Questions Asked on
January 8, 2018

  1. Math2

    The product of a monomial and a binomial is a _____. Which words correctly fill in the blank? Select all correct answer choices. A)binomial B)monomial C)polynomial D)trinomial E)variable I'm pretty sure it's A) and B), but is C) one too?

    asked by Rylee
  2. math

    use the points in the diagram to name the figure.

    asked by Julio
  3. History

    Need help!!! In five sentences, explain the significance of capitalizing the word "Posterity" in the Preamble. "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the

    asked by Ari
  4. History

    In four, explain how the structure of the First Amendment supports equal weight of each freedom it guarantees. "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of

    asked by Ari
  5. math

    Georgia works at the Yogurt Shoppe. She is able to scoop yogurt into perfectly round scoops that have a radius of 6 cm. If Mary buys a triple scoop of yogurt in a cup, how much yogurt will Georgia give Mary? Use 3.14 for π and round answer to the nearest

    asked by Christian
  6. Math

    How many solutions does this system have? x-2y=2 y= -2x+5 a. infinitely many solutions b. no solutions c. two solutions d. one solution ******

    asked by Anonymous
  7. physics

    microwaves with a wavelength of 15.0 cm strike a slit. What is the maximum slit width that will still result in a large amount of diffraction? 1. 7.50 cm 2. 10.0 cm 3. 15.0 cm 4. 30.0 cm This is a multiple choice and I think it's 7.50 cm. Could someone

    asked by paul
  8. trigonometry

    Julia drives 10km due west of her home. then she heads 15 km south. what is the total distance that she has travelled from his house?

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Physics

    The horse on a carousel is 3.6 m from the central axis. If the carousel rotates at 0.15 rev/s, how fast is a child on the horse moving in m/s?

    asked by Jesus
  10. statistic

    A distribution of values is normal with a mean of 65.2 and a standard deviation of 7.4. Find P32, which is the score separating the bottom 32% from the top 68%. P32 = Enter your answer as a number accurate to 1 decimal place. Answers obtained using exact

    asked by moon
  11. Math

    In a two-digit number the tens digit is two less than the units digit. If the digits are reversed, the sum of the reversed number and the original number is 154. Find the original number.

    asked by Annonomus
  12. Math

    Find the slope of the graph of the following: 9x - 3y =15 a. -3 b. 3 c. -1/3 d. 1/3 ****

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Maths

    The sum of the numerator and denominator of a fraction is 17. If 3 is added to the numerator, the value of the fraction will be 1. What is the fraction?

    asked by Abhinandan Jain
  14. chemistry

    Write the net ionic equation for aqueous potassium phosphate and aqueous calcium nitrate.

    asked by Braidy
  15. statistic

    A manufacturer knows that their items have a normally distributed lifespan, with a mean of 7.4 years, and standard deviation of 1.6 years. The 10% of items with the shortest lifespan will last less than how many years? Give your answer to one decimal

    asked by moon
  16. moral science

    unscramble ineisfsirdne

    asked by Anonymous
  17. History

    How did the civil war affect Texas economically, how did these effects impact the people of Texas?

    asked by SwimmerGirl
  18. Physics

    a body of mass 4kg is moving with a momentum of 12kg m/s it's kinetic energy 1:3 then ratio of their velocities Ans:1:3

    asked by Thousif
  19. Geometry

    three security cameras were mounted at the corners of a triangular parking lot. camera 1 was 110 ft. from camera 2, which was 137 ft from camera 3. cameras 1 and 3 were 158 ft. apart. which camera had to cover the greatest angle? Camera 1 None Camera 3

    asked by Kayla
  20. Health

    1. What is one reason why the percentage of overweight teens has increased over the past 50 years? A. Teenagers spend a lot more time outside. B. Television commercials promote healthy food. C. There is more junk food and fast food available. D. People

    asked by Jake Paul in the title
  21. chemistry

    Write the balanced chemical and net ionic equation for solid barium carbonate and dilute sulphuric acid.

    asked by Braidy
  22. Maths

    The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 28cm. AB =4ycm,AC=(6y-2x+1)cm and BC =(x+2y)cm. Find x and y, state the lengths of the triangle.

    asked by Temitope
  23. math

    if a 16 oz of pasta cost $1.39, what is the unit price?

    asked by Anonymous
  24. World History

    1. Which social group is made up of warriors and rulers A vaisyas B sudras C kshatrias D Brahmins 2.The vaisyas are A common people B priests C unskilled laborers D untouchables

    asked by Need Help
  25. phyics

    A tennis player places a 68kg ball machine on a frictionless surface. the machine fires a 0.057 kg tennis ball horizontally with a velocity of 38m/s toward the north. What is the final velocity of the machine? I used p1+p2=P1'+p2' but I can't seem to get a

    asked by jay
  26. algebra

    Bisi and fibie ages add up to 29 seven years ago bisi was twice as old as fibie find their present ages

    asked by Kennedy
  27. english

    The narrator found ______ in front of the Post Office.

    asked by aaron
  28. Chemistry

    What is the molar change in enthalpy when 100g of ice is heated from -72°C to -18.2°C?(cp=37.4 J/k•mol) Would the answer be 1118 kJ

    asked by Lauren
  29. Math

    If you know the order from least to greatest of 5 negative rational numbers how can you use that information to order the absolute values of the number from least to greatest explain answer the point of least to greatest is to find which ones lease and

    asked by Anonymous
  30. math

    write the equation in slope-intercept form. What are the slope and y-intercept? -12x+13y=-10

    asked by kaitlyn
  31. Social Studies

    British colonist objected to the proclamation of 1763 because they ___________. A. feared it would provoke attacks from American Indians. B. did not want control of the fur trade with France. C. resented the limits it imposed on westward expansion D.

    asked by ¯\_('-')_/¯
  32. Economics

    What is one example of a competitive labor market?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. US GOV- Research Paper

    I'm writing a research paper about Bernie Sanders. It includes a short biographical background, information about his time in the House and the Senate, and his beliefs on 3 major issues: racism, foreign policy, and healthcare. I've written most of the

    asked by Anon
  34. Math

    Choosing a book to read from 7 fiction and 9 non -fiction books

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Chemistry

    How much carbon dioxide gas is there in a 43.9 L container at 12.0◦C and 8.78 atm? Answer in units of g.

    asked by Chelsee
  36. Math/Physics

    A car of mass 0.9 tonnes is driven 200 m up a slope inclined at 5° to the horizontal. There is a resistance force of 100 N. (i) Find the work done by the car against gravity. (ii) Find the work done against the resistance force. (iii) If the car slows

    asked by Autumn
  37. Math

    The product of three consecutive terms of at G.P is 64 and the first term is four time the third. find the terms

    asked by Sequences and series
  38. Physics

    On piercing a distance of 15cm in a wooden block a bullet losses of its initial velocity before coming to rest the further distance travelled by it is Ans:5cm

    asked by Thousif
  39. History

    The Territorial Courts are most similar to? A:The local courts in the 50 states*** B:The Courts Martial C:The Federal Courts of Appeals D:The Federal District Courts Is this correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. APPSYCH :P

    Can I get the definitions of these topics? - Cognitive Dissonance - Social Facilitation - Obedience - Conformity I need them asap, I have a paper to write over the situations of these topics.

    asked by |-/
  41. LA

    Both Ernesto from barrio boy and the boy in A day's wait interact with adults. Ernesto interacts with Ms. Ryan, while the sick boy interacts with his father. In a paragraph, compare and contrast how the boys interact with the adult. focus on how the boys

    asked by A person that needs help.
  42. Algebra

    Find the area of the irregular shape. Round to the nearest tenth. There's a semi-circle on top of a rectangle with 8 as the base and 5 as the height. A. 90.2 sq cm B. 241 sq cm C. 65.1 sq cm D. 72.3 sq cm Find the area of blue portion of the irregular

    asked by Baby_Banana
  43. Geometry

    1. Find the length of a diagonal of a rectangle ABCD with vertices, A (-3,1), B(-1,3), C(3,-1) and D (1,-3). A) 5.7 B) 6.3 C) 3.2 * D) 4.5

    asked by Kayla
  44. Calculus

    'Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by x=16-y^2, x-axis, and y-axis around the x-axis.' I know in theory how to do it, but I'm a little confused by what constitutes the bounded region because it's a sideways parabola,

    asked by CodyL
  45. math

    The total volume is 690 pi cubic inches. Each cup has a volume of 20π. How many complete cups can be filled from the water containers?

    asked by Christian
  46. Math

    After delivering all of those presents, the elves were ready to eat some cookies. 50% of the cookies were sugar, and the rest were gingerbread. After eating 1,600 cookies, the number of sugar cookies decreased by 20% and the gingerbread cookies decreased

    asked by Lenny
  47. math

    After delivering all of those presents, the elves were ready to eat some cookies. 50% of the cookies were sugar, and the rest were gingerbread. After eating 1,600 cookies, the number of sugar cookies decreased by 20% and the gingerbread cookies decreased

    asked by Isabella
  48. APPSYCH :P

    Define availability heuristic and provide an example of how this process can lead to increased prejudice.

    asked by |-/
  49. History

    why did galveston suffer more direct effects of the civil war than other texas cities? Galveston was located near the cotton-growing region of Texas The Union blockade brought it into direct contact with enemy groups Union soldiers wished to end trade

    asked by M
  50. math

    On a sunny day, a 6-foot man casts a shadow that is 11 feet long. The shadow of a nearby oak tree is 66 feet long. Find the height of the tree.

    asked by javion
  51. Math

    Can someone help me with my equations?

    asked by Ludwig
  52. math

    of the ice cream cones sold yesterday 1/2 was strawberry 1/10 was cookies and cream. what fraction of the ice cream sold was either strawberry or cookies and cream?

    asked by Neicee
  53. Geometry

    asked by Kayla
  54. math

    The Mexican long-tongued bat population is an endangered species, which decreases at a rate of 3.5% per year in a wildlife preserve that currently has 80 of them. What type of function will model the population? A)constant B)exponential growth C)linear

    asked by Rylee
  55. math

    I checked the answer in my textbook on what the answer is if I factor 2x^2-x-10 The answer is (2x-5)(x+2) That answer makes sense to me if I expand it I'll get 2x^2-x-10. My issue is I don't know how I would get 2x^2-x-10 in factored form

    asked by Anonymous
  56. كليه الصيدله

    Why we heat KMnO4 and filter when prepare it

    asked by منال جمال سعد
  57. Chemistry

    Consider the case where we are titration 50.0mL of 1.00M HCl (receiving flask) with 1.00 NaOH (burette) Find the pH of the solution: a) After adding 50.00mL of base I do a comparison method to determine the number of moles of NaOH Amount----Volume b) After

    asked by Anonymous
  58. History

    What was an immediate economic effect of the Civil War on Texas? Texas had to raise the pay of its women workers Texas had to raise money to pay soldiers in the Union army Texans had to pass new tariffs to replace those that had been replaced***** Texas

    asked by SwimmerGirl
  59. Math

    cotθ=3, cos

    asked by Anonymous
  60. science

    with the exception of some green algae, all plants are that contain many cells

    asked by Anonymous
  61. chemistry

    I need 2.5ml of 10% aqueous sodium hydroxide solution. How do I make it?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Math

    It makes 3/4 of an hour for an automated sprinkler to cover 2/7 of a lawn.After an hour has passed ,what fraction of a lawn has been covered

    asked by Xavier
  63. Math

    4 min 90 s As a ratio in simplest form. A little help here my heads swimming in confusion.

    asked by Abby
  64. statistic

    A manufacturer knows that their items have a normally distributed lifespan, with a mean of 11.9 years, and standard deviation of 2.2 years. If you randomly purchase one item, what is the probability it will last longer than 18 years?

    asked by moon
  65. statistic

    A distribution of values is normal with a mean of 225.5 and a standard deviation of 3.2. Find the probability that a randomly selected value is greater than 222.6. P(X > 222.6) = Enter your answer as a number accurate to 4 decimal places. Answers obtained

    asked by moon
  66. statistic

    A particular fruit's weights are normally distributed, with a mean of 228 grams and a standard deviation of 11 grams. The heaviest 20% of fruits weigh more than how many grams? Give your answer to the nearest gram.

    asked by moon
  67. statistic

    A distribution of values is normal with a mean of 110 and a standard deviation of 5. Find the interval containing the middle-most 48% of scores: Enter your answer using interval notation. Example: [2.1,5.6) Your numbers should be accurate to 1 decimal

    asked by moon
  68. Algebra

    The distance between Caroline's house and Laura's house is 3120m Carolina and Laura leave their house at the same time the two girls cycle towards each other until they meet Caroline speed is 7.2 meters per second and Laura Speed is 8.4 meters per second a

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Math

    What is the minimum velocity in which the cue ball must be hit in order to hit the blue ball into the hole? Assume straight line (cue ball stops moving after hitting the blue ball). Distance between cue ball and blue ball = 1.2 meters. Distance between

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Math

    24. two stores carry a similar stereo for the same original price of $573. one store offers a 16% discount and the second store sells the stereo for 458.40. which store gives the bigger percent discount? Justify your answer. ( 4 points) I don't understand

    asked by Rose
  71. Texas History

    Emma is conducting a research project on Texas during the 1840s and 1850s. Which keyword search should she use to find information about why slavery grew

    asked by Angie
  72. Physics?

    What information do you need to calculate the altitude of a satellite’s planet-synchronous orbit? (check all that apply) Mass of the planet Radius of the planet Mass of the satellite Period of the planet's rotation on axis Period of the planet's rotation

    asked by anonymous
  73. Math

    A pool cue ball is hit by a stick with a force of 12.5N. The ball's mass is 0.17kg. Distance between cue ball and blue ball= 1.2m. Distance between blue ball and hole = 0.7m. There is friction between both balls and table- coefficient of 0.005. Will the

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Science

    Suppose that instead of a pure tone coming from a tuning fork, the sound was a mixture of many different frequencies. Would all the sounds be magnified equally by resonance in the tube? Why?

    asked by Nikko
  75. Englisch

    According to you,is arranged mariage good or bad?give some reasons NB:give 13 reasons

    asked by Kossi
  76. ENGLISH -

    1. (Who***, Whom)was the first president of the United States?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. math

    Find the range of the function f(x) = 4x -1 for the domain {-1, 0, 1, 2, 3}. a. {-5, -3, 0, 7, 11} b. {-5, -4, -3, -2, -1} c. {-11, -7, -3, 1, 5} d. {-5, -1, 3, 7, 11}

    asked by Anonymous
  78. arithmetic mean

    the average age of 5 children is 8 years. if the age of the father is included , the average increased by 7 years. find the age of the father.

    asked by vijay
  79. Physics

    Bats chirp at high frequencies that humans cannot hear. They use the echoes to detect small objects, such as insects, as small as one wavelength. If a bat emits a chirp at a frequency of 60.0 kHz and the speed of sound waves in air is 340 m/s, whar is the

    asked by Antwon
  80. History

    How has the Lemon test affected Supreme Court rulings about public aid to church-related schools? A:The Court has used the Lemon test to ban all public funding to religiously affiliated schools. B:The Court has interpreted the Lemon test in a way that

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Chemistry

    how many mols of gas will occupy 6.75 m^3 at 65°C and 3.28 x 10^5 Pa?

    asked by Troy
  82. Chemistry

    I'm supposed to calculate the rate equation, including k, for the reaction whose data is given in the table: Experiment: 1 2 3 Initial Concentration X: 0.10, 0.10, 0.60 Initial Concentration Y: 0.20, 0.10, 0.10 Measured Initial Rate: 2.57, 1.25, 1.27 (I

    asked by SarahF275
  83. science,

    How many grams of CO are needed with an excess of Fe2O3 to produce 35.0 g Fe Solid sodium metal reacts violently with water, producing heat, hydrogen gas, and sodium hydroxide. How many molecules of of hydrogen are formed when 35 g of sodium are added to

    asked by Help
  84. arithmetic mean

    the following data relate to size of shoes sold at a store during the given week find the average size by the short cut method size of shoes. 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 no of shoes 15,30,45,60,55,40,5

    asked by vijay
  85. Chemistr

    What mass of sodium

    asked by Juma
  86. Chemistr

    To 10ml of a 0.10 acetic acid solution a 0.10M NaOH solution is added what is ph of the solution when 9.5ml of NaOH have been added

    asked by Juma
  87. georgraphy

    I need a Inquiry Question for Poverty in Canada? Can somebody help me?

    asked by Silva
  88. physics

    The linear impulse delivered by the hit of a boxer is 104 NS during the 0.431s of contact. What is the magnitude of the average force exerted on the glove of the other boxer?

    asked by jay
  89. algebra

    factor 22y^2 +67y -35

    asked by Anonymous
  90. physics as

    the figure below shows the graph of force,F (y axis)acting on a trolley of 0.4kg against time,t (x axis) 20--------- ........._-- ........._...-- ........._....--- ........._......--- ........._.......----- 0........5............9 The velocity of the

    asked by cylinder
  91. Physics as repost please answer and help

    Silver plating: A student attempts the process of silver plating to determine the mass of a silver atom. a series of objects are measured, then electroplated for a measure period of time, while maintaining a steady current through a solution of silver

    asked by cylinder
  92. Math ASAP

    x to 50 and 16 to 25 A:32 B:34 C:41

    asked by yolo
  93. Mathematics

    In a quadrilateral,the angles are x°, (x+10)°, (x+20)°, (X+30)°Find the angles

    asked by Sravanthi