Questions Asked on
January 2, 2018

  1. Geometry

    Which of the following describes a median of a triangle? A. a segment drawn from a vertex to the midpoint of the opposite side B. a segment drawn from the vertex perpendicular to the line containing the opposite side C. a segment drawn through the midpoint

    asked by help please
  2. AP Statistics

    I was sick and when I came back to school I received this question as homework and I don't understand it... Jenny is a 60 percent free-throw shooter She gets to shoot a second free throw if and only if she makes her first shot. She can score 0 points( if

    asked by Jean

    The words over and done may be combined to form a compound word. What is the proper way to create this compound word? A. Overdone B. Doneover C. done-over D. over-done

    asked by Mae
  4. Phyics

    An engine raises 100kg of water through a height of 60m in 20sec. What is the power of the engine. (Take g=10m/s^2

    asked by Chinasaramokwu
  5. I need help!

    You and some friends rent a limousine for a formal reception the bill for the evening is $53.00. A tax of 6% will be added to your total. And you want to tip the chauffeur for his excellent driving. you decide to leave him a tip that is 20% of the bill

    asked by DJ
  6. Mathematics

    What metric unit would you use to measure the length of 1.a cell phone 2.a basketball court 3.a telephone pole What metric unit would you use to measure the mass of 1.a kitten orange 3.a bee 4.a horse

    asked by Cedric
  7. math

    Terry bought some gum and candy. The number of packages of chewing gum was one more than the number of mints. The number of mints was three times the number of candy bars. If gum was 6 cents a package, mints were 3 cents each, and candy bars were 10 cents

    asked by john
  8. Math

    Television sizes are described by the length of their diagonal measure. What would be the listed size of the TV shown? (to the nearest whole inch) A) 31 inches B) 32 inches C) 36 inches D) 42 inches The top portion of the tv is 28 in. and the side is 15.7

    asked by I Dont Matter
  9. Science

    calculate the mass of NaOH required to make 500ml of 0.5Molar aqueous solution

    asked by Shanton
  10. Geometry

    Where is the centroid of any given triangle? A. the point of concurrency of the altitudes of the triangle. B. the point of concurrency of the medians of the triangle. C. the point of concurrency of the perpendicular bisectors of the triangle. D. the point

    asked by help please
  11. AP Human

    How did population distribution and density affect the damage caused by the Red River floods of 2009 and 2010 A) hundreds of thousands died B) loss of life was limited C) casualties were very high*** D) it played no role

    asked by Anonymous
  12. I need help!

    Write the fraction as a percent. If necessary, round to the nearest tenth of a percent. 6 4/5 a. 68% b. 6.8% c. 6.4% d. 680%

    asked by DJ
  13. Phyics

    A boy whose mass is 40kg runs up a flight of 30 steps,each 150mm high,in 6secs.find the average power developed.(take g=10m/s^2.

    asked by Chinasaramokwu
  14. Math

    identify the type of variation represented in the table and name the y-value when x=32. x: 2,4,8,16, 32 y: 4, 2, 1, 0.5, ?

    asked by Hannah
  15. LA

    Which of the following events from the story has the greatest impact on the development of the plot in the first selection of the novel? A Timothy rescues stew cat from the wreckage of the ss Hato. B Phillip receives a blow to the head as he attempts to

    asked by SmellyBird
  16. Phyics

    A ball of mass 8kg falls from rest from height of 100m. Neglecting air resistance, calculate its kinetic energy after falling of a distance of 30m/s^2

    asked by Chinasaramokwu
  17. I need to make sure this is right!

    Order from least to greatest. 0.29, 2/7, 25%, 0.2 25%, 0.2, 2/7, 0.29 0.2, 25%, 2/7, 0.29 *** 0.29, 2/7, 25%, 0.2 0.29, 2/7, 0.2, 25%

    asked by DJ
  18. Phyics

    A body of 10kg and initially at rest is subjected to a force of 20N through a distance of 10m.calculate the change in kinetic energy of the body.

    asked by Chinasaramokwu
  19. Math

    Steven goes to a game store. He purchases a new game system for $120. He purchased the game console for $82 and 2 used video games that were equally priced. How much did each of the video game cost? Show all of your work. Please help me with this question.

    asked by Jassy
  20. Correct me if i'm wrong

    find 21/25 of $27,000 A.$32,140 B.$5,670 C.$22,680*** D.$23,760

    asked by DJ
  21. Games

    Why do games have ads

    asked by Love
  22. AP Human

    What happened to the population of New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina? A) people stayed to protect property B) people evacuated and returned slowly**** C) people evacuated, but almost all returned D) people evacuated and did not return

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Social Studies

    How does physical geography affect the distribution of goods?

    asked by Paige
  24. Physics

    Two planets, Planet 1 and Planet 2, orbit the same star. Planet 1 has a relative mass of 4x and a relative distance of x. Planet 2 has a relative mass of 3x and a relative distance of 2x. Which planet has a higher gravitational attraction to the star? I

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Mathematics

    What metric units of mass are used to measure the following : a. Grasshopper b. Mouse c. Truck d. Dog

    asked by Cedric
  26. English

    Identify one conflict from the novel that develops due to the different perspectives of the characters involves. Explain how this conflict affects the characters and serves to advance the plot of the story. In the story the Cay. I can't figure it out if

    asked by HappyGuesses
  27. Mathematics

    Can you help me estimate in suitable metric units the length of a fly

    asked by Cedric
  28. Environmental Science

    Has anyone read Life Everlasting: The Animal Way of Death by Bernd Heinrich? If so, can you tell me at least two claims made in the book, with in text examples if possible. Thanks so much!

    asked by Carlie
  29. Chem

    At room temperature and pressure RbI crystallizes with the NaCl-type structure. (a) Use ionic radii to predict the length of the cubic unit cell edge. (b) Use this value to estimate the density. (c) At high pressure the structure transforms to one with a

    asked by Matthew
  30. AP Chemistry

    What is the hydrogen ion concentration in a solution having a pOH of 5.74? Answer in units of M. I initially did 14-5.74=8.26 to find the pH, then I did 10^(-8.26) to find molarity and I got 5.495, which is wrong... what did I do wrong?

    asked by Dr Bob- please help!!
  31. Java programming

    A method can be directly or indirectly recursive and we will explore the differences. Discuss how and why would you trace a recursive method.

    asked by Poohboi
  32. math

    The square root of the product of 4 and a number is 26

    asked by angel
  33. math

    2sec^2x - 3tanx - 5 = 0 over the interval 0 to 2pi x= 1.14, 4.28, 5.68, and 2.54 right?

    asked by tom
  34. math

    Tom saves 37.5% of his weekly wage of $320. How much does he spend?

    asked by hi
  35. Physics

    A disc spins at a rate of 2 rps. There is a 15 g object on the disc located 10 cm away from the center. Find the object's tangential velocity and the frictional force that has to be exerted on the object to keep it from slipping off the disc. My answer:

    asked by Anonymous
  36. History

    Which identifies the conflict that arose over rubber production in the Belgian Congo? Demand for rubber and Belgian debts led to the forced labor and violation of the human rights of the Congolese. Creation of a Belgium Free State for the purposes of

    asked by Erick
  37. Probability

    A food manufacturer has to decide how many batches of a product to produce next week. If one batch is produced then a profit of $15,000 will be made. If two batches are produced then either a loss of $5,000 will be made if demand only equals one batch or a

    asked by Joy
  38. math

    The difference between the measures of two supplementary angles is 8˚. What is the measure of the larger angle?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. History

    1.What is a reason that the missouri comprise did not have a lasting effect? A.It only applied to the land of louisianna purchase. B.It only applied to the lands of the mexican cession. C.It relied on popular sovereignty. D.It limited the number of states

    asked by Yukkioh
  40. Science

    You need to separate a mixture of iron filings, sand, and salt. Which of the three would be easiest to separate first and what method would be best? A) The salt would be easiest to separate, and using a magnet would be the best method. B) The iron filings

    asked by I Dont Matter