Questions Asked on
January 3, 2018

  1. I need help!

    what is blogging journaling B.posting in photo galleries C.uploading movie online D.sharing photos on a social network i think its A or D

    asked by DJ
  2. English

    "But we by love, so much refined,/That ourselves know not what it is./Interassured of the mind./Care less eyes,lips, and hands to miss." Which best restates the paradox that Donne sets forth in these lines? A:Most people do not love their spouses

    asked by Anonymous
  3. English

    Which line "best" states the theme of John Donne's Holy Sonnet 10? A:Rest of bones,and soul's delivery B:"Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me."*** C:"Thou art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men." D: And doest with poison, war, and

    asked by Anonymous
  4. English

    "Farewell, thou child of my right hand..." Which of these is the (most) accurate paraphrase of these words from Ben Jonson's "On My First Son"? A:"Farewell,joy"*** B:"Farewell,Ben" C:"Farewell Father D:Farewell, sin. Is this correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Chemistry

    How long will it take an electric current of 0.15ampere to deposit all the copper from 500ml 0.15 M copper sulphate solution

    asked by Praful Gupta
  6. History

    Which examines the relationship between the colonies and their imperial governments? The interdependent relationship between imperial powers and colonies was created through infrastructure and construction projects. Imperial powers used various forms of

    asked by Jordan
  7. Calc

    Find the area of the region bounded by the curves y = sin^-1(x/6), y = 0, and x = 6 obtained by integrating with respect to y. Please include the definite integral and anti-derivative.

    asked by LilPeep
  8. Math Help.

    Thomas walked his dog for 30 minutes today ---- 15 more minutes than yesterday. Express as a percent his walking time today compared to his walking time yesterday. Round to the nearest percent. 150% 175% 200% 125% On my test, it Says the answer is 200%

    asked by Pea&Pod
  9. science

    Continental crust is ____ and _____ than oceanic crust. A) older, thicker B) older, thinner C) younger, thicker Eliminate D) younger, thinner

    asked by XXXTENTACTION
  10. Math

    write 3 3/5 as a percent can someone please help

    asked by Kats
  11. History

    Why were many Texans angered by Davis's governorship?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. physics

    Suppose you start an antique car by exerting a force of 300 N on its crank for 0.250s. What angular momentum is given to the engine if the handle of the crank is 0.300 m from the pivot and the force is exerted to create maximum torque the entire time?

    asked by tyger2020
  13. English

    ..."that Library where every book shall lie open to one another..." Which of these is the best interpretation of this phrase from John Donne's Meditation 17? A:It is a description of Death*** B:It is a description of God C:It is a description of Hell D:It

    asked by Anonymous
  14. histroy

    Which evaluates the economic dependence that occurred between imperial governments and their colonies? The parasitic dependency of the colonies led to a reduction of economic power by European nations on a global scale. Colonies that exported their natural

    asked by Mason
  15. Math Help please & thankyou

    write a ratio and percent for the shaded area. total of 20 squares 6 shaded squares A. 6/25 30% B. 3/50 6% C.6/25 24% D.3/10 30% Could you explain how you got the answer I think it is D

    asked by A Unique person
  16. maths

    A sculpture needs to lift a piece of is a cuboid with dimensions 1m by 0.6m and 0.3m.marble has a density of 2.7. work out the mass.

    asked by ann
  17. Math

    ola wishes to make a deposit. she has these bills: 9 ones, 3 fives, 2 tens and 4 twenties. she has 32 nickles, 4 dimes, 10 quarters. ola has checks for $32.75 and $41.50. ola wants to recieve $30 in cash. what should she enter on the currency line?

    asked by Anonymous
  18. History

    Which of the following may government regulate regarding assemblies? Select all that apply(2 points) A:Content B:Time*** C:Manner*** D:Leader The right of freedom of assembly and petition allows people to do what? A:Come together to advance a cause.***

    asked by Anonymous
  19. History

    Which examines the impact of Napoleon’s territorial conquest on the world? Napoleon's conquest of Spain led to independence movements in Spain's colonial holdings in the Americas. Unification of the Rhine created a new European imperial power in Africa.

    asked by Mason
  20. Science

    Describe how changes in an ecosystem can affect organisms that live there

    asked by Tordy
  21. Circuits, Kirchoff

    A circuit can be used to measure the resistance of a platinum resistance thermometer (PRT). AB is a uniform resistance wire of length 1.0mandCisa sliding contact on this wire. A standard resistor R is included in the circuit. The position of C is adjusted

    asked by Anon
  22. Science please help

    List and briefly outline the six different periods into which the Paleozoic era is divided. The six periods: 1:Cambrian, which was 545 million years ago. 2:Ordovician, which was 490 million years ago. 3:Silurian, which was 445 million years ago.

    asked by MurmerFlax
  23. maths help

    Please could you answer my question

    asked by ann
  24. English/ELA

    Which vocabulary word best fits with the following group of words? Information, awareness, intelligence knowledge explore experiment question I'm not sure which one it is but I'm pretty sure its either C or D.

    asked by SwimmerGirl
  25. Calc

    Determine if the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals applies to the function f(x) = x³ - 4x on the interval [-1, 1]. If so, find the x-coordinates of the point(s) guaranteed to exist by the theorem.

    asked by LilPeep
  26. physics help please

    A 33kg child named Lindsey runs as fast as she can and jumps onto the outer edge of a merry-go-round. The merry-go-round is initially at rest and has a mass of 78kg and a radius of 2.20m. Lindsey's linear velocity was 9 m/s at the moment she jumped onto

    asked by tyger2020
  27. Ratios

    A group of students surveyed chose baseball and soccer as their favorite sport in the ratio 3 to 8 if 56 students chose soccer as their favorite sport find the number of students that shows baseball is the favorite sport 132 students were surveyed

    asked by Emily
  28. English

    10) Can you remember the name of the person from ______ you received this information? A) who B) whom*** C) whose D) who's 11) Jen, _____ latest short story was published last week, os only 15 years old. A) who B) whom C) whose**** D) who's 12) Gabi said

    asked by Anonymous
  29. math

    Trig Identities prove sinx+1 \ 1-sinx = (tanx+secx)^2

    asked by ken
  30. Science

    I have looked and I can not find the definition for acquired traits I'm looking for the def. part of speech & synonym Please help. Zack

    asked by Zack
  31. social studies

    Geothermal is considered a ? 1)fossil fuel 2)renewable resource 3)nonrenewable resource 4)recyclable resource I think #2 Thanks

    asked by Jamie
  32. Science

    Describe the two most important events in the history of animal life that occurred at the beginning and at the end of the Paleozoic era. List and briefly outline the six different periods into which the Paleozoic era is divided. Answer: In the beginning of

    asked by Šimon Ziya Paterson
  33. AP Psychology

    Which of the following is not an example of homeostasis? A) perspiring in order to restore normal body temperature B) feeling hungry and eating to restore the level of blood glucose to normal C) feeling hungry at the sight of appetizing food********** D)

    asked by Anonymous
  34. math

    Ernest can walk a distance of 5 miles in 75 minutes. Which is the simplest form of 5/75

    asked by shuayb
  35. Math

    Mr Panwar buys pencils at Rs.250 per hundred pencils and sells each at Rs.1.75 find his loss or profit percent

    asked by Harmandeep
  36. Chemistry

    Will the ratio of the rates of effusion for two gases be the same as the ratio of the rates of diffusion for the two gases be the same? As I understand it, Graham's law applies to both effusion and diffusion, so the two ratios would be the same, right?

    asked by SarahF275
  37. math

    estimate the range for the sum 9.65+30.1+5.835

    asked by via
  38. English

    "Whoso (list) to hunt, I know where is a hind./ But as for me,alas, there is no more." Which of these is nearest to the word (list), as it is used in the passage above? A:Hates B:Needs C:Wants D:Plans*** "...That with (reiterated) crimes he might/Heap on

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Social studies

    200 words) 3 different strategies)how an early childhood centre can create a cultural safe learning environment for indigenous children and their families?

    asked by Awar bol
  40. Mathematics

    What metric unit would you use to measure the length of 1.a cell phone 2.a basketball court 3.a telephone pole What metric unit would you use to measure the mass of 1.a kitten orange 3.a bee 4.a horse

    asked by Cedric
  41. Citations

    I'm writing a research paper about Bernie Sanders and I'm including a quote from him in it. Do I need to put an in-text citation for the website where I found that quote or is it fine if I say that Sanders stated it. My sentence is: When asked about

    asked by Anon
  42. Does Connections or any other school know about

    Does connections or any other school know about this website???

    asked by Someone
  43. Social studies

    1000 words)why is cultural safety important for indigenous children and their families in an early childhood setting?

    asked by Awar bol
  44. Social studies

    150 words)how cultural safety benefits indigenous students?

    asked by Awar bol
  45. math

    if A = {10,11,12} and B = {13,14}, what is A - B?

    asked by klawdet
  46. History

    What does the constitution have to do with the concepts of rights, federalism, and division of powers?

    asked by Katherine
  47. math

    If f(x) = x^2 - 5x - 2, find f(-3)

    asked by Anonymous
  48. math

    In the following arithmetic sequence, what is the value of x? -2, 4, x, 16 . . .

    asked by Anonymous
  49. ELA


    asked by Victoria
  50. math

    Twenty percent of 12 is what number?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    The length of a rectangle is 5 centimeters greater than the width. The perimeter is 70 centimeters. What is the length? What is the width?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Maths

    A circle has its centre on x axis and passes through(5,1) And (3.4). Find its equation.

    asked by Arya
  53. Math Rounding help

    what is 6/7 rounded to the nearest 1/2 I cant figure it out!

    asked by Something
  54. algebra

    order these from least to greatest 0.67, 9/10,0,-0.11

    asked by luna
  55. Math help please!

    24+5(x=13) Can someone explain me the steps to doing this? Thanks!

    asked by >-;