Questions Asked on
January 7, 2018

  1. science: plz help Mrs. Sue

    Which of the following is a behavioral adaptation of a spider? a. poisonus venom b. web spinning c. eight legs d. body color My answer is a. plz check.

    asked by robux sweet robux
  2. History

    What was the most significant political effect of Reconstruction plans on Texas? Texas rejoined the United States Carpetbaggers shaped politics in Texas Texas was overseen by many different governors Two main Unionist groups which different viewpoints

    asked by M
  3. math

    Vernon Wells hits a baseball that travels for 142m before it lands. The flight of the ball can be modeled by a quadratic function in which x is the horizontal distance the ball has traveled away from Vernon, and h(x) is the height of the ball at that

    asked by emily
  4. physics

    Two slits are 0.158 mm apart. A mixture of red light ( wavelength = 65 nm) and yellow green light (wavelength = 565 nm)falls on the slits. A flat observation screen is located 2.24 m away. What's the distance on the screen between the third order red

    asked by tom
  5. jkr school , physics

    a stone drops from the edge of a roof. it passes a window 2 mtr high in 0.01 sec . how far is the roof above the top of the window?

    asked by psp
  6. math

    a fertilizer covers 5/6 square foot in 1/2 unit rate

    asked by bob
  7. History

    What caused the Radical Republicans to reject Presidential Reconstruction? It kept the Southern states separate from the Union for too long It provided too much government assistance to African Americas It was too easy on the Southern secessionists It was

    asked by M
  8. physics

    Two small loudspeakers emit sound waves of the same amplitude and frequency in phase with each other. The waves produce an interference pattern such that the distance from the right bisector to a point P on the third nodal line is x3. The wavelength of the

    asked by tom
  9. Chemistry

    Write an equilibrium reaction equation for each of the following buffer mixtures: a)NH3(aq) and NH4Cl(aq) b)HC7H5O2(aq) and NaC7H5O2(aq)

    asked by Anonymous
  10. English

    The basket (that she is holding) is made from palm fronds. independent clause adjective clause adverb clause noun clause If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. simple complex compound compound-complex John was late to dinner and I was late to the movies.

    asked by Person
  11. algebra

    A ball is thrown into the air with an upward velocity of 40 feet per second. Its height, h, in feet after t seconds is given by the function h(t)=-16t^2+40t+10. a. What is the ball’s maximum height? 35Ft b. When the ball hits the ground, how many seconds

    asked by Hannah
  12. Probability

    In a university, 30% of the students major in Business management, 25% major in mathematics and 10% major in both business management and mathematics. A student from this university is selected at random. A) what is the probability that the student majors

    asked by Angel
  13. math

    Kendra is using 27 blue patches and some white patches to make a quilt. The quilt has a total area of 540 square inches. Each patch has an area of 5 square inches. How much of the area of the quilt is white? Explain.

    asked by DJ
  14. Probability

    In a university, 30% of the students major in Business management, 25% major in mathematics and 10% major in both business management and mathematics. A student from this university is selected at random. A) what is the probability that the student majors

    asked by Ange
  15. Physics

    A double-slit experiment using violet light of wavelength 400 nm produces a spacing of (triangle x). what is expected spacing if red light of wavelength 600 nm used? a) 2/3 (triangle x) b) (triangle x) c) 1.5 (triangle x) d) 3 (triangle x)

    asked by Jessey
  16. mathematics

    a town has a population of 8400 in 1990. Fifteen years later, it's population had grown to 12 500. Assuming that the population continues to grow at the same exponential rate, when will the population reach 20 000? Please help im trying to answer this

    asked by david
  17. Busines Math

    Pls heLp decided to join the partnership of August and April . August has a capital of 50 pesos , while April puts up a capital of 75 pesos . the three of you decided that your profit and loss ratio would be 1:2:3 for August , April and yourself,

    asked by Kenneth
  18. Math 6A

    3. Find the discount on a $225 cell phone that is on sale for 35% off. A) $78.75 B) $7.88 C) $146.25 D) $67.50 My answer is A. 4. Find the discount on a $44 sweater that is on sale for 25% off. A) $33.00 B) $11.00 C) $10.80 D) $8.80 My answer is B.

    asked by Connexus
  19. Math

    Please help solve and explain this question, it's pretty tricky. Nick, Ryan, Simon and James from the band Dandelion sang a few songs at their first concert. Always three of them were singing, and one was playing the guitar in accompaniment. James sang the

    asked by Jake Adams
  20. math

    can somebody help me with this math problem? I don't understand what i'm supposed to do, so a few links to tutorials or an explanation would be really helpful! "sam recorded how many pounds he gained each month for four months and recorded the results as

    asked by min yoonghy
  21. Physics

    which statement is true concerning the interference pattern from a double slit experiment? a) the dark fringes appear equally spaced b) the dark fringes increase spacing farther from the center line. c) the spacing of the bright fringes is twice that of

    asked by April
  22. math

    it cost 660 to put on the school play. how many tickets must be sold at 6 piece in order to make a profit?

    asked by Paige
  23. physics

    Two point sources produce waves in phase with the same amplitude and wavelength. The sources are a distance d apart. The distance from the right bisector to a point on the second nodal line is x2. The distance between the sources is cut in half. What is

    asked by tom
  24. Math

    Your test average is 86 after taking three tests. You remember that two of your scores were 88 and 83. What was your score on the third test? show your work.

    asked by Hannah
  25. math

    it cost 660 dollars to put on the school play. how many tickets must be sold at 6 dollars piece in order to make a profit?

    asked by Paige
  26. Algebra

    A chemist made 50 ounces of an acidic solution by mixing two different concentrations of the solution. He mixed x ounces of acidic solution with an 80% concentration and an acidic solution with 90% concentration. Which equation can be used to determine the

    asked by Joe
  27. math

    TO EARN MORE MONEY HIS PARENTS LET HIM WEED THE GARDEN FOR $6.55 WHAT IS KYLE WEEKLY ALLOWANC IF HE ENDED WITH $11.01 SHOW ALL YOUR WORK A $8.90 B $8.91 C $8.92 D $8.93 E $8.94 F $8.95 G $8.96 H $8.97 I $8.98 J $8.99

    asked by hannah
  28. Economics

    Explain the concept of isoquant and work on it's function

    asked by Emma lekule
  29. Biology genetics

    In the summer squash, fruits may be white, yellow, or green. In one case, the cross of yellow X white produced an F1 of all white-fruited plants that, when selfed, gave an F2 segregating 12 white: 3 yellow: 1 green. (a) suggest gnotypes for the white,

    asked by Happy
  30. Physics

    Does the elasticity of a ball change with successive bounces?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. mathematics

    The solution below corresponds to an inequality involving a quartic function. Write a possible quartic polynomial inequality that matches the solution. Prove that your inequality matches the solution. x < 4 and x > 7

    asked by mack
  32. English

    please can u check my work. Thank you. example of a passive sentence: Macaws eat nuts and berries. Nuts and berries are eaten by the Macaw. 1) Capuchin monkeys eat fruit, insects, leaves, small birds and frogs. my answer: Frogs, small birds, leaves,

    asked by aaron
  33. maths

    What is the meaning of probability in maths

    asked by ann
  34. Mathematics

    Use f(x) = 2x + 5 and g(x) = x^2-1 to determine the following( simplified where possible): (g * f)(3)

    asked by dean
  35. Algebra

    What is the vertex of this equation? y=x^2-6x+4. Please show the steps on how you got the answer so i can understand it better.

    asked by Hannah
  36. arithmetic mean

    the average age of 30 children in a class is 9 years if the teacher 's age is included, the average age becomes 10 years find the teacher's age

    asked by vijay

    a +1/3 = 6/7 1. 1 3/21 2. 5/10 3. 7/10 4. 11/21 EXPLAIN PLEASE

    asked by bob