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January 9, 2018

  1. Social Studies

    1. What negative impact did gold and silver mining have in the west? I think it would be Ghost towns were left behind after the mines stopped producing. Is this right?

    asked by Help
  2. phys science

    1. speed is the ratio of the distance an object moves to a. the amount of time needed to travel the distance** b. the direction the object moves c. the displacement of an object d. the motion of the object 2. a car traveled 60 km in 2 hours, 84 km in the

    asked by vanessa
  3. Math

    Calculate S(17) for the geometric series 256 - 128 + 64 - 32 + ... using the finite geometric sum formula. Round your answer to three decimal places. 170.668 0.004 511.996 168,151.254 Find a(5) for the geometric sequence in which S(6) = 63 and the common

    asked by Max
  4. chemistry

    What volume of oxygen measured at s.t.p will be produced on heating 24.5g of potassium trioxochlorate (v)?

    asked by Prosper
  5. physics

    A ballistic pendulum consists of a 1.25-kg block of wood that is hanging from the ceiling in such a way that when a bullet enters it, the block’s change in height can be recorded as it swings. A bullet having a mass of 6.25-grams and unknown velocity

    asked by physics8ater
  6. math

    The graph below displays the wrist circumferences and heights of six students in Alyssa’s classroom. mc019-1.jpg Is the height of these students a function of their wrist circumference? Yes because as wrist circumference increases height also

    asked by Anonymous
  7. physics

    A rocket engine uses fuel and oxidizer in a reaction that produces gas particles having a velocity of 1380 ms-1. The desired thrust is to be 195000 N. 1-What must be the fuel/oxidizer consumption rate (in kg s-1)? 2-f the initial weight of the rocket is

    asked by anonymus
  8. LA

    what form of poetry are the poems shaped to look like their subjects? A) limerick B) haiku C) concrete D) narrative I think it is either B or C can someone please help me?

    asked by Little roller
  9. Math

    Find a(7) in the geometric series in which S(5) = -61 and the common ratio is -3. -729 -574 2,680 2,188 Jamison just started a new job as a firefighter earning an annual salary for 38,500.00. his contract states that he will receive a 3% salary increase

    asked by Max
  10. physics

    A train with a constant speed of 60km/h goes east for 40 minutes. Then it goes 45◦ north-east for 20 minutes. And finally it goes west for 50 minutes. What is the average velocity of the train?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. physics

    A 6.25gram bullet traveling at 365ms-1 strikes and enters a 4.50kg crate.The crate slides 0.15m along a wood floor until it comes to a rest. 4. What is the coefficient of dynamic friction between crate and the floor? 5. What is the average force applied by

    asked by physics101
  12. Social studies

    The spreading information to convince others or an idea

    asked by Eva
  13. Math

    Kevin moved from a city to a small town. The population of the city was 6 x 10^5, which is about 15 times a great as the small town. Write an expression in scientific notation that represents the population of the small town. I got 4 x 10^4? Please explain

    asked by Math
  14. math

    write the ratio as a percent: in a seventh grade class, 19/25 students voted of having a class picnic

    asked by Shannon
  15. Science

    The distance in degrees east or west of the prime meridian is called? A. Latitude **** B. Axis C. Equator **** D. Longitude

    asked by Help me plz I'm one day behind
  16. math

    What is the difference between 6z and z6

    asked by jasmine
  17. American Government

    Why was it a problem that Congress did not have the power to tax under the Articles of Confederation? a. Congress wanted to provide more services, but it could not afford to without taxes. b. Congress could not regulate trade between the states. c.

    asked by Steve
  18. math

    if 7 times a certain number is subtracted from 630,the remainder is thrice the number. find the number

    asked by huzaifa
  19. Physics

    A body ascends a slope with a speed of 10ms^-1. If 105 J of energy of the body is lost due to friction , the height to which the body will rise is (take g =10ms^-2)?

    asked by Thousif
  20. Calculus

    I found part B, but stuck on part A. Use implicit differentiation to find the points where the parabola defined by x^2-2xy+y^2+4x-8y+24= 0 has horizontal and vertical tangent lines. A) The parabola has horizontal tangent lines at the point(s): B)The

    asked by Molly
  21. math

    In this subtraction, the boxes contain the digits 3, 4, 6, and 9 in some order and the circles contain the digits 4, 5, 8, and 9 in some order. What four-digit number is represented

    asked by Jodi
  22. physics - I don't know what's wrong

    A spring with a force constant of 111 Nm is attached to the ceiling. When an unknown mass is attached it pulls the spring down 0.340m to its equilibrium position. The mass is then pulled 9cm below its equilibrium position and oscillates back and forth.

    asked by anonymous
  23. math

    Am I correct? Write the decimal as a percent: 0.01 A.10% B.1%**** c.0.1% d.0.01%

    asked by Shannon
  24. math

    If a 5 by 7 picture is enlarged by 150%, what is the new area?

    asked by Ms Sue please help me
  25. English

    Indentify the choice that best describes the scentences. When I arrived at the office, I found that the principle was out; apparently, he had contracted the same sickness as half the school. A- simple B- compound C- complex D- compound complex* I'm pretty

    asked by Olive
  26. math

    If a 5 by 7 picture is enlarged by 150%, what is the new area?

    asked by Help
  27. Grammar

    On the way to visit my Aunt in California, we crossed the Golden Gste Bridge. Would you the a in Aunt be capitalized? Why or why not?

    asked by Smile
  28. Science

    How many grams of potassium chloride should be added to 1.5kg of water to lower it's freezing point to -7.5°c kf for water =1.86°ckg mol-1

    asked by Kavya
  29. Physics

    A 905 kg test car travels around a 3.34 km circular track. If the magnitude of the force that maintains the car’s circular motion is 2134 N, what is the car’s tangential speed? Answer in units of m/s.

    asked by Lyndsay
  30. Maths

    The height of a particular tree is increasing at the rate of 10 cm per month. What would be the height of the tree after 5 years, if its present height is 10 m

    asked by Keerti
  31. Math

    This problem is going to reveal the first name of the offender. Simplify the expression: (6^4⋅6^9/6^3)3 If the simplified expression is 6^16 , the first name of the culprit is Mandy. If the simplified expression is 6^18 , the first name of the culprit is

    asked by Bri
  32. math

    how much simple interest would you earn for 5 years at 7% with a beginning principal of 8,000.000?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. physics

    a ray of light strikes a rough surface such that the angle of incidence is 40.0. what is the angle of reflection 1. 0 degrees 2. 20.0 degrees 3. 40.0 degrees 4. the angle of reflection cannot be determined. I am confused between 3 and 4 but I think the

    asked by paul
  34. math asap

    2. if m

    asked by ¯\_('-')_/¯
  35. math

    The temperature on Saturday was -4 degrees Fahrenhit.The temperature on sunday was 9 degrees warmer than the temperature on Saturday.Was the temperature in degrees Fahrenhit positive or negative explain,

    asked by Kay
  36. Math

    What is the perimeter of a 30 60 90 triangle whose shorter leg is 5 inches long?

    asked by Mary Jane
  37. math 7th grade

    The area of the original is 4x that of the reduced photo.The area of the reduced photo is 1/4 that of the original. She sent a 4 cm-by-6 cm photo to each team member.If the photo were enlarged to 150% of its original size, what would be it's new

    asked by Help Asap
  38. math

    A ship moved from point B 12km away on a bearing of then moved westward to another point c20km which is on the bearing of N052w.calculate the distance /bc/

    asked by Anonymous
  39. US History

    What is one cause of labor discontent during the Gilded Age? What is one effect ?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. History

    Briefly describe the role of Texas' location in its involvement in the Civil War. Then, describe how that in involvement may have differed if Texas had been located farther east.

    asked by M
  41. MC science history

    Which of the following is not considered part of the "golden age" of microbiology? A.First artificial vaccine is developed B.Gram stain is devised C, Viruses are defined D.all of the above Who determined Archaea are the third domain of life? A.Carl Woese

    asked by Katherine
  42. Science

    Bacteria, such as E coli are simple, single-celled (unicellular) organisms. Elodea, also known as water weed, is a plant that is commonly used in aquariums. Which of the following is a main difference in cell structure between an E coli and an Elodea cell?

    asked by davonte
  43. Capacitor

    I have a question regarding a pair of conducting plates. My question states: "if this device operates as a capacitor, how is it able to store electrostatic potential energy?" is the answer: The charge separation between the plates causes an internal

    asked by Anon
  44. math

    there are 18 girls and 40 boys in the liblary.if 5/9 of the girls and 3/8 of the boys are many children are reading.?

    asked by luz
  45. Chemistry

    Outline a suitable procedure for separating a mixture of sulphur and sand.

    asked by Lizzy
  46. math

    what is the absolute value of -25

    asked by unknown
  47. Algebra

    If the volume of a cube is 343x^12, what is its side length. I’m trying to find out how to set the formula up, not for answers. Thank you!

    asked by Bob Ross
  48. science

    How many grams of CO are needed with an excess of Fe2O3 to produce 35.0 g Fe? I just don't get how to set up so I could do the work

    asked by Hello
  49. Geometry

    All right triangles are Isosceles My answer False. If anyone can HELP me with Unit 5 Test please help me, HELP NOT GIVE ANSWERS HELP!

    asked by Salsa
  50. Science

    what steps could be taken to control emissions levels?

    asked by Niki
  51. Math PLZ HELP

    when you have a final answer that is 5-4√5/10 can you reduce it? If so can you also reduce the -4?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. math

    if m

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Physics

    Which of the following factors does not affect the work done against gravity when a person climbs a staircase? A. the person's speed B. the height of the staircase C. the person's mass D. acceleration due to gravity I think the answer is A.

    asked by Anonymous
  54. math

    5 pies shared equally among 8 neighbors how much each neighbor get

    asked by missy
  55. Math

    I received an D+ for a final grade what did I get on the final

    asked by Kim
  56. help!

    I have an assignment for tomorrow and I am completely confused. What are the techniques needed for an essay?

    asked by an
  57. math

    3/4 divided by 2/5 So I think then I turn it into. 3/4 x 5/2 then I'm a bit confused after this. Find the common denominators? (Which would be 8) In my lesson it says for 3 and 2 find their common factor. And it's 1. But that won't change anything. Could

    asked by Pepsi
  58. math

    8lb x $3.50/ lb please help soon

    asked by Gavin
  59. Financial analysis

    I have 2 question. If current assets increased, then current liabilities also increase or decrease? And if current liabilities decreased, then current assets also increase or decrease?

    asked by John
  60. English

    1. He chose not to be angry but happy with his life. 2. He chose not to be angry but to be happy with his life. [Can we use both? Which one is common?] 3. As he started to give motivational speeches, many people got hope through his story. 4. Because he

    asked by rfvv
  61. Science

    Girls will like that boys will use that parents will hate that -m-a-i-

    asked by Anonymous
  62. maths

    If 6men can do a piece of work in 20 days and one man can do a work of 2 boys.Find how many days can 10 men and 5 boys do the same work ?

    asked by kumar
  63. Me sue plz help math

    Quadrilateral PQRS is drawn with the following information labeled: · Side PQ is 8 feet. · Side QR is 13 feet. · Side RS is 8 feet. · Side SP is 13 feet. · Angle Q is 120 degrees. Quadrilateral TUVW is drawn with the following information labeled: ·

    asked by
  64. Math

    1. Lois is making applesauce. Each batch she makes yields 3.25 quarts of applesauce. Lois already has 1.5 quarts. She would like to have a total of 14.5 quarts before she is finished for the day. How many batches of applesauce does Lois need to make? First

    asked by Rose
  65. Please Help Mc one question

    Which of the following is not considered part of the "golden age" of microbiology? A.First artificial vaccine is developed B.Gram stain is devised C, Viruses are defined D.all of the above Please do not guess I chose C but i think it was wrong

    asked by Katherine
  66. MATh

    Dose the expression d-12 have a greater value when d=42 or when d = 46? Explain ‘,without computing

    asked by The ace family
  67. Logarithms

    Log(base(x))x^(m-1) +1=m I don't know how I'm supposed to prove this

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Math

    At Six Flags, 360 visitors rode roller coasters in 3 hours. At the rate, how many visitors will ride roller coasters in 7 hours? A) 840 B) 120 C) 369 D) 2520

    asked by Amani
  69. Math

    Mr. VanNevel makes rectangular glass aquariums with glass tops. The aquariums measure 12 in by 6 in by 8 in. a.) draw a net and find the total surface area I know there are no photos allowed on the website but if you can try to explain this it would be

    asked by Homework Help Please
  70. English

    When I was thirteen, I read a story of a man like me. -------------------------------- Does 'man' mean, #1 or #2 in the sentence? 1. an adult human male 2. a human being of either sex; a person.

    asked by rfvv
  71. Algebra

    I'm having trouble with these problems, I'm not asking for just the answers, I need to know how to solve them, its a practice for my upcoming final, So I need to know how to do them. Name the property of real numbers illustrated. (2√7)*√3=2(√7*√3)

    asked by |-/
  72. Math

    What is the perimeter of a 30 60 90 triangle whose shorter leg is 5 inches long?

    asked by Marjorie Estrada
  73. Math

    when you have a final answer that is 5-4√5/10 can you reduce it? If so can you also reduce the -4?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. English

    1. I know that I should look 'at' the good side of my life. 2. I know that I should look 'on' the good side of my life. [Which preposition should we use? Are both okay?] 3. Try to look on the bright side. 4. Try to look at the bright side. [#3 is a common

    asked by rfvv
  75. math

    How to use log tables?

    asked by horrible ghost😈😈😈😈
  76. physics

    A truck takes 80 seconds to travel the first 80m and another 10 seconds to travel a further 70m. What is the average speed?

    asked by wahab
  77. Logarithms

    I tried to do these questions but I can't figure it out. 1)4^x+6(4^-x)=5 Textbook Answer=0.79,0.5 2)8(5^2x)+8(5^x)=6 Textbook Answer=-0.43

    asked by Anonymous
  78. English

    There you are at last! 1. We'd given you up. 2. We'd given up on you. -------------------------------------- In this context, does #1 mean #2? can we use both?

    asked by rfvv
  79. Precalculus

    How many radians are in a straight angle?

    asked by Sheila
  80. Math

    34÷ 45=_

    asked by Jhon
  81. math

    can you please help me order 0.8,7/8,81%,and 19/25 from least to greatest?

    asked by Shannon
  82. Math

    11. Solve for x: 12:x=8:6 I don't understand what I need to do. Help.

    asked by Rose
  83. Math

    Ein Bauplatz ist 45m lang und 32 m breit. Zur Absicherung wird eine Schnur zweimal herumgespannt. Wie viel m Schnur werden dazu gebraucht.?

    asked by Tenzin
  84. spanish

    september 21, year 2009 at 2:29 am

    asked by larry from the past
  85. Math

    z/7 - 6 greater than or equal to -5

    asked by wut