = 85°, β = 114°, and γ = 25°. Express Vector A in unit vector notation.

    asked by parminder
  45. English

    Why was Caleb struggling with his individual identity? The book is Called Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks.

    asked by Nikki
  46. Accounting

    Assuming in ur business, d cost per oder for ur product is 4000 naira and it carry cost is 400 per unit per annum ur business has a demand for 20000 unit per year,1)Calculate d order size 2)total order required during a year 3)total carried cost and total

    asked by kunfayakun
  47. physics


    asked by feston
  48. Math

    Hi! You need 2 cups of water, but you only have a liquid measuring cup that measures up to 3 pints. what can you do to get the 2 cups of water that you need? explain and show your work.

    asked by Jessica L.
  49. History

    1. In the Lindisfarne Gospels, what symbol represents St. Mark? (The Winged lion?) 2. In the Lindisfarne Gospels, who is the only evangelist who is pictured facing the reader directly? (I think its John) 3.In the Book of Kells, how many evangelists are

    asked by Sara
  50. Math/Physics

    • Exercise 1 Trajectory is given parametrically: ri = [ cos(t), sin (t),t] F= m*(d power 2 r/ dtpower 2) Calculate Force Fi • Exercise 2 Energy of a covalent bond is approximated as: Vb (rij) =1/2 k [( rij-bij)]power2 Calculate the force acting on

    asked by Miriam
  51. Biology

    y does the ocular micrometer need to be calibrated with a stage micrometer? a. The stage micrometer is a slide that has a defined scale and the distances between lines don’t change when viewed at different magnifications, unlike the ocular micrometer. b.

    asked by BioBae
  52. math - trig/pythagoras

    A piece of flat pastry is cut in the shape of a right-angled triangle. The longest side is 6b cm and the shortest is 2b cm a) Find the length of the third side. b) Prove that the area of the triangle is equal to 4√2b^2 cm^2.

    asked by anonymous
  53. Maths

    The third tem of an A.P is 25 and the tenth term is -3 . Find the first term and the common difference.

    asked by Tanishka
  54. Chemistry

    What is the difference between reaction quotient Q and equilibrium constant? According to books both are different but I just don't understand the difference bcz both have same definition.

    asked by kajal
  55. Algebra

    Calculate the present value of the annuity. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) $1600 monthly at 6.6% for 30 years.

    asked by Hilda
  56. Math

    . Which is a solution of 2 8 x 1 5 $ 11?

    asked by Tiffany
  57. math

    Find the width of a rectangle which is 7.5m long and has an area of 60m2 2= squared thank you.

    asked by conrad
  58. Citations

    Is this sentence fine? Or should I remove the name of the website from my sentence and put it in parentheses at the end? According to Bernie Sanders . com, he is "a fearless, experienced leader capable of seeing the truth, and standing up to big private

    asked by Anon
  59. Math

    At the market,Susan bought 5 peaches for $1.45.At that rate,what would 1 peach cost

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Math

    What is the unit rate for $2.88 for 32 oz?

    asked by Anonymous
  61. cooking or math

    if jill has 1 gallon of milk, but the recipe calls for 3 1/4 quarts, how much more milk will jill have? i really need help

    asked by samanthaaa
  62. 5th grade Math

    Can you check this? 7. Will brought in candy for his friends that weighed 7/8 lbs. If he split it up equally among himself and 4 other friends, how much candy did they each get? (7/8)/5 = 7/40 lbs??

    asked by Jared
  63. math

    I need an answer to this question.Express the product of 0•006 and 0•0009 in the standard form.

    asked by BETTY
  64. Physics

    Is it true or wrong to say that components in series must have the same potential difference across them? Either yes or no explain it.

    asked by Fawad Hussain
  65. Physics

    a) Is it true or wrong to say that components in series must have the same potential difference across them? Either yes or no explain it. Marks = 5 b) Is it true or wrong to say that magnetic force vectors on charged particles point in the same direction

    asked by Jiya
  66. MATH

    WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING IS THE BIGGEST:2/5, 6/21, 4/18, 2/11?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. maths

    How to solve this (20)^3/2.

    asked by kajal
  68. Early Childhood Education

    Name 5 other challenging behaviors in addition to biting that children may exhibit.

    asked by Betty
  69. Algebra 1

    Suppose f(x)=|P(x)|. Determine the range of f (1,-3), (4,1), (3,3), (2,4), (-2,4), (-3,5), (-1,6)

    asked by John
  70. Science

    What is the difference between speed and average speed?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Chemistry help pls


  72. Alg 1 -Further explanation PLEASE

    Suppose f(x)=|P(x)|. Determine the range of f (1,-3), (4,1), (3,3), (2,4), (-2,4), (-3,5), (-1,6) Algebra 1 - Damon today at 10:12am Nothing can be negative. No y can be different from x Can you explain further please

    asked by John