Questions Asked on
January 14, 2018

  1. english

    literary technique of story keesh

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Algebra II

    leiana_chung Write (8a^-3)^-2/3 in simplest form. So far I have this. = (8^-2/3)(a^3(-2/3)) =(8^-2/3)(a^2) =((2^3)^-2/3)(a^2) =(2^-2)(a^2) And this is where I am stuck, can someone explain how to do the rest of the steps?

    asked by Nickie
  3. physics

    In an experiment to measure the speed of a bullet, the bullet is red into a piece of plasticine suspended from a rigid support by a light thread. (there is a pendulum and two balls, ball one is completely vertical and the bullet hits this ball,and somehow

    asked by Anonymous
  4. physics

    A railway truck on a level, straight track is initially at rest. The truck is given a quick, horizontal push by an engine so that it now rolls along the track. push from engine railway truck v = 4.3 m s–1 The engine is in contact with the truck for a

    asked by Anonymous
  5. physics

    A large swinging ball is used to drive a horizontal iron spike into a vertical wall. The centre of the ball falls through a vertical height of 1.6m before striking the spike in the position shown. (there is this drawing of a wall and a pendulum is

    asked by physicslover
  6. Math

    the 8th terms of a geometry progression is 640. if the first term is 5, find the common ratio and the 10th terms?

    asked by Henry
  7. Chemistry

    Three unknown solutions were prepared by pipetting 15.00 mL of an unknown nickel solution into a 200.00 mL volumetric flask and diluting to the mark. Then three samples were prepared from this dilute unknown solution by pipetting 5.00 mL of the dilute

    asked by Christine
  8. physics

    hello! I have a really important question but sadly it contains a diagram and this website would not let me post a link, so if anyone would be kind enough to contact with me outside of this website I would be really grateful and this question is really

    asked by Anonymous
  9. World History

    Why did Buddhism become popular in India? I learned this so long ago idk what the answer is anymore. I cant even remember what I ate for breakfast..

    asked by Jennie
  10. Anatomy

    The respiratory system moves approximately how many quarts of air each day? A. 12,000 B. 2,000 C. 1,200 D. 800 A

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Physics

    A video game console operates potential difference of 12.00 V as shown in fig. The potential difference supplied by the power receptacle is 120 V AC. A transformer is used to convert one voltage to the other. If the secondary coil of the transformer (the

    asked by Learner
  12. Chemistry

    In an aluminum calorimeter, 25.00 g of I2 was burned in excess H2 to form HI. From the data below, establish the molar heat of reaction and write a thermochemical reaction. Data: Mass I2 25.00 g Mass Al 70.00 g Specific heat Al 0.900 J/gC Volume water

    asked by Anonymous
  13. math

    How does 1-cos^2(x)=tan^2(x)

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Math

    62 is the sum of 16 and hectors score

    asked by Marie
  15. physics

    Calculate the angular velocity of a swinging pendulum whose length is 125cm

    asked by rita
  16. physics

    file:///Users/haifaalajmi/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202018-01-15%20at%201.08.42%20AM.png file:///Users/haifaalajmi/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202018-01-15%20at%201.08.23%20AM.png please see the links because this question includes a diagram and I don't know how to

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Science Help

    Whats an illness caused by a protist? I have to research it.

    asked by Wishwash
  18. Math

    A rectangular field measuring 560 m by 800 m is to be represented on a scale drawing using the scale 1:20000. What is the area of the scale drawing in square centimeters?

    asked by King of jungle
  19. Chemsitry

    Three unknown solutions were prepared by pipetting 15.00 mL of an unknown nickel solution into a 200.00 mL volumetric flask and diluting to the mark. Then three samples were prepared from this dilute unknown solution by pipetting 5.00 mL of the dilute

    asked by Christine
  20. English

    Marxism is both a theory and a social and political movement rooted in the idea that "society is the history of class struggles". Can someone please explain what it means by this, especially the phrase in the quotations

    asked by Please Help
  21. Math

    Mary spent 3/7 of her time playing, 2/3 reading. What fraction of her time is left?

    asked by Christy
  22. Physics

    What will be the average braking force needed to bring a car of mass 800kg traveling 72km/hr to a stop at a distance of 100m

    asked by Anonymous
  23. maths

    When one end of a ladder,LM,is placed against a vertical wall at a point 5m above the ground,the ladder makes an angle of 37° with the horizontal ground. 1. Represent the information in a diagram 2. Calculate, correct to 3 significant figure,the length of

    asked by victoria
  24. Math

    Three neighbors measure the snow in their yards over an entire winter. Manny has 30 inches of snow, Mo has 3.5 feet of snow, and Jack has 1.5 yards of snow. The neighbors want to pile all of the snow into one giant snow pile so they can have the most epic

    asked by Erin
  25. Math


    asked by Patricia
  26. English

    Did I mark the accented and unaccented syllables correctly? Line 1- now AS i WAS young AND eaSY unDER the APple BOUGHS Line 2- abOUT the LILting HOUSE and HAPpy AS the GRASS was GREEN, Line 3- the NIGHT aBOVE the DINgle STARry, Line 4- time LET me HAIL and

    asked by Anonymous


  28. mtap

    the length of the diagonals are 3x+2 and 5x-8. find x

    asked by cj
  29. Anatomy And Physiology

    The chief function of the gallbladder is to A. store bile. B. store cholesterol. C. make cholesterol. D. make bile. A

    asked by Anonymous

    pls question without stress is alvailable,pls give me d 4mulae of the 4lowing (1)Toluene(2)Butadiene(3)Phenol(4)Benzene

  31. social studies

    why do you think some hunters chose to stay in the arctic regions of north america while others moved south and settled in warmer areas?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Anatomy

    4. An egg that has been fertilized by a sperm cell is a A. gonad. B. fetus. C. zygote. D. gamete. C

    asked by Anonymous
  33. math

    Determine whether ΔGHI is a right triangle. G(-2, 1), H(3, -1), I(-4, -4). Can you please show the steps too? Thank you!

    asked by sara
  34. Physics

    a 107 lb little red wagon full of kids is on the top of a 41.4 m hill. the wagon falls down the hill and up a 14.5 m hill. how fast is it going on the top of the second hill if there is no friction?

    asked by April
  35. BIO

    does more magnification and resolution make a more detailed picture?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Math

    The area of a triangle is 4 times the area of the smaller triangle formed by joining the nidpoints of two sides True or false

    asked by Silva
  37. Calculus

    Find a Riemann Sum formula for evaluation points that are one-third of the way from the left endpoint to the right endpoint.

    asked by Penny
  38. Humanities - History

    Can someone give me a few paragraphs on the conditions of the slaves in The Middle Passage? Thx...

    asked by Fish
  39. Data Communication (Computer Science)

    A noisy channel which has a bandwidth of 400KHz and theoretical channel capacity of 4.01Mbps. According to Shannon Capacity formula: a. Calculate the Signal Power received at the receiver end if the Noise Power is .001 Watt. b. Calculate the signal to

    asked by Learner
  40. Digital Signal Processing

    A signal of power 6 mW is transmitted through a cable. If the signal encounters a loss of 6db due to impairments of the transmission medium. Calculate the power received at the receiver end.

    asked by Learner
  41. Bio

    Which type of enzyme would be least suitable in making recombinant dna

    asked by Stoof
  42. maths

    You deposited 25000# in an account that earns 7% interest compounded monthly. A)write the first 6terms of the sequence if the initial deposit is excluded B)find the balance in the account after 5years

    asked by adaeze
  43. History - HEPL ASAP

    "...ln the morning examined the men slaves and punished 6 of the principal, put 4 of them in collars." - John Newton, 29th of June, 1754 "The stench of the hold…was so intolerably loathsome that it was dangerous to remain there for any time…” -

    asked by Fish